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All about free online slots. Press the spin button and play free slots.

Written by: Jasmin ⚡ Miss Volatile | The review was last updated: 13 Oct 2022

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for all the top-class free slots you can find online.
BETO™ is a large community for free online slots enthusiasts and people who love spinning modern and classic slot machines. At BETO, you play free slots from our large selection of demo slots. Players who like the best free slots games choose us for our wide variety of demo slots.

BETO gives you daily updated free slots, free spins bonuses for your favourite free games, and reviews of classic retro slots and the newest release.

For you that specifically search for free spin bonuses or rewards for free online slot machines, Remember to use BETO promotion links that grant you unique and exclusive promotions.

Play free slot games to get to know your favourite game and become an expert player without spending real money. Slots are games of chance; the more you play, the higher your chance of winning the jackpot.

Enjoy a cup of coffee or a cold drink while you go through our detailed guide to free online slots. Every player finds value in information, entertaining games, free spins, or slot bonuses here at BETO.

BETO's mission is to educate you into a better player who is in total control of your gaming sessions while equipped with the necessary tools to master different slot games.
A healthy relationship with gambling is vital, so your enjoyment doesn't become a problem.


Play Responsibly in Slot Games For Fun

Before gambling for real money, remember always to play responsibly, as gambling is risky and addictive. Be cautious when spinning the reels in slot games at online casinos when you bet real money. We advise you to read more about responsible gaming at the independent charity BeGambleAware® before you bet your money on online casinos.
BETO™ & BeGambleAware® share the mutual mission of keeping you safe from gambling harm.

BETO wants you to play responsibly. Below are our official guidelines to ensure you never end up in an unhealthy situation:

TIP: Set a fixed budget for your gaming session. No matter what slot you play, you should always set a predetermined budget (bankroll). This limit is a fixed amount of money that you are willing to and can afford to lose when you start your playing session on video slots.

Keep track of your spending when playing slot games for real money. Like all other expenses in your life, you should always keep track of how much money you are spending when playing real money slots at online casinos. There are several ways to do this: Use an app for your budgets, a simple spreadsheet on your computer or just a piece of paper. Make sure you note down the details of your gaming expenses.

Bankroll is a free tool you can use to play responsibly.

Bankroll is a free tool you can use to play responsibly.

Betting on free slots for real money requires self-discipline

Keep track of time: it is easy to lose track of time while playing slots online.
Set a clock when your gaming session starts. This is the only way not to lose track of time and not get too carried away in the entertainment.

Remember, playing on free slots here at BETO is just as entertaining, and you do not always need to play for real money. So, play free slots, and enjoy risk-free fun.

IMPORTANT: Never chase the next win to win back what you lost! This is a piece of important advice for all online slot players. If you have lost, don't try to win back what you lost by betting even more. Once your set budget is spent for the day, immediately stop playing.

Set a bankroll when playing online casino slots

Bankroll and Budget: Your bankroll size should be set, so you do not regret losing the money you are gambling. If you feel troubled by the lost amount, you should stop playing and walk away from the screen to calm down your body.

Playing slots online should always be a fun experience, and you must stop playing if the spinning sessions turn into a bad experience.

BETO is independent and helps all kinds of players

BETO International are 100% independent, and we aren't affiliated with any game producers, i.e. the gaming software companies. We do not host any games on our servers and have no control over the gameplay or the outcome of the games.

BETO reviews every free slot we encounter, and that too independently. We have some of the best experts from all over the world to test the slot machines. In addition, we offer free access to different game-related theories and provide tips and tricks from some of the best players and gambling authors.

We keep a close eye on online slot casinos to ensure our players are greeted with fair play and the best online casino bonuses for classic slots or the modern games from Mega Moolah, which offers progressive jackpots and huge winnings.


Free Slots Online - A Complete Guide

All about your favorite slots online and their extra spins bonuses.

All about your favorite slots online and their extra spins bonuses.

What are free slots? A free slot is an identical demo version of the real money slots found in online casinos. In these demo slots, you play with "fun money". This means that you will never lose real money as your casino chips for the games are free coins and tokens with no real value.

How to play free slots? Once you have selected a free slot, you would like to try, you'll be given a starting balance of anywhere from 500 to 100,000 coins. The amount of "fun money" or coins will depend on your selected slot machine.

