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Online Poker Guide by BETOs in-house Poker Pro in 2022

Online Poker Guide by BETOs in-house Poker Pro

Online Poker Guide by BETOs in-house Poker Pro in 2022

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 12 Jul 2022

My name is Kim Birch, and I have over 20 years of experience as a poker player. Since 2002, I have been playing Texas Hold'em No-Limit online poker on a professional level. I have written 2 books and been a poker writer at Tipsbladet.

A game of poker, and in particular Texas Holdem, has always been popular. It's the game the bandits of the old westerns played, and they either bluffed or always cheated.

Millions are played week after week, and the matches are shown on TV and streamed from top live casinos all over the world.

Poker tournaments are held, and there is a fight for the World Cup. The European Championships and the best players have been given a status that approaches pop and movie stars.
The poker game is in rapid development. Everyone from students to principals loves to play poker online, either to get better or to, like me, chase the dream of being able to make a living from playing poker. For me, it went well, but time and time again, I see new players making precisely the same poker mistakes I made, and it costs expensive lessons. Money that many of them can not afford to lose at all.

Like with my book "Online Poker", I want to give everyone a chance with this poker guide. I want people to get a chance to go from beginner to mastering this fantastic card game that I have been fortunate enough to call my job for over 10 years.

This Texas Poker section at BETO provides practical tips, tricks, and a poker strategy you can use to play online poker that will increase your odds and chances of winning more than you lose. 

Learn to win in poker and do it in style.

Play Poker Online - Free / Bonus poker info you can use in your next game

Play Poker Online - Free / Bonus poker info you can use in your next game


Beginner's Guide to Playing Online poker

Online poker, particularly Texas Holdem NL, has become the big hit in both Denmark and the rest of the world. So many people play at online poker tables instead of at home against friends and acquaintances because you can find an online poker tournament or cash games at any time.

So if you sit and get bored on a Wednesday night and your wife, husband or friends don't have time to play. You can sit down at the computer where over a million people are ready to play against you in online poker for casino money.

The places you play online are called poker rooms. Here you download some software for the computer or an app for your smartphone, which requires you to register with your name, address and e-mail. You do not have to deposit real money into your online poker account. In the beginning, it is an advantage to just play for fun against other poker players with the so-called "fun money" - a kind of online monopoly money.

Of free apps and poker sites that either 100% focus on free online poker games or have good "fun money" features, these poker rooms can be mentioned:

  • Pokerstars (poker room).
  • Governor of Poker 3 (all platforms).
  • Zynga Poker (Facebook)
  • WSOP - World Series of PokerApp (iOS, Android).
  • Pokerist (iOS, Android).

However, poker games with fun money and real poker chips cannot be compared as people always play better when there is something at stake in a poker game. It is not just for fun. When you think you are ready to play online poker for real money, there are still many options, even if you only want to play for small amounts of money.

There are many options in online poker, but most people love money poker tournaments, so here everyone can join, which appeals to many online players. However, you must know the poker rules before you start betting real money in online poker games. In addition, it is a super good idea to play poker for fun so you can learn the app/software you use.

Use free online poker to learn how to check, bet, raise and hide your card when you lose at the poker table. All this can be learned in online poker games where you only use fun money. It should also be noted that sometimes everything is in English, so you need to know poker lingo before embarking on challenging people to play online poker.

The biggest mistake many new online poker players make is to jump straight into the money tournaments. Most people get a massive surprise because their online poker games are not at all comparable to the games they had last week against friends, where they won it all.

I've seen it so many times before: People lose game after game and can't understand what they are doing wrong. One poker tip that could have saved me a lot of money in online poker would be to have followed many poker tournaments before I even sat down at the online poker tables.

It is an opportunity in online poker rooms to follow ongoing tournaments and poker games without playing poker hands. A good exercise is to guess what the different players have while watching.

This simple online poker exercise can save money in online poker while at the same time you quickly realize that people are playing a little differently than you are used to. In online poker, players are sending out different signals than you are used to from TV or from poker games against friends.

The next step is getting to know the poker rules a little better and study poker odds and other information you can use to become a better poker player.


Learn to Play Poker - Texas Holdem Poker Rules

Without a doubt, Texas Hold'em is the worlds most popular variant of the card game, both online and offline. This version of poker is also played every year at the World Series of Poker (VM), where the best player can win around 10 million bucks. 

I have focused on poker rules for this variant in this article.

