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Retro Slots - Play 500+ Games For Free (One Armed Bandit)

Free Retro themed and classic slot machines can be lots of fun.

Play Classic Slots and Video Slot Machines For Free

Free Retro themed and classic slot machines can be lots of fun.

Written by: Julius De Vries | The review was last updated: 13 October 2022 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

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Old-fashioned and retro-themed slot machines or new video slots designed with classic themes are loved by many players all around the world, and their craze is only increasing. You'll find a wide selection of Retro Slots at every online casino, just choose your favourite one and enjoy a classic gambling experience.

Retro Slots truly deserve the love and attention they get from players, and there are numerous reasons behind their massive popularity. People get attracted to these classic titles because they actually provide a classic gambling experience, resembling the one that players used to get from original mechanical slots. We all like to take a trip down memory lane every once in a while, and Retro Slots are the perfect way to relive the slots from the good old days. There is a special spark of simplicity in these Retro Slots that is just unparalleled, and you won't find it in the modern slot titles.

Today a lot of online gamblers have also tested their luck on classic mechanical slots. Retro slots are more than just a basic slot game with limited options. For many gamblers, these classic titles are a way to relive their past days.


What is considered Retro and Classic Slot Machines?

Liberty Bell was the inspiration for modern machines and slots games.

Liberty Bell was the inspiration for modern machines and slots games.

The first slot that can be classified as a reel machine was created in 1895 by Charles Fey, who was a mechanic by profession. His invention, called the "Liberty Bell", serves as the inspiration for most of the retro-themed slots you see at online casinos and it had no special feature like most newer machines.

The slot machine had game symbols and was known as the Liberty Bell because this classic independence sign was used as one of the symbols on the reels. The remaining symbols on the first slot were spades, diamonds, hearts, and horseshoes. These were designed on metal hoops that worked as reels. The most rewarding symbol was the liberty bell itself, followed by the hearts.

The first slot machine was simple, and it worked on only a single payline. Although the Liberty Bell didn't have any powerful Boosters like its modern-day variations, it still serves as the main base of inspiration for every slot machine ever created.

With just a single payline players won payouts, only when they landed two or three similar symbols on the middle row. Today, more than a century has passed since the first slot machine was created, and slot machines have seen uncountable changes. However, the main fundamental of this gambling title remains intact, and you win a payout when you match similar elements together.

There were 3 metal hoops as reels in the first mechanized Retro Slots. Each of these hoops had 10 different symbols pained on them, which revolved together. These machines gave automatic payouts to the players, and this was something gamblers fell in love with.

These mechanical slots quickly gained massive popularity, and people started referring to them with different names. Or "one-armed bandits" was another popular name used by players.


The basics of Playing Classic Slots

Slot games with Fruit symbols and the classic fruit machines are still popular.

Slot games with Fruit symbols and the classic fruit machines are still popular.

Today Online Retro Slot games are considered as standard slots that work on simple 3-reel structures. But Retro video slot machines are more than that. They are the essence of the classic mechanics and boost of history. Players enjoy classis slots because these games give you a soothing and relaxing gambling experience where you are not disturbed by heavily loaded graphics and tons of intense mini Bonus Games and other bonus rounds that can be complicated to understand.

The classic Las Vegas retro theme with fruit-inspired symbols are used in most of the Retro Slots these days. These popular symbols were used for the first time in 1907 when Herbert Bills created the first fruit-inspired slot with lemons, plums, and cherries. Retro Slots, however, don't only contain fruits on the reels. You'll also find lucky 7s, bells, and bar symbols. You might also find other symbols on the grids, but the ones mentioned were and are the most commonly used.

A clean and straightforward layout is another characteristic that every Retro Slot shares. You won't find any kind of complicated control center or loads of options. Different options like betting toggles, spin buttons, auto-spin feature options, etc., are presented and placed very conveniently for you as a player.

The number of paylines is also limited in Retro Slots. In most cases, you'll find that there is just a single payline, which means that you can land a winning in only one single way. Note that this is not any sort of compulsion, and we have seen some Retro Slots with as many as 10 different paylines.

