Guide to the Best RTP Slots in 2023

Bloodsuckers slots offer really high RTP

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An online slot can be made better through features and a higher top prize, but the RTP is easily the most impactful improvement players will like.

You might already be familiar with RTP. The RTP stands for the return to player. RTP is basically the return that you should get if you play a slot for a really long duration. So the RTP will give you an idea about how much you can win from a slot.

The RTP can’t be 100% because the online casinos won’t earn anything that way. Still, plenty of slots offer a high RTP, like 97% or 98%.

In this guide, we will share the best RTP slots. Most of the highest RTP slots can be played here at BETO. Our catalogue is constantly being upgraded, so we will have the newest best RTP slots added to it soon.


Highest RTP Slots Explained - Pros and Cons

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High RTP slot game gameplay from online slot Monster Pop

All experienced online slot players look at the RTP of a slot to determine whether it is worth playing or not. If the RTP is too low, experienced players will avoid the slot because it won’t give them great returns.

For instance, a slot with an RTP of 97% means you should get €97 back if you bet €100 (house edge is 3% in this case). In the long run, your winnings will surely be close to this figure. Obviously, you can win more or less in the short run.

In short, the RTP gives you an idea of how risky it is to play a video slot. You can go for online slots with a low RTP if you are fine with a higher risk. Still, we will recommend that you always try to use the RTP to decide whether to play a slot or not.


What is High RTP, and how is it Calculated in Online Slots?

Monster Pop (Betsoft) (Betsoft)

Try a high RTP slot for free here on

Free game

Try a high RTP slot for free here on

The fact is that the RTP only applies to the long run, so you can win a lot or lose a lot during the short run. You can lose your entire bankroll, or you can multiply it quickly.

All online slots are random and based on luck, but the RTP is a good indicator of how much you can get back on average. This theoretical percentage will help you pick the most favourable slots.

What is a high RTP slot? Well, a high RTP slot is any slot that offers an RTP above 96.50%. 96% is the average RTP, so you can find a lot of mid-range slots near it. Finally, a slot with an RTP below 95% is considered a low RTP slot.


TOP 5 Highest RTP Slot Games Ever Released Worldwide

Ugga Bugga offers a fantastic RTP of 99.07%

Ugga Bugga offers a fantastic RTP of 99.07%

The best RTP slots make it easy to enjoy the experience without worrying about losing money. Here are the slots that offer the highest RTP percentage at the time of writing this guide.

  • Jackpot 6000 by NetEnt: 98.9% RTP
  • Mega Joker by NetEnt: 99% RTP
  • Book of 99 by Relax Gaming: 99% RTP
  • Ooh Aah Dracula by Barcrest: 99% RTP
  • Ugga Bugga by Playtech: 99.07% RTP

The RTP of some of these slots can differ from casino to casino, so you have to check the RTP before you play.


Should you Focus on Playing High RTP Slot Machines Online?

There is no doubt that RTP is one of the important factors when deciding which slot games to play. However, it isn’t the only factor you should consider. There are some other important factors like the Max Win and Variance.

The RTP will only tell you how much return you can get on average, but it can’t tell you how often you will win and how high the potential of an online slot is.

Variance is significant because it decides how often you will get wins and how big those wins can be. Low-variance online slots will give you consistent wins and allow you to get returns easily. On the other hand, the high variance rarely give wins and take a longer time to give you the average returns.

High variance slots are risky, but they can make you rich in no time. So you have to consider the risk and rewards when deciding which video slot to play. The Max Win is also worth considering because some slots can give you wins higher than 10,000x of your bet, while some slots give away much lower payouts.

To summarize, the RTP is an important factor, but it should always be used with other factors to judge a slot correctly.


Why Should you Care About Online Slots Payout Percentages?

Steam Tower Slots Payout Percentage is 97.04%.

Steam Tower Slots Payout Percentage is 97.04%.

Several slot game lovers only care about the gameplay and fun elements and don’t worry about RTP or other factors too much. They think that the RTP doesn’t make that much of a difference, and this is true in the short run. However, the RTP will always be an important factor in the long run.

In short, it is wrong to think that the RTP doesn’t matter. A higher RTP will give you higher returns in the long run, so it is best to play high RTP slots if you want to win.

Maybe, if you only want to play a slot for like five minutes and then start playing another one, the RTP shouldn’t be a big concern. If you want to play one slot for half an hour or more, the RTP should be considered.

Remember that going for a lower RTP is fine if you think the slot is fun. You will most likely lose a little money if you play all slots for a long duration, so you should always play for fun and enjoy the wins you get in the short run.


