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How to Play Blackjack - Cheat Sheet, Rules & Strategy for Winning

From single deck game to casino play and blackjack side bets.  Learn about 21.

Blackjack - How To Play The Casino Game and Lower the House Edge

From single deck game to casino play and blackjack side bets.  Learn about 21.

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 14 July 2022 | Fact-check by: Jasmin Williams

Kim Birch has won and lost against the best poker pros worldwide. In addition to being an expert in poker and blackjack, Kim has also published 3 books. About Kim Birch

Welcome to BETO's ultimate blackjack guide, in this comprehensive guide you'll learn everything from the card rules to the advanced systems of this casino game. We go in-depth with blackjack strategy and what it takes to win more than you lose in both live and online casinos when you play Blackjack.

My name is Kim Birch, and I have the honour of writing this ultimate blackjack guide. I am known for being one of the first Danes to make a living playing Poker. But in fact, I have been playing Blackjack for as long as Poker.

I learned both casino games at an early age. When I play, whether it's card games like Blackjack or original roulette at the local casino, then I use game knowledge to guide me. I have always spent a lot of time and research gaining an advanced understanding of game theory. I never bet on a game without having an advanced understanding of the math behind the casino games.

It is not just a matter of knowing the rules of a card game like Blackjack if your goal is to win more than you lose in the battle against the casino.
If you only know the blackjack rules, you can lose your money faster than you can count to three. 

When I found out that I could make a living playing poker, it allowed me to study other casino games like Blackjack.  This way, I learned the tips, tricks and strategies needed to get an edge. Now you can learn how to play blackjack as a pro for free and learn how to beat the dealer in different situations at the table.


Ultimate Guide To Beat Blackjack and the Dealer's Hand

In most Blackjack variants, you play against the house (casino), and therefore it is required that you know what to do in any blackjack situation and that you become a basic strategy player. Therefore, you need to adhere to these principles and casino rules without asking too many questions. 

It also does not matter that you take a chance because you think you know better. For example, I have personally tried to lose over 50 grand at  blackjack tables in Las Vegas on one hand because I thought it was too risky to take a third card. Yet, I knew deep down that it would have been mathematically correct to take an extra card in the situation.

In short, I got cold feet and did not dare say HIT to the blackjack croupier to get an extra card. After this experience, I chose to study Blackjack as thoroughly as I had studied poker.

Through various blackjack books and personal training of some of the world's best blackjack players, such as Ken Einiger, world champion in Blackjack in 2005, I managed to reach a professional level in Blackjack.

This blackjack guide aims to get gamblers worldwide knowledge up to an advanced and professional blackjack level. Unfortunately, the material you can find online is very deficient. Whether you like to learn about double deck games, how to play against the dealer's hole card or learn a card counting system that works at your blackjack tables, this guide can help you and guide you i in the right direction.

Betting limits and rules for when dealer stands is the same in live blackjack online.

Betting limits and rules for when dealer stands is the same in live blackjack online.


Poker Vs Live Online Blackjack Games with Four or More Decks

Online poker is still trendy worldwide, but if you go to the local casino on a Saturday night, then all the casino's blackjack tables are "on fire". If you are lucky, there will be just one or two poker tables going on.

The most fascinating thing about blackjack for a player like myself is that at least half of all the people who play blackjack are half drunk and play mathematically incorrect. Therefore, they lose money they did not have to "donate" to the casino.

But this in-depth blackjack guide, I want to give everyone a chance to master the card game of blackjack and make new players aware of the mistakes that too many new blackjack players make.

This guide contains blackjack strategies  and card counting systems that you can use when you gamble, increasing your chances of winning. In addition, this card game guide will better your odds and give you a much better chance of winning more and playing optimal strategy in all situations against the dealer's cards.

As a blackjack gambler, it is imperative that you believe in yourself and that you adhere to the principles you learn here through the blackjack guide and trust the math. Because, unlike nolimit poker, math is by far the most essential element in becoming a consistent winner in this card game.


Original Bet & Side Bet - How to best avoid Dealer has a Blackjack

Blackjack, 21, The King of card games. This casino card game has many names. Blackjack is one of the world's most-played card games and one of the most popular casino games in the world. 

