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Twin Spin
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Twin Spin by NetEnt

Twin Spin Review

Twin Spin

In Twin Spin, NetEnt has created a perfect combination of the classic fruit slot and the fantastic electric online slot. This slot was first launched in 2013 December. In this superb slot, two parallel reels are adjacent to each other, and these reels are linked to each other, which also leads to the name, Twin Spin. 

Release: 21.12.2013
Max Win: X1080

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 30 Jun 2022

Slot Machine Features

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Ways to Win



Great Twin Reel Feature

Classic look and feel

Great maximum payout

Straightforward gameplay


High level of volatility for some players

Low number of special features

Facts About The Slot

Provider NetEnt


RTP% 96.55

Game type Slots

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.25

Maximum bet 125.00

Reels 5

Rows 3

Game Themes

Classic style

Game features

RTP range Wild

High paying symbols in Twin Spin

High paying symbols in Twin Spin

Intro to Twin Spin

The classic fruit-themed slots in Vegas-style are everybody's favorite. They are the first thing a person thinks of when he hears the word slots. But for some time, their popularity has gone down because of their inactive and dull gameplay.

NetEnt understood this very well and curated a fantastic slot. Twin Spin by NetEnt is a superb, classic-themed fruit slot; the slot has the design and working similar to the classic vegas slots but is also loaded with a bunch of cool modern slot features. Twin Spin has an electric, feature-rich design paired with an amazing soundtrack; everything is detailed to perfection to provide you a satisfying gambling experience. In Twin Spin, the beauty of simplicity is coupled with the thrill of modernism to curate a perfect slot.

If you are new in the world of casino entertainment, Twin Spin will attract you with its great features and bonuses, and if you are an old gambler, Twin Spin will give you a nostalgic trip back to the golden days.

The volatility of this online slot has been ranked medium by NetEnt, which means that this game is an all-rounder in terms of the occurrence and sizes of wins. You will constantly land wins in this game, which will keep your interest high in the game, and the size of those wins will also be decent, which will ensure you a good return.

The maximum jackpot you can win in Twin Spin is 1080x of your game stake, which is excellent for a medium variance/volatility game. 

A Deluxe version of Twin Spin is also available, which was released by NetEnt in 2018, but the original game has something special, and you will not feel anything missing.

A gameplay sample of Twin Spin


Data and Symbols

The trend of putting modern skins on classic slot machines has become very popular these days. The reason why is because people miss the simple designs and workings of those classic slot machines. But, unfortunately, the classic slots almost became extinct after the arrival of the online slots in the online casino world of the feature-loaded modern slots. 

NetEnt understood this and made a series of classic-inspired slots, but with a feature twist. These are the slots with the design and structure similar to the classic offline slots, but they have modern features and bonuses like Free Spins, changing multipliers, cascading reels, and much more. Twin Spin is an online slot from this series. 

Twin Spin features five reels, whereas the classic slots have three reels. It gives more than 242 different ways to strike wins, while the classic slots allow way fewer winning combos.

Symbols in Twin Spin

The developers have carefully selected the symbols in Twin Spin; they have chosen a classic set of game symbols that will make you nostalgic while gambling on this online slot. The legendary, retro-themed alphabets and fruits perfectly fit the theme of the slot. 

These are the different symbols in Twin Spin

-  A huge shining diamond

- A lucky number 7


- A 3D golden-colored bell

- A pair of delighting cherries

- A flame, yellow-edged icon (The Wild symbol)

- Numerical 9 and 10

- Classic card symbols A, J, Q, and K.


Diamond Symbol

The Diamond Symbol is the most lucrative slot; when you hit a 5-of-a-kind combo, it will give you a massive payout of 1000 coins.


Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol only appears on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th reel. Being a wild symbol will help you in making combos with all the other symbols. 

Hitting a Jackpot in Twin Spin

Hitting a Jackpot in Twin Spin


Bonus Features in Twin Spin

This is a kind of game in which "less is more," which means that the beauty and the fun of these slots depend upon the simplicity of the slot. If you keep adding more and more features in the slot, it starts to feel very stuffed. In such cases, the actual gameplay becomes very complicated and calculating for you. After a certain point, more features unnecessarily burden the slot. This is something that has been taken care of by the developers of NetEnt. They have balanced Twin Spin for you; the slot has a classic simplicity but packs a sufficient amount of new features.

These are the features in Twin Spin.

Wild Symbols 

The Wild works like a joker in cards; when it shows up on the reels, it can be used with the other symbols to hit combos. All the other symbols can be used to hit combos with the Wild. Wild can appear on all of the reels except the first one.

Twin Spin Feature

The twin Spin feature is the signature feature of Twin Spin, this is a lasting feature in the game, and you don't need to activate it manually. This feature makes a connection between any two adjacent reels in the slot. These two connected reels will spin together and land the same symbols at the end of the spin. Which two reels will be connected keeps changing from game to game. 

The best thing about this is that the number of connected reels will randomly change in the spins. So sometimes, you will get three or four related reels in a spin. And if you are super lucky, all the five reels can also be connected, and it will give you a heavily packed jackpot.

A Three-of-a-kind combo in Twin Spin

A Three-of-a-kind combo in Twin Spin


Free Spins

In Twin Spin, there is no Free Spin feature; this is because online casinos majorly use this game in the promos and bonuses. However, if you want to get free chances, it might be possible that they are bundled in any online casino promo or offer; you might want to keep an eye on that.