Visuals and graphics are the most important elements of a video slot, especially Retro Slots. These Retro Slots are designed to give you a classic gambling experience or trip down memory lane. Retro Slot themes strongly resemble the look and feel of old slot machines like the Liberty Bell. Even the soundtrack in Retro Slots is designed to go well along with classic themes.


Enjoy Classic Slots in 2024 - The Main Features of Retro Slots Games

Mechanical Reels and the classic symbols are main comopnents of oldschool games.

Mechanical Reels and the classic symbols are main comopnents of oldschool games.

To maintain simple gameplay, most Retro Slots do not contain any special rounds or mini-games. However, many classic-themed titles spice up the gameplay with interesting special rounds and Bonus Features like Hold, Joker, Nudge, etc.

However, when you compare the functions and features of Retro Slots with futuristic, feature-loaded slots, you'll find a huge difference.

Boosters and modifiers in Retro Slots are designed with care and perfection to ensure that these Bonus Features do not overwhelm the gameplay, and the overall vintage and classic feel of the games is preserved.

Top iGaming developers keep launching new and interesting Retro Slots that give players a classic gambling experience with subtle Boosters to keep the gameplay attractive.

In some Retro Slots, the bonus round holds great importance as it allows you to aim for the Jackpot. Retro titles that offer huge prizes require you to bet the biggest wager available if you want to get a hold of the Jackpot. So, in case you landed the right combination of symbols on the grid but failed to play the game with the highest bet, sadly, you won't get the winnings. A Retro Slot enthusiast would certainly keep this in mind during the gambling session.

Some games also feature a unique modifier known as the "nudge feature", which lets you move a single symbol on the grid once. This bonus lets you successfully complete a winning combination even if you only got 2 out of 3 symbols in place for a combo. So, this is a pretty rewarding bonus that greatly increases your winning chances.

The "Hold" is another unique bonus you get on Retro Slots. This lets you keep one or multiple game reels on hold, and they do not move for the coming spin. The exact number of reels that you can keep on hold is not fixed and varies from game to game. This Hold bonus lets you keep your high-paying symbols in a fixed location, and you get to spin only those reels which contain less-rewarding symbols. In most Retro Slots, this bonus appears randomly during the gameplay and also sometimes triggers the free spins bonus round.

Wilds are symbols we all love and expect while gambling on our favorite modern slots. You won't find these Wilds in the Retro Slots. However, you get the Retro Joker feature in the classic machines that work the same way as Wild symbols do. You are allowed to substitute a particular symbol on the grid that helps you form a winning combo. As this Retro Joker Feature is a Booster and it works like Wilds, it is clear that the inspiration for the Wild modifier must have come from this retro joker bonus.

The main mechanics remain the same and it doesn't matter what kind of slot machine it is. The only things that changed with the changing time are the symbols, graphic quality, and the number and power of Bonus Features.


Differences between Retro slots and New Video Slots

Video: Retro Slots - Play 500+ Games For Free (One Armed Bandit)

Story of Vikings - showing the difference between new video slots and the retro games

Let's take a deeper look at the differences between Retro Slots and modern video slots.

The primary difference which you'll notice is the looks and visuals. Classic Retro Slots come with old-fashioned themes that look vintage and aged. In sharp contrast to these classic options, modern video slot titles flaunt attractive 3D visuals, advanced immersive graphics with superb animations. Many video slots also include short videos related to the games that attract numerous new-generation gamblers.

With time technologies are constantly upgrading, and software developers are continuously getting better and more powerful platforms to develop their titles on. These innovations increase the gaming potential of video slots, and they support numerous Bonus Features at the same time.

The number of paylines and grid structure is also different in Retro Slots vs. modern video slots. You'll notice that Retro titles usually contain only 3-reel and 5-reel designs with just a single payline, resembling the first mechanical slots. In sharp contrast, modern slot titles mostly come with a minimum of 5 reels, and the number of paylines can increase up to 100. 

