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Book of Dead
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Book of Dead by Play'n GO

JULY 2022

Book of Dead Review

Book of Dead

Join an exciting and breathtaking tomb robbery journey and adventure to ancient Egypt, full of mystery and exciting stories of the mighty and mysterious pyramids. Explore the Egyptian gods who were mummified and hidden with lots of divine treasures. The Book of Dead slot machine is extremely popular for its special features, bonuses, free spins and generous jackpots. 

Release: 14.01.2016
Max Win: X5000

Written by: Jasmin ⚡ Miss Volatile | The review was last updated: 02 Jul 2022

Slot Machine Features

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Buy Bonus









Ways to Win



High volatility and tension

A number of exciting freespins features and expanding Wilds

Frequent payouts

Popular ancient Egyptian theme

Book of Dead has a fun gamble feature


No progressive jackpot

Facts About The Slot

Provider Play'n GO


RTP% 94.25

Game type Slots

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.01

Maximum bet 100.00

Reels 5

Rows 3

Game Themes

Adventure Ancient civilizations

Game features

Book of ... mechanic Expanding Symbols RTP range Risk/Gamble game Scatter symbols FreeSpins Wild


Anubis Pharaoh

Book of Dead - The Story of the Slot Machine

The Swedish game developer Play'n GO launched the Book of Dead slot in 2014, and they have managed to make it a really popular game among players. The theme is classic, with ancient Egypt as the focus point.

Do you remember the Indiana Jones movies with the slightly cheeky and witty archaeologist who is on an action-packed adventure in the hunting of the lost treasures? That is exactly what you will be doing in this slot.  Are you a true Indiana Jones fan? Then you must play Book of Dead; it will definitely be an amazing experience for you!

This casino slot and its exciting gameplay are based on the adventurer Rich Wilde and his hunt for the Book of Dead. Embark on an exciting mission with Rich both of you will travel through Egypt, looting and hunting for ancient Egyptian artefacts and the magical "Book of Dead".

Book of Dead is a collection of texts full of magic spells intended to help the dead's journey through the underworld and further into the afterlife. Help Rich find the right symbols (inspired by hieroglyphs) and grab the magic book. Also, meet the sinister god Anubis, who has opened the gate into ancient Egypt's magical and underground world. During your perilous journey, you can choose to bet or gamble your found treasures and increase your winnings. If you are lucky enough, you will get your hands on the divine mega jackpot!

Read further below in our casino review of this slot and see if the game is right for you! Maybe you become the lucky winner and run away with wild wins!

Beautiful symbols in the Book of Dead Slot Machine

Beautiful symbols in the Book of Dead Slot Machine


Book of Dead - Get an advantage through BETO's details

Come and join the real play scene of an Indiana Jones movie. Are you ready to go on an exciting and dangerous journey to ancient Egypt? Here's your chance, you will be starring in the Book of Dead. Together with Rich Wilde, you will go on an action-packed adventure and hunt for different Egyptian treasures.

The graphics are sharp and packed with beautiful colours. Throughout the game, the visuals look authentic and true to the Egyptian theme. There is a reason why the Book of Dead slot machine hits the top of the casino list of most popular games; it's because it is super exciting, easy, and fun to play. The structure is like most modern slots with 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 paylines.

If you are already familiar with different slots or perhaps had your go at the land-based casinos, you might think this slot machine is incredibly similar to another slot machine. You are absolutely right! The Book of Dead slot is incredibly similar to the "Book of Ra" slot machine.

One would say it is almost a copy; the bonus symbols, title and gambling features are strikingly identical. However, there are some differences when it comes to graphics and sounds. Here, Book of Dead is completely at the forefront when it comes to quality, music and general user experience - which is top-notch. The symbols are detailed and beautiful; the golden bars filled with pyramid texts in the background form the framework of the slot. If you are lucky, you will have access to Pharaoh's mysterious pyramids and the chance to win mighty treasures that are waiting just for you! The colours and frames of the slot are bright, golden, shiny and are accompanied by a dramatic but quite pleasant soundtrack.

