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Play Las Vegas Slots For Free Inspired by Real Casino Games

The best Las Vegas Inspired slots on the internet

Guide to the Best Las Vegas Slot Machines Online

The best Las Vegas Inspired slots on the internet

Written by: Julius De Vries | The review was last updated: 13 October 2022 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

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Today video slot machines are becoming very popular in the online gaming world. The main reason behind this rising popularity is the level of convenience you get by playing from the comfort of your home.

Las Vegas is commonly known as the world's gambling capital. Some very legendary casinos are situated in the city, and people from all around the world visit Vegas to test their luck.

Las Vegas has been the hub of gambling for decades, and it's the wish of every player to visit the city at least once in their lifetime. Thanks to the expert iGaming designers, you can have the fun of playing on a Vegas-themed slot from anywhere you want.

Your gameplay is made attractive and comes with different Bonus functions and power-ups. The process of adding and withdrawing funds from gaming accounts is also simple and hassle-free.

A lot of gaming titles are available and you have so many options to choose from. Slot machines have been the most popular and entertaining online gaming titles for decades, because you can enjoy them for hours and hours and at the same time you can earn some cash.

Video slots give you a chance to win hefty payouts while their winning and paying mechanism is straightforward and easy to understand. Just play any slot machine you like a couple of times, and you'll soon become an expert.

We here at decided to test and review these online slots to make sure you get all the information about the online slots you need. Along with detailed reviews, you also get demo versions of the game, which you can explore risk-free.


Starburst XXXtreme - Play Vegas Slots Online

Video: Play Las Vegas Slots For Free Inspired by Real Casino Games

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Starburst XXXtreme is one of the best Vegas Slots inspired games you can find at Bellagio.

The developers from NetEnt is one of the most popular online casino game designers and flaunt an extensive gaming collection of slot machines with different Boosters, themes, and designs.

Starburst XXXtreme is a popular game by NetEnt, and best vegas slots developed around the classic Las Vegas theme. The designers made sure that the graphics were designed to look like an actual mechanical machine, just like the ones that used to be there in actual casinos.

While spinning the reels, you'll experience and feel the classic Vegas excitement. The rules and gameplay are simple and you'll quickly get the hang of the game, and it won't take you much time to become an expert. Thiis game can be classified as real Vegas online slots and you can play it for free here on BETO.


Free Las Vegas Style Online Slot Games - The Pros and Cons

If you have ever played on Las Vegas themed slots at any time or been in real Las Vegas Casinos like the Bellagio, then you won't face any issue or challenge in shifting to the online spinning format. Thanks to the high level of detailing, the gameplay feels almost identical, and you'll feel as if you are betting on an actual mechanical machine at a classic brick-and-mortar casino. The gameplay in most games is straightforward. Just load your balance, select a stake, and spin the reels.

The primary reason behind the popularity of these slot machines is the level of comfort you get. You don't need to worry about getting ready. No time is wasted in traveling back and forth to the casino and from machine to machine. There is no chance somebody else might be playing at your favourite machine, as you can play on any slot you want at any time.

You can enjoy spinning the machines even when you don't have a dime in your pocket, thanks to the free demos of these slot machines. Use these demo versions available here at to understand these slot machines in detail.

So are there any disadvantages to these games? Interestingly, the only con of these games is the one which is there in the case of physical slots as well, the problem of low returns. Slot machines are games of pure chance, and there is no guarantee that you'll win something.

So, we always recommend that you start your spinning journey after creating a playing budget. Make sure you never cross your gaming budget, even if you are 100% sure that you are going to win on the next spin.

Visit the free slots section at and test some great slot machines risk-free.


5 Truths about Las Vegas inspired Slots and Online Casino Games

1. The house always has the edge

When it comes to real money Vegas slots, you must remember that the house always has an edge. It is only when a Vegas style slots game features a Progressive Jackpot that a player might enjoy a mathematical edge over the house. However, even in the case of Progressive Jackpots, you don't know if the Jackpot is large enough for you to bet on and reward you with a positive outcome that you'll hope for.

So, if you want to play a game where you get an edge, try other casino games like blackjack, Video Poker, and Poker.

