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Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is a leading provider in terms of slots and online casino games. Launched in 2015, Pragmatic Play has developed a ton of great content for the online gamblers, they operate their operations from Malta, and have a wide reach ranging to almost all the online casinos. Here at BETO, we review all their newest slot releases so you can find your favorite game. 

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 13 Oct 2022

Introduction to Pragmatic Play

Power of Thor Megaways from Pragmatic Play - up to 117,649 winning way.

Power of Thor Megaways from Pragmatic Play - up to 117,649 winning way.

Pragmatic Play is the true pioneer in the online gambling industry; they have always adapted to new trends better than anyone in the industry; the company has a great history of developing games with good graphics, friendly UIs, immersive audios, and packed features.

Pragmatic Play has a unique policy for the development of online games. They give the highest priority to the gameplay of their slots, and all the development works around this concept. This specific philosophy is the reason why they have achieved such high heights of success in their venture. 

Pragmatic Play takes great pride in boasting their slot portfolio, and they rightly do that because they have the best collection of videoslots in the whole Online Casino world. There are some high-quality, immersive, feature-packed games in their collection. The best thing about online slots from Pragmatic Play is that they have slots on almost every single theme you can think of. There are slots on Asian-Anime, tribal mythologies, ancient societies, vampires, gods, cartoons, dogs, and whatnot; there are more titles than you can imagine. The different titles in Pragmatic Play are broadly categorized under classic slots and modern video slots. The different titles in Pragmatic Play are broadly categorized under classic video slots and modern video slots. On the other hand, the modern video slots are feature-loaded modern slots with many reels and paylines. The gameplay in modern slots is very electric and spontaneous; as soon as you spin the reels, many things will happen on the screen.

Some of the most famous titles by Pragmatic Play are Ancient Egypt Classic, Mustang Gold, Ancient Egypt Classic, Mustang Gold, and Great Rhino.

Wolf Gold, for example, is an excellent choice by and Pragmatic Play; the slot is based on a 3x5 grid and has 25 paylines. In addition, there are several special bonuses like Re-Spins, Free Spins, Cash Bonuses, and Jackpots.


Awards won by Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play has put in a lot of hard work and passion in their mission; they have been truly dedicated to making the best online casino games. They have been successfully completing their vision and have launched many top-rated inline games. Their efforts have been well recognized by the different rating agencies in the world of gambling sites.

In 2017, after almost two years of dedicated efforts, Pragmatic Play won the "Software Rising Star" award at the prestigious EGR B2B Awards. In addition, Pragmatic Play won three more awards at the Malta iGaming  Excellence Awards hosted in Malta. The awards they won were Best Digital Company of the Year, Best HR Director of the Year, and the Best Gamified Experience Company. 

This is truly impressive for an organization to get this amount of success in just a couple of years.

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Come join the fun in the giant dragon's cave with Dragon Kingdom Eyes of Fire from Pragmatic Play


Worldwide Licensing of Pragmatic Play

Being a super successful iGaming provider, Pragmatic Play has tremendously increased its customer base in the last couple of years. The list of clients Pragmatic Play caters to gets longer with each new Title they develop. Thus, Pragmatic Play holds many gaming licenses needed to work with various clients around the world. The company has some of the most valuable iGaming licenses in the world. For example, the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gaming Commission are two of the most important gaming licenses in the online casino world. These are the most important ones and host significant importance in terms of the consumer base.

Pragmatic Play also has been licensed by the AAMS in Italy. In addition, it is certified by the iGaming authorities in Romania, from Phillippines, Curacao, and many other prestigious gaming authorities around the world.

In the last few years, they have expanded in the Bahamas and Denmark; they are already an important iGaming providers in that region.


Consistency in Work

Developing an online slot is not an easy process; the amount of hard work and effort that go into making a slot is not something that you can do in a couple of days. Pragmatic Play follows a developing process of creating online slots; a lot of different techniques like brainstorming sessions, critical analysis sessions, mathematical analysis, dense programming, intense graphic and sound designing are required to create a single online slot, and these are only a few of the steps which the developers take. Even after such a complex process, Pragmatic Play maintains its consistency in developing content. Every month, Pragmatic Play releases two online slots for you to play. Keeping in mind the quality of the slots by Pragmatic Play, this seems almost impossible.