Take Rich Wilde on an adventure to ancient Egypt!

Take Rich Wilde on an adventure to ancient Egypt!


Book of Dead - Symbols and Gameplay

Book of Dead has various symbols and special features that you need to be aware of.

In the casino game, you are introduced to different Book of Dead symbols; the Book of Dead, "10 to Ace Symbols" from the world of playing cards, the Pharaoh's mask, the Anubis icon, and Rich Wilde himself. Keep a close eye on special features; read on and know more about them in our review below.

Wild and Scatter symbols
The symbol "Book of Dead" on this slot machine acts as a so-called scatter or wild. It works like a joker; this means that you can replace them with other symbols to your advantage. For example, when you spin your reel and your line shows 4 x Rich Wilde symbols and 1 x Book of Dead symbol, your Book of Dead symbol acts as a wild / joker. You, therefore, have 5 x Rich Wilde symbols, and your spins trigger a big win!

When you land the Book of Dead symbol, even outside the payline, you can use the symbol as a scatter. Simply land at least 3 scatters; it counts as a win, no matter which reel it lands on. In addition, a minimum of 3 scatters will activate the game's free spins feature, and it will give you 10 free extra rounds without using your real money or rounds, giving you an even greater chance of winning big!

If you sign up at an online casino, you will usually receive a welcome bonus and access to the Book of Dead with an x number of Free Spins. The Book of Dead slot machine is best known for its big wins and many free spins, and sometimes you will also find them without even depositing. During your game, as mentioned, it is possible to trigger additional free spins or bonus rounds. For example, if you land 3 or more Book of Dead symbols, you will get 10 extra Free Spins in your game. In addition to your free spins, if you are lucky enough to land more scatter symbols, you can redeem even more cash coins and free chances.

Gamble feature
To make the game even more exciting, you can choose to bet your winnings and click the "GAMBLE" button. Here you get the opportunity to double or even quadruple your winnings. Simply guess the correct colour, red or black or the suit of the next cards.

You have the option to make use of their autoplay button. Here you can adjust automatic spins up to 10, 20, 50, 75, or 100 times. However, a good tip is to avoid this auto-play feature, as you get more out of your game by getting to know the game's games and reaching your freespins or bonus rounds faster. The slot machines and their slot game features are, in fact, hardly programmed to your advantage.

RTP (Return To Player)
Book of Dead is an excellent slot to spend your bonus money on. The average return-to-player (RTP) is 96.21%, and its variance is high. It is precisely the slot machine games with a great variance where you have to play with your welcome bonuses. You can win big sums, as this casino slot is a jackpot slot. The maximum prize is 500,000 coins! If your coin bet is 0.25, you can win up to 125,000!

Gamble feature in Book of Dead

Gamble feature in Book of Dead


How to play Book of Dead

Book of Dead is a slot machine with 10 paylines, and 5 reels, and 3 rows. Before you start your casino game, you can decide your bet amount by adjusting the Coin Value button and the Coin level button. You can bet between 0.50-50; thus, the Dead book is a slot that will fit any wallet.

How many paylines do you want to be active? It's your choice. You can adjust the active paylines between 1-10. Remember, the more lines you activate, the greater the payout and your chances. Just be aware that activating multiple paylines demands a larger bet requirement.

Once everything is set and you are ready to use your free of charge slot machine spins, you start the game using the PLAY button or the Auto Play feature. Along the way, you can adjust up and down the settings to change your bet amounts and lines.

Book of Dead - Video example of big wins


Play for free - Book of Dead demo

Play for free
An excellent idea is to test the game for free before you go in and bet real money. If necessary, first use your free spins and become confident and familiar with the functions before you bet your own money. In the past, you did not come to know how the different games worked until you tossed coins into them.
Fortunately, it was the case of classic physical slots, today you have ample opportunities to try out your favourite slots with their demo versions.