The type and number of symbols on the grid are also very different in Retro Slots. Lemons, lucky 7s, bars, bells, diamonds, and cherries are usually scattered over the grids. While in the case of modern slots, symbols depend entirely on the game's theme, and there is no fixed design scheme.

Another major visible difference between these games is the number of Bonus Features. In modern slots, you get a wide range of Boosters like Free Spins and Mini Games, unlike Retro Slots, which mostly offer limited modifiers.

Video: Retro Slots - Play 500+ Games For Free (One Armed Bandit)

Start playing Fire Joker. Old-school insipred game and still offer big payout.


Guide to where can you play the Retro Slots Online

The popularity of Retro Slots is on the rise. More and more people are becoming fans of classic-themed slots, thanks to the fantastic variety of video slots available at online casinos. An iGaming venue should have a wide game selection to satisfy players with different tastes and preferences.

A number of good and trustable online casinos are available today if you want to enjoy gambling online. Remember Responsible Gambling when you play at online gambling establishments. Here are some great options you can try the next time you plan to gamble on Retro Slots online:


Billy is the King of Retro Slots!

King Billy is alwayson the search for new three reels retro slot games.

King Billy is alwayson the search for new three reels retro slot games.

One of the most trustable online gambling venues is King Billy Casino. As this online casino is a well-established and reputable company, you can enjoy gambling at the venue without any risk. The Retro Slot collection available here is just superb, and you get numerous popular titles with top-notch quality.

We are sure that you'll find the perfect retro and vintage-feel slot at KingBilly, as the range of video slots available is pretty diverse and wide.

It doesn't matter whether you like 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, Jackpot titles, progressive jackpot games, or bonus round games. You'll surely find something good at KingBilly.

The Retro Slot collection available at KingBilly is exceptionally attractive. Traditional slot players will find this venue a true paradise.

Different payment options are also available at KingBilly that will transfer funds into and from your gambling account in no time.

We have tested different features of this wonderful online casino and we had a great experience.


Green Gaming is a leader in Online Slot Games

Jumanji (NetEnt)

Jumanji slot game is a mix of retro and random number generator video slots

Free game

Jumanji slot game is a mix of retro and random number generator video slots

Mr. Green Casino is one of the best places to gamble online, thanks to its impeccable reputation in the gambling world.

Playing games at Mr. Green Casino is pretty comfortable and relaxing. All the gambling titles available are appropriately organized in sections. Making navigation around the website really easy and they offer all type of players the chance to win the big payout.

You get an Instant Play mode at the venue, which lets you gamble straight away. There is no compulsion to download any special software or application. Just visit the casino's website and start your journey right away.

To satisfy gamblers of all tastes and preferences. Mr. Green Casino offers a mix of Retro Slot titles and modern video slots in their game selection. Jumanji video slot is a fantastic title you can try here at for free.

Numerous iGaming certification authorities have licensed Mr. Green Casino, which is proof of the venue's authenticity.


Casumo is a trusted place to enjoy Retro Theme Slot Games

Fire Joker (Play'n GO)

FireJoker is inspired by classic slot machines.

Free game

FireJoker is inspired by classic slot machines.

Although there are plenty of casino options to choose from, you should always choose a venue with care. Make sure to read reviews and recommendations of the different online casinos. Make sure to check out our top- recommended casino reviews here at BETO.

Casumo Gaming is a great online casino that offers attractive, strong-themed classic slot machines titles. Fire Joker is one of Casumo Gaming's top Retro Slot machines, and you should try it out using the free version available here at

Spin reels loaded with retro symbols from classic slots and rewarding bonus features. If you want to enjoy a calm and soothing gambling session on the old-school slots, Casumo Casino is one of the best options available.

Casumo makes sure to select retro slots developed by only the best iGaming studios. And make sure that all the titles offered are safe and fair to play.

You'll get welcome bonuses and plenty of loyalty rewards at Casumo Gaming. Try the different Retro Slots available at Casumo Gaming right now.


Classic Slot Machines are Just as Fun as Games with Five Reels!

A general perception that a lot of people share is that Retro Slots are based around only the classic mechanical fruit slots with few winning combinations and nothing else. This is not true. There are a lot of Old-School titles available that are based on well-known entertainment icons and movies. Old slots inspired by musical icons like Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley are pretty common, and you'll find them in most online casinos.

