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BETO review Online Casinos and the Best Online Casino Sites

Written by: Julius De Vries | The review was last updated: 13 Oct 2022

Reviews of the Top Online Casinos in 2022

When searching for the best welcome bonus or the best free casino games, it is easy to feel overwhelmed because of the huge selection of venues to choose from. The problem is, how do you decide which casino to play at? This is where BETO comes to your rescue, as we will help you find the best casinos through our detailed online reviews.

Our team of experts leaves no stone unturned in uncovering the best legal online casino sites that match your needs as a player. We personally test the casinos online to find out how good they are. In addition, we compare sites in the online gambling industry based on several important criteria that secure only trusted sites will be recommended.

Please keep reading to learn how we create our reviews and learn in-depth facts about trusted online casinos.


How BETO finds the Best Online Casinos

The Detailed Casino Review Process on

The Detailed Casino Review Process on

Here at BETO, we aim to make you aware of the best top casinos online. So we spend a lot of time researching all the casinos that can fit our criterias and satisfy players on all fronts. We do this so that you can focus on playing instead of wasting your time looking for sites that can match the quality of land based casinos.

Once most casinos attracts our attention, we use our 7-point review criteria to see if it meets our high standards or not. So let us take a look at the 7 factors you should consider while picking the top online casinos.


The only reason you want to visit a safe online gambling site is so that you can play casino games. Therefore, it is crucial to go for the casinos that offer the best and most entertaining games. We try the casino online and see how good the site is. Factors like profit potential, free spins, features, bonus terms, progressive jackpots, a generous welcome bonus, and much more are considered to determine the best sites.


Features define a casino because they can make your experience much more enjoyable. You can play casino games at any online casino. However, it is the features that will make your experience smoother and more memorable. So we are always looking out for unique and convenient features.


Several casinos offer fantastic bonuses so that they can attract new players. So we look for decent welcome bonuses and regular bonuses that will reward you after you become a regular user of the website. For us, a bonus should ideally be easy to claim and reward the player well.


To be honest, most online gaming sites offer a similar experience on mobile and PC. However, we have to ensure that the experience is excellent, and you can easily switch to mobile whenever you want.

We are looking for a simple interface that doesn’t fill too much of your screen and focuses on the gameplay.

Payment Methods

First of all, the payment methods should be easy to use. Secondly, the casino must have a variety of payment options to satisfy all types of users. These are simple requirements, but they aren’t easy to meet. You will be surprised by how many users face payment issues on substandard gambling sites. Therefore, you should read our casino reviews to ensure that doesn’t happen to you.


You don’t want to lose your money or play at a casino online where you aren’t sure that the games are fair. So we have taken special care to ensure that the sites we recommend have the required licenses and provide complete safety of your money and personal information.


In most cases, you will not even have to think about contacting support. However, you should still go for a casino site that is always willing to sort out your issues promptly. You don’t want to wait for three days to resolve your payment issue when it could be solved in a matter of hours.

We only recommend gambling on sites with quality support and various support options like email and live chat.

Here at BETO, our primary focus is on providing you with complete information about the best and safe online casino sites so that you can make the right decision. We don’t want to waste your time, so our online casino reviews are straightforward and relevant.

We will continue to focus on our goal and always be motivated to help people make informed decisions.


Game Selection vs Casino Offers

An excellent online casino must have a wide variety of games that can keep you engaged as long as you want. Otherwise, you may get bored quickly and stop playing even if the online casino has a beautiful design and other features. So we have to pay special attention to the selection of games at online casinos we review.

It is nice to have a massive number of games, but their quality is also important. We believe in innovation, so we look for online casinos willing to take the risk and experiment with new ideas. If it weren’t for innovation, we wouldn’t have so many exciting variants of casino games that we enjoy today.

Online Table Games

A casino needs to have classic table games like blackjack and genuine roulette tables, but that is not enough to satisfy most players. In modern times, players expect the casino to have a decent collection of table games with various variants. Gambling sites face some serious competition, so they have to do their best.

We encourage players to play table games that they enjoy, but you also need to remember that the return on all of them is not the same. Some table games are less risky, like Las Vegas Blackjack. In the end, you need to decide which games you prefer based on the risk and entertainment value.

It is natural to go for a casino with a more extensive collection of table games when compared to the others. Some of the most notable providers of casino games are NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and Playtech.

