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Starburst by NetEnt

JULY 2022

Starburst Review


Welcome to and our review of the Starburst slot machine!
Take part in a galactic mission and a true space adventure, where you will go on a cosmic hunt for breathtaking and sparkling gems. Starburst - the most iconic slot machine on the market, is simple and enchanting with huge winnings. It is probably also one of the most played and popular slots in the world.

Release: 12.11.2013
Max Win: X50000

Written by: Jasmin ⚡ Miss Volatile | The review was last updated: 02 Jul 2022

Slot Machine Features

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Ways to Win



Magical atmosphere and cosmic mood

Low volatility means more wins!

Good opportunity for high winnings

Timeless design and setup

Starburst is popular all over the world!


Medium payback percentage

No jackpot

Facts About The Slot

Provider NetEnt


RTP% 96.09

Game type Slots

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.01

Maximum bet 100.00

Reels 5

Rows 3

Game Themes

Crystals Space Arcade Space Gems

Game features

Starburst mechanic Spreading Wilds Respin Wild Respins Expanding Symbols RTP range Wild

Starburst - The Ultimate NetEnt Slot Machine!

Starburst was launched in 2012 and was created by one of the market's largest game developers, NetEnt. Since the beginning, this slot machine has become more popular and has become a huge online casino success! It's a fairly uncomplicated game with 5 reels, 3 rows, 10 paylines with "Win Both Ways" and an expanding Starburst Wild symbol. The pace is high and with stylish features. You are completely nostalgically taken back to the memories of fruit slot machines from the classic arcade games.

Starburst - the most iconic and popular slot machine on the market. The popularity is largely due to the many of the most famous casinos that have chosen to use Starburst when offering their players special casino offers and promotions, welcome bonuses, and free spins associated with this Starburst slot machine.

Join us on an exciting space journey and dive into a world of colorful jewels that may help to gild your gaming account! Get to know the most important details about the casino game. What is the casino's House Edge, and what is the Starburst RTP? What are the rules, features, and functions associated with the slot machine? Which online casinos offer the best bonuses and free spins for Starburst. What strategy do we recommend you use and what free tips and advice do we have for you?

Please read our slot review of this very engaging and entertaining casino game.

Sparkling gems and jackpots with the Starburst slot machine

Sparkling gems and jackpots with the Starburst slot machine


Starburst - Sparkling Gems and Giant Jackpots!

The Starburst video slot will enchant you from the first spin with evocative music and graphics that give you the feeling that you are on a real space-traveling mission out in the universe. The graphics are detailed and nice, and they have created an arcade-like vibe.

Starburst is a unique and beautiful slot machine that exudes good quality and is quite accomplished with its simple design and fairly uncomplicated rules. It is a casino game anyone can play. It is a slot machine you must try to play, no matter if you're a newbie casino player or a professional, seasoned casino gambler.

Starburst contains a beautiful and sparkling collection of colorful gemstone symbols and the classic Lucky 7 and Bar symbols. NetEnt has had a good focus on the details. In the background, you will see and experience a bright and colorful 3D space theme. The dark purple background forms the framework of your gaming universe. You will see shiny space dust, and you will see the symbols twinkle and sparkle. Every time you win, the sound effects will celebrate your win, and the reels will light up with great colors.

Below you can see an overview of symbol payouts and how much the individual symbols give in bonus or withdrawals:

  • Blue gemstone = 25x
  • Purple gemstone = 25x
  • Red gemstones = 40x
  • Green gemstones = 50x
  • Yellow gemstones = 60x
  • Lucky 7 symbol = 120x
  • Bar symbol = 250x


Starburst Slot Machine - Detailed Technical Review

Starburst has five reels, three rows, and a total of 10 paylines. Almost all of the game's symbols are gems; amethysts, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. In addition, there are the well-known casino 7s and Bar symbols. Finally, the game's Wild symbol or "Starburst Wild Feature" on the drums is a star in the colours of the rainbow.

Betting range

You can bet on anything from 1 to 10 paylines on this slot machine, and it gives you many options when it comes to hitting winning combinations and winning bonuses and extra free spins. You can bet on anything from 1 to 10 paylines on this slot machine, and it gives you many options when it comes to hitting winning combinations and winning bonuses and extra-free-spins. There is room for both big players and the more cautious first-time players.

