Megaways Slots - Big Win Reels and New 2023 Releases

Buffalo Rising is one of the best megaways slot games

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Introduction to Megaways Slot Games

Buffalo Rising is one of the best megaways slot games

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Megaways slots online is an innovative and popular type of mechanic for online slot games that Big Time Gaming developed. This mechanic is popular because it offers up to 117,649 ways to win. It features more reels than usual and allows you to create much bigger wins than normal due to the unique bonus feature mechanic.

Many popular slot games have adopted the Megaways mechanic and seen great results. Some of the most exciting Megaways slot games are White Rabbit, Queen of Riches, and Gorilla Gold. The truth is that several slot developers are eager to include this revolutionary mechanic in their slot games.


Megaways Slots Online Explained

In this section, we will explore Megaways titles and explore the many Megaways slots to see what they can offer players. Megaways games are slots that use the bonus feature mechanic developed by Big Time Gaming and released on the first Megaways slot in 2016. Big Time Gaming (BTG) is one of the most innovative game developers, so it is not surprising that they were able to develop this mechanic.

Megaways slot games feature 6 reels, with each reel having the capacity to have 2-7 symbols on it. When you play Megaways slots, the number of symbols will change with every spin, and therefore, the ways you can win will also change with each spin. In some slots, a horizontal reel with 4 extra symbols is also included for even higher wins.

The ways that you can win will be in the range of 324 to 117,649, so you will have plenty of ups and downs while playing most Megaways slot games. When you combine Megaways games with other powerful features like free spins and cascading reels, you get brilliant video slots that are a lot more fun than the traditional slots.

In short, you can easily find several Megaways jackpot casino slots, and it is difficult to recommend a particular one because of so many great options. It is impossible for classic slots to compete against all the new action megaways slots when we look at the entertainment factor.

Royal Mint is one of the top Megaways Slots by Big Time Gaming

Royal Mint is one of the top Megaways Slots by Big Time Gaming


Guide to use what Megaways Slots offer to your advantage

The way to win in Megaways games is similar to the way that you win in other online slots. You can win by landing three or more matching symbols from left to right without worrying about fixed paylines. The fact is that it is not unusual to see multiple wins in Megaways online slot games thanks to the huge number of ways to win and the higher number of reels.

Fox Megaways online slot is offered in almost all online casinos

Fox Megaways online slot is offered in almost all online casinos


Why are the Megaways Slots so Popular?

Megaways online slots are unique, and that is why people love them. Many video slot developers have tried to develop something similar, but they have failed. You will never feel bored while playing a Megaways online slot because each spin will have the potential to give you huge rewards.

Several Megaways games will allow you to buy casino free spins and try your luck. This excellent feature saves you time and allows you to experience the full power of the video slot. You get a deadly combination that can reward you several times your stake when you add a progressive win multiplier to the free spins.

One thing that is guaranteed in all Megaways games is plenty of action. So you will find the traditional slots boring and hardly play them if you get used to playing a Megaways game. In the end, many Megaways slots are the most rewarding game types offered by online casinos, so don't be afraid to try them or play them for free here on BETO.


Best Megaways Features

Megaways casino games usually feature a wide variety of features because the developers can afford to be creative. Megaways gaming is like those big-budget Hollywood movies, so you can always expect something on a large scale. Let's look at the exciting features you can experience when you play the best slot machines:

Cascading Reels 

Cascading reels are also known as Avalanches and Reactions. A Megaways game without cascading reels always feels incomplete. If you are wondering how it works, cascading reels mean that the winning symbols disappear, and new symbols drop in their place. So you can end up getting several wins instead of just one win because of this feature.

Mystery Symbols

Mystery symbols can take the form of any regular symbol, and all mystery symbols will take the same form simultaneously. They work well with the Megaways titles because they can enhance the winning combinations and potential.

Progressive Multipliers

There are various progressive multipliers, like multipliers on successive wins and multipliers that increase with every win, as we see in the most popular free spin-focused casino games.

Some progressive multipliers are combined with cascading reels to give you higher rewards for wins. The progressive multipliers take Megaways gaming to the next level and make the games even more entertaining and exciting for the players.