2. You can't win cash from the free slots

Demo versions of slot machines are there only for your testing and exploration. You can't win actual money from playing on a title with zero stakes. However, the good thing is that you also can't lose any money on the demo versions. The free demo versions are a great way to have some fun in case you don't want to risk your money. This is also a great way to get familiar with slot machines before you decide to gamble real money on them.

3. Playing slots is fun

You will meet people with a negative point of view towards gambling, don't let such anti-gamblers guilt-trip you for having fun at video slot machines. Always remember that the excess of everything is bad, and a balance must be maintained for everything in life.

We all know people who ruin their lives with alcohol, but this does not mean that you can't enjoy a beer every once in a while. So, the whole point is to have fun with a balance and stop when you reach the limit.

4.Vegas-inspired games are addictive

iGaming studios try their best to make their products attractive. With advanced technologies and powerful software, online game developers create superb video slot machines. You land wins which motivate you to spin more, and like this, you lose track of time. Great and fun entertainment and an opportunity to win some money at the same time. This is a Win-Win. Always focus on Responsible Gambling and never play for money you cannot afford to lose.

5. Quit when the fun comes to an end

The casino is always going to be there for your entertainment. Sometimes it may be the case that it is just not your day, and you should put an end to your playing session. Gaming is not a way to make money, and its sole objective is your entertainment. So, when the potential of winning does not stir up your heart enough, it's the time to put a stop to your adventure.


How we picked the best Las Vegas Top Slots

We kept in mind a few points while creating this selection of Las Vegas-inspired video slots:

RTP & Volatility

The Return to Player Percentage, or the RTP, is the percentage value of average returns from a specific game. Basically, this value is the percentage of your deposit you most likely will get from that game. For example, if the RTP of a slot machine is 95% and if you play that game with €10, you are most likely to get €9.5 in return.

Volatility is technically the win/lose ratio of a video slot. Games with high variance settings are a bit risky, the hit rate is low, and you land winnings after long intervals. However, these slots offer big payouts, which make up for the low chance of landing wins. Low variance games, on the other hand, come with higher hit rates, but the average winning sizes are quite low.

In our collection below, we decided to add games with medium variance and medium to high RTP. These slot machines give you the desired amount of risk for better returns.

Entertainment Value

Keep in mind that video slot machines should be played for the sake of entertainment and not for the sole reason of making you rich overnight. We are not saying that it isn't fun to watch your money multiply in the game, and it's going to be the very thing you'll be hoping for. However, remember that slot machines come with a below than 100% RTP, and no video slot gives you a mathematical edge over the house. This means that in the long term, you can't rely on slots to make you money.

Spin different machines for your entertainment and for the thrill and fun of gambling. iGaming studios are creating immersive video slots these days with incredible themes inspired by different TV Shows, fantasy genres, music bands, celebrities, etc. You'll love the spinning experience from these games, and we have included the most entertaining games in this fantastic Vegas-themed collection.

Progressive Jackpots

Games with Progressive Jackpots are an exception to our RTP & Volatility criteria for selecting games, as progressive jackpot slots offer high variance and come with generally a low RTP percentage.

The reason why we included these titles in the list is that Progressive Jackpots do not have a fixed size, and they keep on increasing in amount, stirring up excitement. Although the chances of hitting these high Jackpots are quite low, the mere possibility of winning an unbelievable payout is enough to make the game attractive.


Da Vinci's Mystery Slot is a real Las Vegas Style Game

Da Vinci's Mystery (Red Tiger)

Da Vinci
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Da Vinci's Mystery is a real Las Vegas strip insipred slot game.

Da Vinci's Mystery Super Lines is based on the life and work of the great inventor, Leonardo da Vinci.

Da Vinci did some of the greatest inventions in his era, and his creations have been inspiring inventors all around the globe since then. Red Tiger Gaming made a great tribute to Leonardo da Vinci with this game. You'll find the famous aerial screw on the game's playing grid, which is known as the first concept of a helicopter.

Mona Lisa is also featured as a symbol on Da Vinci's Mystery Super Lines grid, which is the most famous painting in the world. Just like the real world, the painting is immensely valuable, and you can win payouts up to 5,234x if you land it in enough numbers. The game also features the powerful Super Lines mechanic, which is one of RTG's finest creations. The free spins round is also quite generous, and make sure to keep an eye out for Scatters.

