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European Blackjack MH by Play'n GO

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European Blackjack MH Review

European Blackjack MH

European Blackjack by Play’n GO allows you to play multiple hands with crisp graphics and realistic gameplay. Blackjack is one of the simplest card games to play because you can win by being closer to or equal to 21 but not going over 21. In this game, you will play against the dealer and see if luck is on your side.

Release: 01.02.2015
Max Win: X

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 01 July 2022 | Fact-check by: Jasmin Williams

Kim Birch has won and lost against the best poker pros worldwide. In addition to being an expert in poker and blackjack, Kim has also published 3 books. About Kim Birch

Blackjack Features

Live Dealer

Live Dealer



Real Money

Real Money





Ways to Win



Multi-hand Blackjack

Insurance is available

Fast mode

Realistic graphics

Decent RTP


Playing multi-hand is riskier

Blackjack Facts

Provider Play'n GO


RTP% 99.37

Game type Blackjack

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 1.00

Maximum bet 100.00



European Blackjack Online Card Game

European Blackjack Online Card Game

Welcome to European Blackjack MH

Play’n GO has done a fantastic job designing the European Blackjack card game as it is smooth and plays like a dream. The green coloured table and the professional setup of cards and casino chips give this card game a realistic feel.

You get to see the table from the top so that you don’t miss out on any action. The option to choose the casino chips value is on the bottom right, while the game can be played from the bottom panel. Music and sound effects help make the gameplay immersive. Overall, this is a well-made game.

Blackjack in European Blackjack Card Game

Blackjack in European Blackjack Card Game


Realistic Graphics and Engaging Theme

Play’n GO is an experienced developer of slots and card games, so they know what they are doing. This game will provide you with an experience that will be very close to the real deal. However, the advantage is that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

While playing the game, you will enjoy the calm music in the background. In addition, a voice will guide you and tell you the value of the cards that you have. Maybe, the experienced players won’t like the voice, but it is still an excellent addition. We love the part when she says that you have Blackjack.

As far as the graphics are concerned, they have made it as realistic as possible. The design is pretty simple, with nothing to distract you from the cards on the table. We like it because it is sharp and engaging.

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Gameplay of European Blackjack Card Game


Basics of Playing the Game

When the game begins, you will see three betting boxes where you can place your bet. As we mentioned before, this is a multi-hand blackjack. So you can play more than one hand at the same time. This makes it a lot more exciting than normal Blackjack, where you can only play one hand. However, it is riskier because you can lose all three hands at the same time.

You can bet in the range of €1.00 to €100 per hand. So if you bet the full amount on all three betting boxes, you can bet €300. You can also enable the fast mode, which will make the gameplay lightning fast. Just be careful if you enable this mode because you can end up losing a lot quickly.

The rebet button is there to place the same bet as the previous round. You can pick from different values of casino chips to set your bet amount. It is possible to bet three different amounts on all three betting boxes to make the game more interesting.

Split Cards of Same Value in European Blackjack MH

Split Cards of Same Value in European Blackjack MH


Unique Features of European Blackjack Multi-Hand

You can’t go wrong with a multi-hand blackjack game because it will keep you on the edge of your seat and reward you well for playing good Blackjack. So if you have bet 60 chips, you will get 90 chips (total 150 chips) as a reward for being dealt a Blackjack.

If the dealer gets an Ace as the face card, you will get the opportunity to buy insurance. You will have to pay 50% of your bet for insurance. The advantage is that you will break even if the dealer has a Blackjack.

If the dealer doesn’t have a Blackjack, you can lose your entire bet plus the insurance amount if he has better cards. So it would be best if you thought hard before taking insurance. But, in some instances, it could be worth it.

When you see the same value cards, you can split them by placing another bet equal to the earlier one. Now the one hand will be split into two and play like two different hands. This doubles the risk and reward. You can play up to 6 hands at a time if you can split all three hands.

Playing Three Hands in European Blackjack Multi-Hand Card Game

Playing Three Hands in European Blackjack Multi-Hand Card Game


RTP and Compatibility

The RTP of this card game is 99.37%, which is good. However, it would have been better if it was above or equal to 99.5%. Still, this RTP shouldn’t discourage you from trying this wonderful card game.

As far as compatibility is concerned, you don’t have to worry because the developer is Play’n GO. You can enjoy this card game on your PC, mobile, or tablet. It adjusts to all screen sizes, and the gameplay will be smooth on all devices. If you are travelling, this is one of the most relaxing games that you can play because the RTP of Blackjack is way above the majority of games.

Get 3:2 Payout When you are Dealt a Blackjack in European Blackjack MH

Get 3:2 Payout When you are Dealt a Blackjack in European Blackjack MH


Is European Blackjack Multi-Hand by Play’n GO Worth it?

If you are a fan of Blackjack, you will enjoy this experience. It is very similar to playing in a casino with only the background noise missing. However, even if you aren’t a fan of Blackjack, it is an excellent game that you will enjoy because of the ability to play multiple hands. It is so much fun to play different hands and try to beat the dealer in all of them.

You must try this beautiful card game even if you are a lover of slots. This is much more relaxing and less punishing. The rules are easy, so you should be able to master the basics easily. However, there are advanced strategies that you can learn if you fall in love with this card game.

If you have hard luck on slots, Blackjack might be the card game that can come to your rescue. So try the European Blackjack multi-hand card game and see what it offers.


European Blackjack MH- FAQ

How high is the RTP of European Blackjack MH?

99.37% is the RTP of this card game, which is not bad at all.

Is it possible to play European Blackjack MH by Play’n GO for free?

Yes, you can try the free version here at BETO. We don’t require you to sign up or deposit to enjoy European Blackjack MH for free.

Is it possible to win real money by playing European Blackjack MH?

Yes, you can play with real online cash to ensure that you win real money. Alternatively, you can find no deposit bonus codes and use them to get real cash winnings.

Can you suggest the best casino to play European Blackjack MH?

Even though this card game is available in many casinos, it is not easy to find a great casino to play at. However, we have got the best casinos on our website, so please check them out.

Can I play European Blackjack MH on my mobile or tablet?

Yes, you can enjoy it on your mobile or tablet because they have designed it to be compatible with any device you use.

What is the betting range in European Blackjack MH?

You can bet in the range of €1.00 to €100, which is a decent range that should satisfy everybody.