The maximum win in Twin Spin

In Twin Spin, there is no pre-specified jackpot. But the highest possible win a player can get on a single spin is worth 1080x. So if you play with one Euro, you can call 1080 Euro back if you are super lucky. If you play the spin with the highest possible stake, you can win €135,000, which is unbelievable. This is an excellent multiplier for a medium volatility slot.

Winning a Super Mega Win in Twin Spin

Winning a Super Mega Win in Twin Spin


How to Play Twin Spin

The first thing you need to do is to set the bet for the spin; for betting, NetEnt uses its traditional betting system. NetEnt has developed a great betting system for its slot games; it offers a wide range of customization to you. There are ten different bet levels, and each successive level increases the bet amount by 25 coins. The value of the coin can be changed in the game; it ranges between 0.01 and 0.5. This means that the total range of the bet varies between 0.25 and 125, which is an extensive range for you.

For example, you can play a standard spin of one euro by setting the coin value to 0.02 and increasing the bet level to two, which means 50 coins.

The amount of return you will get from the spin also depends on several other factors, like the symbol worth. The symbols in Twin Spin have different values. Hence, combinations of these spins also give different payouts. The length of the combination will also affect the win amount; the higher the landed combination, the higher the prize amount. 

Together, all these details are taken care of while calculating the win amount; you don't need to take care of the lengthy calculation; the game will display the amount you win on the game screen. 

For example, if you land a combination of three Q symbols, the payout for it is four coins, which will then be multiplied by the bet level and coin value.


Where to play Twin Spin?

You must be wondering how it must be to actually play Twin Spin. You can play this game in a couple of ways; you can choose between the money and the free version of the game. The free version of the game is available here on BETO.

Playing for real money.

There are a lot of online casinos which have Twin Spin, we regularly check the details of different online casinos, and you will get a list of the places where you can play this slot. So choose where you want to play, and start betting by adding money. It is as simple as that.

Playing for free

The demo version of Twin Spin is available on BETO, where the players can try the slot for free, it gives them the chance to understand and use different features of the game. If you are playing this slot for the first time, you are advised to play the free version of the game before wagering actual money. It will give you a chance to explore the different features and bonuses of the slots.

A spin with zero combos gives no payout in Twin Spin

A spin with zero combos gives no payout in Twin Spin


RTP and volatility

Twin Spin has a Return To Player percentage of 96.6%, which is higher than the standard RTP. Usually, these trendy online slots provide an RTP of around 96%; hence what we get in Twin Spin is quite good. This is not a return guarantee to you, but the amount you will most likely get back if you play for a good deal of time. High RTP will make you feel safer while putting your hard-earned money at risk.

NetEnt has ranked this game a medium volatility slot. Being a medium volatility slot means that there will be a constant amount of wins as you play the slot. But the downside to it is that the value of those wins might not be very high. But as you get a max multiplier of 1080x in your top win, it is not at all bad for a medium variance slot. 

The stats of Twin Spin are very encouraging and assure you a fun-filled and safe gambling experience.

Twin Spin  - A simple gameplay with symbols like bells, cherries and a few letters and numbers

Twin Spin - A simple gameplay with symbols like bells, cherries and a few letters and numbers


Overall Verdict of Twin Spin

As expected, NetEnt has done a wonderful job with Twin Spin. The game is a perfect blend of classic and modern features. Being inspired by the classic Fruit-Slot machines, the game has a soothing simplicity to it. The simplicity of gameplay makes the gambling experience very light and de-stressing; this is very important as you maybe already have enough or bigger things to think about in your life. Along with being pretty straightforward, there are many cool features in this slot; it is not a boring game. The features like Wilds and Twin Spin are in this slot; these features increase the fun and rapidness of the Twin Spin.  

The gameplay of Twin Spin is also smooth and delightful; the animations are very appealing and swift. The laser-inspired background of the slot and the neon color theme for symbols give this slot a kind of sci-fi touch; it adds to the modern design of Twin Spin. NetEnt expertly curates the visuals and audio, and they sync perfectly well. 

The stats of Twin Spin are also very encouraging; an RTP of 96.6% and the max win of 1,080x assure you about the reliability of the slot. Once you start playing this slot, you will not leave it for hours.


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Frequently Asked Questions - Twin Spin

What is the Return To Player Percentage of Twin Spin?

The RTP of Twin Spin is 96.6%, which means that when you play with 100 coins, you are most likely to get 96.6 coins back. It is a decent payout percentage for similar slot games of medium volatility.

What is the volatility of Twin Spin?

Twin Spin has a volatility rating of medium to high. It means that you will constantly land winning combinations on the spins, but the prize values will not be very high. The max payout of 1,080x is a decent multiplier for a medium to high volatility game.

Can I get Free Spins in Twin Spin?

The Free Spin feature is not available in Twin Spin, this will make the slot complicated, and simplicity is the essence of this online slot.

What is the Twin Reel feature in Twin Spin?

Twin reel is the signature feature of Twin Spin; it makes any two adjacent reels in the slot show similar symbols. This feature makes landing wins easy for you.

What is the highest win possible in Twin Spin?

Even after being a medium variance spin, Twin Spin allows the highest payout of 1,080x. So when you play the slot with the highest bet of £125, you can get an output of £135,000, which is very generous.

How to play Twin Spin for free?

The demo version of Twin Spin is available on BETO, where you can play the slot without risking real money. This will let you explore the game without putting actual money at risk.