Wild Multipliers

Any Wild Multiplier will multiply with the win amount to give you a much higher win if it is also part of the win. Several Wild Multipliers can boost each other and give you much higher wins. The great news is that Wild Multipliers can become sticky in bonus rounds to give you insane winnings.

Megaways Bonus Buy

Big Time Gaming introduced the bonus buy feature in 2017, which has changed how we play slot machines forever. This feature naturally works well in Megaways online games because it allows you to play online slots at full potential immediately. You will have to pay more than your stake to unlock the free spin feature, like 100x your stake in Buffalo Rising Megaways.

Progressive Jackpots

The Jackpot games give you a chance to win some of the biggest prize pools available in the entire world, and they can match the big lotto winnings, even when you make small bets. These jackpots continue to build up until somebody wins them. So they work well with Megaways online casino slots due to the extra winning potential for all players.

Ted Megaways is another popular game by Blueprint Gaming

Ted Megaways is another popular game by Blueprint Gaming


The 3 Best Megaways Slots That you Must try

We can’t say which game you will love the most because it depends on your tastes and preferences. However, we have a few recommendations that you should check out because they are some of the best Megaways online casino video slots, in our opinion.

Bonanza Megaways (Big Time Gaming)

Bonanza Megaways online casino game

Free game

Bonanza Megaways online casino game

Bonanza Megaways

Bonanza Megaways is one of the best creations of Big Time Gaming. Many consider it the best Megaways casino game because of the unlimited win multiplier, cascading reels, and casino bonuses.

This rocky slot game features a mountainous background and a water wheel on the right side of the reels. A small hut is on the left side, and the green and rocky background makes this slot look beautiful.

The looks don’t matter much because the actual power of this slot game is in its features. They have got an extra horizontal reel on the top for more wins. Cascading reels help you get the most out of each win because they can turn one win into several. However, the main feature that you should focus on is the free spins feature.

The free spins in this slot have an unlimited win multiplier. So the win multiplier increases with each spin. The great news is that the free spins feature can be retriggered, so you can stack up the win multiplier by retriggering the free spins and win huge. Honestly, Bonanza Megaways is a revolutionary slot that deserves the respect and popularity that it has got.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megaways (Big Time Gaming)

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Megaways

Free game

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Megaways

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Megaways

This is yet another online slot by Big Time Gaming that you will love. The idea was to make a slot based on the popular game show with a powerful free spins feature. The exciting part is that this game has incorporated elements of the show in the bonus features. You will fall in love with the Hot Seat Free Spin Gamble.

Landing 3 or more Scatters will give you Hot Seat Free Spin Gamble. This feature allows you to win up to 50 spins and follows the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire format. You can gamble to win higher free spins or walk away. If you decide to gamble, you will have to select the correct option out of the 4 options, just like the game show. They have also got lifelines to help you out.

Overall, this is a great game that you must try for the Hot Seat Free Spins feature. Don’t forget that this Megaways casino game also has free spin with an unlimited win multiplier.

Extra Chilli Megaways (Big Time Gaming)

Play Extra Chilli Megaways slot for free on BETO

Free game

Play Extra Chilli Megaways slot for free on BETO

Play Extra Chilli Megaways

Extra Chilli Megaways is similar to Bonanza in many ways. However, the Feature Drop feature and the free spins gamble feature make it slightly different. The horizontal reel is seen below the reels in this slot, but it is above the reels in the case of Bonanza.

You can buy the free spins by using the Feature Drop button. Sometimes, a Feature Drop symbol will show up on the reels and reduce the price of the free spins. You can benefit by playing longer because you can get the free spins for a much lower price. It is also possible to get the free spins for free when the price of the Feature Drop hits 0.

The free spins gamble feature is wonderful because it allows you to gamble your free spins for a higher number of free spins. You have to be careful because you can end up losing all of your free spins if you gamble. Remember that the maximum number of free spins is 24. This is an excellent number because you will get good value from the unlimited win multipliers while playing 24 free spins.


