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Reactoonz Review


Reactoonz is an exciting new alien-themed online slot from Play'n GO. This slot is unique in its sense as it is played on a 7x7 grid, which is not expected when it comes to online video slots. The theme of the slot is its main attraction; it is an alien-themed slot machine. Reactoonz also offers different bonuses and features.

Release: 24.10.2017
Max Win: X4570

Written by: Julius De Vries | The review was last updated: 02 Jul 2022

Slot Machine Features

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Ways to Win



Slot features fun alien theme

High Quality graphics

Huge Jackpot

Different ways to trigger wilds

High Quality graphics by Play

Four different Quantum Bonus features


No free spins in Reactoonz

The Gargantoon feature is hard to trigger

Facts About The Slot

Provider Play'n GO


RTP% 94.51

Game type Slots

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.20

Maximum bet 100.00

Reels 7

Rows 7

Game Themes


Game features

Cluster Pays Symbol Swap Collect Energy Substitute of winning symbols Cascading/Avalanche wins Expanding Symbols RTP range Multiplier Wild Mega Symbol (3x3)


Aliens Monsters

The 7x7 grid of Reactoonz

The 7x7 grid of Reactoonz

Reactoonz - Introduction

Reactoonz is an online video slot, which is created by Play'n GO, which is a well-known name in the online casino industry. This online slot is based on a giant grid (7x7) and is different from the other slots in this aspect. You strike wins when you form clusters of similar symbols. The minimum amount of stake in this slot is 0.20. 

There are a bunch of exciting features in the slot, including wilds and symbol removals.

This slot has a charming and friendly design. The colors are really dynamic, and the other elements are also very quirky. In addition, this slot has fun to play, match-5 format. 

This is one of the best performing video slots by Play'n GO. And the studio has done a great job designing the game. Players from all over the world love it and play it for hours straight. This online video slot has become so popular that the developer has also launched a sequel to this game. The sequel has a lot of extra bonuses and features. If you want, you can play the demo version of Reactoonz - right here.

A sample gameplay of Reactoonz online slot.


Visual Elements of Reactoonz

Reactoonz follows the trend design of Play'n GO. This slot also has a quirky electric-based theme. There are sci-fi elements in the game, and the elements are very friendly and comforting. There are spaceships and aliens in the game, adding to the theme of the game. In the slot, there is a sleeping Gargantoon, which is sleeping. But it will wake up and give you prizes when you hit jackpots. The visuals and audio of the game are synced with the theme. Every gambler will absolutely love this fantastic theme. Unlike other similar slots, Reactoonz has a friendly and light theme; this helps the new players to get comfortable with the slot. At the same time, the other slots are usually very intense when it comes to themes.

The symbols of Reactoonz also have a unique feature. Unlike the other similar slot machines, symbols in Reactoonz are active elements. They peek at their symbol companions, making the whole array very dynamic and energizing. Some of them only have single eyes, though. And if you take too long to spin the slot, they might even start chatting with each other. This is something that is enticing and absorbs the attention of the player. This is one of the best features of Reactoonz.

Different symbols and their respective points in Reactoonz

Different symbols and their respective points in Reactoonz


RTP Percentage and Volatility of Reactoonz

The Return To Player percentage of Reactoonz is 96.55%, which is more than generous. The average RTP in online slots is around 96.00% to 96.50%, and thus the RTP of Reactoonz is higher than the Industry Standard. An RTP of 96.55% means that, when a player wagers 100 Euros the game, he gets back around 96.55 Euros on average. This is in no sense a guarantee of the return, the amount you get back might be higher or lower than it, depending on your luck. In Reactoonz, the house gets the edge of 3.45% 

The volatility of Reactoonz is high. It means that the number of big wins hit in the game is lower than the average, but when they do, they are very generous and paying. The player will surely strike a number of smaller combos and prizes, but as already mentioned, the chance of getting big prizes is fairly low. Due to this, this game is more suitable for those players who have a bit of experience in online casino games.

And this slot has a great Quantum Feature, which keeps paying out more and more payout as we progress in the game, so all we need is just patience.


Maximum Win in Reactoonz

As Reactoonz has a rating of highly volatile, it is not difficult to gather an excellent fortune in the base game itself. But you can also trigger several features in the game. The cascading win option is probably the best thing in the game; this eliminates the matching symbols in the game and makes space for the symbols above them to fill in their vacant spaces. Which then can trigger another win based on those new symbols. This is a chain win and can keep on happening until there are no more combos left. 

But the most sought-after feature of the game is the Gargantoon feature, which activates when you fill all 5 Reactoonz Quantum Leap Meters at one go, and it is the best chance a player can get to win the max jackpot, which is a humongous 4,750x of your original bet.

Being a cascading win game, Reactoonz has no fixed paylines. You can win in any number of symbols which are unpredictable. When a player strikes five or more similar symbols together in one spin, a winning cluster is formed. The single-eyed symbols are comparatively low playing than the two-eyed ones, which give a significant amount. The most lucrative symbols would be the two-eyed pink aliens, which can payout a gigantic 1200x payout (This is when you form a cluster of 15 or more similar symbols).