You can adjust up the bet per line. Adjust your game level and coin value to fit your personal player budget. You can turn your casino game online up and down, all the way down to €0.10, and bet up to a maximum of €150 per. Spin. 

Win Both Ways

An essential and attractive feature of this Starburst slot machine is that you can DOUBLE your chances and winnings every time you start a spin. This is because Starburst allows you to play and win both ways. Of course, it isn't enjoyable to see your winning combination in reverse order! But you do not have to worry about that here in Starburst. You get your withdrawals and win if a winning combination is triggered, whether from the left or the right! With the option of withdrawals and bonuses in both directions on the 10 paylines, you can thus receive 20 payouts. If you manage to spin your way to the BAR symbols on your third re-spin, then you can look forward to a huge win!

So it's a cool feature we really like here at!
Bonuses and winnings

The purple amethysts are the lowest paying symbols, which returns the bet 25 times in return. At the other end of the scale, you will find the classic "Bar". If you get 5 Bar symbols, you will get 250 times your bet in return! At first glance, it is not a very large multiplier, but if you choose to maximize your bet, then you suddenly have the opportunity to win a profit of a quarter of a million. Yes, please!

Re-spins feature in the game

Starburst wild symbol - "Starburst Wild Feature", a colourful star, triggers the game's bonus.

The Wild triggers a bonus with free spins. The Wild symbol also replaces other symbols on the reel, as it also acts as a Joker, especially if you are missing a specific symbol so you can get your three in line.

Once your game is up and running, you can activate the entire free 3 bonus rounds with re-spins. In addition, you can land a wild symbol on reel 2, 3 or 4.

The Wild symbol triggers the following sequence; When you land a Wild symbol, the wheel freezes and your wild expands to the entire wheel, activating a new spin. Or, when your winnings are paid out, you get a free spin. Here the wild wheel will remain frozen. So you get the opportunity to win twice with all wild reels. If you are lucky enough to land another Wild symbol while you have started your re-spin, it gives an extended re-spin game round, and then there may be the prospect of huge jackpots. So you get even bigger and better chances of winning with the extra rounds and re-spins.

You will often experience these wild symbols and, therefore, often get more chances for free spins.

The Starburst slot machine also has a fixed jackpot attached and it is just waiting for you!

The symbols in Starburst:
  • The gems in the colours; red, blue, yellow, purple and green
  • 7
  • Bar
  • A colourful star diamond.
The Wild symbols are what we dream of seeing in Starburst

The Wild symbols are what we dream of seeing in Starburst


How to play Starburst - BETO's Guide!

Are you at home from a long and hard day at work, or are you sitting in the middle of a lunch break and in need of great entertainment? Then it would help if you had something where you can quickly switch on and off. We can easily understand that the choice here falls on a game like Starburst when you have to choose between different slot machines. Many slots and slot machines are with action-packed sounds and elements, stressful and complicated rules. You can avoid that here in the Starburst universe. You will very quickly be engaged in your own skyspace with stars and sky dust, your very own space.

Once you open up your game, you will quite easily and quickly understand the basic principles of Starburst. Start by choosing your level and your coin value. Next, adjust up and down on the bet button. Now you are already ready to press the "Spin" button. The setup is quite typical, with 5 reels and 3 rows with the possibility of payouts and winnings from both sides of the reels.

Like other slot machines, Starburst has a smart Autoplay button, with automatic spins you choose between 10 and 1000 spins. However, we would rather recommend you get to know the game and make your own choices, as an automatically tuned slot machine will hardly play in your favour.

Starburst also has more advanced options. If you have nevertheless chosen to test the Auto-play feature, you can stop these automatic spins if you think your money falls below a specific amount or the winnings exceed your specified amount. You can also choose to play a quick game or gameplay that you activate by setting yourself and activating the "fast spin" feature.

Starburst - Video example with explosive gameplay and winnings.


Starburst - RTP and Volatility

If you are a new player in the online casino market and interested in slot machines, it is a good idea to know about RTP and House Edge concepts. These are concepts that are important to understand and is something you should look for when you go out and choose your favourite slot. RTP stands for "Return to Player", and it shows the percentage of all bets on a slot machine that will theoretically be refunded to you. There can be a lot of difference in how high or low; this RTP is set on the different slot machines. There are slot machines with a low RTP of just 88% and other machines of up to 99%. Starburst has an RTP of 96.1%, which is really nice. This means that the casino's House Edge is at 3.9%.

