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Free Spins For Online Slots - Play For Free and Bonus Money

How to get free spin casino bonuses for great slot games.

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2024 Guide to Free Spins Bonuses for Popular Slot Games

How to get free spin casino bonuses for great slot games.

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 31 July 2023 | Fact-check by: Jasmin Williams

Kim Birch has won and lost against the best poker pros worldwide. In addition to being an expert in poker and blackjack, Kim has also published 3 books. About Kim Birch

If you are looking for the best free spins bonuses and online slot games with free chance features, then you have landed on the correct website. BETO has free casino spins for all the incredible online slot machines. You can also find information about all the other casino games and slot machines.

Free spins have many different names online and are also known as extra spins, freespins, cash spins, free casino spins and casino cash spins. These names mean the same thing, so you should not be confused if your casino calls them something else.

Free Bonus Credit

Basically, this means that you either get some "free money" you can spend on different slot machines or that, for example, your first 50 spins on a slot machine are free. If you win, you are allowed to keep the winnings.

It is an online casino promotion that gives new or loyal players at a casino the chance to play for real winnings without investing too much in themselves. Therefore, these online casino bonus offers are also super popular.

Here at BETO, you will only find promotions and freespins offers for the absolute best casinos we have tested and which we play at. We could never approve of an online casino if they do not live up to our strict requirements as only the best is good enough for our readers and users of


Free casino free spins today for your favourite slot machine

If you want to take advantage of free spins offers using our direct campaign links on the website, you will always get the best freespins offers on the market. When the freespins are used, most casinos usually give our players extra value. This can be daily free spins and new bonuses as a thank you for being a loyal player.

Suppose you have never used our website before. In that case, all our articles and guides here on the website are made by players just like yourself. At the same time, we have hired some of the most excellent casino experts to help us win a little more by discussing strategy and game theory.

There is an incredible number of websites around offering online casino games that do not do their job correctly. As a result, you may find offers on some of these sites that offer more free spins. Still, there is also an almost 100% guarantee these offers have some impossible requirements before you can get your winnings paid out.

Win Free Spins

We have verified the casinos and consulted with the casino experts for all our online casino bonuses and very generous free spins promotions before we recommend the promotions.

We also have in-depth and honest reviews of all the online casinos that we find worthy. This is done to help those players who want to gamble a little online without stress about rules and restrictions.

Everyone here at BETO puts a virtue in the fact that nothing is printed with tiny letters on the casino websites we promote. In addition, we offer all players who use our campaign links help if there is ever a problem with a casino we have recommended.

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100 freespins at Karamba Casino. What is free spins worth to you as a slot player.


Deposit Free Spins and No Deposit Free Spins Offers

Some of you who visit us at are becoming casino veterans and enjoy free spins. In contrast, others are brand new and not familiar with casinos, bonuses and free spins in general and doesnt know know how to correctly claiming free spins.

Therefore, here is a super easy-to-understand guide to what freespins are all about and how you use these to your advantage.

Free Daily Spins

A quick guide that also explains in detail how you can claim a free spins bonus through our website if this interests you. Find an online casino on the website where we mention that the casino has a freespins bonus. You can also visit our casino reviews. We always mention all the "gifts" the casino offers to new and loyal players.


Online Casino Bonus Spins upon registration

  1. Click on one of our campaign links to the casino itself.
  2. You will now be taken to the casino's website in a new window in your browser.
  3. Register your account with the online casino you have chosen.
  4. Accept your freespins, deposit bonuses and welcome bonus.
  5. After you claim free spins bonuses your job is just a matter of finding slots games that looks fun.

Suppose you have more questions, concerns, suggestions or comments. In that case, you can either contact the casino's customer support directly or write to us here at beto at our email

You can click on the image of the Book of Dead slot and try one of the world's most popular slot machines for free by playing on our free demo version of the slot machine:

Book of dead online slot. Bonus spins credited automatically in most casinos.
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Free game

Book of dead online slot. Bonus spins credited automatically in most casinos.


Slot Games Bonus and Free Spin Bonus without a deposit

General rules and terms and conditions for what a casino can offer as a deposit free spins bonus and exclusive games have changed significantly over the years. In addition, the casino industry has changed for the better since we got prober gaming authorities to verify all the casinos a few years ago.

Free Bonuses

There are now requirements maximum and minimum deposit required for online casinos to apply for a casino license to market themselves to players worldwide. In addition, the authorities have also introduced requirements for what rules these casinos may have in their set of rules regarding their casino bonus and their free spins promotions.

Here at BETO, we constantly examine these new initiatives and analyse the consequences for our readers and whether we can negotiate even better offers for you.