However, even the slightest chance against the casino dealers requires that you learn basic blackjack strategy and the slightly more advanced gambling principles if you want to be a consistent winner.

It also requires that you do not deviate from what you learn in this blackjack guide and trust the math we present studied by professors and mathematical geniuses.

Like the rest of the games you find in a casino, blackjack is a business for the casino and designed for players to lose more money than they win in the long run. 

Suppose we disregard poker, where you play against other players and not against the casino. In that case, blackjack is the only casino game where you can get a mathematical advantage. In this scenario, we look away from casino promotions and blackjack bonuses.

However, as a blackjack player, you must understand the short game statistics and learn the art of counting cards - also called "card counting".

The better you learn blackjack and the advanced strategies and systems, the less the casino's mathematical advantage over you will be.

This means less money lost and more money won in your blackjack games. However, blackjack is not only a game for the lucky ones. Still, it is a card game that requires skill, concentration and good observation skills at the blackjack table.

If you click on the following picture with European Blackjack, then you can try a free demo version of the blackjack game here at BETO and test the blackjack knowledge that you have learned:

Test your skills against the dealer

Free game

Test your skills against the dealer's face down card in our free blackjack game.


Blackjack Terms you should know as a player

Blackjack is a game with a lot of Lingo. What is shoe games and what does it mean as a player to make insurance bets? Terms like this are used alot in the game and it is recommend new players learns the lingo of blackjack so you dont get confused in a real blackjack situation. In addition, these blackjack terms are used in almost all online and live casinos, whether you are in Germany or on a trip to Las Vegas.

This blackjack dictionary contains the most important abbreviations and expressions:

  • A - Abbreviation for Aces.
  • Act - How to behave in a casino.
  • Back Count - If you count cards in Blackjack without playing yourself.
  • Bank - The casino money a blackjack team has to play together.
  • Bankroll - The money you have set aside for playing Blackjack.
  • Bar - When a player is not allowed to gamble in a casino.
  • Original Bet - What you bet in a casino game.
  • Bet Spread - Refers to the game's minimum and maximum bets.
  • BJ - Abbreviation for Blackjack.
  • Bust - If your hand exceeds 21 and thus loses. Dealer busts means the same for the croupier.
  • Cashier - The person in the "cage" where you exchange your casino chips.
  • DAS - Blackjack rule that allows players to double their bets after the start of the game.
  • Deck - 52 cards. For example, if a casino offers a six deck game, that means they use six sets of cards.
  • Double Down - You double your original bet.
  • D10 - Casino rule where you can only double down if your 2 cards together have a sum of 10. D8, D9 and D11 are also available.
  • Even money - when a casino bet gives the same back in winnings as you bet.
  • Eye - Used to describe the casino's cameras that keep an eye on the players.
  • Face Card - Jacks, Queens or Kings.
  • Flat Betting - If you bet the same amount over an extended period.
  • Hard Hand - Blackjack hand where the ace is counted as 1 and not 11.
  • Heads Up - When you are the only one playing against a casino dealer.
  • Money Management - Expression of how to manage your bankroll.
  • Multiple Deck - If using more than a deck of cards in your blackjack game.
  • Natural - If you hit Blackjack (21) on your first two cards.
  • Push - When you and the dealer end up having the same hand.
  • P21 - A rule some casinos use where it becomes a push if the dealer has 21 on the first two cards and you hit Blackjack in 3 or more cards.
  • Shoe - The box that contains the cards that are given to players at the casino table.
  • Soft Double - If you double your bet on a hand where an ace is part of your original hand.
  • Soft Hand - A hand where the ace is counted as 11.
  • Split - If you get a pair and choose to split them, then you have two blackjack hands.
  • Stand - When you say no to receive more cards.
  • S17 - A blackjack rule some casinos use where the dealer must stand on soft 17.
  • Surrender - A rule some casinos allow to give up your hand in the middle of the game and get half of your bet back.


Blackjack Rules - Your Cards Face Up

The Blackjack rules are straightforward to understand at first glance. This is also one reason why blackjack is one of the most in demand casino games in the world.