After looking at RTP and House Edge, also look at the voting or variance of the slot machine. Volatility or variance is an expression of variability. Low volatility or variance means that you will win frequently, but the amounts on your winnings will not be particularly large. Conversely, with a higher Volatility, you will have great chances of winning significantly larger prizes. If, on the other hand, you have a wallet or account that can clearly fall in balance, this is where you want to bet.

Starburst has low volatility. It's a really good slot machine to trigger your free spins. It's a huge advantage to play Starburst with low volatility if you have a small gaming budget and want your money to last a little longer.


Play for free - Starburst demo

We would definitely recommend you to try and test Starburst first before putting your own money on the line. You can spin and play Starburst for free. Experience the exciting atmosphere and try our free Starburst demo version here at

It is a huge advantage to get to know the game first before you redeem, e.g. your welcome bonus. You will have the opportunity to learn all about Starburst rules, features, settings and paytables first. Your Starburst space travel with flashing lights and gripping sound effects put into play with each win, therefore, more intense when you play "real" and actually win real money.

Once you are ready and comfortable with the slot machine, the next step is to choose an online casino that you can be comfortable with. Finding an online casino can be a bit of a jungle and overwhelming. Especially because many people know how popular Starburst is, and many casinos offer Starburst as part of their arsenal in luring new customers. The most important thing is finding a safe and good online casino with a valid gaming license within the EU. Otherwise, you may risk getting burned and never get your winnings! We have reviewed the many different online casinos here at BETO and made this important decision much easier for you.

Wild colorful and sparkling combinations and prizes in Starburst

Wild colorful and sparkling combinations and prizes in Starburst


Online Casinos with Starburst 🔥

If you, like us, have become enthusiastic about Starburst, then you can find the slot machine at several online casinos.
For a few cents per. spin, you can play Starburst. Lots of casinos are almost standing in line to offer you free spins on Starburst. You can get these free spins with no deposit, and often additional free spins are offered when you make a deposit. There are usually wagering requirements with these free spins. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the various requirements and rules before making your first deposit so you won't be disappointed or surprised.

We have made it easy for you and have already made reviews of the casinos ready for you here at BETO. In addition, you will be able to see which casinos offer free spins and free bonus games specifically for Starburst.👈


Free Spins and free bonus games

Here at BETO, We want your gaming experience to be good, and therefore, we would clearly recommend you apply for the BETO recommended casino welcome offer or casino bonuses. These casino free spins are offered completely free of charge, and you play at the casino's expense. Check out your casino bonus requirements as for some casinos, a small deposit is required, and at other online casinos, you get your spins for Starburst without a deposit. Also, check the rules and whether there are play-through requirements attached to their offers.

Once you have educated yourself a bit, sit back and let the knowledge settle in, and maybe you'll be the lucky winner of a huge million prize. Then, all you have to do is to redeem your free spins! You have just as big and good chances of winning with free spins and bonus games as with rounds you have played for your own money! - This is important to remember.

Starburst delivers the best entertainment! - WOW

Starburst delivers the best entertainment! - WOW


Starburst - Jackpots

Starburst is not a progressive jackpot game. But on the other hand, it is a high tempo game that gives frequent jackpots! You will often and frequently experience getting wilds, jackpots and the game will therefore never be boring. Starburst is a star game with excellent energy, and you will quickly be drawn to the beautiful, sparkling and glittering jewels. Depending on your bet size, you can actually go on to win a huge jackpot win. If you bet 10, you get the maximum jackpot, and if you bet 1, you get the benefit of the lowest jackpot.

This fantastic simple star game thus gives you the opportunity, in a single spin, to win the maximum jackpot of € 50,000!


Starburst on mobile devices?

Starburst is a slot machine that performs excellently on mobile platforms. This is due to two things. First, Starburst is very simple and easy, and when you fire up the reels with your spins, you can be sure of the same graphics and sound as if you were playing from your PC. The second reason is NetEnt, one of the world's best game makers. With their revolutionary NetEnt Touch technology, they have really managed to create a quality game that helps create even better usability on your mobile or tablet.

Therefore, it is quite simple, and you can easily take Starburst with you and play whenever and wherever you desire, and cosiness is guaranteed.

BIG WIN! - This is what it looks like in Starburst when you hit the big win!

BIG WIN! - This is what it looks like in Starburst when you hit the big win!


