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Fire Joker
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Fire Joker by Play'n GO

Fire Joker Review

Fire Joker

Fire Joker is the attempt of Play’n GO on the hybrid category of classic slots and modern video slots. A large number of unique features in Fire Joker is why it is termed a hybrid slot because the graphics and textures of Fire Joker are classic-themed. Thus, this slot accurately serves to be a basic classic slot but with a modern twist.  

Release: 14.06.2016
Max Win: X800

Written by: Jasmin ⚡ Miss Volatile | The review was last updated: 02 Jul 2022

Slot Machine Features

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Buy Bonus









Ways to Win



Wheel of Multiplier Feature

Flaming Re-spins Feature

The top jackpot is worth 800x

Funny Hybrid game


Free Spins are not available

Facts About The Slot

Provider Play'n GO


RTP% 94.23

Game type Slots

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.05

Maximum bet 100.00

Reels 3

Rows 3

Game Themes

Casino Classic style

Game features

Bonus wheel Respins RTP range Bonus Game Multiplier



Basic design of the symbols in Fire Joker

Basic design of the symbols in Fire Joker

Introduction of Fire Joker

This incredible hybrid slot is an excellent choice for any slot player. The slot has clean and straightforward gameplay but boasts some cool bonus features like Wheel of Multiplier and Fire Re-Spins. This is a unique slot as the features are beautiful and intriguing, but the slot elements are structured very soberly. 

The stats of Fire Joker are also very comforting for you, the excellent Return to Player Percentage of 96.27% ensures you the safety of your bet, and you can wager as high as you want, without the risk of losing everything. The variance score of Fire Joker has been rated Medium by Play’n Go; this medium volatility will offer you a great platform; medium volatility slots generate constant wins in the slot, which will keep your hopes and excitement up. The biggest jackpots of medium variance games are usually not very big. Still, Fire Joker provides a big jackpot of 800x to the players, which is excellent, keeping in mind the medium volatility of the slot.

Like the flaming re-spins feature, several Special Features in Fire Joker will let you turn your failed spins into winning combinations. In addition, there is the Wheel of Multiplier feature, which will give you a multiplier boost of 10x. 

Wild symbols are also present in Fire Joker, and they are the most reading symbols in the game.

Landing different winning combinations in Fire Joker


How to play Fire Joker

Playing Fire Joker is super easy, and you will become an expert in no time, all thanks to the developers of Play’n GO, who did an excellent job of creating a smooth and straightforward slot. Different options and buttons in Fire Joker are appropriately placed, and the game mechanics are very responsive; you will play this game as smoothly as butter. 

The first thing you will do is set the bet in the slot to start the spin. There are several options available in the betting controls. The minimum bet you will place is 0.05 coins per spin, and you can increase the stake to a maximum of 100 coins per spin. This will give you a wind range of betting options, and you can choose your bet according to your budget.

Then you will spin the slot, you can do this by either by clicking the spin button on the game screen or you can do it by hitting space. Then the reels will roll, and they will quickly land; you will get your payout based on the combinations landed on the reels. Different combinations of symbols provide different payouts. You do not need to calculate what you win and how; the game will show the total amount won on the scene. And it will also give you a detailed overview of your total prize when you land more than one combination. This is very informative when you want to understand how you won what you won. The information related to the different combinations is also available for you. If you want to read it, you can access this by clicking the paytable button above the autoplay button.

If you are lazy and don't want to keep hitting the spin button after and after, you can use the autoplay button and fix the number of spins, and the game will spin the slot for you. Then, you sit back and watch your money being multiplied.

There are some shortcuts in the slot as well; these will give you an even quicker gambling experience. The options for sound and music are placed at the very bottom of the game; you can change the audio elements of the slot from there. Other options for bets and all are also in the lower section of the slot. The spacebar works as a spin button in Fire Joker just hit space when everything is set, and the slot will start spinning; this will give you a good casino vibe. 

A detail of different combinations in Fire Joker

A detail of different combinations in Fire Joker


Different symbols in Fire Joker

As Fire Joker is a classic-based slot, you will get a win only when you land three matching symbols in the reels.

Wild Symbol

The cools thing in this slot is that the wild symbol (Denoted by the joker's face), is the highest paying symbol in the slot, which means that it will give you double benefits. The wild symbols will combine with all the remaining symbols in the game and will give you payouts, and they will also increase the amount of payout you get. When you complete a combination with the wild symbol in place of the actual combination symbol, the amount you get is higher than what you would have received, had it been a pure three-of-a-kind combination. And hitting 3 wilds will give you the best combo you can get, it will payout 80x of your current wager.

Other Symbols in Fire Joker

The remaining symbols in Fire Joker are inspired by the classic fruit slots. There is a Star symbol, a BAR symbol, and different fruit symbols like grapes, plums, and cherries.