The variant that you should play will depend on several factors, including your budget. So you need to see what is the ideal budget for playing a particular variant of a game. If you play with a small budget when you shouldn’t, you are more likely to lose and have a bad experience. The providers that we consider the best have games that suit players of all budgets.

A Big Selection of Games is Important in our Casino Reviews

A Big Selection of Games is Important in our Casino Reviews


Online Slots & Live Casino Games

Online slots and live dealer games have a special place in the world of online casinos. The online slots are very popular and one of the most entertaining casino games, so the two factors are important for most players.

Online Slots

Slots are popular and one of the most entertaining types of casino games. The world of online slots has changed forever with innovations from providers like Big Time Gaming. The popularity of online slot machines will continue growing so this is also something our casino reviews focus on a lot.

BETO is always looking for new slot providers that can be reviewed because small yet innovative providers are constantly entering the market. In short, you can always find the new and best slots games in our slots section. The best part is you can play the slots we review for free!

You can find more than traditional live casino games when reading our casino and game reviews.

Live Casino Games

Live dealer games provide an authentic land-based casino experience where you can be social and have so much fun. The most significant advantage of live games is that you can play them from the comfort of your home.

Live dealer games from game providers like Evolution Gaming have introduced new variants of classic games like the new  Live Lightning Roulette and Speed Roulette. Don’t forget that the professional dealers and live chat allow you to have a more interactive experience when compared to standard RNG software games.


How Our Casino Bonuses Are Reviewed

Bonuses are one of the main factors that a player considers while deciding which casino to play at. It is not only the reward but the terms and conditions are also important.

We have tried all sorts of bonuses, so we know which casino offers are the most rewarding. Our dedicated bonus reviews page has only the best promotions that you will benefit from. We don’t include casino offers that come with unrealistic wagering requirements and bonus terms.

If you have no idea how to pick the best online bonuses, let us help you make a qualified pick based on facts. We have taken all of the critical factors into account in our casino reviews.

Redeem the Best Welcome Bonus via our Trusted Online Casino Reviews

Redeem the Best Welcome Bonus via our Trusted Online Casino Reviews

Online Casino Bonuses for Existing Players

It is unfair if the existing players fail to get bonuses from their favorite online casino. However, the best sites consistently reward their existing players by giving them various bonuses to keep them interested.

There are various types of bonuses that you can get as an existing player, such as bonus spins, casino player bonus, reload bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and much more.

Here at BETO, we do our best to ensure that you are taken care of by the casinos that we recommend, and we cover everything you need to know.


Payment Options And Payout Speed

Obviously, you need to add money to your online casino account to play with real money. We have considered all of the relevant factors like speed, safety, and ease of depositing money.

The choice of the payment options is also crucial because you should have all of the options you could use. It is easy to pick a payment method from many options based on convenience and preference.

In short, we have got you covered in terms of the payment options and payout speed because we are looking at these factors while reviewing online gambling venues.


Customer Service and Assistance

It is rare, but issues can occur while you are playing at an online casino. Even though we don’t expect it to happen, you should be prepared for this scenario. The only thing that you can do is go for online casinos that have outstanding support that will quickly sort out your issues.

We also focus on the support offered by various online casino sites that we review. We are looking for fast support with various methods to contact them, like live chat and phone calls.

In short, you will find that the best online games and sites recommended by us, have excellent support that will help you with your issues quickly.


Safety And Secure Gambling

We only recommend casinos with licenses from credible authorities like the UK gambling commission and Malta Gaming Authority.

The online casino must take measures to protect your personal information. So we also look at how good the casino is at protecting your information. We also look at the encryption methods that the various casinos use.

Since we like to go above and beyond for our readers, we also look at whether the casino protects players from a gambling addiction or not. The company must do its part in helping people rise above their gambling addictions. In the end, the main goal of gambling should be to have fun.

Our Trusted Casino Reviews gives you an Advantage

Our Trusted Casino Reviews gives you an Advantage


Mobile Casino User-Friendliness

It is not enough for an online casino to work on mobile, the experience must be top-notch. It may not sound like a big deal, but you may want to play on your mobile when you are on the go, or your PC is not accessible. The casinos know this too, so they try to provide an excellent experience to mobile users.

Since mobile devices have a smaller screen, online casino sites have to adapt to the smaller screen without limiting the functionality. This is not an easy task, and not all of companies get it right. Ideally, the experience on mobile should be simple and similar to the experience on PC.