The online slots are not just released publicly after their development is finished; they go through a rigorous testing and development process like every product. Every slot is tested in terms of its graphic-audio syncing, feature working, programming, and statistical reliability. Although the modern-day slots contain different special features, and deep programming is done for their applications, there are always some things that can be further improved, and Pragmatic Play strongly considers it. Only when a game successfully completes all of the stringent tests of Pragmatic Play is it released for you to play. 

Gaming Laboratories International, BMM, and QUINEL are the companies that test games for Pragmatic Play.

Wolf Gold - Come join the Wolf and the wildlife of North America

Wolf Gold - Come join the Wolf and the wildlife of North America


Pragmatic Play makes Slots for Every Player

Pragmatic Play has a wide selection of slots on its catalog; there are slots for every player. There are slots with different themes, like anime, fantasy, cartoons, kids, dark, fruit, sci-fi, and a lot more. There are slots according to different levels of players as well. Players who are beginners in the world of online gambling usually play with smaller stakes and small budgets. They cannot play on slots where the bet amounts are high and the wins are rare. Such high volatility slots are not for new players. Thus, there are special slots for the new players, where they can have the fun of gambling without risking their investment or worrying about their returns. On the other hand, three old vets don't want to waste time on low-paying slots. They want some high-velocity slots, which offer huge jackpots. Pragmatic Play has different options available to cater to all the categories of online gamblers.

Some players do not have much free time, but they watch the fun and thrill of gambling. These players can browse through the slots that offer an autoplay feature, this will automatically spin the reels, and the player doesn't need to keep concentrating on the slot. 

Pragmatic Play also cares for the players who want slots filled with fun. They can play the slots, which are filled with puns and humorous elements. There are many such slots available by Pragmatic Play. The Stone Age Video slot, for example, has a lot of puns and humorous parts, like the 4-stone drive car. The Witches Cauldron is another slot that has a lot of humor-filled features and elements. This is a great selection of slots for players who are looking for something specific.

Some slot players, who always want something new and innovative in the slots, excites them, and they love to spend money on such slots. Pragmatic Play has slots for such kinds of players as well. New exciting features are the developers at Pragmatic Play love. They keep adding new and exciting Bonus Features in their slot titles.

Pragmatic Play has an extensive selection of slots available. So that's why BETO is here for you to help showcase the best video slots for you to play.


Scratchcards by Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play has released some scratchcards online to shake up the instant wins; Pragmatic Play has launched seven different online scratchcards; their popular real money slots inspire these scratchcards. The various online scratchcards are 7 Piggies, Panda Gold, Hot Safari, Queen of Gold, Diamond Strike, and Wolf Gold free spins.

Wolf Gold gives the top prize in these scratchcards; it provides a fantastic win of 1,000,000 credits. This is a pretty awesome scratch reward, and you would be fortunate to get something like that.

This is truly a revolutionary feature by Pragmatic Play in the world of Online Casinos.

 Great Rhino Megaways present to you cascading reels, multipliers, wilds,  scatters symbols and  free spins.

Great Rhino Megaways present to you cascading reels, multipliers, wilds, scatters symbols and free spins.


Other Games by Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is not only confined to slots and scratchcards in the Online Casino market. There are a lot of different products that Pragmatic Play offers to online gamblers. A wide range of table games is offered by Pragmatic Play, which the gamblers can enjoy and take a great gambling experience. Some video poker games are also offered by Pragmatic Play to entertain its players; they give an immersive personal experience to its players using the live hosts in the games; this is a unique specialty of Pragmatic Play. 

The different Online Casino games offered by Pragmatic Play include American Blackjack, Roulette Crystal 2, Multi-Hand Blackjack, and baccarat casino games. In addition, a couple of specialty games are also available in the other section of Pragmatic Play; these include Keno and Go! Monkey

Pragmatic Play jas just touched the video poker market and has offered a title called Jacks or Better, and many new titles are coming soon.


Can I Play Pragmatic Play Slots For Free?

