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Relax Gaming has introduced a new online slot, Let's Get Ready to Rumble, in the iGaming world. It's a 6-reel and 4-row game inspired by MC Michael Buffer's catchphrase. With 466 different ways to land a win, you get a lot of powerful features. The betting range is between 10c and €100 per spin, and the volatility ranges from low to medium.

Release: 24.09.2019
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Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 13 May 2024 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

Jasmin Williams, Chief Content Officer at BETO Slots™, has worked in the English casino industry for over a decade and is regarded as a casino and slots game expert. About Jasmin Williams

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Facts About the Slot

Slots Provider Relax Gaming

Slots Volatility Volatility ON Volatility OFF Volatility OFF Volatility OFF Volatility OFF

Slots RTP% 96.14

Slots Game type Slots

Slots Jackpot No

Bet Range & Game Layout

Slots Minimum bet 0.10

Slots Maximum bet 100.00

Slots Reels 6

Slots Rows 4

Slots Paylines 466

Game Themes

Big Brands Sports

Game Features

Reel set Changing Random Wilds Stack Sticky Wilds Respins Expanding Symbols Wild



Cinematic opening of Let

Cinematic opening of Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Let's Get Ready to Rumble - Warming up for the boxing adventure

Enter the ring and fight your way to the wins in Let's Get Ready to Rumble slot machine. As you already would have understood, we are reviewing a boxing-themed game. MC Michael Buffer's popular catchphrase inspires the overall theme, and all visual elements are developed according to this. Buffer is hosting Let's Get Ready to Rumble, and he will help you in winning some power-packed payouts.

The developers at Relax Gaming have loaded many special features here, like Rumble spins and Special Wilds, which will surely add a good twist to the fight. The round gets even more exciting when the Title Fight feature gets activated. It is a special in-game bonus that adds extra rows and Sticky Spins to the grid.

So, will this slot be able to knock out its contenders? Read this detailed review further to find out.


Power-Packed Graphics and Visuals

If you are into boxing, then its a strong chance that you would already be familiar with the title. "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" is the famous catchphrase of the world-famous boxing announcer Michael Buffer. Whenever a match is about to begin, he says it to increase the fans' excitement even more. Just like his boxing games, Buffer will increase your excitement in this boxing-inspired slot as well.

In Let's Get Ready to Rumble, you'll experience a very detailed and captivating boxing experience. You will feel as if you have logged into a sports channel, and an intense fight is about to start. The overall atmosphere of the game is really energising, thanks to the impressive level of detailing in the visuals. The background of the slot is a view of a boxing ring, and you can see pumped-up fans in the background cheering for their favourite players. The symbols are designed according to the boxing theme, and you'll land payouts with symbols like game bells, referees, boxers' pictures, championship belts, boxing gloves, microphones, and others.

A cool atmosphere has been created by the developers at Relax Gaming that even if you are not a fan of boxing, you'll surely get entertained, amused and maybe even hocked anyway. Everything in Let's Get Ready to Rumble is about boxing and everything that follows with it, like knock-outs, uppercuts, punches, fights, and much more and surely spike up your adrenalin level.

All the glamour and adrenaline rushing visuals you expect to see during a boxing match will be here as well. As soon as you open the game, you'll see two boxers ready to knock each other out, a heavily built referee, and stage lights, the perfect arrangement for a fight.

The animations in the various features follow the theme, and they have been expertly synced. A match-inspired soundtrack will also play in the background, completing the boxing environment.

Theme-based boxing symbols in Let

Theme-based boxing symbols in Let's Get Ready to Rumble


How to Knock-out wins in Let's Get Ready to Rumble

You'll not find it difficult to bet on Let's Get Ready to Rumble. The slot is developed on the same winning principle that you will find in other Relax Gaming titles. There is a 6x4 playing grid, which offers a winning combo in 466 different ways. When the powerful Rumble Spin feature gets activated, the number of connected ways offering payouts increases to 1,436.

When you successfully land 3 or more winning symbols on one of these connected ways, you'll get yourself a payout. A connected way means that the symbols should be adjacent to each other in a specific formation over the reels.

If you land a combo, you'll get a payout according to your bet amount. You can choose any bet between €0.10 per spin and €100 per spin. Different symbols will give you different payouts. You can see the game's playable to get details about the payouts.


Let's Get Ready to Rumble's intro screen


The fight inspired symbols and their payouts

Symbols are a very important part of any online slot game. These decide your fate during the gambling session by choosing whether you'll win or lose. Relax Gaming understands this importance, and they have carefully designed the symbols in Let's Get Ready to Rumble according to the boxing-inspired theme.

The popular MC Michael Buffer himself is the most valuable symbol on the gaming grid, offering a payout worth 2x, 1.50x, 1x, and 0.50x for a six, five, four, and three of a kind combo. The two boxers and the referee are also very lucrative symbols, offering the same payouts ranging from 0.25x to 0.70x, depending on the number of similar symbols in a combo. After these high-value symbols are the belt, the boxing glove, bell, and the mic symbols, which can give you payouts up to 0.40x for a 6 of a kind combo.