At first glance, both online and live blackjack is a straightforward card game to learn. The idea is that you can get a maximum of 21 points in a blackjack hand, and if you get more, you automatically lose to the dealer. 

Both the dealer and player get two cards to start with, and it is then a matter of getting more blackjack points than the dealer without getting over 21. 

If the casino goes over 21 points and busts, then all the players at the blackjack table automatically win. You have several options to either draw an extra card or bet on the hand you have already achieved with your first two cards in each round.


Dealer deals the cards - Card values in Live and Online Blackjack

All picture cards and 10s count for 10 points.

Ten value card you can get in Blackjack.

Ten value card you can get in Blackjack.

All numbered cards that are not 10s or aces count forthe face value that is written on them.

The other card values in blackjack uses same value as written on them.

The other card values in blackjack uses same value as written on them.

The aces can count for either 1 point or 11.

Aces in blackjack count for 1 or 11. Same rules for gambling houses and blackjack hall.

Aces in blackjack count for 1 or 11. Same rules for gambling houses and blackjack hall.

This means that according to the blackjack rules, a jack face up card and a 3 will give you 13 points in total. Blackjack occurs when you for example get an Ace and a Queen because it will give you 21 points in total. Most casino rules state that the dealer pays you your winnings right away when you hit a natural blackjack and the house doesnt hit a natural.


Blackjack Table and Initial Wager Rules

The table used in most casinos seats, 7 people. The first spot to the dealer's left is called "first base", and the spot on the dealer's right is called the third base. 

These terms are derived from American baseball.
Next to each of the blackjack player spots, a square is printed on the table. This is where you are supposed to place your initial bet. In addition, there is a blackjack shoe located next to the casino dealer, in which there are several sets of cards. For the most part, there is also a sign that tells what the minimum and maximum bets allowed is.

There is a crack in the table to the right of the casino dealer, where all tips are thrown down. There is also a "trey" where the used cards go down. It is customary to give a little when you are lucky. It is not something written in the casino blackjack rules, but it is considered bad etiquette if you do not give a minimum of 5% when you win big.

live blackjack on the internet


Live blackjack on the internet


The first two card in Blackjack

Before the 21 game starts, the playing cards are shuffled, primarily done in a machine. Then all the cards are placed in a shoe, and one of the players at the table gets a plastic card and is allowed to split the cards so everyone can see there is no cheating.

Once cards have been shuffled in blackjack and a player has split, the dealer removes the first card. It is called a burn card because it is removed to ensure that the playing cards have not been cheated or tampered with.

Now your blackjack game starts, and all players are welcomed to place their bets. This must be done before cards are dealt with the players, so you bet blindly. Sometimes it is allowed to sit a few hands over or more if you have asked the dealer. Still, for the most part, a spot is given to a new player if you can not play over a period longer than 5 minutes.

Once all bets have been placed in blackjack, the casino deals the cards and starts from left to the right. All gamblers get their first two cards and in almost all casinos, the cards are dealt "face-up" so everyone can see what one has been given. 

The idea that everyone can see each other's two cards will also be harder to cheat at the casino table. It is usual for a casino player not to fiddle with the cards.

The dealer's first card consists of two cards, just like any other card player at the table. However, only one card from the dealer is face-up, so you can only see the value of one card.

In very few casinos, all the cards in blackjack are dealt "face down", just like in poker. Here it is allowed to touch the cards, and the others can not see what one has. This is a blackjack rule you see very rarely and primarily only in some of the older American casinos.


Blackjack rules and options for drawing an additional card

Once you have started betting your blackjack chips and received your first two cards, you come to the next round, where you have a lot of options:

  • HIT - The first option is to draw a third card, and this is called HIT and comes from the term "hit me" and means that you want one more card. You can draw several cards until you are satisfied with your blackjack hand, or you go bust, which happens when your sum is over 21 in total.
  • STAND - If you are happy with your cards and think you can defeat the "house" with your hand, then you can choose to say no thanks to drawing cards and keeping the blackjack hand you already have.
  • SPLIT - If you have a pair, you can choose to split them into two different blackjack hands as a player. You must then match your first bet on the new hand. An example could be that you have a pair of fives in your first two cards and choose to split. You now play two hands which are both 5s, and you bet the same amount on both, and you are then dealt an extra card for each of them. In some casinos, you can split several hands, but you are only allowed to split your pairs for the most part.
  • DOUBLE DOWN - In most cases, it is allowed to double your bet in blackjack if your first two blackjack cards add up to 9, 10 or 11. It is allowed to "double down" on any two first cards you've received in a few casinos. When you choose to double down, you are allowed to drawcard, and the three cards you then have are your final blackjack hand.
  • INSURANCE - When the card the casino has, and as the players can see, is an ace, and all the players at the table have received their two cards, you are asked if you want to buy insurance. Suppose you say yes, to blackjack insurance. In that case, you have to pay half of your bet. If the dealer does not get blackjack by hitting 21 in total, then the hand is played on as usual, but the price you paid for your insurance is lost no matter what.
Splitting aces and all about insurance wager. How to play your face cards in Blackjack.

Splitting aces and all about insurance wager. How to play your face cards in Blackjack.


Blackjack rules and a casino example.

Let's see an example of how a real game of blackjack can go. We imagine that you have received the following cards:

13 - draw a third card in blackjack

13 - draw a third card in blackjack

You've got a jack of clubs and 3 of hearts, so you have 13 blackjack points in total. You decide you need more cards, so you HIT to draw a third card. The dealer gives you the new card, which is a 10 of clubs:

You can get more cards in blackjack.

You can get more cards in blackjack.

Your blackjack hand is now at 23 points in total, and you have thus lost your chips (bet) as 21 is the highest you can get. You have therefore gone BUST. But what if the new card instead was an ACE?:

The ace can count for both 1 and 11 in the card game

The ace can count for both 1 and 11 in the card game

Then you could have chosen to count the ace as a 1, and thus your hand had only been 14 points, and you would still be in the blackjack game. 

Had your card instead been:

You can draw multiple cards in the card game 21.

You can draw multiple cards in the card game 21.

Then your blackjack hand have been 18 (13+5). Then you would choose to stand (STAND) and hope that the dealer gets fewer points than you or go bust for then you would win and thus get your blackjack winnings paid out. In many cases, it can be an intelligent and mathematically correct move to choose not to get more cards and bet on the cards you have already received. 

The casino always has some specific rules for when they may or must draw more cards where you can make your own decisions.

The most popular blackjack rules I see in the live casinos are:

  1. If the casino dealer has 16 or less on their first two cards, they must draw an additional card (HIT).
  2. If the casino dealer has 17 or more, they must stand. In some places, the casino can get an extra card if they have a soft 17. This gives the casino an added advantage and should preferably be avoided if you can, as it means smaller blackjack winnings for you in the long run.


Unwritten blackjack rules

After learning blackjack rules, it is also vital that you look at some of the unwritten guidelines. This will help you, so the behaviour in the casino is as professional as your style of play.

  • When you come to a casino table where a blackjack game is going on, it is customary to ask if it is okay for you to sit down to play. It is considered rude to just sit down and expect the space not to be occupied.
  • When you bet your money, place your chips in the middle of the betting field and always with the most valuable chips first and the smallest value at the top of your chips stack.
  • Do not touch the casino chips you bet after your blackjack game has started.
  • Do not touch your cards once they have been placed "face-up" in front of you and the game is in progress.
  • It is okay to use hand signals to show what you want. If you point to your card, it usually means you want another card (hit). A palm against the blackjack table means you do not want more cards (stand).
  • When you want to tip the dealer, it is customary to place their chips next to the pile of casino chips you have just won. Never give tips to the dealer when you lose.
  • When playing blackjack strategy, you mustn't spend too much time thinking and thus slow down the game for the other players and the casino.
  • If you discover an error, or if the dealer has miscounted chips, make the person aware of this before you do anything to correct the problem.

These unwritten blackjack rules are elementary to remember. However, I still see players behave incorrectly in live casinos. Thus the other players get angry, and so does the dealer, and suddenly people do not want to play. It is also okay to drink a little alcohol in a casino, but now do not get drunk. 