Enter into a candlelit Library

Leonardo da Vinci was a skilled and hardworking inventor. Sources reveal that he produced anywhere between 20,000 to 28,000 pages of written information, notes, sketches, etc., on different things which interested and amused him during his lifetime. This fact inspired the Red Tiger Gaming developers to set this game inside a huge library visible in the background.

The playing matrix is constructed skillfully to attract new players, and the 5x3 playing grid looks superb. The symbols spin inside a delicately designed golden frame, just like the wooden ones you would expect to see around one of his paintings.

Symbols include the classic card-based symbols Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and the 10 numbers. You'll get aerial screws, globes, the great Mona Lisa, and numerous books as high-paying symbols, matching the overall theme.


Mega Moolah Jackpot Slots - Almost like you visit Las Vegas

Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah (Triple Edge Studios)

Try the free games and feel the atmosphere of Vegas Baby!
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Try the free games and feel the atmosphere of Vegas Baby!

Mega Moolah is the perfect game for players who want to play in the top league. The minimum Jackpot prize in the slot is worth a million dollars. Just imagine how many players became millionaires just by spinning Mega Moolah's reels.

The highest Jackpot prize recorded in Mega Moolah was $18 million, won in 2015.

There is a special Jackpot Wheel mode, which gives you a shot at the 4 different Jackpots offered. These Jackpots are triggered at random during the base game, which is quite intriguing.

The Progressive Jackpot in Mega Moolah also influences the mini and minor Jackpots in the slot machine. So, when the Progressive Jackpot reaches a high value, the smaller Jackpots will also give you better winnings.


Raging Rhino - Play one of the Top rated Vegas Style Slot Machines!

Raging Rhino (WMS)

Raging Rhino offers bonus features Las Vegas Style!
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Raging Rhino offers bonus features Las Vegas Style!

Money-based and fruit-based video slots are quite popular and abundant in the online gaming universe. Animal-inspired games is another category where you'll find some awesome titles, and it includes some superb Vegas-style iGaming titles.

Raging Rhino is a well-designed online slot machine which takes you all the way to Africa, the home of some very fascinating creatures in the world like crocodiles, leopards, gorillas, etc.

Raging Rhino's gameplay is its greatest attraction. Your gaming session is going to be rapid. The animations are fluid, and expertly-composed sound effects give you the vibe of playing at a classic Vegas casino.


Hyper Gold is an Old School Las Vegas Inspired Slot

Hyper Gold (Gameburger Studios)

Old School Las Vegas Inspired Slot
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Old School Las Vegas Inspired Slot

Another cool and immersive slot machine you can give a try is the Hyper Gold slot. Based on a 5-reel 3-row layout, you play on 25 different paylines at the same time.

In Hyper Gold, you get a payout by landing matching symbols in combos of 3, 4, or 5 symbols. An extensive betting range starts from €0.20 and increases to €20 per spin. You can choose to turn on a special Win Booster, where the minimum and maximum bets increase to €0.50 and €50 per spin, respectively.

An Autoplay option is there to ensure you enjoy a comfortable spinning session, and the Boosters will add a fiery touch to the gameplay.

Hyper Gold's RTP is a good 96.08%. However, when you turn on the Win Booster mode, it increases to 96.33%. Statistically, the bulk of the winnings will come from the base game itself. The hit rate is 30.33%, and you should land a winning on every 3rd spin.

The variance rating is high, and you should play a bit carefully. The top win you can hope for is worth 12,500x the stake, thanks to the high gameplay volatility.

Play and test the Hyper Gold slot for free to understand the game. The demo version for Hyper Gold and many other Vegas-themed games can be found here at - all of them for free!


Midas Golden Touch Slot is created in the Spirit of Las Vegas Games

Midas Golden Touch (Thunderkick)

Midas Golden Touch Slot is created in the Spirit of Las Vegas Games
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Midas Golden Touch Slot is created in the Spirit of Las Vegas Games

Enjoy a history lesson in the Midas Golden Touch video slot based on the great Greek Mythological legend.

The story of Midas is a tragedy of greed where we can see what happens when real happiness is not appreciated.

The ancient kingdom of Phrygia was ruled by Midas, a greedy king who had a strong obsession for luxury and gold, especially gold. Midas used to spend the bulk of his time counting gold coins.