As your start spinning the reels, your balance is spent as if it was a real money balance. To renew your coins, click the refresh button below each game at BETO. This feature is a unique and easy way to get new coins to spend. You can play these free games as much as you like, and there is no limit as you're not playing with real money.

Playing with "fun money" means you can't win real money on these demo casino games. Still, playing free slots is good entertainment and the perfect way to get a good feel for a particular slot machine.

Here at BETO™, you get access to all the fun, free las vegas slot machines, and it is the perfect way for you to become a better player while learning different tips, tricks, and strategies that our experts share each week.


Considerations when Playing Free Online Slot Games

At BETO, our gaming experts recommend playing between 150 and 200 spins on free casino slot games before deciding whether you want to spend real money on a game.

This trial run on free online slots gives you the no-cost opportunity of an authentic feel for the game, whether it is a super slot machine with powerful Boosters or a classic video slot without any kind of sticky wilds or scatter symbols.

When you play free slots, pay attention to:

  • Graphics and slot themes. If you like potent graphics and sound effects, try free online slot games that offer you such a visual feast.
    If you're bored by the theme of a particular slot, it is not worth spending your real money on, and you should try some additional slots instead.

  • The bet sizes. Betting ranges offered in the best free slots games vary. This range should always be of specific consideration when playing free slot games. If the minimum bet is too high for you, then it is not wise to play for real money.

  • Odds and your chances of winning. Reviews of online slots here at give you essential information regarding RTP (Return To Player %) and volatility. You as a player do not always know how fast a game depletes your bankroll before you start your spinning session, so educate yourself in advance through BETO's free slots and reviews.

  • Free spins and slot bonuses. You can play for what may seem like an eternity before triggering a bonus game and in-game spins for free. Figure out if this is the case while playing free slot machine games, as you'll get a good feel for a game during your 150-200 free trial spins.

You can not be a lucky player every time!

You should know how long it can take to hit a bonus game when playing on free slots. This duration is directly correlated with the variance of the particular free slot combined with luck. Before risking real money, always ensure you are okay with the time it takes or if you think it takes too long to hit the big wins.

Free slot machine games are fun but winning a big Jackpot isn

Free slot machine games are fun but winning a big Jackpot isn't guarantied.


Different Types of Free Slot Machines

We have all kinds of free slot games here at BETO™, and these include different kinds of variants offering:

  • Free casino slot games with Cascading Reels

  • Big potential wins with Free spins bonuses and mini-games

  • Free slot machines with clusters of wild symbols and sticky wilds (Cluster pays)

  • The possibility of big jackpots with Re-spins

  • Bonus games with access to Free spins and jackpots

  • Free casino games with Expanding Wilds

  • Playing free slots with massive progressive jackpots

  • Wild symbols that give access to bonus game modes

  • Stacked wilds in gameplay, making winning combinations easier to hit

  • Online Retro slots from actual casinos

  • Superb entertainment with up to 5 reels

  • Free online slots with attractive symbols and bonus features

  • Free casino games for mobile and desktop

BETO has many free slot machines that are entirely free to play. Use our unique search function to find the best free online slots and real money slots filled with features and bonuses that will set the reels on fire. And no matter the type of bonus you can think of, you will be able to find them here at BETO.

Free slot machines with clusters of wild symbols and sticky wilds (Cluster pays) You'll find brand new game releases with deposit bonuses and bonus games added to BETO daily.


Test Bonus Features in Free Play Slots

If you want to play on free slots without a deposit, you will come across free slots offering many different bonus features. If you are unfamiliar with any of these slot bonuses, you should play free casino games to find out exactly what these features are and how they work.

Bonus rounds and wilds are important slot features.

Bonus rounds and wilds are important slot features.


What are Free Spins and Bonus Rounds?

A Free Spin bonus is free rounds on your favourite slot machines, which you can enjoy without risking your real money on slot games. You can still win real money on these free spins, but you can not lose anything - this makes them the perfect promotional offer for most players. These bonus offers are recommended if you are a beginner or a professional online casino player.

If you play progressive jackpot games, these free spins also let you win some big prizes and gigantic jackpots. Even though these spins do not cost you any money, you can still win some big wins on them.

A Free Spin bonus game is also a feature available inside most modern slot games, and this dual meaning is confusing to new players. In this section, we refer to the promotional meaning of the phrase.