The rules are not that difficult, and the card game is very straightforward. It is often said that a hold 'em poker game is easy to learn but hard to master!


Poker players at the table and card rules in Online Poker

You can have a maximum of 10 card-players at a table in both live and online poker. Starting the poker game, each player is dealt two cards that are not shown to the other poker players at the table. These individual cards given to all players are called "Hole" or "Pocket" cards.

All subsequent cards are turned face up in the centre of the poker table so that everyone can see them. These five cards are called "board" or "community" cards.

Each poker player must then, based on both hole and community cards, make the best possible online poker hand by choosing five cards. It is entirely up to the individual poker player which combination of cards you choose. However, you can only use your own hole cards and all board cards on the poker table.


Rules for Button and Blinds in Online Poker

Pok play games - pokerstars tournaments - bonus promotions

Pok play games - pokerstars tournaments - bonus promotions

In online poker, you use a dealer button called "the button" to find the theoretical dealer in your game. The one who has the dealer button in your game is the last to do something each round. When a poker hand is settled, the button is passed to the player left of the dealer button.

The game requires two poker players to wager before being dealt their playing cards. It is called "blind bets", as the two players bet without seeing their cards. 

The player to the left of the theoretical dealer is the one who must have his poker cards first, and it is also they who must pay the small blind.

The two pocket cards are then dealt with each player at the poker table, small blind first. The poker player at the table to the left of the small blind must then bet the big blind. The small blind is half as big as the big blind. If the big blind is $ 2, the small blind must be $ 1.

Online poker betting

Online poker betting


Online Poker Betting Guide

Before a new card is turned over at the poker table, all players must have wagered. If no bets or raises have been made, you can choose to watch without betting when it's your turn to act, which is called "checking". When you check, it's the next player's turn to choose what they want to do.

In short, this means that if no one has more poker money in the pot than you, then you can check. If no one bets at all, then everyone is allowed to see the next card for free.

If one or more are betting money and it has become your turn to choose what you want to do now, you have several options. If you think there is no chance of taking the poker pot, you can "fold" your poker card, and you are out of the round and do not have to bet anymore.

If, on the other hand, you think there is a chance of winning, you can match the bet by "seeing" (call), which means that you are betting the same as the poker players to your right have thrown into the poker pool. It is important to remember that the round does not end until everyone has either bet the same, folded or bet everything.

Poker grinder

Poker grinder


Raises and the order of the rounds in online poker

If you feel you have a chance, with the cards you have, or want to scare (bluff) the other poker players into folding, you can choose to increase the bet, called "raising". 

If you play no limit, which is the most popular, it is possible to increase with everything you have, called going "all in". The other online poker players must now at least match your bet or bet everything they have. Otherwise, they are out of the round and have to fold.


Online guide to the order in which to play No Limit Holdem

  1. The poker dealer deals two cards to all players. (pocket cards)
  2. First bidding round (betting).
  3. Poker Dealer turns three cards face-up on the table (the flop).
  4. Second bidding round (betting).
  5. The dealer turns a card face up (the turn).
  6. Third bidding round (betting).
  7. The last card is turned face-up on the table (the river).
  8. The fourth and final round with betting.
  9. The final showdown.

Once you have reached the showdown, the poker players who are still there must choose for themselves how they put together their poker hands. 

The requirement is that they must choose five cards based on the two poker cards they have on hand and the 5 community cards.

Win in online poker

Win in online poker


Win in Online Poker - Poker Hands

To become a winner in online poker, one must also have a good poker hand and know the rules of what is best to have on hand. Therefore, you need to know the poker hands in Holdem. It is not optimal if you have to check every time you play online poker, destroying your concentration.


Poker Hands - Online Poker Schedule

Ranking of all poker hands

Ranking of all poker hands

Royal Flush - An ace, king, queen, jack and a 10's all in the same suit (e.g. spades). A royal flush is the best hand you can get, and it is also called the Ace High Straight Flush.

Royal flush and online poker

Royal flush and online poker

Straight Flush - A straight flush is the second-best hand you can get in online poker. This poker hand requires that you have 5 cards of the same suit, and these five poker cards must be in order (e.g. hearts 8,7,6,5,4). Like in a regular straight, the ace can also be counted as a one (5,4,3,2, Ace).

Straight flush i no limit holdem

Straight flush i no limit holdem

Four of a Kind - Four identical cards (e.g. four queens or 4 kings). If more than one person has this winning hand in online poker games, then it is the one with the highest four of a kind who takes the pot.