We consider factors like the loading times and the various options provided to you in the mobile casino.


Return to Player Percentage (RTP%)

What is RTP%?

RTP is the average return you should get if you play for a long duration. Remember that it is the theoretical return, so your actual returns won’t be the same. It is just there to give you an idea about how much you can get in return.

Usually, the house has an edge, so the RTP is below 100%. For instance, the RTP of Blackjack is 99.5%. So if you bet 100 coins, you should get 99.5 coins in return. The remaining 0.5 coin is the house edge, which allows the casino to generate income and operate smoothly.

Since the RTP is calculated after playing for a very long duration, it is possible to make more or less than the RTP in a shorter duration. Remember that the possibility of profit and the risk of loss is what makes casino games exciting and rewarding.

Having a high RTP is good, but you also need to consider the profit potential. Even though casino games like slots have a lower RTP, they are more rewarding than classic games like Blackjack. So you need to think about striking a balance between risk and reward.

Different RTP for Different Games

The RTP of different games varies, and it allows you to see how risky a game is. If the RTP is very low, like 80%, it means that you are likely to lose 20% of your bet in the long run. Let us take a look at the RTP of some of the classic casino games.

  • Blackjack: 99.5%
  • European Roulette: 97.30%
  • French Roulette: 98.65%
  • Online Slots: average RTP of 96%, but it varies widely

Several other casino games can be mentioned here. However, we just wanted to give you an idea about the RTP of the most popular classic games.


How we Calculate the Rating for an Online Casino

7 crucial factors are considered while trying to calculate the ratings. When trying to calculate the ratings, we give more importance to factors like bonuses and security. On the other hand, less importance is given to factors like mobile and language compatibility.

Following are the factors and their importance in terms of percentage while calculating the ratings.

  1. Bonus and Promotions: 16%
  2. Security and Fairness: 20%
  3. Customer Support: 15%
  4. Selection of Games: 15%
  5. Availability in Various Languages: 8%
  6. Mobile-Friendliness: 11%
  7. Deposit and Withdrawal Options and Payout Speed: 15%

The final ratings are calculated after taking into account the feedback of the users. After all, the user feedback is what matters the most. In the end, the ratings work as a great indicator of how good a casino is.


Meet the Experts Behind our Online Casino Reviews

Our experts live and breathe casino games. They are not only experienced but also very knowledgeable about all types of games. When the knowledge of our experts is combined with valuable feedback from the users, the perfect online casino review is the result.

The Experts Behind the Online Casino Reviews

The Experts Behind the Online Casino Reviews

If you are curious and want to know more about our expert review team, visit the 'About BETO' page.

We strongly recommend that you read our online casino reviews to see why BETO is known for detailed and honest online casino reviews. We do everything we can to ensure that you are provided with all of the information you need.

Note that the majority of casinos are rejected because they fail to meet our high standards. So you will only find the best sites to play on when using our online casino review pages.


FAQ About Trusted Casino Reviews

Following are the questions that are asked often by our dedicated readers.

How can BETO review so many Casinos?

Our secret is a large team, with each member focusing on a specific game. So it is easy for our team members to craft these reviews because they do it all the time. However, the process of writing these reviews and calculating the ratings takes us around 14 days because our checklist is very long.

Is it Safe to Play for Real Money in Casinos on the internet?

Yes, casinos on the internet that BETO has tested and approved can be trusted without any doubt. Feel free to check out our gambling reviews that will point you towards the best casinos. We will provide you with the required information to make the decision based on what you prefer.

How can I Trust your Online Casino Reviews?

Here at BETO, we are online gamblers and expert casino reviewers. Our dedicated team has over 20 years of experience in the gambling industry. We don’t want one inaccurate review to ruin our reputation, so we try the casino and ensure it meets our standards before recommending it.

What is the Best Online Casino for Real Money?

There are a few online casinos that can be considered the best. However, you have to choose which casino suits you more after reading our reviews. The best casinos recommended by us have everything you could want, like exciting games, top-notch security, plenty of features, and reliable payment methods.

How do I find the Best Online Casino?

It is straightforward as all you need to do is read BETO’s detailed reviews. We have got complete information about all of the casinos that could interest you so that you can read and decide easily.

Are the Casino Reviews at BETO unbiased?

Yes, we will never risk our reputation by favouring one casino over the other. We help people discover the best casino games, so we will never break their trust by recommending a substandard casino.