Free Spins on real video slots

BETO spends a lot of time negotiating exclusive offers for specific video slots in the form of free spins and other bonuses that benefit our readers. We care about how our players are treated, and when you choose to take advantage of a slot machine offer here at BETO, you'll receive different lucrative freebies. For example, our 50 free spin offers for select casinos are a popular promotion. As part of the negotiation process, we have removed high wagering requirements and other unreasonable terms so you can free play in a safe environment with the odds on your side.

Do you need a bonus code for online casino slots?

Historically, most online casinos used bonus codes to give free bonuses to their free slot games. Today, this is an outdated practice, and your promotional spins are automatically deposited into your account.

BETO has ensured that as long as you use our exclusive links, you'll get the advantage of our many offers for different free slot games directly into your gaming account. Your spins will automatically be credited, so the days of remembering promo codes are over.

Try the Starburst free slot at

Free game

Try the Starburst free slot at


New Slot Machine Trends on the Internet

The buy bonus feature is one of the most popular features among BETO users in 2023. We have authored detailed articles about buying direct access to bonus games and similar popular slot features.

Our game-testers are continuously playing free vegas slots to review new features and innovative ideas by the industry game developers.

BETO ensures fair play for players by thoroughly testing slots from all the different providers, which include both new and old game developers, including:

  • Pragmatic Play

  • Big Time Gaming

  • NetEnt

  • Evolution Gaming

  • Play'n Go

  • Microgaming

  • Red Tiger

  • Push Gaming

  • And a lot of other new game developers

We treat all game developers equally and give all video slots a fair chance before we write our honest and unbiased reviews. Not all new free casino slots are worth your time, and BETO discloses disadvantages in this detailed review process.


Introductions to Progressive Jackpot Slots

Free games also give you an opportunity to enjoy Progressive Jackpot slot machines.

Free games also give you an opportunity to enjoy Progressive Jackpot slot machines.

BETO lets you experience progressive jackpot slots for free to see whether they excite you enough to consider investing your hard-earned money. Playing free jackpot slots in a safe environment is an excellent way to get a feel for this specific kind of game.

We have the most significant progressive online slots where you can try your luck at winning the big jackpots, including top online casino games from the famous Mega Moolah series.

If you are not familiar with how progressive video slots work, then here is a quick review of how these increasing jackpots excite up your gameplay:

  • A progressive jackpot slot starts with a minimum balance. It can be anywhere from 1000 to over a million.

  • Each time players bet on the game, they contribute a small portion to the growing jackpot size. This jackpot grows into a massive balance of several million.
    As the un-triggered progressive jackpot grows, the incentive to play on the particular slot increases, and it will cause an even larger balance as more players try to trigger this life-changing jackpot.

  • Once the jackpot is won, the game resets its starting payout amount. Then the process starts all over again.

As the un-triggered progressive jackpot grows, the incentive to play on the particular slot increases, and it will cause an even larger balance as more players try to trigger this life-changing jackpot.

Progressive Jackpots can trigger a life-changing win for a lucky player.

Progressive Jackpots can trigger a life-changing win for a lucky player.


Choose Games that Suit Your Personality

If you have spent time with people who love playing slots for fun, then you have probably noticed how they trust their intuition and senses when choosing which slots games to play.

An expression like "The game is hot" or "avoid this online slot machine" and "it's cold" are phrases you often hear from such players, but let's kill this myth right now - Slots are neither cold nor hot!

Instead, these games have different features, mathematical limitations, and odds. Although it might feel like you are constantly losing or winning on free casino slots games online, it is a matter of luck and coincidence.

Below you'll find BETO's fact-based guide to choosing the most suitable vegas slots games. You'll learn which slot games are best for your wallet and which are best avoided if you want less risk and win real money.

Since BETO bases this guide on hard facts, we had to gather a lot of data, some of this data is public, but not all, so the combined data are what we believe - The ultimate resource for new and advanced slot players.


RTP% - Return To Player Percentage

The return to player percentage, or just RTP%, is a percentage-based measure of how much of all money spent on a video slot will be paid out to you in the form of winnings.

An easy way to understand RTP as a beginner is that it shows how much you will be left with after a long period of playing. Generally, RTP in free slot machines is around 90 to 95 per cent. The 0-10% part is the house advantage. In short, this is the sum that the casino retains over time.

Many developers of video slots publish this information as part of the fact sheets for the games, and so do some of the real land-based casinos. To sum up, a slot game with a high RTP (over 95%) will return more of your money over time compared to a lower RTP slot machine.