The payout of the remaining symbols is as follows

Red 7 pays 25 coins for a three-of-a-kind combo on the reels, the second-best combo in the slot

Star - Pays 20 coins for a three-of-a-kind combo on the reels
BAR symbol - Pays 15 coins for a three-of-a-kind combo on the reels
Plums - Pays 7 coins for a three-of-a-kind combo on the reels
Grapes - Pays 6 coins for a three-of-a-kind combo on the reels
Lemon - Pays 5 coins for a three-of-a-kind combo on the reels
Cherries - Pays 4 coins for a three-of-a-kind combo on the reels
X - Pays 2 coins for a three-of-a-kind combo on the reels



Bonus Features in Fire Joker

Usually, the classic slots are not very attractive when it comes to the availability of bonus features. Although fire Joker indeed an exception in the segment, as this has some pretty cool features to offer to you, this is the true sign of a hybrid between classic slots and modern video slots. 

The Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in Fire Joker undoubtedly the best base feature in the game, as it does not need any unique combo or arrangement to launch. It will give you double benefits and act as a natural wild symbol; the wild also has the largest payout in the whole slot. This makes the wild the most lucrative symbol in the slot. So get wilds and create winning combos coupled with large payouts.

Flaming Re-spins

This unique feature can be triggered only when there are no winning combinations in the reels. But it is only activated when you get two stacked reels on a spin. When this happens, the stacked reels will hold their positions, and the remaining third reel spins, giving you another chance to get some winning combinations.

Wheel of Multiplier

Wheel of Multiplier is the unique signature feature of Fire Joker; it is triggered when all the reels land the same symbols. When this feature is activated, a spin wheel appears on the game screen, and you will have to spin it. There will be different multiplier options on the wheel, and the one you get will become your multiplier for the spin.

Getting different symbols gives zero payout in Fire Joker

Getting different symbols gives zero payout in Fire Joker


Free Spins in Fire Joker

As Fire Joker is a classically inspired slot, it does not have the desired free spin feature. If added, it will make the slot very heavy and complicated, and that will ruin the snappy and spontaneous gambling experience this slot provides. Most classic-based slots do not feature Free Spins because they do not go with their slot theme. But as this is a hybrid, Fire Joker also has some modern features; it has other exciting special features like wilds, flaming respins, and the Wheel of Multiplier. Thus, These features should compensate for the absence of free spins.

The Wild is the highest paying symbol in Fire Joker

The Wild is the highest paying symbol in Fire Joker


Free Version of Fire Joker

You have both the options to play Fire Joker, if you want to play with money, there is no issue, and if you want to play for free, you can do that as well. 

Just like most of the titles from Play’n GO, the free, demo version of Fire Joker is available for you on BETO. Demo versions of online slot games are a great way to understand and explore different elements of the slots without risking actual money.

New players are strongly advised to play the free version of the slot before betting with actual money.


Final Verdict - Fire Joker

Fire Joker is an excellent slot by Play’n GO; this title comes under the hybrid category of slots, which mix the old classic slots and the modern video slots. Such slots retain the simple design and themes of the classic slots and have some features and bonuses of the modern video slots. Fire Joker has everything which a good hybrid slot should have, the gameplay is pretty straightforward, but there are enough unique features to maintain the excitement level.

The aesthetics of the slot are also expertly designed, the theme of the game is based on a red hot color scheme, and the game elements like the symbols and the reels also have a reddish tint. Finally, the soundtrack of the game perfectly syncs with the visual aspects of the game.

The gameplay of Fire Joker also smooth and relieving; the thing which you will straight away notice is that the spins are rapid; it just takes a couple of seconds for the slot to give you the final symbols. It makes this slot very snappy and quick, you can play a lot on this slot, and you will not waste much time. 

Once you get this slot, you won't be able to resist gambling.


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Frequently Asked Questions - Fire Joker

Can I try the free version of Fire Joker?

Yes, the demo version of Fire Joker is available right here on You can try it for free. Before making an actual money bet, it is advised that you play the demo version first. It will help you explore the game.

How to play Fire Joker with real money?

Fire Joker is a famous online slot, it is available on various approved online casinos. A list of these online casinos where you can play Fire Joke is available on our site. This list is regularly refreshed to make it accurate.

Can I play Fire Joker on my mobile?

Yes absolutely, like other titles from Play’n GO, Fire Joker features fill cross-device support. You can play Fire Joker on your laptop, mobiles, and tablets.

What is the RTP of Fire Joker?

The Return to Player Percentage of Fire Joker is 96.15%. It is a good return in comparison to the industry standard.

What is the top jackpot you can win in Fire Joker?

The highest jackpot you can win in Fire Joker is worth 800x of your bet.