Megaways Gaming on Mobile

Megaways slots have only been around for a few years, so they are pretty modern. Therefore, you can enjoy a Megaways slot on your mobile device, just like other modern slots. In modern times, it is very unusual for a slot to not work flawlessly on mobile devices, and Megaways slots are high-quality slots that will work quite well.

You shouldn’t be concerned if you are an iOS user because these slots work on iOS and Android devices. If you want to enjoy extra bonuses and play Megaways slots frequently, you can join a casino and play from their app. You can also play from your web browser if the casino doesn’t have an app.

You can play on your mobile network, but you have to be careful about your data usage because mobile network providers can charge you extra if you use too much data. If you decide to play on WiFi, you must ensure the network is secure. Your bank and other details can be compromised if the WiFi network is not secure.

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Gonzo's Quest Megaways offers non stop action


History behind the best Megaways Slot Games

Big Time Gaming launched the first-ever Megaways slot Dragon Born in 2015. This changed everything as Megaways was something that nobody expected. Nobody expected to play a slot that offered more than 100,000 ways to win. However, Megaways did that, and the launch of Bonanza Megaways brought Megaways into the mainstream.

Big Time Gaming quickly realized that other developers wanted to create their own Megaways slots. So Big Time Gaming issued licenses to other providers for creating their own Megaways slots. This includes many big names in the industry, like video-slot maker Red Tiger Gaming and Microgaming.

The Megaways mechanic is so good that all slot developers want to release a few Megaways slots. Even after years of being released, the Megaways mechanic is still considered one of the most innovative features ever. We are sure that you will see plenty of Megaways slots in the future because several providers are trying to acquire a license from Big Time Gaming.

Great Rhino bonus game offers a fair Megaways slots RTP for beginners

Great Rhino bonus game offers a fair Megaways slots RTP for beginners


Should you Play Megaways Slots Games Online - Final Thoughts

Megaways is a mechanic that has had the most impact on how we play slots. It is nothing short of revolutionary, and everyone knows it. There is a reason why the slot providers are lining up to get a license from Big Time Gaming. They know this is the mechanic they need to take their slots to the next level.

Big Time Gaming has once again proved that they are one of the most innovative developers out there. The quality of slots has been much higher since the Megaways mechanic was introduced. The wins created by Megaways are something else, especially when combined with other powerful features.

It will take you months, if not years, to try all the interesting Megaways slots offered right now. We have reviews of plenty of Megaways slots here at BETO, so read our reviews and try the slot you like. Maybe, you will find a slot that you have been waiting for.

In short, Megaways is the future of slots and a feature that was way ahead of its time.

Try Power of Thor Megaways slot for free on BETO

Try Power of Thor Megaways slot for free on BETO


Megaways Slots - FAQs

What is the reason behind the popularity of Megaways slots?

Megaways slots are powerful slots that include rewarding bonus features like cascading reels, progressive win multipliers, free spins, Wild multipliers, and bonus buys. The effort put into creating Megaways slots makes them unique and popular.

What are some of the Megaways slots that are about to be released?

Many developers are getting in line to get a license, so you can expect plenty of new releases. You can keep track of all of the new releases through our upcoming Megaways slots section. It is updated regularly with unique new slots right here at BETO.

Which Megaways slot game allows you to trigger the free spins bonus easily?

In Fruit Shop Megaways, you can easily trigger the free spins bonus by getting a win with any of the medium win symbols. The catch is that the number of free spins won’t be high, but they can be retriggered. Millionaire Megaways and Dragon Born are other slots that make it easy to trigger the free spins feature.

Where can I get a complete list of all Megaways slots?

You should take a look at our Megaways slots list, and you will not be disappointed. Our list features all Megaways slots and is updated frequently.

Is it possible to play Megaways slots for free?

Yes, you can easily play for free by trying the demo. Feel free to try one of the Megaways slots mentioned here at BETO.

Are Megaways slots expensive to play?

You won’t struggle to find a Megaways slot game that fits your budget, even if your budget is low. So all you need to do is explore some Megaways slots and see if they fit your budget or not.