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BETO - Online casino. all about casino games, rules and bonuses
Welcome to BETO™, your premier destination for free online slots. As an online casino and game review site, we offer an extensive collection of slot games from all leading game developers. BETO provides unbiased reviews of each casino game and free-to-play game demos. No need to download or register. BETO is strictly 18+, and we fully endorse safe and responsible gaming.

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Welcome to BETO - The Most Comprehensive Online Casino Guide

BETO - Online casino. all about casino games, rules and bonuses

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 03 Mar 2023

Welcome to BETO - Your Ultimate Guide to Safe Online Casinos and Free Slots!

Here at BETO, we have one of the world's most extensive guides to slot machines. Our players have helped test hundreds of slot machines and written a bit about these so you can find your next favorite online slot without investing your money first.
BETO tests and reviews all the latest free slot machine releases, and we feature the funniest right here. We have one of the largest selections of free online slots, and we are proud of the vast selection you can choose from.
BETO Gives You The Newest Free Slots! - Try some of the newest below:

BETO is here to help you search for online casino information that you can trust. You'll find our famous in-depth online casino reviews, where no stone is left unturned in our hunt for the best online venues for our readers. Our goal is to give you a safe and pleasant online casino experience and ensure that your money is in good hands.

Without sounding too self-absorbed, you have arrived at one of the best online casino sites if you measure us by the quality and amount of resources we have spent obtaining the best casino information. All information you can find is 100% free and can be used to your advantage.

Suppose your goal is to find the absolute best casino bonus for your favorite slot machine, or you are missing some freespins for one of the less popular online casino slots. In that case, we can help you too.


At BETO we test all casinos with our own money!

At BETO, we have personally tested the recommended online casinos with our money to give readers truthful and unbiased information and casino reviews. We have only chosen to highlight the best online casinos so that you, the player, know that you are in good hands.

The casino reviews on BETO give you impartial and thorough information about the casino games offered at the various online casinos. We show you the casino's best features and tell you about their often exciting free spins and generous bonuses.

In addition, we regularly test the support at these online casinos and keep an eye out for any problems with deposits and withdrawals of players' winnings.

In short, we make sure that the users of can find a casino online that lives 100% up to their requirements and, in addition, get the best online casino bonuses on the market.

Security and transparency are essential when discussing online games for real money. BETO tests all casino games offered to be sure everything goes according to the book. We read everything the casinos write in small print and put their rules under our thorough microscope.


Online Casino Games and Free Gambling Guides is a website made by casino players for other players. Suppose you have the slightest interest in online casinos or gambling in general. In that case, you probably already know how difficult it can be to find quality casino material online. Most books you can buy or borrow at the library were written over 20 years ago.

All information discussed on this site has been fact-checked and lives up to requirements for quality and relevance. We have gathered some of the best live and online casino players. Hence, the articles, online casino reviews, and various casino strategies and systems are top quality.

You could say we have hired some of the best experts within their field. In addition, we also get input from ordinary gamblers who play as a hobby. 

We also have professional poker players, blackjack and casino experts, and one of Denmark's leading gambling authors on the team. The entire team here at BETO focuses on delivering online casino material that is new and updated to what the casino market looks like now and not what it looked like 20 years ago.

We also provide updated information about game rules for all online casino games and reviews of the various casinos, so you do not have to lose all your money. The job of the experts is also to develop casino strategies and systems that can help our readers win a little more at the casino tables or on the free slots.

If you are looking for a slot machine/free spins or an excellent online casino welcome bonus, we can help you. Here at BETO, you can find the best casino bonuses available as we negotiate agreements only with the casinos that live up to our quality standards.

We have personally checked the venue with our money if you see an online casino. We test everything from their casino games to the support and how hard it is to withdraw winnings.

If you decide to give an online casino a chance after reading about the site here at BETO and have used the unique casino link, then you can be 100% sure we will help if you have any problems.

BETO will make it rain with the best casino bonuses!

BETO will make it rain with the best casino bonuses!


Live Casino and Online Casinos as a Hobby

Live casinos online have become more and more popular because online casino games have all the good qualities that a hobby must possess before it is fun and exciting.