You will also get different coloured tapes in the grid, but the colour doesn't matter as all of them offer the same payouts, worth 0.25x, 0.20x, 0.15x, and 0.10x times the bet for a six, five, four, and three of a kind payouts.

You can check the Let's Get Ready to Rumble's paytable for a summary of these different symbols and their payouts. 

Uppercut Wild Special Feature

Uppercut Wild Special Feature


Bonus Features in Let's Get Ready to Rumble

In total, there are 3 different special features in Let's Get Ready to Rumble. The Sticky Spin feature, the Wild Stacks bonus, and the Rumble Spins feature. All of these features are random features, and they will trigger on their own. You don't need to land any special combos to activate them, which means that you can play with a free mind.

Sticky Spins

When this gets triggered, all the winning symbols after a successful combo will stick to their places, and a re-spin will be launched. If you land a win in this re-spin, another re-spin will be triggered. This will continue like this until you cover all the tiles or no more symbols get fixed.

Wild Stacks

Wild Stack is a feature that can get triggered even on a losing spin. It will add 2 to 5 stacked wild reels on the grid, helping you in winning.

Rumble Spins

The Rumble Spins is the top attraction and the special feature of Let's Get Ready to Rumble. It's like a free spins online slots bonus and can be a bit difficult to launch though. When it triggers, 4 different modifiers will help you before you exhaust your free spins. Here are these modifiers:

  • Uppercut Wild - A stacked wild will appear on the rightest reel.
  • Wild Hook - The stacked wild will move from the rightmost reel to reel 2 or reel 3. The Stack will also expand to cover the whole reel.
  • Cross Wilds - Some wild symbols will randomly appear on the grid.
  • Title Fight - The gaming grid will expand, adding 2 extra rows. It increases the possible winning combinations from 466 to 1436.
Cool Cross Wilds modifier in Rumble Spins

Cool Cross Wilds modifier in Rumble Spins


Some Tips and Tricks to keep in mind during the match

As Let's Get Ready to Rumble is a modern video slot, it is powered by an RNG (Random Number Generator). It means that there is no way to predict or cheat the game, and your winnings are based on pure luck. So, there is no possible strategy to win the game. However, there are a few points you should keep in mind:

  • Fix a gambling budget and stick to it.
  • If you are low on funds, bet smaller amounts.
  • Test the game before betting real money. The demo version is available here at
Special Rumble Spin bonus of Let

Special Rumble Spin bonus of Let's Get Ready to Rumble


RTP and Variability

The RTP of Let's Get Ready to Rumble is 96.14%, which is pretty satisfying, as it is a little higher than the industry average of around 95%. The The volatility rating is low to medium, and you'll enjoy balanced gameplay.

Clean layout of controls in Let

Clean layout of controls in Let's Get Ready to Rumble


The Final Verdict of Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Relax Gaming's Let's Get Ready to Rumble is the kind of slot you don't find easily. Every element of the iGaming title has been designed strictly according to the theme based on the famous MC Michael Buffer and boxing. You'll hear Buffer's famous commentary voice from time to time while betting, which adds to the experience.

If you are looking for an online slot machine that is unique and gives you an experience that you won't find anywhere else, then Let's Get Ready to Rumble would be the perfect choice for you.

You'll feel like entering the ring while waiting for Let's Get Ready to Rumble to load. Fight your way in the game to win rewarding payouts. Thanks to the developers at Relax Gaming, you won't be unprepared, and the Random Rumble Spins, Uppercut Wilds, Cross Wilds, Title Fights, Sticky Spins, and Buffer himself will help you to knock out the jackpot.

So, what are you waiting for? Warm up and enter the ring. Win big payouts and prove that you are the champion of both gambling and boxing. You'll love it even if you aren't much into boxing.


Frequently Asked Questions - Let's Get Ready to Rumble

What is Let's Get Ready to Rumble's RTP and volatility? Arrow Arrow

The RTP of Let's Get Ready to Rumble is 96.14%, and its volatility is rated low to medium.

Is Let's Get Ready to Rumble suitable for new players? Arrow Arrow

Yes, Let's Get Ready to Rumble has a low to medium volatility rating, and it is good for new players. The slot will give balanced gameplay, perfect for beginners.

Are there Free Spins in Let's Get Ready to Rumble? Arrow Arrow

There is a special feature in Let's Get Ready to Rumble called the Rumble Spin, it is not a free spin bonus, but it has a pretty exciting re-spin feature, which should compensate for the free spins.

Can I play Let's Get Ready to Rumble on my mobile? Arrow Arrow

Yes, the game can be played from handheld devices like mobiles and tablets.

How to play the free demo of Let's Get Ready to Rumble? Arrow Arrow

You can try Let's Get Ready to Rumble for free here at The demo version is free to test. Use it to explore its different features.