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Baccarat Live Casino by Evolution Gaming

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Baccarat Live Casino Review

Baccarat Live Casino

Live Baccarat by Evolution Gaming provides you with one of the best and most authentic live Baccarat experiences online. The game is streamed in real-time from a land-based studio. Like other live casino games by Evolution Gaming, this one has extra features like advanced statistics, different variants of Baccarat, and the ability to bet on multiple tables at once.

Release: 01.05.2015
Max Win: X20000

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 30 June 2022 | Fact-check by: Jasmin Williams

Kim Birch has won and lost against the best poker pros worldwide. In addition to being an expert in poker and blackjack, Kim has also published 3 books. About Kim Birch

Baccarat Features

Live Dealer

Live Dealer



Real Money

Real Money





Ways to Win



High-quality streaming

Various variants of Baccarat

High RTP

Plenty of side bets

High-quality setup


Not all features or variants are available at all casinos

Baccarat Facts

Provider Evolution Gaming


RTP% 98.94

Game type Baccarat

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 1.00

Maximum bet 20000.00

Game Themes



Live Casino

Play Live Baccarat by Evolution Gaming

Play Live Baccarat by Evolution Gaming

Welcome to Live Baccarat by Evolution Gaming

You will be greeted with professional dealers in an environment that is identical to a top Asian casino. In this comfortable and exciting experience, you will notice the gold and red theme stand out. You can also see different Baccarat variants being played in the background.

The environment is colourful and quiet so that you can focus on the gameplay. Baccarat is pretty straightforward and doesn’t usually require you to use the multiple camera angles that they provide. However, it is always good to have multiple camera angles because some people may prefer to use them.

The cards are dealt face-down or face-up on the golden or any other colour table, depending on the type of Baccarat variant you are playing. Don’t forget about the numerous exciting variants of Baccarat like Speed Baccarat, Lighting Baccarat, Salon Prive, Live Baccarat Squeeze, and No Commission Baccarat. They have got plenty of side bets like Player Bonus, Banker Bonus, Either Pair, and Perfect Pairs.

You can view the results of the previous rounds through the results chart that will show all the results from your live baccarat table.

Banker Wins in Live Baccarat by Evolution Gaming

Banker Wins in Live Baccarat by Evolution Gaming


Enjoy Various Options in LIve Baccarat

Following are the options that you will get while playing the live baccarat casino game.

  • You will get pair side bets and optional side bets depending on the casino that you choose.
  • The roads will show you the patterns and history of results. You can pick the road that you like and enjoy those advanced statistics.
  • You can find a multi-camera setup in certain casinos.
  • Native speaking dealers are also available so that you can enjoy in your preferred language.
  • You can pick the variant that you like and enjoy it.
  • The option to chat with the dealer is also there for a more interactive experience.
Baccarat Squeeze in Live Baccarat by Evolution Gaming

Baccarat Squeeze in Live Baccarat by Evolution Gaming


Vibrant Graphics and Theme

It is refreshing to see Baccarat with new twists and a fabulous environment. You will be amazed by the wide variety of tables and how different they look. Vibrant colours like red and gold are perfect for a game like Baccarat, which is all about simplicity and class.

If you have played other casino games from Evolution Gaming, the high video quality and the professional dealers won’t surprise you. This exquisite Baccarat experience is delivered to any device that you use.

Usually, you will see a golden table in front of you. However, green and purple tables are also there for specific variants. The professional dealer will give you the cards, and you will make your bet using the beautiful interface in front of you.

We like the little additions like the beautiful flowers and running water effect in the background. Overall, the graphics and theme are unique, like you would expect from an Evolution Gaming casino game.

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Gameplay of Live Baccarat by Evolution Gaming


Live Baccarat Rules

The rules of Live Baccarat are not that hard to understand. Let us explain them in detail.