An online casino can offer lots of fun without necessarily costing you thousands of dollars to participate. There is a high excitement when playing on your favorite slot machine or fighting against the casino and other people in a card game.

Suppose you have tried some table games in a live casino. In that case, you are guaranteed to know the excitement when you bet your chips on roulette and try to predict where the ball will land on the roulette wheel.

It can be a difficult challenge if you are striving to become a big winner, especially if you can not get some help along the way, just like in most hobbies. However, online casino games are incredible for a person to relax and unwind.

Playing live online casinos as a hobby is ideal because there is something for all players and people. Suppose you are new to online casino gambling and do not know much about the slightly more advanced casino card and table games. Plenty of online slots (slot machines) are easy to learn and play in that case.

You can learn more about playing the various casino games here on the website. You can also learn game theory if you are serious about your new hobby and want to win money from your online casino.

Something else that casino games offer, unlike many other hobbies, is variety. There are so many different types of fun online casino games and many different versions of online slots and poker. Still in addition, there are also hundreds of table games.

Most online casinos offer this for those who like to play poker for fun and as a hobby. You can play against players like yourself from all over the world, and there are cheap tournaments where you can win millions.

Not everyone is crazy about the different card games you can find in a casino. Still, fortunately, there are many other casino activities, such as roulette, baccarat, or bingo. 

The versatility of playing the free versions of the many casino games or playing for real money makes the online casino a hobby so enjoyable.

Although casino games are full of excitement, most players who enjoy them as a hobby find that they can also be very relaxing and provide some relief from the stress of everyday life.

Live Casino entertainment  is waiting for you

Live Casino entertainment is waiting for you


BETO is Dedicated to Responsible Gambling

BETO is Dedicated to Responsible Gambling

BETO is Dedicated to Responsible Gambling

At BETO, we believe that responsible gambling is the best and only sustainable approach for everyone. We work hard to promote safe and responsible online gambling operators and provide information and guidance to those who cannot control their gambling. We hope our efforts will help keep the internet safe for all users, regardless of risk tolerance level. Read the following article on safety and responsible gambling.


Online Casino Fun for everyone

If we look around our society, everything is more or less digitized. We slowly see the old media disappear. This is also no exception if we look at traditional casinos.

Since online casino games were first introduced in the 1990s, it is not surprising how quickly it has become popular to play casino games online. All the gambling enthusiasts and people looking for excitement finally had a chance due to the easier access.

If we look at most countries, more people now play online casinos as a hobby than people watching football and other sports. More people in your area play their favorite online slots and bingo on a Friday night than people watching the most popular TV series.

Our mobile phones and smartphones/tablets are one of the reasons why online gambling has become so popular. You can now finally enjoy the excitement of playing in a casino without leaving your home. The fact that live casino games are also offered directly from the comfort of your home is a huge accomplishment.

For example, you can play at the Famous Royal Casino without leaving your home, as they Livestream from their casino tables. You can then make bets with your casino chips sitting on your couch while enjoying a cup of coffee or wine.

In addition, what sets online casinos apart from traditional ones is the many options and the latest offers, such as fast transactions and payouts of winnings directly to one's bank account.

Your gaming experience is also greatly enhanced online, thanks to the free casino promotions such as free spins for online slots. Welcome bonuses can be used at a live casino, as you can play entirely without risking your own money.


Online Slots and Slot Machines

Slot machines, or Online Slots, as it is called when playing online, have claimed the spot for the most popular online casino game, which can be easily explained by the high entertainment value these slot machines offer.

These online slots are available in virtually all casinos, whether we are talking about land-based or online casinos. Online slot machines are so popular that they can be found elsewhere than in casinos, including hotels and pubs.
This popularity is because almost anyone can play on slot machines without any previous experience with slot machines.

Online slots come in various forms and themes, often based on something in popular culture. Online slots are often used in tournaments where players participate and compete against other players for prizes.

Starburst a worldwide phenomenon among slot machines

Free game

Starburst a worldwide phenomenon among slot machines


Benefits of Playing in a Online Casino

Since online casinos are based on the internet, they are available anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection. It also means that casinos are usually at the forefront of various technologies and ways to secure and save your gambling. 