It gives the house advantage if you want to play slot machines

An online or land-based slot machine receives money from players for each spin/round on the machine and returns a predetermined percentage in the form of winnings, also called the return to player rate.

The remaining sum is the house's advantage and is retained by the casino. A casino's house advantage is also called its ownership interest or house-edge.

For example, a video game machine with an RTP of 93.5% has a house advantage of 6.5%. Online slots with an RTP of 96.75% have a casino keep rate of 3.25%

Play free slot games online for the entertainment value.

Play free slot games online for the entertainment value.


The Effect of Variance

Slot machine variance, or volatility, is the probability of triggering a winning combination.

High variance: You'll rarely trigger a winning combination on free slot machines online with high variance, but highly volatile free slots offer much larger payouts when you finally trigger the win. It requires a larger budget when playing on video slots with a high degree of variance.

Low variance: Conversely, a slot with low variance gives frequent wins, but as a result, the payouts are a lot smaller.

Medium variance: These play free casino games are an excellent middle ground between the high and low variants. And will give you a balanced gaming experience. The volatility of video slots is essential before choosing which best free slot games to try. It's important to choose carefully before selecting a title worthy of real money games.

You'll experience the effect of variance when you play the free slots here at BETO.


Different Themes in Free Slots Games

When deciding which free slot machine games to choose, not only hard facts should be part of the decision-making. A game's theme is also an important part. From seasonal play free slots online to classic mechanical one-armed bandits, there are hundreds of themes available for you that are available across many online casinos.

The theme of the video slots is the most subjective part, as different people love playing no download free slots with different game themes. We are big fans of the prominent Hollywood franchises with superheroes and Vikings, and they also have their own branded free slot themes.

There are no objective guidelines for selecting a casino games theme, and it's solely about what you enjoy and which free games give you that unique visual entertainment you search for.

BETO gives hundreds of themes to enjoy. You'll be able to enjoy thousands of hours of free slots fun. You can find free play games that are both fun and challenging. And some can be downright scary or creepy, some are hilarious, and some are cute and relaxing.

You can find everything from Horror and Halloween slots to free slots based on well-known Candy Crush games from your mobile app store. Many at our office love the Egyptian free play slots and game themes involving Nordic gods like Thor and the Greek god Zeus.

One of the hottest slots for fun right now is Razor Shark. This free slot has a beautiful underwater theme focusing on sharks, and its gameplay is stuffed with fantastic bonus features which involve Scatter symbols. Play the free play of Razor Shark here at BETO.


Top 3 Free Slots and Most Popular Games in 2023

Book of Dead is on the list of most popular online slots in the entire world.

Book of Dead is on the list of most popular online slots in the entire world.

New free play slots are released all the time. The fact that we have thousands of games and reviews of different free slots here at BETO doesn't mean that we are done adding more free casino games. We are on a constant search for the newest titles to play.

Here is a list of our 3 most popular video slots at BETO in 2023. This list is based on the number of people who play games and the ratings done by you players:

Jammin Jars 2:

Jammin Jars 2 has become famous since its release, and it's easy to see why. Among the best free slots is this excellent title from Push Gaming. The iGaming title has 8 reels, and 8 rows which work on the cluster pays concept.

The design feels excellent as it does not look like most free slots we encounter while finding the best free online slot machines. There are some entertaining videos of streamers playing Jammin Jars 2, which has added to its legendary status.

MegaJackpots Cleopatra:

What can be said about this all-time classic from IGT slots that has not already been said? In many ways, it set the standard for the modern online slots - Extra Spins and bonus rounds with Multipliers and the opportunity to redeem free spins within the bonus.

The MegaJackpots Cleopatra free slot may look simple at first glance compared to recent releases, but this 20-line, 95.70% RTP game from 2012 is still one of the best free-play games available when considering the quality gameplay. This game inspired a generation of new slot games.

Book of Dead free online slots:

Play'n GO's Rich Wilde series did not start with a bang, and the first few casino games did not create big waves in the slot industry. However, everything changed in 2016 with the release of Book of Dead, which soon became a worldwide blockbuster hit.

Book of Dead is available everywhere and in almost all online casinos. High winnings combined with a powerful punch given by free spins and a bonus round of mini-games is the recipe for success. The superb gameplay has made this game a classic most slot players return to now and then as it offers world-class gameplay.