As a huge variety of slots are offered by Pragmatic Play, the number of unique features in the Pragmatic Play slots is enormous. As a result, a new player is likely to get confused between the different slots; at BETO, there are many slots offered by Pragmatic Play alone, so your choices are endless.

As Pragmatic Play designs every slot right from scratch, every slot is entirely different from each other, and it takes quite a while to understand them. The base features like wilds and scatters are usually the same in most slots, but the slots also have their unique features, which are not seen in any other slots. Due to this, you will take some time to master a slot, and it will be pretty risky to risk your money in a slot before completely understanding it. To help you out, BETO offers you to try these slots by Pragmatic Play for free.

At BETO, almost all of the slots are available in their demo modes; in the demo modes, the slot will work as if you are playing it with real money, but you would be using the slot's demo money. This allows you to play on a slot for some time and make you familiar with it; after adequately understanding the working and structure of a slot, you can play it with real money. Almost all of the slots by Pragmatic Play are available in their demo modes.

It is strongly suggested to new players that they try the demo version of the slot first. Only after thoroughly exploring a slot should they wager with real money.

Vampires vs Wolves from Pragmatic Play brings you a thrilling fantasy theme

Vampires vs Wolves from Pragmatic Play brings you a thrilling fantasy theme


Bonuses and Promotions in Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play offers a wide range of slots, and the players in the Online Casino industry are perfectly satisfied with the slots. To add more excitement to the slots, Pragmatic Play offers many extra special bonuses and promotions to its players. Bonuses and promotions include a number of rewards like cash back, welcome bonuses, free spins casino bonus, loyalty bonuses, etc.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are given to the players who play specific online slots for the first time. These are given in terms of extra spins and in-game cash.

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty bonuses are for those players who have played a slot for a considerable amount of time. Loyal players also receive many promotions.


Cashback refers to the money which you will get back after a monetary transaction. For Example, when you load money in a slot, you might get a fixed percentage cashback, like 2% or 3%.

Refer Bonus

When you refer a game to another player, and he accepts your referral and plays the slot with real money, you will get a referral bonus.

Free Spins

Free Spins are the same as Free Spins in different slots. In most cases, the different bonuses and rewards given to the players are given in terms of free spins.

The Dog House - A very friendly and popular slot

The Dog House - A very friendly and popular slot


The overall verdict of Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is one of the leaders in the Online Casino World. The company has headquarters in Malta and was launched in 2017. The developers at Pragmatic Play create thrilling and exciting slot games. The slots made by Pragmatic Play are best in class and excel in all the terms. 

The graphics of the slots are designed according to the game themes, along with the graphics, sounds, animations of the slots also match the slot's theme. 

The efforts of Pragmatic Play are duly appreciated by the different rating agencies around the world. Pragmatic Play has also won many awards in the Online Gaming sector. IT is also one of the most widely reaching Online Casino content makers. Pragmatic Play has licenses in many different countries, including UK and Malta, where license norms are stringent.

Pragmatic Play has grown to a huge company with many slot developers and they consistently provides you with two new online slots every month.


Frequently Asked Questions - Pragmatic Play

In the world of Online Casinos, there are a lot of game providers. These developers are quite different in terms of quality, slot variety, reliability, and cross-device support. Hence, players should only play on slots developed by reputed makers. Here is a FAQ about Pragmatic Play, one of the leading content makers in the world of online casinos.

What is Pragmatic Play?

Pragmatic Play is one of the biggest company which develops games for Online Casinos. They have a very diverse portfolio in terms of slot themes, genres, types, and features. Online slots are their main product, but along with that, they make other games for online casinos as well. Their other products include live games, board games, and special games.

What services does Pragmatic Play offer?

A variety of content is provided by Pragmatic Play, this includes slots, video slots, live casino, free bingo, and scratch cards. The portfolio of Pragmatic Play is one of the most diversified in the online gambling industry.

Is Pragmatic Play Licensed and Regulated?

Pragmatic Play has several online gambling licenses in different regions. This is one of the online gaming providers which has licenses in Malta and the UK. Pragmatic Play has gaming licenses in are UK, Italy, Malta, Romania, the Bahamas, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Pagcor, and Curacao.