Moreover, it also results in the emergence of online communities. Online casinos allow people to compete internationally against other players from all over the globe. Both free online games and gambling connect people from all walks of life who would otherwise never get in touch with each other - and all from the comfort of your home.

Most venues offer that you can write and talk to each other, and this is seen especially in online poker and bingo games where people are very social even if you end up competing against each other to win either a tournament or cash prizes.

Unlike physical casinos, online casinos have no opening hours. In other words, it is open 24, and your games are always available as long as your internet works. There are also no holidays or user waiting lists to access a particular slot machine, table, or card game.

In addition to being super cool to play roulette from home and at your own pace, you can also do it in your most comfortable clothing. No one will see what you look like and decide the "dress code".

It is the epitome of the highest playing comfort in one's natural environment. It makes it much less stressful to play for real money as you can focus 100% on your casino game and make the right decisions.

No dealer keeps looking at you with sad eyes until you tip the staff every time you win your blackjack hand or hit the correct number in roulette.


Play Casino Online with extensive selections of games and offers

When it comes to the various casino games and opportunities offered, online casinos have you covered. The possibilities are almost limitless for the most part. Most online casinos offer you the most common standard games you can see in traditional casinos.
In addition, these online casinos are constantly developing new online games. 

In addition, these online casinos are constantly developing new online games. If you love slot machines, hundreds of new online slots are released monthly. If you are more into card games, there are also regularly new variants of old card favorites and brand-new ones you have never seen before.

You never run out of new games. Some ancient classics, such as solitaire, have been revived online and are offered in some casinos. This significant variation in what is offered means that you are always entertained and can find something of interest.

Suppose you find human interaction or think other players might be too noisy. In that case, online gaming is definitely for you. Since everything has moved online, physical limitations are no longer an issue.

A trip to the local casino is impossible if you have physical limitations. Many physical casinos also have problems with space. Then what should have been a lovely casino evening becomes a memory you want to throw into oblivion as soon as possible.

As an online player, you never have to queue for a game in online casinos physically, nor do you have to tolerate potentially rude people or drunk people.
If you are generally familiar with online gaming, you probably know a little about online transactions. You can easily access your online wallet from the casino to instantly buy your tokens, bonuses, or promotional packages.

Online casinos generally offer players the choice between making payments via credit and debit card, PayPal, Easy Account, or any other payment method.

If you prefer cash to make your deposits to an online casino, most also offer Vouchers options where you can use cash. An example of this is PaySafe. You go down to the local petrol station and get a code you can use at all online casinos offering Paysafe and a gaming license.

Another benefit of online casinos is the many casino promotions and offers you can take advantage of as players.

Trusted casinos that offer Live Tablegames

Trusted casinos that offer Live Tablegames


Avoid the most common pitfalls of Online Games

Until the last few years, there has always been a taboo around online games as a pastime and hobby. These itchy eyes, pointing fingers, and warnings to people who gamble online seem to focus on the assumption that one cannot deal with casino games as a pleasant pastime.

Many people assume that it always ends up as an unstoppable addiction. However, this does not have to be the case. Very few players have problems. This guide provides tips for anyone to safely and enjoyably engage in online casino games.

As with any interest, choosing what and where to play is as important as any other part of your hobby. Like everything in our lives, there are both good and bad casinos.

Here at, we have done the work for you as it may be impossible otherwise to find out if an online casino is worth spending time and money on. We have put a lot of work into our casino reviews and verified that they live up to everything they promise and advertise.

Learn to set some limits and rules when betting real money.

An essential strategy with any hobby/interest that can cost you money is to set personal limits to ensure your hobby only takes as much time and cash as you are willing to invest in your interest. 

Anyone strongly attracted to a hobby will understand why one needs some personal rules. This is especially true if your interest is casino games or gambling.

We have probably all tried to get such a strong interest in spending all our time on this hobby. Thus, we forget both time and place; in some cases, you can forget your obligations, jobs, and friends and acquaintances.

Because of this, you need to set firm limits on how much time and money you are willing to invest. If you once exceed your limits, it must have consequences.

Many players who have been gambling for years use a strategy to keep their budget. These veteran players separate their finances from their casino money to avoid trouble.

For example, this can be done by getting a debit card where you only transfer the money set aside to play at the casino. This way, it will be much easier to keep your budget.