Free spins Casinos And Player Requirements

We only work with casinos that meet the requirements of online casinos and venues and has a track record of paying out bonus winnings instantly to players and also offers free games before signup so players can see if they like their games. This ensures consumer safety for our visitors - that you are treated correctly and that the casino complies with law and guidance.

additional bonus

How many free spins a site is offering you as a player is never the most important factor for you as a player. Responsible gambling and the site following the guidelines from the gambling commission is just as important. If a site live up to these rules you also know that your wagering contribution and free spin winnings are paid out without problems from the casino sites.

Thanks to these guidelines from the gaming authority, we have some of the most generous live casino games promotions and extra spins offer worldwide. In addition, the play-through requirements are much more favourable to you players than they were in the past.


Wagering Requirements and How Bonus Funds Contribute to this

Player requirements involving using your own money are something that is added to most top online casino bonuses, including free spins. Simply put, this means that you have to bet to get bonus credit - i.e. play for the corresponding bonus amount you get from the casino an x number of times before your winnings can be withdrawn from the casino and into your bank account.

Today, the wagering requirements are usually very low or even without wagering requirements when you take advantage of a freespins promotion. 

Therefore spend some time on our reviews here at BETO. Then, find a slot machine that meets your requirements and take advantage of some of these freespins promotions that we have negotiated in place for all our readers.

Best free spin casinos without deposit reviewed by BETO

Best free spin casinos without deposit reviewed by BETO


Restrictions on Bonus Spin and How Free Spins Work

Sometimes a specific time limit is added to your online casino bonus and free spins offer. This means that you must complete the wagering requirement within a specific time limit. Otherwise, your bonus will be cancelled.

This is almost always 60 days. Thanks to the bonus requirement rules, you can quickly redeem your casino bonus within a few days. At the recommended casinos, it is also standard that you can run into offers around free spins where there is no time limit on the promotion.


Max Bonus Conversion and Rules about How Bonus Funds Count

An online casino may set a maximum limit on how much you can win with your bonus amount in rare cases. Still, you will generally not find these offers here at BETO.

If that happens, the rules are explained in capital letters. In our opinion, free spins and bonuses should only be offered when the casino is prepared to bear the cost of these bonus offers promotions.

Of course, there may be utterly unique casino promotions where there are some restrictions and rules that players must live up to. Still, then these have a massive value to the players. We will definitely go in-depth with the offer in such a situation, so it is easy to understand for everyone.

Get your casino freespins and cash spins from

Get your casino freespins and cash spins from


Best Free Spins Casinos and Campaigns For Slots Gaming

While we all here at "Team BETO" all love free spins and freespins promotions, there are other bonuses and casino offers that are excellent as well.

Most casino players are looking for free spins. Still, there can actually be a lot more value in a welcome bonus at an online casino for players in general.

Before we mention an online casino here at BETO, the casino must first and foremost maintain a high quality and standard in their casino games and in their various promotions. A casino must give our players and readers enough value over time to have a positive impact on your bottom line.

This is one reason why we are skipping certain online casinos and their questionable marketing. Even though they are offering hundreds of cash-free spins to their new customers.

In online casinos, we look for a wide selection of the best online slots (and other types of casino games), good customer support. In addition, they should also have a lot of tournaments and competitions. Added value can be free spins or free casino events to give our readers greater chances of winning without investing their own money.


Beginners Guide to Online Slots and Bonus Spins

Online casino games are dominated primarily by slot machines which are also called online slots. As a player, you can of course find all the classic tablegames like table roulette and card game like blackjack in the casinos, but make no mistake - the market is dominated by online slots and all the popular slot machines such as Starburst and Book of Dead.

You can simply go into any online casino and compare the number of slot machines that the venue has available compared to the rest of their casino games. You will very quickly notice that the slot machine titles far surpass all other types of games.

Online casino games are dominated primarily by slot machines which are also called online slots. As a player, you can, of course, find all the classic table games like roulette and card game like Atlantic City Blackjack in the casinos. But make no mistake - the market is dominated by online slots and all the popular slot machines such as Starburst and Book of Dead.

You can simply go into any online casino and compare the number of slot machines that the venue has available compared to the rest of their casino games. You will very quickly notice that the slot machine titles far surpass all other types of games.

The slot machines are enjoying this immense popularity for various reasons:

  • The casinos spend most of their marketing budget on slot machines as they have an advantage over all players.
  • Many new slot machines ensure that customers do not get bored. There are always online slots within popular fantasy universes.
  • There are a large number of casino bonuses available which promote the game at online slots.
  • There are generally different exciting types of bonus features in these slot machines, which are super exciting and with opportunities for huge jackpots.

From the list above, one will quickly notice that the big draw for online slot machines is mainly due to the large selection of casino bonuses and promotions like free spins and bonus games with big wins.

A big reason why more players nowadays play on their favourite slot machines every night instead of TV is that this hobby is relatively inexpensive entertainment.