When you are comfortable with the game, you can take advantage of one of the many welcome bonuses that the various safe casinos offer. Many casinos offer free spins in their bonus codes or welcome bonuses especially associated with the Book of Dead slot. Just remember to check up on the casino's terms and conditions beforehand. `


Online Casinos with Book of Dead

The Book of Dead slot machine is clearly one of the most popular Play'n Go games in the online casino market. The players are quite crazy about the slot machine, and therefore many online casinos around the world distribute free cash spins on their Book of Dead slot in connection with their casino bonus code or welcome bonuses. Check out below which casinos are handing out free cash spins on this game.

Winning Free Spins in Book of Dead

Winning Free Spins in Book of Dead


Free Spins and bonus games

There are a lot of Special Bonuses in the Book of Dead. So naturally, new slot players are looking for this particular slot machine, as it is a super good slot game to spend your bonus money on.

Book of Dead is a simple and entertaining game with frequent winnings and a lot of bonus games. As I said, many online casinos welcome new players with free cash spins on this slot. There are great deals and free spins to win in this slot. The best thing about this slot is that you get the opportunity to choose between two models of free spins. In the first model, you first deposit the money and then you get extra spins. The second is a no-deposit bonus, i.e. you get the Free Spins without making any deposit. These are the truly "free" free spins. If you are looking for no-deposit spins or a bonus with smaller deposits, you will find some good offers in the Book of Dead slot.

Once you have selected your final casino gaming site and you are in the process of playing, as mentioned, you can land free bonus games or free spins in your game. You get the Free Spins by hitting three or more symbols on the Book of Dead. The fun is only going to increase, so what are you waiting for?

Incredible number of paylines in the Book of Dead

Incredible number of paylines in the Book of Dead


Jackpots in the Book of Dead

Come and take part in this fantastic gaming adventure with Rich Wilde; if you are lucky and land the right winning combinations, you can run away with one of the wild jackpots that this fantastic casino slot machine is famous for. If you succeed in landing five pictures of Rich Wilde anywhere on the reels, you must be ready with your victory dance because then you have won yourself a huge jackpot! Here you can increase your bet by up to 5000 times! It's wild! It's about playing wisely, and with this payout, you are not far from all your dreams coming true.

Bonus games and a huge jackpot!

Bonus games and a huge jackpot!


Book of Dead on mobile device?

No more space on your mobile device for another app? Do not despair, you do not need to download an app from your app store to run this slot. You can easily access and play Book of Dead from your iOS or Android device using a browser. Simply select an online casino site (you may need to make a deposit), log in to your account, and you will find yourself playing the Book of Dead game in no time. If you want to play from your computer, no issue, it is just as easy to play on your computer.

Do You Dare to Gamble in the Book of Dead?

Do You Dare to Gamble in the Book of Dead?


Book of Dead - Responsible Gaming

You are sure to have lots of good experiences when you start your exciting gaming adventure with Book Of Dead.

Everybody wants that their slots should be fun and safe to play, no one wants to gamble their money to lose it, but the truth is that most people lose more than they win. Therefore, do not gamble if you are thinking to make gambling a way of earning a living. It should be for fun and entertainment only because there is little chance that you will be lucky enough to win the jackpot. Winning and losing with the same attitude is the best approach, and it will benefit you and your account in the long run.

Understand your limits; what are you willing to bet and lose? Look for a casino slot machine with low volatility so that you can play longer without losing big amounts. Many new players get burned because they experience beginner luck and think this will keep coming. Be careful you not learn it the hard way.

Make sure you set yourself a budget. Do calculations and limit how much you want to play with so it does not go over the head. To save yourself from finding that you have suddenly squandered a monthly salary away, make sure to stop while the game is good. Remember to lose and win with the same mind; if you win and make a profit, enjoy it, but if you lose, do not jump into the trap of trying to win back what you lost; this is where it will always go wrong.