Keep an eye on your time spent gambling.

When playing casinos online, it is easy to forget all about time and place. To avoid this, you must ensure not to spend more time than you have set aside. The longer you spend doing something you enjoy, the harder it is to stop. You must make sure to take things in small "bites".

However, even good and fun things can get harmful when we forget to enjoy them in moderation. This is not to say that you can not play at the casino for extended periods. It just means you have to remember to take breaks and not play 10 hours at a time. You must exercise restraint and adhere to the rules you have set for yourself.

Friendly dealers and huge winnings in safe casinos

Friendly dealers and huge winnings in safe casinos


Strategy and help from Expert Casino Players

If you search on google or look for some material in the library about casino games such as blackjack or roulette, then the chance of being disappointed is almost 100%.

There are, of course, a few cases where you can find some well-written casino articles and books, as fortunately, there are a few experts who know their stuff. That is why we are also very proud to present here at BETO that we have succeeded in making agreements with some of these casino experts and authors.

This means you can know that the casino articles you read here are correct, relevant, and updated to 2023 standards. We are a small but focused BETO team of people who are all players just like you.

We cover all the popular casino games but also the slightly lesser-known ones. That said, if you search for any online game, you will be bombarded with casino offers with no natural substance and no guarantee that your reading is correct.


Unique and free guides to win more at the casino

On this page, you will always be able to find:

  • Honest and in-depth reviews of online casino venues.
  • Easy to understand review of the rules for ALL casino games.
  • Beginner guides to casino games such as Roulette and Blackjack.
  • Our experts write advanced game theories and strategies.
  • Videos for those of you who like this kind of material better.
  • A slot machine section where we go into detail with all the online slots.
  • You can find the best player promotions, giveaways, and casino bonuses online.

It may be a little easier to say you can find all the tools and information you need to optimize your chances of winning the casino. Whether it is help, tools, or a free coach so you can win a little more in online poker, it can be found here on the website.

Game theory and help for all the casino games

An old saying goes that knowledge is power, and the same can be said when we bet on various online casino games. No one can predict what the following number in roulette will be or see what card will be dealt in blackjack. Still, if you have the knowledge and a professional understanding of the game, you can always make the optimal decision in almost any situation.

If you repeatedly make the right decisions, it also means that you have a better chance of getting thru the nasty losing streaks to experience the joyous moments where you win all your casino bets.


Blackjack and Popular card games in the Casino

We have experts in all the popular card games here at BETO. The experts give a unique insight into their decisions and show how they play. They are happy to share their knowledge for free with all the readers.

One of the casino's most popular card games worldwide is blackjack and one of the few online games where it takes more than luck to win. Becoming a skilled blackjack player requires a combination of skill and strategy.

Following the basic blackjack strategy, you can reduce the house edge to just 0.5%, one of the lowest in the casino industry. The card game is pretty simple: you must pull a hand higher than the dealer without going over 21.

Blackjack is a fast-paced card game. It is the second most popular card game in the casinos after poker. It is part of the card game universe offered in all casinos worldwide.

The vast popularity of blackjack is due to the easy rules of the game. Once you understand that blackjack is one of the few games of chance where you are not only dependent on luck, it is easy to see why the card game is so popular. This means that skilled casino players who master basic blackjack strategy and advanced game theory can gain an advantage playing against the casino in blackjack.


Learn from our Poker Pro and become an Online Card Shark

Learn from BETO

Learn from BETO's own Poker Pro and become an Online Card Shark!

Poker, in particular, online Poker, is the world's most popular card game and one of the most popular sports. According to some sources, more than 100+ million people worldwide enjoy playing Poker at least once a week.

Online Poker combines strategic challenges with psychological elements. As a poker player, you not only look at your cards but also be able to analyze and react to your opponents.

It is a strategy game and a very social casino game with a lot of history.


Baccarat - All about the classy card game

Baccarat is a simple card game. Baccarat was first invented in the middle ages by an Italian gambler Felix Falguierein. It was first played with a pile of Tarot cards. Later, baccarat was introduced in France around 1490 and remained an exclusive card game for the French nobility for a long time before it became a casino game.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, baccarat was mainly played by high and rich people, aristocrats, royalty, etc. But the days of online casino games have given baccarat an increase in popularity. The card game was also called the "game of kings".