In addition to ruining your concentration and ability to play blackjack properly, drunk, loud people are one of the most annoying situations you can come across at the blackjack tables.

The casinos do not like people who count cards in blackjack. From time to time, people are thrown out of the casino, even if it is not illegal, as you only use your head to win over the casino. In Scandinavia, the casinos are a little more relaxed with these rules. There are not many people in these countries who are experts in counting cards.


Master Blackjack Basic Strategy

In the first few sections of our ultimate blackjack guide, the rules of blackjack and how to behave in Live Blackjack was described. Now it is time to learn basic blackjack strategy, which is the cornerstone of becoming a winner in blackjack.

The blackjack strategy is the optimal casino system in which you can play blackjack without counting cards. It is entirely legal, and no blackjack rules are violated. 

Suppose you learn to master basic blackjack strategy. You will have a greater chance of leaving the casino as a winner than a regular blackjack player as you play mathematically correctly. In that case, you are well on your way to becoming a so-called advantage card player.

Blackjack basic strategy has been developed by some of the world's best mathematical geniuses. It has been tested for many years and has thus passed its blackjack exam. Rely on the primary system and the math behind the decisions basic blackjack strategy teaches you to make during the game. 

In addition, it is also essential that you learn the basic blackjack systems by heart and follow them without too much time to think. If you learn your blackjack strategy, you immediately know what to do in every blackjack situation you end up in when you gamble and play blackjack in the casino for real money.


Blackjack Strategy - Hard Hands

In blackjack, we talk a lot about soft hands and hard hands, and this has nothing to do with the hardness of one's cards. Instead, it's just a straightforward way to categorize a blackjack hand in terms of basic strategy.

A hard hand just means that there is no ace involved in the hand, and a soft hand describes a blackjack hand in which one uses an ace. So the first thing we look at in our blackjack strategy is how we should play when we have a hard hand.

In general, the critical goal for you as a blackjack player to reach is 17 points. This number dictates whether you as a player should stand on the hand you have received or whether you should draw an extra card according to our basic blackjack strategy.


Blackjack Basic Strategy - Dealer shows 7-10

If the casino dealers card you can see is between seven and ten, then the critical goal for you is still seventeen. That is, if your first two cards together are under 17 in value, then you need to take an extra card (hit) until you hit seventeen or more, and hopefully, you do not go bust.

When you hit 17 or over, the only thing you can do is stand. After 17, it is a mathematical disaster to ask for more cards as there are so few cards that can help you. Although 16 looks good on paper, it is a bad hand compared to the casino card you can see. Basic blackjack theory and statistics tell us that the average winning hand in blackjack is 18.3.


Blackjack Cheat Sheet (7-10)

If the casino shows a: 7-8-9-10-Jack-Queen-King, you will have to ask for an extra card until you hit 17 or more. Otherwise, you will mathematically lose more in the long run by standing on a value below 17 than by taking one or more additional cards.

The following blackjack basic strategy chart summarizes the strategy for when the dealer's visible cards show a value between 7-10 and you have a hard hand without a pair:

Blackjack charts vs dealer 7-10

Blackjack charts vs dealer 7-10


Blackjack Charts and Casino Strategy (3-6)

Suppose the card you see in the dealer's hand is between three and six. In that case, you are in one of the better situations. This gives you a much larger chance of winning than the dealer, as they have more opportunities to go bust and thus lose the blackjack hand.

If your hard hand is 17 or over, your best option is still to stand and see the result. However, unlike our first situations, we can now also choose to stand at 13, 14, 15 and 16 if the dealer has 3-6. 

Remember that this only applies if you have a hard hand and no pair.
Here you can see a blackjack chart for our mathematically best strategy in this situation:

Blackjack cheat sheet when the casino dealer has 3-6

Blackjack cheat sheet when the casino dealer has 3-6


Blackjack hand most players misplay

Many professional blackjack players hate this hand when the dealer's open card is 2's. Let's say you sit with a King/9 and therefore choose to stand on 19. A good hand right up until the casino hits an 8 and then hits a jack and thus lands on 20 in total and beats your blackjack hand.