  1. You have to bet on who is going to win the round. The round is won by getting cards valued as close to 9 as possible. You can bet either bet on the player, the banker, or a tie.
  2. The dealer who is always the Banker will deal two hands. One to the bank and the player after the betting has been closed. Additional cards can be dealt if the total is 5 or less.
  3. The hand which is closest to 9 wins, and the players get their rewards accordingly.
  4. The value of the hands is decided based on the total value of the cards. The numbered cards are valued according to their face value. So a 5 of diamonds is worth 5. Face cards are valued at 10, and 10 is also valued at 10. Ace is valued at 1.
  5. The most important rule is that the total value of the cards only includes the number at the unit’s last digit. So if you have a 5 and a 6, the value of your cards will be 1. In simple words, only the last number is taken.
Experience Live Baccarat like never before

Experience Live Baccarat like never before


Live Baccarat Payouts and RTP

The payouts for Live Baccarat are as follows.

  • Banker Bet – 0.95:1
  • Player Bet – 1:1
  • Tie Bet – 8:1

There are many side bets, and their payouts are decent. However, the problem is that they are riskier, so it is better to stick to the standard bets.

The RTP of Live Baccarat is 98.94% for the banker bet, 98.76% for the player bet, and 85.56% for the tie bet. As you can see, the banker bet is the most profitable, so many players like to bet on the banker. However, there is not much difference between the RTP of the banker and the player, so betting on either one is fine.

Live Baccarat by Evolution Gaming

Live Baccarat by Evolution Gaming


Playing Live Baccarat on Mobile and TV

It is easy to play Live Baccarat on your mobile or tablet by downloading a Live Baccarat app. The best part about online casino apps is that they are convenient and provide you with an experience similar to playing on a PC.

You can also enjoy other casino games from providers such as Evolution Gaming. These apps are perfect for playing on the go.

You may have never heard of Live Baccarat TV before. It allows you to play Baccarat with thousands of players on live TV. Now some people may prefer the personal approach of a live dealer casino, but this is worth a try if you are looking for something different.

You can enjoy Baccarat whenever you want and wherever you are. If you are not sure where to get started, check out the casinos listed here at BETO. We have also got casinos that offer live Baccarat TV games.

Enjoy Various Live Baccarat Variants by Evolution Gaming

Enjoy Various Live Baccarat Variants by Evolution Gaming


Is Live Baccarat by Evolution Gaming Worth it?

Evolution Gaming has been in the gambling scene for several years, and their quality and flexibility is unmatched. Live Baccarat by Evolution Gaming is yet another awesome casino card game that will keep you hooked for hours. We recommend not playing if you are in a hurry because it is highly addictive.

In the beginning, you may feel overwhelmed by all of the different variants of Baccarat. However, the different variants and the fantastic features are what make this experience better.

You have to note that the experience won’t be the same for all casinos. Some casinos don’t provide certain features or offer certain variants of Baccarat. Despite that, you can always be sure that Evolution Gaming will give you a Live Baccarat experience unlike any other.

In short, you can enjoy this experience with more features than you could ever want at your disposal. The high-quality streaming and professional dealers with the classy atmosphere will draw you in and keep you mesmerized.


Live Baccarat by Evolution Gaming - FAQ

Can I win real money by playing Live Baccarat?

Yes, you can win real money by correctly predicting who will win. Just remember that you have to play with real money to win real money.

Can you explain what is Live Baccarat online?

It is Baccarat that is played in a casino setting for the enjoyment of players like you who want to play online. You can set your bets and chat through the interface online.

What is the RTP of Live Baccarat?

The RTP depends on which type of bet you choose. The RTP is Live Baccarat is as follows. Banker Bet: 98.94% Player Bet: 98.76% Tie: 85.56%

Can I earn decent money by playing Live Baccarat online?

You may get wins that will satisfy you, but you shouldn’t try to earn money through gambling. Gambling should be taken as a game only because you can’t earn a regular income from it.