Players from all over the world have started playing online baccarat. More and more players love this card game because baccarat is simple and easy to understand. Baccarat also has some of the best odds for players throughout the casino, so the card game should be on your radar.
You can find everything about this unique card game here at BETO.

James Bond plays Baccarat

James Bond plays Baccarat

Baccarat Live Casino (Evolution Gaming)

Live Baccarat is a popular casino game


Live Baccarat is a popular casino game

Live Baccarat is one of the most famous casino table games all across the world. The winning condition for this game is to achieve a 9-point card total. It sounds easy, but in reality, the point range is very narrow, making this casino table game very interesting and challenging for everyone who plays it at a gambling table.

In the past, only one kind of baccarat variant was available, which was Punto Banco Baccarat; now, several new variants have been introduced, such as Mini Baccarat, Chemin De Fer Baccarat, and Live Streamed Baccarat games.


Roulette is both fun and fascinating and you can win a fortune

Some of the most fascinating and fun casino games are the many table games one can find in the casino. Of these, roulette is probably the most well-known game. Roulette is among the most recognizable casino games that have ever existed.

Playing roulette is considered a game of chance and is hugely popular in both web-based and real casinos. It's probably just mentioning the word "casino", which will evoke most people's images of the rotating roulette wheel.

The roulette game is relatively easy to play as one does not have to be an experienced gambler to understand the fascinating casino game. Roulette, which means "little wheel", is a classic casino game you will find in all online casinos.
Try our Free Roulette game right here.

The classic roulette wheel has either 37 or 38 numbered pockets, depending on whether the wheel has double zero. The players at the table can place their bets on a specific number, a color, or multiple numbers, or bet on whether it will be an even or odd number and then win or lose based on which pocket a roulette ball lands in.

Roulette is famous for some of the biggest winnings recorded in casinos worldwide.

Online Roulette is fascinating and one can win a fortune

Online Roulette is fascinating and one can win a fortune


Online Bingo has made a comeback!

Everyone knows the basic rules of the game of bingo. Even if you have not played bingo before, you are guaranteed to know the idea behind the bingo game. It is a hugely successful game worldwide that shows no signs of losing popularity, giving everyone an easy way to play for big cash prizes without significant stress.

Originally, bingo was an Italian game that has been around since 1530. After the French adopted the bingo game and made various additions, such as announcing the numbers, the game became more popular.

Then it hit America in 1920, where it became known as "Beano" and was played with beans. The name bingo was adopted later. Its simple bingo rules and simple online design still have a massive audience in many online casinos.

Online Bingo has made a comeback! BETO has written a long guide to the game.

Online Bingo has made a comeback! BETO has written a long guide to the game.


Cash Free Spins and Casino Bonus

Cash Free spins are pretty much what the word says - Free spins for one of your favorite online slots, for example, Book of Ra or Starburst. You can take advantage of these free casino freespins without having to bet any money on the slot machine.

You can still win real money with these free spins or a no-deposit bonus. Still, you can not lose money - making them a super cool casino promotion for many players, whether beginners or casino experts.

Almost all casinos use the prospect of free spins and freespins as an incentive to attract new players. Although they are accessible in that you never have to use your own money to get them, it is worth remembering that casinos would not offer them if they did not expect anything back.

You should sign up for a new casino to take advantage of a welcome bonus and then continue playing there once you have used up your free spins.

Many online casinos also offer free spins as a reward for actions such as referring the casino to a friend, following them on social media, or when you have been playing for a long time. Some casinos may even give you free spins on your birthday!

Most of the casinos we recommend here at BETO will also offer you regular bonuses for just playing on their slot machines and for being a loyal casino player who does not jump from casino to casino.

Cash Free Spins and Casino Bonus - At BETO you will find all bonuses

Cash Free Spins and Casino Bonus - At BETO you will find all bonuses


Casino with support in your language and lots of casino bonuses

When you encounter a new free spins promotion from an online casino, it is a good idea to read all the terms and conditions before accepting. Casino terms and conditions will vary from casino to casino, but common restrictions you may run into are:

  • Limitations on the size of your casino welcome bonus.
  • Deadlines so that your casino free spins must be used within a certain period after registration.
  • Turnover requirements indicate that you must wager a certain amount of real money.
  • Incompatibility with other promotions and offers.

