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BETO uses cookies to improve your experience

BETO's Detailed Cookie Policy

BETO uses cookies to improve your experience

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To make sure you get an immersive website experience, remember your preferences, give you a variety of online functions, and make your visit to BETO comfortable and convenient, we use "cookies".

Cookie Policy for BETO

When you visit BETO and accept the cookies in your browser settings, you consent to the use of cookies. You will be informed about this when you visit the website for the first time.

This Cookie Policy will help you understand what cookies are, why we use our own cookies and third-party cookies on our website, and the different options you can select for your cookies, i.e. what can you do if you don't want to accept the cookies.


What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are sent to your web browser by most of the websites you visit and these cookies are stored there. The cookies allow the different websites to recognize you as a visitor as you visit their site; they collect analytical data and improve your visit by giving you a personalized experience.

Cookies can be broadly divided into two groups, "persistent cookies" and "session cookies". The Persistent Cookies are saved to the disk and are constantly kept there until they expire (they have a fixed, predetermined duration); you can also delete them manually anytime you want. The Session Cookies are stored only for the duration of your visit to the website and are deleted as soon as you close the website by exiting the browser; thus, the session cookies last only for the duration of your session.

Cookies are also classified between "first-party" and "third-party". The first-party cookies are stored in the browser directly by the different websites you visit; the websites themselves collect the data. Third-party cookies, on the other hand, are stored by third party subjects and services, as the name already suggests. Third-party cookies are stored by different advertising platforms, analytical solutions by websites, etc.

Your Options

When you use BETO, you agree to the use and the storage of cookies on your devices.

Most of the time, you can also visit our website without accepting and using cookies, but there are certain parts of the website where cookies are important, and if you choose not to accept them, the website might not work properly, and can also get slow.

If you don't want cookies to be stored on your device, you can deactivate cookies through the settings of the browser you use to visit the website. You can also delete the cookies stored on the website anytime you want by visiting the settings.

Categories of Cookies

BETO uses different cookies for different purposes; mainly, the cookies are classified on the basis of the following:

  • Necessary in technical terms (technical necessity)
  • Stored and used for a certain time period (storage duration)
  • Placed and stored by us or a third party (cookie provider)


How BETO uses cookies

BETO uses cookies for many reasons; the reasons are mentioned below in detail. In most cases, there are no industry standard options for disabling cookies without completely disabling the functions and features of the website that the website uses to give you a great experience. It is strongly recommended that you accept all the cookies if you're not sure whether you should accept them or not, as they make your visit very comfortable and snappy.

Disabling Cookies

You may choose not to accept the cookies, and you can prevent their use and functionality by adjusting the settings on your browser (you should visit your browser help page to know more about this). However, be aware that your visitor experience will be affected if you choose not to accept the cookies, many functions might stop working, and the website can also become slow. Hence, it is strongly suggested that you accept the cookies and not disable them unnecessarily.

Cookies we set

  • Cookies for Email newsletters

    BETO offers various newsletters and email subscription services, and cookies are probably used to remember whether you have already registered for the newsletters. Cookies also decide whether to show certain notifications which are only valid for subscribed/unsubscribed users.

  • Site preferences Cookies

    To give you a great visiting experience on the site, we allow you to set your preferences for how the site runs when you visit it. To make sure we remember your choices and preferences, we need to set cookies so that the information can be stored and used whenever you interact with the website.

Third-Party Cookies

In certain cases, BETO uses various third-party cookies which our trusted third-party partners provide. You can read more about these third-party cookies and understand more about them in the section below:

  • BETO uses Google Analytics, which is amongst the most widespread and reliable analytics solutions available on the web, to help us regarding the use of cookies and to understand how you visitors use our site. This lets us improve your visit experience. These Cookies track various things like how much time you spend on the site, which places you visit the most, and what you prefer. These things let us produce engaging content for you. To understand more about Google Analytics, you can visit the official Google Analytics page.
  • We at BETO test new features and functions for the website from time to time, and we make subtle changes and upgrades to the way the site works and functions. BETO makes sure that you get a good experience and a consistent one as you revisit the site. We understand what our users want and what they would like to change or upgrade, and we improve the website accordingly.
  • As BETO reviews various online casinos and their offers, it becomes essential that we understand the stats about the customers' visits. We need to understand how many users play the casino games and how many browse the site. We need to know how many players actually become players of the various online casinos featured on the website. This lets us accurately make business predictions and assumptions to analyze the advertising costs and product costs and ensure you get the best offers and the best prices on various products.
  • BETO also uses the Gooogle AdSense service to serve advertisements. It uses a DoubleClick cookie to show relevant ads to the users across the web; it limits the number of times a specific ad is shown. To read more about Google AdSense, you can visit the official Google AdSense privacy FAQ.
  • BETO uses various advertisements to balance this site's costs and provide you with good services and products. For this, BETO uses behavioural advertisement cookies specifically designed to ensure that you are shown the most relevant advertisements by anonymously tracking your interests and presents you with the most suitable advertisements for you.
  • BETO has many partners, and they advertise on the site on our behalf. These partners constantly use affiliate tracking cookies to monitor if the customers have come to the site through one of the partner sites; this lets us credit them properly. This also lets us analyze if the affiliate partners should provide you with any bonus or special credits when you purchase on their site through our website.

More Information

We hope that this section would have solved most of your queries regarding the cookie details. We have also previously mentioned that if there is something that you are not sure about and you are confused about accepting or rejecting the cookies, it is usually most beneficial to accept the cookies. 

If you still have any doubts or questions regarding the cookies, you can visit the website's contact page, and you can contact us directly regarding them; we will answer your queries shortly.

Our Cookie Policy - Last updated: August 2021


Contact BETO regarding our Cookie Policy

Contact BETO regarding our Cookie Policy

Contact BETO regarding our Cookie Policy

Our offices are located on the sunny island of Malta. Exact address: 

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Use the above information for inquiries regarding our Cookie Policy.


BETO - FAQ about Cookies

What are Cookies? Arrow Arrow

Cookies are small text files that store information regarding the users who visit a specific website; these cookies help BETO give our users personalized visit experiences by remembering what they are most likely to do and which places they are most likely to visit.

How does BETO use Cookies? Arrow Arrow

When you visit, we use first-party and third-party cookies to distinguish you from other visitors, and these cookies let us give you a very personalized visit experience.

What Cookies are used by BETO? Arrow Arrow

BETO uses two types of cookies mainly. Essential Cookies - These are the cookies that are essential to run the website and to let you browse smoothly. Functionality Cookies - These cookies are needed to enable various features of our website; these cookies help us to recognize you and remember your choices.

Can I disable Cookies? Arrow Arrow

Yes, most of the browsers let you disable cookies in their settings under "Options" or "Preferences" menus. These browsers also provide useful help pages related to cookie management; you can read them to understand more about cookies.