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Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 01 Jul 2022

Since the early days of online gambling over the internet, which started in 1996 with InterCasino as one of the very first online casinos, the industry has developed rapidly. However, online casino gaming is still a relatively new hobby. The online gambling landscape is constantly changing.

Legislation around the world is constantly changing. Technological advances are happening rapidly, new sites are being opened, and some sites are improving while others are being left behind. As a new casino player, finding all the information about online casino games and what rules apply to you can be very challenging.

All of this makes it challenging to keep up with what is happening, and it is especially difficult to know which sites to use as a player and which casinos to avoid. A leading venue a year can quickly be overtaken by several others and may no longer be one of the best options. If you want a fair chance of winning the big win without having to invest too much of your own money, your choice of online casino matters!

That is why we at BETO make sure that everything we have to offer is accurate, current and valuable. We tell you which sites are the best and safest to use and explain why we recommend them.

The big difference from BETO and other websites is that we are also casino players and therefore have a great interest in the correct information. In addition to being some of the biggest casino nerds, we have also gotten hold of some of the very best players and gambling writers from around the world. This is so we can convey this information correctly to all of you players who love casino games and want to improve your chances of winning when you play at online casinos.

Casino bonuses are another topic we have spent a lot of time on. The difference between a lousy bonus and a good casino bonus can be the difference between playing for free at the casino or investing more of your own hard-earned money. is your complete guide to all kinds of casino games, focusing on online gaming. BETO is run by a dedicated team with a high level of playing knowledge and experience. The BETO team is committed to providing our readers with accurate and up-to-date information.

To find out more about BETO and who we are, read on.


Our Comprehensive Casino Review Process

This is how BETO assesses potential Online Casinos

This is how BETO assesses potential Online Casinos

Firstly, we aim to help as many people find the most suitable online casino that fits their personal needs. That is why we spend so much time on our casino reviews. The process is divided into several different categories and steps.

The idea of our in-depth casino reviews is to give players like you comprehensive knowledge in advance to avoid investing money at a venue without knowing if you will also get something in return for your money.

Our comprehensive process for casino reviews and articles

The trust of our loyal followers means everything to us here at, and we, therefore, recommend only the very best casinos. We can not risk giving new players and our reader's harmful recommendations as your trust in us is paramount.

This is why team BETO will never show an online casino that does not meet our high standards. If an online casino has been mentioned here at BETO, you can be sure that it is among the absolute best casinos on the internet.

And an important detail is that a casino can not buy itself a good rating here at BETO.

For a casino to be BETO approved:

  • Deposits and withdrawals must be in order, and their rules must be fair to you as a player.
  • Safe play for 18+ people and official gaming license.
  • Bonus offers for our players are a must.
  • Your security and private information must always be in good hands.
  • Game selection where quality is as important as quantity.
  • Customer service where you can always get help when you need it.

In addition, we also check that there is no cheating with the games and the RTP percentages the various online casino guides advertise to get new players is correct.

BETO aims to be the absolute best resource on the internet for all things related to online gaming. At BETO, casino gaming is a hobby that we go into with life and soul. We do everything to get better and help each other just like any other hobby like football or rugby.

What offers you readers

Our goal is that you, as a casino player, can find everything from exciting strategies to your favourite games and find new interesting games. BETO aim to match your playing style with your requirements and needs as a gambler.

The hunt for the best online casino bonuses can also be a big mouthful, so, therefore, we have made your hunting for these bonuses much easier. You can always find the market's best bonuses here at BETO. We have always calculated the campaigns that can best help your bottom line and give you the best chance of success. contains a tremendous amount of information covering a wide range of game-related topics. New articles are always on the way. We never break from developing informative online gambling knowledge to you and the readers.

The editor here at

The editor of BETO is Kim Birch, an experienced Danish writer and gambling author who has published books in online-poker and blackjack. He has an in-depth knowledge of all types of casino games.

Kim Birch has been a professional poker player and gambler for almost 20 years and has managed the gambling content for many traditional media such as newspapers and written about a wide range of gambling topics for Tipsbladet.