It happens, and believe me, it can be frustrating, but there is nothing to do but stick to the basic blackjack strategy and play on. One would think that the ace was the most dreaded card, but in fact, a two can be just as intimidating.

But again, there is nothing to do but keep the concentration, even if it feels like you have just been cheated out of a win.

If you have 3-9 against the dealer's two, get an extra card until you reach 13 or more and then decide to stand. When you have 10 or 11 against the dealer's hand of 2, you must select to double down. 

On the other hand, if you have 12 against the two, it is a bit of a scary scenario because basic strategy dictates that we must choose an extra card (hit). However, it always feels as if one's hand is a magnet for the picture cards in these situations.

What to do when the dealer has 2 in blackjack

What to do when the dealer has 2 in blackjack


Blackjack Strategy Vs Aces

When you are in a situation where the casinos dealer has an ace to start with, the first part of your blackjack strategy, as I said, is always not to buy insurance. If you have a starting hand that says 8, 9 or 10, ask for an extra card.

You should not double down in this situation, which is usually the correct blackjack strategy if the casino had had another hand. The ace destroys our odds and gives the dealer quite a few chances. Therefore, a hit is a correct solution.

Some players choose to double down if they have a blackjack hand that gives 11. Still, even in this situation, the correct blackjack strategy is a hit, so you get an extra card until you hit 17 or more.

Blackjack strategy for the remaining hands is a lot like standard strategy. So we keep asking for extra cards until we hit 17 or more. In addition, the only thing one can hope for is that the casino hits a lot of small cards and then a picture card, so they go bust.


Blackjack Strategy - Soft Hands

It's now time for a basic strategy for the various soft hands. These strategies involve the always problematic aces that give many players problems when playing live and online blackjack.

Here's a fun little blackjack story from the real world that shows the problem with soft hands. A lady in her late thirties plays Blackjack and is very concentrated as she gets her hand Ace/Five and the dealer's visible card show a seven. 

After shaking her head and thinking, the lady decides to STAND with what she already has. She is politely asked if she does not want a card extra, but she kindly says no thank you.

As the blackjack game develops, the casino ends up having 20, and thus the lady loses her hand. Afterwards, she is asked why she was standing at 6/soft 16, and the lady replies with red cheeks that she had counted the ace as 11 in her head and was afraid to go bust.

One would think that people remember these little things. Still, more often than not, this can actually be experienced at the blackjack tables in the casinos, simply because people not wholly learned the rules and strategy behind Blackjack.


Blackjack charts for Soft Hands

When hitting a "soft hand", a good piece of advice is not to look at the hand as a problem but a blackjack hand with several options. Here is a blackjack strategy chart for soft hands:

Blackjack chart for soft-hands in blackjack

Blackjack chart for soft-hands in blackjack

An old saying in blackjack says that if you are low, then double up, and you will leave the casino as a winner. This is, of course, just a saying. Still, if we look at our blackjack strategy cheat sheet for soft hands and have "low" hands, we actually double our bets in many situations.


Blackjack strategy for splitting Pairs

When talking about bj hands that can either cost you a fortune or make the casino trip very lucrative, splitting hands is a hot topic.

We are talking about the situations where the first two cards we receive is a pair.

The first basic strategy for splitting pairs is that you never split a pair of fives but always count this pair as 10.

By splitting a pair of 5s, you ruin one of the best starting hands in Blackjack, where in many cases, you can decide to double your bet or get an extra card. However, in cases where you have chosen to split your pair of fives, you get two problem hands in Blackjack.

Instead, maximize your options when you finally hit a pair. One of the best and most profitable situations in Blackjack is when you hit a pair of aces. The best strategy in this situation is always to split your pair of aces, as this is one of the best situations you can end up in in the long run.


Blackjack Strategy Chart for Splitting

Here is a blackjack basic strategy cheat sheet of the basic strategy on how to split your pairs:

Basic blackjack chart for splitting pairs

Basic blackjack chart for splitting pairs

Remember, never to split a pair of fives. All pairs of 8s and aces we always split up. If there are situations in these blackjack charts where the correct play is to double down, but the casino you are playing at does not allow this, then choose HIT instead.