Although the king possessed an insane amount of wealth, he was never satisfied with what he had. One day he made a wish that everything he touched would turn into gold. His wish came true, and he started turning everything into gold. Midas was overwhelmed with joy. However, his happiness quickly ended as he hugged his daughter, and she too turned into gold.

Thunderkick designed Midas Golden Touch on a classic 5x3 grid generating 15 different paylines. A unique Wild Multiplier option featured in the slot is a great modifier that can boost your payouts up to 32x.

The biggest attraction in Midas Golden Touch is definitely the Sticky Re-Spin bonus, rewarding payouts up to 10,100x.


Playing Popular Las Vegas Slot Games Online

Playing online video slots is becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the advanced platforms and rapidly developing technology, video slots these days are feature-loaded and provide immersive gameplay.

New games offered by iGaming designers are heavily promoted across different gaming platforms and online casinos. The classic and famous games, however, are not that well promoted as they are already popular among the crowd. This makes them a little tricky to find.

So, if you are looking for some fantastic Vegas-inspired slot games, it might take you a while. To help you out, we have curated this excellent collection of fun-to-play online slots. Our list includes both classic games and quick hits.

Try some of these shiny Las Vegas-themed games and satisfy your spinning cravings. We are quite sure you'll enjoy an immersive Vegas-themed gambling session on these superb slot machines.


Frequently Asked Questions about Las Vegas Inspired Online Slots

Popular questions and answers about Las Vegas-themed online slot machines.

How can I land a win in Las Vegas inspired online slots? Arrow Arrow

Vegas-themed video slots work the same way as the standard online slot titles. Most games work on the payline based mechanism, where you need to land a minimum number of similar symbols to book a payout. Generally, you are required to land 3 or more adjacent symbols on any of the paylines. The number of paylines available differs from slot to slot and depends on the layout of the gaming grid. For further details of the different winning combos, you should study the paytable of the game.

Can I play the Las Vegas Slots for free? Arrow Arrow

You'll find a lot of Vegas-themed games online, and it's not practical to test every game with actual money just to understand it. Free versions of games are there to help you in this situation. You can test the demo versions of actual games with the in-game credits provided to you. The gameplay in the free versions is exactly the same as the actual versions. The only difference is that you can't win real money from these demo versions.

How can I get Free Spins in Las Vegas inspired online slots? Arrow Arrow

Many online slots let you spin their reels for free through Free Spins, which you can grab through special offers and introductory packages.

Can I win real money from Las Vegas slots online? Arrow Arrow

Yes, you can! Play actual games with real money, and you can win payouts that can be withdrawn through your preferred payment mode. However, remember that the risk of loss in these games is also real, and there is also a chance that you may not win anything from these games.

Which Las Vegas-themed games give better payouts? Arrow Arrow

All online slots are games of chance, and there is no guarantee to win. However, the average returns and wins from a specific slot can be checked via the RTP. The RTP is the average return percentage players get from a game. So, the higher the RTP, the better the slot is likely to perform for you in the long term. Make sure to check out the RTP of a game before selecting it.

What should be my bankroll size for playing Vegas-inspired games? Arrow Arrow

There is no ideal balance or bankroll size for playing slot games. The best amount you should bring for a game differs from player to player. If you like playing with bigger bets, then you should go for a big bankroll size to spin the slot a good number of times. Try to set a gaming balance that allows you around 100 spins on a specific game.

Will I get banned from a Vegas-themed iGaming title if I win 2 Jackpots? Arrow Arrow

A big no, winning Jackpots is no reason to ban a player from gaming, and there is no way a venue can do something like this if you were playing legitimately. The thing is that it is very rare that a player wins 2 Jackpots, so it raises suspicion whenever such a thing happens. However, when you legitimately win Jackpots, online casinos heavily promote them as PR activity.

Which Las Vegas casino offers most slot machines? Arrow Arrow

The Bellagio Las Vegas Casino hotel currently holds the highest number of slot machines as of June 2024. There are around 2,300 physical slot machines. When it comes to world ratings, the Winstar World Casino is the widest casino, with around 8,500 slot machines on its premises.

Are there any Las Vegas inspired loose slots? Arrow Arrow

It is quite difficult to interfere with the workings of a slot machine. Online slot machines work on RNGs, which assure that there is no outside involvement in your gaming session. So, there is no way you can influence the results of online slots.