Pro Tips and advice for Starburst

We want you to enjoy the best possible gaming experience. So it should be fun and entertaining to play on the exciting Starburst slot machine. Starburst is alluring and super entertaining with an exciting universe of colourful crystals and beautiful graphics. Still, the game can easily turn into an annoying showstopper if you do not think about it and make a plan for your game!

Therefore, we have listed below good advice, tips, and strategy for you as a Starburst player.

  1. Budget - before you throw yourself into playing with your own money, decide how big your gaming budget should be. That way, you do not end up in a super bad situation where you have suddenly wasted your entire monthly salary! Start, e.g. with putting 20 euros off for an evening. Then, stop at the amount you have set aside even if you do not win anything. If you keep playing for more money because you want to chase the bets you have lost, then it can easily go wrong and a rather costly affair.
  2. Small bets - Starburst is a slot with frequent but not very big wins. It can easily go wrong for you if you choose to keep betting all your winnings in the hunt for the all-time big jackpot. Remember, the casino/house ALWAYS wins in the end! Stop while the game is good! Be happy with the small winnings and put the money in your pocket for that day. You get a lot more out of your game, money, and additional "pocket money".
  3. Bigger bets - if your bank account can handle a little more, you can choose to bet larger amounts and have greater chances of bigger wins. Still, decide on a maximum amount or budget. You should instead choose to play fewer games/spins with the higher stakes. Conversely, you can play more games at smaller stakes. Another strategy we recommend you use is to increase your bets step by step as you win and use the portion you see as your "profit".
  4. No more fun! - Do not panic! Stop when your luck runs out, and you can feel it is no longer fun. Rather leave the game alone, take a break, go out, and do something that makes you happy. For example, go for a long walk or decide that it is enough for today! It should not make you angry and irritable. Lose and win with the same mindset!
  5. Times - surveys show that winnings are particularly affected by the number of players playing simultaneously. Avoid rush hour! Try your hand at the times and do not play at the most popular times. Avoid peak load when playing and get closer to the big jackpot!
  6. Adjust the buttons - get back on your winning track by switching between the Spin and Max Bet buttons. Your bet amount is the same. These small adjustments may trigger more bonus rounds and features and bring you closer to more bonuses and prizes.
Super Combi I Starbust is triggered!

Super Combi I Starbust is triggered!


Starburst - BETO's Overall Rating

Starburst is one of the most popular online slot machine ever, and with good reason!

It is a visually beautiful slot machine with a focus on details and quality. You will be pampered with many fun, exciting features and features such as the two-way paylines, frozen colourful wild reels, and really nice well-functioning and user-friendly setup and design.

Starburst is a simple, easy and straightforward game you can relax playing for hours. It never gets boring as the entertainment momentum is constantly preserved along with an enjoyable soundtrack. Anyone can join! The betting opportunities have opened up so that all types of players can participate. Starburst is perfect as a beginner slot machine, the experienced and the high roller who wants to bet big and go in hunting are also in love with Starburst!

Join the millions of players who have had a great time playing Starburst. The Starburst Slot Machine is worth trying and a fun place to use your bonuses, welcome bonus, and free spins for Starburst. Several online casinos also offer free spins or casino bonuses without deposit. So if you are looking for slot machines where you do not have to make a deposit or free spins where you have to make a smaller deposit, then Starburst is the game for you.

We can only recommend you to try Starburst! - Team BETO


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Starburst - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How high is the Starburst RTP?

Starburst has an RTP of 96.10%, which is very standard.

What is the minimum bet for Starburst?

The minimum bet is €0.1 per spin. The highest bet per spin is €150. We do not recommend betting this high unless you're a seasoned gambling pro.

How volatile is the Starburst slot machine?

Starburst has a low calm volatility. This means that you'll experience frequent but smaller wins than the high volatile slots we have also reviewed here at BETO.

Are there freespins or bonus rounds inside the Starburst game?

Yes, if you trigger the star of the game or the Wild symbol, you'll get freespins or extra free rounds.

What is the max win on Starburst?

You can win up to 500x your bet. Just make sure to hit the BAR all on all 5 wheels.

How many paylines does Starburst have?

There are 10 paylines with the unique dual-direction payment.

Can I play Starburst on my mobile device?

Yes, you can! Starburst - the world's most popular slot machine can be played on smartphones, Ipads or computer.