As mentioned before, it can be a big task to read through various casino rules and find everything written in small print, especially if you are a little eager to get started playing. 

Therefore, it can be recommended that you look at our casino reviews and feedback from other players like yourself here at BETO.

You can, in good conscience, find a casino that meets all your requirements. We can help you if you have problems with that casino. If you remember using our unique promotion link to the casino, you are guaranteed the best casino bonuses online.


Casino Welcome Bonus and other promotions

The first important thing you need to know about free spins is that there are three essential types of these promos you may encounter online. The first is free spins as a deposit bonus, which is part of the regular and well-known bonus offers most good casinos offer to new and old players.

These are not always for new players but are also offered to players who choose to play in the same casino for a long time. These freespins bonuses generally come with a higher wagering requirement (WR) and other challenges. It is always best to carefully read the terms and conditions and examine the features before claiming the casino offer.

Here at BETO, we recommend that you never say yes to a casino welcome bonus if the wagering requirement is over 30x your bonus / first deposit with your own money.

Then there is the casino without deposit and free spins bonus, which is part of the promotional strategy that more and more online players are attracted to. You can participate for free and claim your freespins right away.

It is important to note that before you can withdraw a winning amount from the casino and into your bank account, you may be asked to verify yourself by sending in a copy of your passport and other personal information.

Then there are the free spins bonuses you pay for. Just like a regular bonus offer, it gives you a certain number of free spins based on the cash you deposit into your casino account. These offers mostly also have a cap on how much you can win. Overall, these deals are the best as there are few limitations.


It's easy to redeem a casino bonus you've found at BETO!


Casino welcome packs, bonuses and free spins

These topics can be very confusing if one is a relatively new player in online casinos. Here at BETO, we strive to get a lot of extra value and information for our users. You can always find information about the various online casinos in a flash through our reviews and recommendations.

Many people think the most significant value comes from these bonuses, but knowledge about the games you like to bet on is at least as essential if your goal is to maximize your chances of winning at the casino.

Our experts here on the website spend a lot of time making their articles, strategies, and casino systems understandable. It would be best if you were not afraid to spend some time on game theory as it is not as complicated and scary as it may sound.

With a good casino bonus and some time spent on gambling strategies and tips and tricks, it is not impossible for your online casino hobby to become profitable or at least cost you much less than you think.

Good luck at the casino tables.



Online Casino - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Answers to the most asked questions about online casinos.

Is it legal to play in an Online Casino?

In most countries, it is entirely legal to play online casino games for anyone over the age of 18. However, you should be aware that not all casinos are equally good. This is one of the reasons why we started BETO to provide unbiased information about the many casino offers. You can be confident knowing that BETO only shows offers from casinos we have tested and which we trust. The casinos we promote here on the website will tell you immediately if gambling is allowed in your area.

Is it possible to win when playing in Online Casinos?

The short answer is YES! - However, you should be aware that most casino games are based on luck and chance. However, this does not apply to Poker, where you can train yourself to become an actual card shark.

Is It Expensive To Play Casino Games?

This depends on how much you have chosen to bet when you play. We have written guides on the subject of "bankroll management", which is about keeping track of your gaming budget.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus is the casino's way of rewarding new players to get a good start at the venue. It is often the case that you can receive a 100% bonus when you make your first deposit at a casino. However, always remember to use BETO's referral links so that you can be sure that the bonus will go through. In many cases, we have negotiated special exclusive bonuses for our readers. These are great bonuses you should not miss!

How Much money Can You Win At An Online Casino?

We have several examples of massive winnings and a few millionaires - You will usually find the most significant wins on slot machines with what are called 'progressive jackpots' - this means that the jackpot keeps growing until it is triggered. Then it is reset again and starts all over again.

How do I find the best Casino to play at?

It can be challenging to see through the different venues and casinos. Therefore we have extensively reviewed all the absolute best options for you. Our team of experts analyzes and tests a casino's factors before it gets its final assessment from us.