How to Play Online Slots - Online Crash Course

There are a few things to consider to get a good start with free slots. The first thing to choose is how much you want to bet on each spin by adjusting how many coins you want to invest on each payline.

In addition to choosing how many coins you want to bet on a payline, you can also set how much each coin is worth in real money.

What are Payment Lines?

The first slot machines ever produced had a single payline and three reels. To win, you must land the same symbols in a straight line, from left to right.

On newer video slots, you'll have several paylines. It is not uncommon to see casino slots ranging from 1 to 30 paylines.

You might be thinking, how to keep track of all these gameplay elements? Don't worry. The newest slots available do everything for you; you do not have to keep track of these details while playing.

If you want complete information about the paylines, press the information button. All paylines will get marked in different colours so that you can see all the possible winning combinations on this specific slot machine.

Here is an example of multiple paylines:

The illustration shows all paylines on a video slot.

The illustration shows all paylines on a video slot.


The Main Symbols in Online Slots

It is good to know the essential bonus symbols used in free mobile slots or desktop titles to become a good player. These symbols often let you trigger bonus rounds with the biggest wins. Here are some of the important symbols available in online games:

Wild Symbols:

A Wild symbol can substitute for any online slots symbol called Wild. They are similar to the joker in traditional card games. These symbols can appear in various forms, and here at BETO, most video slots have an animated video showing you how they work and look for each game.

Scatter Symbols:

The Scatter is a symbol that does not have to be in a row or line to do its magic. If you see 3 scatter symbols anywhere, which can easily be across the reels, you'll usually win a superb bonus round!

Expanding Symbols:

An expanding symbol on the reels will grow in size from top to bottom and produce a vertical line of Wilds, producing many winning combinations for you. Expanding symbols are an essential feature in modern slots as the increased size makes the gaming experience visually engaging.


Play Free Online Slots at BETO

Slot-machines can be traced as far back as 1891. In 1891, most experts agree that the first "slot" was invented and made public. The first mechanical slot was released by a company called Sittman and Pitt, and it used actual playing cards and 5 mechanical reels. Although, it is worth pointing out that most players nowadays probably would not be able to recognize this retro game.

You can always play free slots online here at BETO with different themes without spending any money. Our free slots offer superb gameplay and entertainment. We encourage you to visit BETO regularly as we publish new games to play for free and their detailed reviews.

Find your favourite game here at BETO and use the tips and tricks in this article to improve your online gaming experience. Become a slot spinning expert by trying a wide range of free online casino slots.


Frequently Asked Questions about Online Slots

Below we have collected some of the questions BETO receives from our loyal readers, slot machines and video slots are a huge topic, and we know it can be challenging to find your way around this, for some, unknown universe, but we hope we have been able to answer most of your questions. 📢

What is an Online Slot Machine?

Modern slot machines account for a considerable part of the entertainment that we enjoy. You probably know the colourful vending machines from 80s pubs, bars and restaurants. When the internet made it possible, these slot machines were updated to the modern video game version and have since taken the world by storm.

What are Free Spins?

Free spins are triggered by getting the scatter symbols/bonus icons on 3 or more reels. Some slot machines give you an extra bonus by offering you 3 times your bet value on each free spin, some slot machines even more. Free spins can also be a casino bonus for slot machines that allows you to play for free.

What is a Bonus Game?

A bonus game is often triggered by 3 scatter symbols hitting your slot machine. The bonus game can vary quite a bit in the individual slot machines. It's usually in the bonus rounds that the biggest wins are triggered.

What is a Scatter Symbol?

The scatter is a special symbol that can appear anywhere on the machine's reels. If you land 3 scatters anywhere across the reels, you have a winner. 💎

What is an Expanding Wild?

An Expanding Wild is one of the newer symbols that have emerged after the slot machines went digital. These critical symbols expand from top to bottom of the slot reels, producing a vertical line of Wilds. When this happens, you get a massive advantage because they make winning combinations much easier to achieve.

Is It Legal To Play On Slot Machines?

Yes, it is legal, and it is also recommendable. However, you need to make sure that you are only playing on approved slot machines. You can be absolutely sure of this when you visit a casino through

How Much Money Can I Win Playing Slot Machines? 💲

This is a good question, and we can tell you that there have been many examples of huge million winnings. The huge mega jackpots are triggered via the large progressive jackpot machines. It can be a good idea to play extra if the slot machine jackpot pool is vast, as this gives you improved mathematical odds.