Kim has worked directly with some of the largest online casinos and poker operators in various roles. In addition, the media also uses him as a fact-checker when publishing casino and gambling articles. This is needed so that the media outlets do not promise more than they can keep and that their articles are factually correct.

Meet our amazing team

In addition to our editor and the technical men and women who make sure to keep the website alive, there are many writers and experienced casino players who contribute to BETO. We are pleased to have a team that covers such a wide range of casino-related knowledge and experience.

Our comprehensive team enables us to cover all the topics readers want, thus providing you with the best information available at the moment. It also means that we can provide a balanced evaluation when reviewing and ranking online casinos, rather than just the opinions of just one or two individuals.

Below you can read details about our writers and casino experts.


Kim Birch

Kim Birch - Denmark

Kim Birch - Denmark's greatest Gambling author

Poker Pro and Gambling Author

Kim has both won and lost against the very best poker pros both at home and abroad. In addition to poker, he is an expert in counting cards in casino blackjack.

He is also a respected gambling writer. Kim has written articles for several traditional media such as Tipsbladet. Kim has published the following books:

"The Book of Online Poker" - (ISBN: 87-91303-40-0)
"The Book of Blackjack". - (ISBN: 87-91303-24-9)

Kim Birch is our editor here at BETO, and it is his job to make sure to fact-check all the articles and that these live up to all the 2022 rules.

Kim is also the author of exclusive articles and game strategies that can only be read here on BETO.

Kim is here to help both readers and casino players win a little more!


Jasmin ⚡ Miss Volatile

Jasmin ⚡ Miss Volatile - Slots and Casino Reviews

Jasmin ⚡ Miss Volatile - Slots and Casino Reviews

Slots and Casino Reviews

Who is Jasmin, and why does she know so much about slot machines?
Miss Volatile, Is her nickname here at the BETO office, and she's the team's all-time enormous slot machine enthusiast.

She loves slot machines, and Jasmin tests many of the different casino games in this genre.

Jasmin is also the prominent architect behind the thorough casino reviews here at BETO. She also tests these venues as a private person to experience how the casino treats players when they do not know she is a writer here at

Jasmin, aka Miss Volatile, loves to find the slightly more unknown fascinating slot machines for you readers that she thinks have great potential!


Ricki Kristensen

Ricki Kristensen - All about Baccarat and Card Games

Ricki Kristensen - All about Baccarat and Card Games

All about Baccarat & Card Games

Ricki Kristensen is a dedicated baccarat player with many years of casino experience. Over the years, Ricki has published articles focusing on mathematical modelling techniques. He has a master's degree in statistics. Since 2008, Ricki has been focusing on baccarat, blackjack and Omaha poker.

Baccarat statistics is another area he spends a lot of research time on. In short, there is so much indifferent and unsuitable baccarat material online that his goal is to get more card players to give baccarat a chance.

His job here at is to provide baccarat articles and look at the mathematical aspects of casino games and online gambling. Live games and card games are also part of his responsibilities.
If you have math gambling questions, then Ricki is definitely the person you need to get hold of.


Astrid Eriksson

Astrid Eriksson - Blackjack and Strategic Expert

Astrid Eriksson - Blackjack and Strategic Expert

Blackjack and Strategic Expert

In collaboration with the other casino experts in the office, Astrid writes about strategy and blackjack. In addition to writing articles, Astrid is also primarily responsible for everything to do with blackjack games.

This applies to everything from blackjack cheat sheets to choosing which topics are written about in our special blackjack section. The blackjack section is lucky to have no less than 3 experts in the card game.

This "ping pong" of strategic ideas and various casino systems such as counting cards in blackjack that we can offer you the best blackjack articles.

Astrid is always ready for a game of blackjack, especially if there is a bet up for grabs.


Stefano Rossi

Stefano Rossi - Roulette Systems and Bankroll

Stefano Rossi - Roulette Systems and Bankroll

Roulette Systems and Bankroll

Stefano Rossi is our Italian roulette enthusiast and expert in various table games that you can find in most casinos live and online. Stefano loves almost all versions of roulette.