In such character-centric games, the titles are strongly developed around the themes, and different graphic elements are developed around the main characters. So, in a game inspired by Michael Jackson, you'll find Michael in the title's main logo, on the reels, in the animations, and during the bonus rounds too.

Such titles are perfect for players who enjoy playing on classic titles but are also strong fans of certain celebrities or entertainment classics like movies, TV shows, etc.

For Example, IGT's Elvis Multi-Strike is an exciting Retro Slot variant that revolves around the legendary music icon Elvis Presley. All the action takes place on the classic 5-reel design, which is pretty common in Retro Slots. Elvis' images and clips are widely used in the graphics to give a theme-intense feel to the gameplay. You also get a unique gamble feature in the game that can straight away double your winnings.

Retro Slots don't contain any movie clips, video intros, and heavy bonus elements. In place of these Boosters, you get subtle and smooth modifiers like Free Spins, Scatter symbols, Wilds, etc. Some old-looking titles might also offer you a fun bonus game, but it is not very common, as designers try to keep the gameplay as simple as possible.

So, you can expect pretty focused and straightforward gameplay in Retro Slots without any extra special features and unnecessary elements.

We want you to understand how much fun Retro Slots can be. Old-school slot machines already have a quite wide fanbase that is constantly growing. Retro online slots have so much potential and much more to offer.

We have linked the demo versions of numerous Retro Slot machines here at You can give these retro games a try for free and let you explore them and their great potential.


Frequently Asked Questions about Retro Slots and games inspired by the old slot machines.

Here are some questions and answers related to Retro Slot machines and their old-school gameplay.

What is a Retro Slot?

A Retro Slot is an online slot title developed with antique and classic-looking graphics. These games give you the feel of gambling on mechanical slots, and the overall experience is quite different from typical modern video slots.

What is special about Retro Slots?

Retro Slots are designed to give you a calming and relaxing gambling experience. To ensure straightforward gameplay, designers only use features that don't contain any complicated and unnecessary elements.

What makes a Retro Slot different from a modern video slot?

Modern and futuristic video slot titles are known for their explosive gameplay loaded with powerful special features and rewarding bonus rounds. On the other hand, Retro Slots focus entirely on giving a soothing and nostalgic gambling session to the players with limited Boosters and simplistic themes.

What themes will I get in Retro Slots?

Fruit-based themes are very popular when it comes to Retro Slots. The first mechanical slots usually contained different fruit-inspired symbols like lemons, cherries, bars, 7s, etc., on their reels. However, old-school slots' themes are not limited to fruits, and you also get themes about movie icons, TV icons, and music stars.

Where can I play Retro Slots

You can gamble on a Retro Slot title from your favourite online casino. Simply visit your favourite iGaming venue and head towards the retro section. There you'll get a wide range of antique-themed options.

Is a Retro Slot an online slot?

Retro Slots are normal video slots, and it's just that they feature old-school themes and pretty straightforward features. So, both modern video slots and Retro Slots are online slots. Technically, every slot game you play over the internet is an online slot.

Will I get bonus rounds in Retro Slots?

Usually, you won't find a bonus round in Retro Slots, as they add complications to the gameplay, which disturbs the essence of simple gameplay. However, iGaming developers these days are designing bonus rounds so the special rounds don't feel heavy and exhausting.

What things should I know before playing a Retro Slot?

You should keep in mind all the general gambling rules while starting a gambling session on a Retro Slot. These points include setting a gambling balance, fixing win target and loss limits, moving money into and from the gambling account, etc.

Is it safe to play Retro Slots?

Make sure you play retro slots at authenticated and reputed online casinos. A certification seal from a well-known gambling authority is a guarantee and there's no need to worry at all.

What are some good online casinos where I can try some Retro Slots for free?

Casumo Gaming, Mr. Green Casino, and KingBilly are some great online casinos we would recommend here at You can visit any of these amazing places to gamble on a wide selection of Retro Slots.