Tips and advice

We want to send you off to a good start on your new gaming adventure in Book of Dead. Therefore, we give you our best tips as a new player in Book of Dead.

  1. RTP - When selecting your slot machines, you are really well on your way if you are interested in the slot machine's RTP (the theoretical payback percentage) and its payout distribution. Look for a slot machine with an RTP between 95-99%. It will increase your returns, and it will let you play for longer. In addition, it will increase your chances of pulling out a jackpot when you finish the game! A slot machine is sure to be entertaining if it has a high RTP.
  2. Budget - Make sure you keep a budget for your game, and you maintain it. It can quickly become an expensive and tedious affair if it goes over your budget. If you get into a bad game wave and think you have to win back what you lost, then stop your game and decide to take a short break. Go for a long walk, go out and have a cup of coffee and return and then decide what to do.
  3. Avoid Rushhour - Try to play at different times and avoid times where many people are playing simultaneously. It can make a difference and can increase your spins or chances of hitting and landing huge wins!
  4. Adjustment - Make sure to adjust your bet during your game. Before you start your spins, you can easily adjust the bet buttons and thus be lucky to hit right into the completely wild jackpot!
  5. Play for fun - You must enter this casino gaming universe with the thought that you are here for entertainment and not because you think this should be a way to earn the bread. So remember to win and lose with the same mind! If you feel it is no longer fun, then you should take a break. 
On the hunting with Rich Wilde for old treasures in the Book of Dead

On the hunting with Rich Wilde for old treasures in the Book of Dead


Book of Dead - Overall rating

Are you a seasoned player, or are you brand new? In either of the answers, we would definitely recommend you to play Book of Dead. There is room for all types of players, and any one can avail the opportunity to bet and gamble your cash.

We can easily understand why it has become so popular to play Book of Dead! It is super easy to play; the structure and the game are clear and modern. The design and user experience are perfect, and they have some delicious soundtracks! The chances of winning are good, and there is a mega jackpot waiting just for a click or spin from you! You can play Book of Dead easily on any device, whether it's your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Many online casinos often offer free spins on Book of Dead without a deposit, so find a good online casino and start playing. Of course, you can choose a casino that requires a smaller deposit, but you can also find casinos that give bonuses without deposits, i.e. a no-deposit offer. Please go and read more about our review on various online casinos before making your final choice.

Book of Dead is an excellent slot machine and has good reasons to be a clear favourite for slot machines. You do not have to book a flight to Egypt to experience ancient Egypt and meeting the Pharaoh. Instead, you can meet them at your home in your living room through your favourite casinos.

We hope you got a lot wiser about Book of Dead and would like to read more reviews of different slot machines; you can see the list and reviews of them here on BETO.


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Book of Dead - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Book of Dead's RTP?

Book of Dead RTP is at 96.21%. Just be aware that Play'n GO games offers RTP intervals on their games. This means that casino providers can change the RTP value to lower settings if they wish, so always check with the casino you are playing at before starting a gaming session on Book of Dead.

How volatile is the Book of Dead?

Book of Dead has high a impressive volatility. Therefore, pay attention to your bet and adjust along the way, so you can get the most out of your game in Book of Dead.

What is the Max win at Book of Dead?

You can win big bucks as Book of Dead is a jackpot slot. The maximum prize is 500,000 coins! If your coin bet is 0.25, you win 125,000!

Is there a free spins feature in Book of Dead?

Yes, it is there! The freespins feature is the only bonus feature in this game and the big attraction. It comes famous with a randomly selected symbol that expands during the bonus round.

Does Book of Dead offer a gamble feature?

Yes, you can choose to play and bet your winnings here. Here you get the opportunity to double or even quadruple your winnings. Simply guess the correct colour, red or black, or the suit on the next cards.