The Math Behind Slot RTP Explained

RTP can be confusing because it is the average return you should theoretically get. If you only do a few spins, you may not get a single win and lose money. On the other hand, a few spins can give you massive wins and higher-than-expected returns.

In the end, your returns will always come close to the RTP if you play a slot for a long time. How long you will have to play a slot to get the returns equal to the RTP will depend on the variance of the slot and other factors.

Steam Tower (NetEnt)

Enjoy a very high RTP by playing the Steam Tower slot machine

Free game

Enjoy a very high RTP by playing the Steam Tower slot machine

The RTP is calculated after a million or billion spins so that the average returns from a slot can be calculated accurately. Still, there is no guarantee that you will get returns that match the RTP. After all, a slot is a game of chance, and this is what makes slots fun.

For instance, the Steam Tower slot by NetEnt offers a fantastic theoretical RTP of 97.04%. However, you may get back only €30 or win €1,000, depending on your luck. You may even win the Jackpot worth 2,000x of your bet in just a few spins.

In short, you have to accept that the RTP does not dictate the winning potential. The RTP only ensures an average return over a long time. So you may run into losing or winning streaks and think the slot is fishy. However, we assure you that this is normal, and you will get back most of your money easily if you play for a longer duration.


Theoretical RTP - Online Slots Payout Percentage

You might have heard of theoretical RTP and wondered what it means. Some people may think that the RTP is unreliable when they read theoretical RTP. However, the truth is that the theoretical RTP only means that this is the return you should theoretically get back on average, and your actual return can be drastically different.

Even a slot game with a very high RTP will make it difficult to get back the average return if it has a high variance. Once you become used to playing slots, you won’t have to worry about the theoretical RTP.

Gaming Authority and Low RTP Games

Malta Gaming Authority has reduced the minimum RTP from 92% to 85%, so online slots come closer to slots in land-based casinos. One of the reasons for doing so is to allow operators to lower RTPs and remain competitive in jurisdictions with high taxes.

In the future, more slots will have a lower RTP, which will increase the worth of the slots that offer a much higher RTP.


Top RTP Slots - 3 Most Popular High RTP Free Slots

Tombstone RIP (Nolimit City)

Tombstone RIP is a Top RTP slot - Play it for Free on BETO

Free game

Tombstone RIP is a Top RTP slot - Play it for Free on BETO

Nolimit City has created the dangerous and exciting Tombstone RIP slot game. The RTP can go as high as 96.28% when the Enhanced Bet feature is enabled.

The unconventional approach of this casino game will shock some people. On the other hand, the Boothill free spins will give you the chance to enjoy a Multiplier of up to 999x.

This slot has 2 types of Free Spins, the xNudge Wilds, and the Splitting Wilds feature. If you are a high roller but still want to enjoy a decent RTP, you can play this slot.

In short, this slot proves you can enjoy one of the highest Max Wins with a high RTP that will ensure decent returns in the long run.


Power of Thor is one of the Most Played High RTP Slot Games on BETO!

Power of Thor Megaways (Pragmatic Play)

Power of Thor Megaways Slot - RTP 96.55%

Free game

Power of Thor Megaways Slot - RTP 96.55%

Power of Thor Megaways by the slot provider Pragmatic Play delivers a powerful Max Win of 5,000x and offers up to 117,649 ways to win. It is one of those casino games that allow you to gamble for a higher number of Free Spins and give you better odds of winning a higher number of Free Spins.

This game's RTP is 96.55%, which is great for a slot game that has features as powerful as Thor.

You will enjoy the Tumble feature, Hammer feature, and Free Spins in this brilliant video slot. The best part is that you can gamble up to 22 Free Spins and enjoy a Progressive Win Multiplier during the feature. In fact, the probability of winning the gamble increases as you gamble for a higher number of Free Spins.

Thor’s Hammer is also there to grant you Wilds and make it easy to create wins. In short, you must try this slot.


Shadow Order is a Popular Game Amongst the Highest RTP Slot Games

The Shadow Order (Push Gaming)

Play High RTP Slot The Shadow Order for Free!

Free game

Play High RTP Slot The Shadow Order for Free!

Shadow Order is a fantastic example of a slot with the highest RTP and an attractive Max Win. Push Gaming is behind this slot, and it is undoubtedly one of the underrated slot providers.

This slot offers a Max Win of 25,471x of your bet at an RTP of 96.98%, which is a massive achievement. The best part is that it has uncommon features like Orb features and Character features.