Four of a kind in poker

Four of a kind in poker

Full house - Full house is if you have 3 identical cards combined with a pair. An example could be three 3s and two kings. If more than one poker player has a full house, the player with the highest three wins.

Full house is a good poker hand in online poker

Full house is a good poker hand in online poker

Flush - To get a flush, you need to have five cards of the same suit. For example, 5 diamonds or five clubs. If more than one person has a flush, the winner is the poker player with the highest card (e.g. clubs, ace high).

Flush in no limit hold

Flush in no limit hold'em

Straight - To get straight in poker, you need to have 5 cards in a row. However, it does not have to be in the same suit. Ace can be used as the number 1 or an ace but cannot be used both ways simultaneously. 

It is not permitted to use aces such as K, A, 2,3,4. If several poker players have a straight, then the person with the highest card in their straight wins the pot.

Straight is one of the better hands in poker

Straight is one of the better hands in poker

Three of a Kind - Three identical cards (e.g. three queens). This hand is also called a poker set. The highest 3 of a kind at the table wins if several poker players have 3 of a kind.

Three of a kind in online poker

Three of a kind in online poker

Two Pair - Two pairs could be a pair of 9 and a pair of 5. The person with the highest pair wins if several have the same poker hand.

2 pairs in poker can be difficult to play properly.

2 pairs in poker can be difficult to play properly.

Pair - A pair could, for example, be a pair of aces. If poker players have the same pair, then the poker pot is split evenly among the two players.

You often get a pair when you play this card game.

You often get a pair when you play this card game.

High Card - If you do not have any other combinations, the gambler with the highest card wins the pot. If 2 or more gamblers use the high card among the community cards, then the second-highest card decides the winner.

High card is the perfect hand to bluff with.

High card is the perfect hand to bluff with.

In many cases, the winner is determined with one or more people having the same poker hand. In this situation, the highest non-community card (also called the kicker) decides the actual winner at the poker table.

If the kicker is also of the same value, then the money in the poker pot is evenly split among these poker players.


Online Poker Lingo

When you play a Hold'em game or just poker games in general, Poker Lingo is used. When you gamble online, the players and the poker room itself use many clever poker terms. If you do not know these, you will quickly appear like a rookie/beginner.

Therefore, I have made a list of the most used poker terms so that those who have just started online poker can appear as veterans.


To bet all your chips on the pot, you are in.

Big Blind

The larger of the 2 forced bets at the start of a game.

Big Slick

If you get Ace, King as your starting hand.

Blinded out

If the blinds force the last chips from you.


Another word for a full house.

Buying the pot

If one tries to buy the pot with a big bet.


If you only need one card to get a given poker hand.

First position

The person who has to do something first.

Feeler bet

If one makes a small bet to get a sense of what others have.

Heads Up

When there are only two left at the table.


If you start with two Jacks.


A wildly irresponsible gambler who bets high all the time.


The cards that are theoretically left and will secure you the pot.

Pot Committed

If your reason for staying in the pot is that you have already invested too much.


The best starting hand - Two Aces.

The Nuts

Once you have the absolute best card for the flop.

Poker guide by Poker Stars

Poker guide by Poker Stars

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I started my online poker career was betting on the utterly wrong poker hands. Wrong in the sense that there was a minimal chance of getting a monster hand.

Follow my articles, those that have already been published and those that will come in the future. You will get a solid foundation to develop as a poker player and perhaps start earning a few bucks on your hobby.

May your poker pots at the green felt online be huge!


Online Poker Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can get answers to some of the most frequently asked online poker questions.

Is online poker for real money legal?

Yes it is completely legal and tax free to play online poker if the casino has a poker gaming license.

What casino bonus is best for online poker?

Online Poker is a little different from the other online casino card games, so here it is recommended that you take advantage of a definite Poker Bonus or a Rakeback deal if you are a good player. Many poker rooms on the internet also offer some loyalty programs for poker players, so look through our reviews and find a casino that suits your playing style.

Is online poker still popular?

Yes, online poker is still alive and kicking. However, the market is split up a lot due to the massive competition. So it is essential to choose a poker room with many players to find some of the more accessible and easy poker tables.

Are there free poker tournaments?

The poker rooms and casinos we recommend here at BETO all have great bonuses and lots of player value in the form of free poker tournaments that you can participate in.