We have also talked about that you can buy insurance against the casino hitting blackjack (21). The correct blackjack strategy is to say no to this insurance. The only reason to break this standard rule is if you have played a blackjack shoe almost through. You have kept track of which cards have been in play, and you, therefore, know that there are many 10s and picture cards left. In such a situation, it may be okay to buy insurance.


Tips & Tricks for Blackjack and Casino Promotions

I often hear the same question from blackjack players, and that is where it is best to play blackjack. But, instead of focusing on where it's best to play, it's about finding the casinos that offer the best odds and promotions.

Special Casino Rules and Promotions

One of the best casino and blackjack promotions one can find is if the casino pays 2-1 when you get blackjack. Find a casino that offers this. It gives you even better mathematical chances of leaving the casino as a winner. Specifically, you take 2.2% away from the casino's advantage and throw it over to yourself.

Some casinos also offer a rule called "early surrender". Again, this rule is for the benefit of the players, so if your casino offers this, it is only a good thing. This blackjack rule, in its simplicity, means that players at the table can give up their hand for half of their bet before the dealer checks his second card. This rule is mainly seen in European and Asian casinos.

Doubling after splitting also better celebrity as the DAS rule is offered by many European casinos. It is unbelievable how many people do not know this rule and take advantage of it in their blackjack games. DAS means that once you have chosen to split a pair, you can choose to double down. So if your live or online casino offers this, take advantage of it in situations where our blackjack strategy says that the best move is to double down on our bets.

In a game like blackjack, where everything is about percentages, you have to take the offered options. Aces draw another casino rule you should know. This rule allows you to draw as many extra cards as you like after splitting your aces. Unfortunately, many casinos only allow players to draw one card for each hand after splitting the aces. 

RE-split Aces are often seen in European casinos and mean that if you have split 2 aces and you get a third ace, yes, then you are welcome to split again, so you have a total of three blackjack hands.

Many online casinos offer what are called soft 17 blackjack games. In most casinos, the dealer must stand on soft 17 (ace-six), but it is legal for the dealer to draw an extra card in some casinos if they have soft 17. This is a super lousy rule for you as a player, So avoid this type of blackjack game in both online and live casinos.


Complete Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart

This chart withblackjack basic strategy is intended for you to print it out and thus use it when you play online or to train with. This is the complete basic strategy that you need to learn as a blackjack player if you want to play optimally and win more than you lose:

Complete cheat sheet for basic strategy in blackjack

Complete cheat sheet for basic strategy in blackjack

In the upcoming blackjack articles I am working on, we will discuss how to count cards in blackjack. There will be links to these articles here on the blackjack page so remember to bookmark BETO and stop by regularly. We plan to update the page with new blackjack and gambling articles. And in addition, there will also be unique casino promotions and giveaways you can take advantage of.

Until next time, take a look at and practice your blackjack skills either at our blackjack demo game or take the chance at an online casino.

When it comes to online blackjack, I recommend you choose live blackjack at one of the many respected casinos we have approved and checked the quality of their blackjack games.

Suppose you have not experienced live blackjack and are not the type who plans to visit a real casino. In that case, you can still experience a live casino atmosphere. Several famous casinos stream their games so you can play live blackjack from your home on their tables. 

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Frequently asked Blackjack questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Blackjack.

Can I play Blackjack for free?

Yes, we have a free version of Blackjack's card game here at BETO, which you can use as a training tool until you are ready to play for real money.

Can I trust the Blackjack charts?

Denmark's leading gambling author and expert Kim Birch is the editor here at BETO. The blackjack charts are regularly updated to live up to the latest studies in the game of blackjack. So yes, the charts you find on this page are 100% useful and are optimal basic blackjack strategy.

Is it legal to play online Blackjack?

Whether you play free blackjack online or you play for real money , it is completely legal to play online blackjack.

What bonus is best if I want to play blackjack?

A good rule of thumb if you want to play the card game blackjack online for real money, then a Live Casino Bonus is, in most cases, your best option.

Is It Illegal To Count card In Online Blackjack?

No, this is not illegal but keep in mind most online games are with 6-8 decks, and if you find an online blackjack table with 1-2 decks, you need to keep an eye on how often they shuffle the cards.