At the same time, online slots can be an excellent stress-relieving tool. Try one of the more popular slot machines by tapping the image with "Power of Thor". You can play a demo version here on BETO of the slot machine for free and see why these online versions of slot machines have become so popular:

Win Real Money on Power of Thor online slot.  One of the best slot games.
Play now

Free game

Win Real Money on Power of Thor online slot. One of the best slot games.


Everything about Cash Prizes and Extra Spins bonuses

All of these casino free-spins bonuses can usually be divided into two main categories:

Free spins without deposit:
  • A casino can offer free spins without deposit to a beginner in their online casino without depositing a minimum amount.
Deposit bonus + cash free spins:
  • These free spins bonuses are often linked to a welcome bonus, also known as a deposit bonus.

As a new player, when you make a deposit, the casino will match your deposit to a certain percentage, which is mostly 100%. This bonus gives you extra money to play for in the casino, and as I said, you are also often offered several free spins as an extra thank you.

Some casinos may even choose to give additional free spins for subsequent deposits up to 3 or 4 times after the first deposit.

Usually, you are awarded between 10 and 250 freespins via these casino bonuses. However, free spins without a deposit generally offer fewer spins than bonuses with a requirement, for example, that you must deposit 50 bucks at the casino to get 100 freespins and a welcome bonus.

Casino bonuses are not only offered when you are new to a casino. Often the very best venues use these bonus tools to ensure that you feel like returning to their casino. Free spins can also be awarded in the following scenarios:

  • If you are a slot machine enthusiast that plays a few times or more a week.

Suppose you play online slots several times a week. In that case, your loyalty points can reward you with unique free spins and money bonuses. Often these come in the form of extra spins and slot machine events like free tournaments.


Starburst, Rainbow Riches and Other Popular Slot Games Online

Sometimes, when an online casino tries to promote a particular slots game title or a series of titles, they will offer free-spins bonuses to promote the said casino slot machines. These promos can come in the form of free cash spins without deposit or special bonuses where there may be a requirement for a deposit or that you play some spins on the machines first.

Sometimes you will be randomly selected to receive a lot of free spins so that the casino can keep in touch with you or make sure you feel well treated.

Free spins can also be used all year round as a promotional tool on the casino to promote a ceremony or a particular day. For example, the casino will often give you a "Christmas present" in the form of free spins throughout December.
Make sure you are aware of the terms of any freespins bonus you accept before activating them. Often, casino players neglect to read the terms and get annoyed because they did not know that there was an expiration date for their free spins. Sometimes the casino bonus is also limited to a specific game, and so on.

One slot machine you are often offered cash free spins for is the Starburst slot machine. For example, if you click on the following image with the text starburst, you can try out this slot machine for free here at BETO:

Most casino sites offer a bonus valid for Starburst. Try the game for free on BETO.
Play now

Free game

Most casino sites offer a bonus valid for Starburst. Try the game for free on BETO.


How to redeem your Free Spins "Bonus Code"

The first step in redeeming your free spins at a casino is to create a player profile by clicking "Sign Up" or "Create Account" at the venue. You can now follow the casino's instructions to create a personal profile at the selected casino.

To complete the registration at online casinos, you must:

  • Please enter a valid email address. Activation of the account is done via an email sent to you.
  • Create a unique username at your casino if this is offered.
  • Create a unique password to protect your casino profile and your money.
  • If the venue has an official casino license, remember to verify your account within 30 days.
  • Enter your phone number but remember to say no thanks to offers over the phone. Choose to receive freespins and casino offers via email instead.

If you have created a profile on the casino, you would like to play on and have used one of our promotional links here on BETO. There will often be a "Click here to claim free spins" button or a tick you need to wing at the casino before your free spins are activated.

If, on the other hand, you are a loyal player and have used our campaign links, you will also sometimes receive emails with free spins that you can take advantage of. Suppose you receive such a free spins campaign via email. In that case, you will usually need to enter an activation code from the email you received.

Online gambling regulations require the casino sites to verify who you are to combat the use of stolen information and to protect you as a consumer.


Tips to redeem free spins for online casinos

As mentioned earlier, be sure to read the terms and conditions of each bonus and free spins offer you apply for before activating them.

Do not attempt to register at a casino with multiple accounts to receive more free spins and casino bonuses. The casinos are professional companies with unique software and means to make sure they are not cheated.

You might get caught if you try to cheat for free spins. You risk losing all rewards and winnings and may end on a casino blocklist from the said casino and other online casinos.

Try out online slots by playing on the fun money slot machines first before choosing specific free spins bonuses and free spins for specific game titles.

Make sure the volatility is not too high so you can avoid the slot machine eating your money too fast. On the other hand, suppose you know how a machine works before you spend real money and take advantage of your free spins. In that case, your understanding of the machine will also help you not make big beginner mistakes.