Although his English is not 100% perfect yet, he makes sure our roulette section has the information you do not usually find on other websites or in various books about casino games.

Online roulette is excellent for players who like the convenience and ability to dictate how their experience goes. With online roulette, you get the opportunity to play anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.

Live roulette in a land-based casino is an excellent game for those looking for a social outing and live casino experience. If you like to get dressed nicely and go out to the casino on a Friday night, then live roulette might be the better choice for you.

Fortunately, Stefano Rossi covers everything about online and live roulette, so stop by our roulette section regularly and see what Stefano has come up with of exciting articles.


Nick Nielsen

Nick Nielsen - Going Online Casinos in the seams!

Nick Nielsen - Going Online Casinos in the seams!

Online Casino Research & Analysis

Nick is the office's super-geek, and he knows almost everything about online casinos, their security, and backstage operations.

Nick reviews the various online casinos and thoroughly tests everything from their customer support to the actual security of the venue's website. Nick also investigates how well your private information is protected and that your information is not passed on to other companies.

Nick goes to great lengths in his efforts to control your security as a casino player. You can always feel safe if you use a promotional link from one of our casino partners here at BETO.

We can not go in-depth with all his work tasks. Still, we can reveal that Nick also checks that the various casino games are not manipulated and that the RNG in the casino is as you would expect.


Julius De Vries

Julius De Vries - BETO

Julius De Vries - BETO's Bonus Geek

Casino Bonus Geek

Julius De Vries is one of our newest employees here in the office, and he was born and raised in the Netherlands. In addition to being a casino player and gambling enthusiast like the rest of us at Team Beto, he is also a trained lawyer.

Julius' task is with everything that has to do with online casino promotions. He investigates that the bonuses offered to our players live up to the gambling laws around online gaming. Julius also helps all our readers navigate the jungle with various casino offers.

His most distinguished job is to find and negotiate the absolute best online casino bonuses in place for all users here at


Elizabeth Davies

Elizabeth Davies - Bingo is my middle name!

Elizabeth Davies - Bingo is my middle name!

Bingo is her middle name!

Elizabeth Davies is our English writer, and she loves everything that has to do with Bingo. The game of Bingo is a popular pastime played for decades. Bingo is very popular in the UK and US.

In fact, Bingo is one of the most popular games in the UK! People all over the world associate the bingo game with classic British entertainment.

Elizabeth has written countless articles about Bingo. We have been so lucky to have access to her vast knowledge so that our players can get the most updated bingo knowledge. Elizabeth has played an important role in all of BETO's bingo articles.

As mentioned, Elizabeth is primarily responsible for all material we publish about Bingo here at BETO.


Contact BETO

We welcome our readers to contact us for any reason. The whole reason why our website exists is to give you the best possible gaming information and help for online casino games. If we can help you in any way, we will be delighted to help you.

You can always write an email to us, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

In most articles, we also have a FAQ with the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Thank you for using our website!


Contact BETO below:

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FAQs about

Who is the team behind BETO?

BETO consists of a super-efficient team that publishes casino articles and helps players learn about online casinos and the various casino games. The team has extensive experience in online casinos. The team consists of both experts and writers, and experienced casino players just like yourself.

How and why did BETO start testing casinos?

Everyone on the BETO team started as casino enthusiasts, so it was natural to start researching the various online casinos thoroughly and figure out which casinos were the best. It all started very organically because we could not find the tried and trusted casino information we needed online.

Why should I trust BETO's reviews?

You can always trust our reviews, whether it is about online casinos or exciting games. Besides, we always have a fact-checker on our articles. You will also quickly discover that we at BETO do not have a problem being brutally honest when going in-depth with an online casino or an article.

Is BETO an Online Casino?

No, we are not a casino. We are more of an online magazine for people interested in online gaming and casino related information.

How can I contact BETO?

You can always contact BETO via contact forms a little further up the page. Explain your question or problem in the subject field, and your email will be forwarded to the person who is best qualified to help you.

How often do new articles appear on

BETO is updated with new articles every month. You will often find that new material is published from week to week. You will mainly find new articles when new casinos come on the market and when gambling-related or breaking news is available.