The Free Spins feature is also there and triggered by using the Orb symbols. The Orb symbols are activated after you get a few wins in a row. They act as Wilds and reward Orb features if they land in 1 of the 3 hotspots. They are sticky during the Free Spins to make it easier to activate the Orb features.

When an Orb symbol reaches a hotspot during the Free Spins, a cumulative Multiplier is applied to each win. Free Spins can be extended through the Orb symbols. Character features are triggered randomly and help you get extra wins.

The four characters, beautiful theme, suspenseful soundtrack, and fantastic features will make you want to come back for more. In short, you will love this slot because it has everything you could want and more. If you want to play the best RTP slot, this is the slot you should go for.


RTP in Slot Machines vs Casino Bonuses

Most online sites will try to attract players by offering them casino bonuses. The bonuses can include bonuses that require you to meet the wagering requirements before you can withdraw money. For instance, if you deposit €100 and get a 100% match bonus, you will get an extra €100. However, you might have to bet the bonus amount 40 times or more to be able to withdraw it.

You might wonder what this has to do with the best RTP slots. The best RTP slots offer you a really high RTP and allow you to get back most of your money easily. So you can use the highest RTP slots to match the wagering requirements and withdraw your winnings easily.

However, you have to read the terms and conditions to ensure that you are allowed to play the highest RTP slots before you grab the bonus.


Importance of High RTP in Casino Games & Slots

The RTP value is one of the most important values that should be considered while playing video slots. The higher the RTP value, the lower the house edge will be, and the higher will be your chances of getting great returns.

We aren’t asking you to ignore the other factors. Some of the highest-paying slots, like slots with Progressive Jackpots, have a low RTP. However, people love playing them because of their winning potential. The variance is another crucial factor that affects the gameplay and your returns.

Whenever you visit online casinos, always look at the RTP figure and think about whether you are comfortable with it or not. In short, never hesitate to play slots that offer the highest RTP.

We have already got the best RTP slots here at BETO, so you can go ahead and try them.


Frequently Asked Questions About High RTP Slot Games

You are already aware that the video slots are random and based on luck. Furthermore, it can’t be denied that the highest RTP slots will give you better returns on average. Still, we recommend you go for slots that excite you without worrying too much about the RTP. In the end, you have to focus on having fun and enjoy the wins you get.

Read the High RTP Slots FAQ below.

What is a high RTP slot, according to the experts?

If the RTP of any slot is above 96.50%, it is considered a high RTP slot by gaming experts here at BETO.

What are the advantages of playing the best RTP slots online?

There are several advantages of choosing to play a high RTP slot. The biggest advantage is that you will get better returns on average and be able to play for a longer duration. Another huge advantage is that you can meet the wagering requirements easily if you play high RTP slots.

Where can I play the highest RTP slots online?

All the best RTP slots are available here on BETO and can be found in the free slots section. You can also find the highest RTP slots directly from this igaming article.

What online slots offer the best RTP in 2023?

We have already covered some of our favourite high RTP slots in this article. Some other high RTP slots we haven’t mentioned are White Rabbit Megaways, Golden Tour, Jokerizer, Starmania, and Marching Legions.

Is it possible to play a high RTP slot with an active casino bonus?

It entirely depends on the terms and conditions of the bonus that you are using. Usually, you will know which slots you can play in the case of Free Spin bonuses. On the other hand, you should be able to use the bonus money on the highest RTP slots without issues.

Which slot developer offers the highest number of high RTP slots?

Almost all slot developers have a few high RTP slots, but NetEnt and Playtech have the highest number of high RTP slots. If we have to choose one, it must be NetEnt because they have the highest number of high RTP slots. Some of the high RTP slots offered by these developers are Ugga Bugga (99.07%), Mega Joker (99%), Jackpot 6,000 (98.9%), and Blood Suckers (98%).

How are RTP and Variance related to each other in video slots?

There isn’t a direct relation between RTP and variance, but both of them should be considered to decide which slot to play. RTP will tell you how much you should get back on average in the long run, and the variance will decide the frequency of wins and the winning potential.

How is RTP measured by online casinos?

Usually, RTP is calculated by looking at the returns over a million or billion spins. The RTP given by a slot developer is pretty accurate as they have built the slot to match that RTP.

Are slots with high RTP the best?

High RTP is definitely an advantage, but you can’t forget about the other factors. If a slot offers high RTP, but the gameplay is boring, it can’t be considered a great slot.

Is there any catch with the best RTP slots?

There isn’t any catch, and you can enjoy high RTP slots without worries. The only issue is the best payout slots usually have fewer Bonus Features because certain features give out high payouts and make it difficult for the casino to earn a profit.