  • Find games with a lower variance to play bonuses on, as these games do not drain your money quickly, which is helpful once you have spent all your free spins.
  • Do not be too quick to use your bonus. You generally have plenty of time to activate your free spins.
  • Choose a casino that offers low wagering requirements for your freespins.

You can always find out what the casinos write in small print here at BETO. Look at our reviews of online casinos and study our slot machine section. We have gathered all the information you can take advantage of. In addition, we have access to all the best casino bonuses, including free spins.


Benefit of taking advantage of Free Spins for Book of Dead and other slot machines

There is no way around it. Free Spins make the gaming experience in online slots much more fun. As a result, your gaming session lasts longer and reduces your monetary costs. 

However, this is not the main reason for the massive popularity of slot machines.

Guaranteed, when you close your eyes and imagine being in a casino, the first image that probably pops into your head is the slot machines. Whether you imagine the flashing lights, the sound or the feeling of pulling the slot machine, the slot machines are synonymous with the casino atmosphere of most people.

The big question people have for online slots is whether it is possible to win on the machines if you have a small bankroll and take advantage of some free spins.

The truth is that yes, it is sometimes possible to win the big jackpot in online casinos without having to play for thousands of euros. Online Slots is 100% about luck and about being in the right place at the right time as slot machines are entirely controlled by the computerized random number generator.

When using RNG, as it is called, your slot machine odds of winning are based solely on the payback percentage of the slot machine and the luck of hitting the correct symbols on the machine.

Free spins, however, give you a little extra help to win the jackpot or some of the bigger winnings as it is equivalent to you going down to the local gaming kiosk, and they gave you a bunch of lotto coupons for free.

In addition, if you spend some time learning the different slot machines and utilizing your free spins correctly and become a loyal player, then it is actually possible to get daily value from your casino. That way, your new hobby will not cost you so much money, and you keep the chance of the big win alive.


Slot Machine Free Spins Rounds Explained

The digital era has seen a remarkable surge in online gaming, with slot machines carving out a particular niche. They have become a preferred option for many, enabling players to immerse themselves in the thrills of casino-style games without stepping out of their homes.

A unique aspect of online casinos that sets them apart is the popular free spins bonus round gameplay additions - exclusive features offering players the potential to rack up more winnings.

What are Free Spins Bonus Rounds

Free Spins Bonus Rounds in digital gaming are distinctive facets embedded within particular games. The diversity of these features is extensive, with some games offering a single kind of bonus round while others may present a variety.

Primarily, these bonus rounds serve as an extra window for players to seize additional rewards. Depending on the game, the range of bonuses spans from complimentary spins and cash prizes to multipliers or even staggering jackpots!

Bonus Free Spins

A vast selection of free spins bonus rounds exists in online gaming and slots, including free spins, jackpots, and pick-and-win games. Each bonus variety carries unique attributes that can significantly enhance your winning odds, injecting an added dose of adrenaline into the gaming experience.

Usually, the activation of bonus rounds is contingent upon hitting a particular symbol combination or accomplishing specific tasks within the game. For instance, some slots might necessitate aligning 3 identical symbols on a payline to kickstart the bonus round.

In contrast, others might require landing scatter symbols at any location on the reels. We have more articles about these types of slots with bonus games. Use our search feature in top of the website. 

In game Free Spins

Regardless of the bonus round you're engaged in, a common thread binds them all - they extend an enticing opportunity to bag hefty winnings. So, remember to capitalize on these chances as often as possible, as they could significantly bolster your odds of walking away with a substantial cash payout!

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Win the big jackpot when you play online slots!


Frequently Asked Questions about Free Spins

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about online free spins.

Is it legal to use Free Spins? Arrow Arrow

Yes it is perfectly legal to take advantage of the free spins that the casinos offer you online.

Is it possible to get cheated with the Free Spins? Arrow Arrow

It is the gaming authority that checks the casinos do not cheat with these Free Spins offers. Here at BETO, we also do regular control tests of the partners we highlight on the website .

Who is BETO? Arrow Arrow

We are a team of casino players and casino experts who have a goal of making Europe's best guide to casino games by providing updated and fact-checked casino articles that you as a reader can take advantage of to get better winning chances when you gamble online.

Isn't freespins just a gimmick? Arrow Arrow

Free spins may have started as a smart invention to market online casinos but nowadays these free spins offers can almost be compared to free money for players. So take advantage of this value that is being offered.

How do I get the best start as a slot machine beginner? Arrow Arrow

Free spins can definitely help you as a beginner. Use our online casino guides here at BETO and find all the knowledge about freespins you may need.

What should you be most aware of when being offered a welcome bonus? Arrow Arrow

Check the size of the bonus and free spins that the casino offers you. Read all the rules before you say yes to the promotion. You can also take advantage of our online casino reviews here at BETO where we have done all the work for you.