How to strike a Big Win in the Reactoonz Slot Machine

Reactoonz uses the cluster mechanism to determine the wins. It means that when five or more similar symbols appear on the grid, they chain together. And the position of the individual symbols is of great importance in the slot; the matching symbols need to be adjacent to each other if they are to be chained for wins. They can be adjacent to each other either in the reels or in the rows. The diagonal symbols are not considered adjacent in the slot. 

Then, when you successfully land the similar symbols together, they chain together and then are removed from the game. Then their empty places are filled with the symbols above them. This is the cascading win feature of Reactoonz. This feature is known by different names in the online casino world; it is also called Avalanche Reels, Tumbling Reels, or just plain Reactions. 

A whirl of yellow light denotes the wild symbol in the game; this symbol does not land on the grid on its own but instead needs to be generated by the player. When you spin the slot, you will notice that a random symbol in the game starts showing a glow of light. If you successfully land a combination with this symbol, it will give you two Wild symbols in the spin that follows.

There is also the great Gargantoon feature, which will also generate wild symbols randomly in the game by simply blasting between 4 and 8 of them onto the reels at random.

Quirky special features of Reactoonz

Quirky special features of Reactoonz


The Bonus feature in Reactoonz

In Reactoonz, once you collect a total of 25 symbols in the meter, the energy stored in those symbols is transferred to the Quantum Meter. This is placed on the other side of the grid, holding the reels.

There are four different Quantum Leap Reel Modifiers:

1. Implosion - This will transform the symbols in the game into wild symbols. Anywhere between three and six symbols can be converted into wilds. 

2. Alteration - When triggered, the game automatically selects one of the low-value symbols. It will transform it into a different symbol, making it easier for the player to land better combos.

3. Demolition - When Demolition is triggered, it will clear all the low-value one-eyed symbols from the game, including the matching symbols.

4. Incision - Incision will put a Wild symbol in the center of the grid. And it also places matching symbols across the diagonal lines. Thus, it potentially creates winning combinations as it does it.


The Gargantoon Feature

The Gargantoon is the most sought-after feature of the game. So naturally, all the players want this as the Quantum Bonus. But the twist is that it is only activated once all the other four bonuses have been completed in the game. And to trigger this, you will have to collect 25 more symbols in the Reactoonz Meter.

If you manage to spin the Gargantoon, it will be something worth the wait. First, it will leap onto the reels and will take a space of 3x3. Second, it will act as a wide symbol and thus can result in some heavy wins. But the fun doesn't end here; it will then further divide into two 2x2 wilds, which will again result in some great wins. And then again, when a win is struck, the Gargantoon will finally transform into nine small Gargantoon Wilds. They will take single spaces and will give the player another opportunity to strike amazing combos.

The Instability Bonus 

This is a special bonus to spice up your game when it is going plain. When the player spins a non-winning spin, the Gargantoon will randomly throw wild symbols onto the reels. Thus, anywhere between four to eight wild symbols will be thrown on the grid, which will increase the chances of wins.

Different Quantum Features of Reactoonz

Different Quantum Features of Reactoonz


How to play Reactoonz for free?

The demo version of the online slot is available here at BETO. So you can play the game and explore it without risking real money. Playing the demo versions is a great way to explore the different features of the video slots.


Cross Device support of Reactoonz

Reactoonz can be played on an array of different devices. Like most of the other games from Play'n GO, this game can also be played on most of your devices. You can play the slot on your mobile and computer both. It also has the support of both android and iOS devices. 

The players don't need to download any software for playing the game, it can be played directly using a browser. It's pretty simple, just open your favorite online casino, and start gambling. Approved casinos have completely changed the world of gambling, you can have a full-fledged casino experience with the comfort of your home.

A sample of the 7x7 grid in Reactoonz

A sample of the 7x7 grid in Reactoonz


Final Verdict for Reactoonz

Reactoonz would be the most unique and innovative video slot you will ever play. In recent years, not many slots have been there which have such features.

The online players must have played Energoonz, which is the prequel of Reactoonz. It will show them the amount of innovation and upgrades which have been done by the Play'n Go team in the making of this game. The upgraded GFX, better sounds, and the upgraded elements are the results of the hard work done by the developers.

The high volatility of the games also lays its effect on the players. Patience is the key to the game, and it might take a while to strike a golden win. And it is advised to the new players in the online casino world that they try the demo games first.

Unlike most other slots in the online slots world, Reactoonz does not offer free spins. But this is compensated by the number of bonus features in the game.


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Reactoonz - FAQs

Are there free spins in Reactoonz?

There are no free spins in the slot, but there are plenty of other bonus features which make up for it. There are different features like Quantum Leap, Wilds, Multipliers. The Gargantoon is the signature feature of Reactoonz.

What is the volatility of Reactoonz?

The volatility of Reactoonz is high. The chances of hitting big wins are lower than average, but their values are high, which makes up for fewer occurrences. Patience is the key in such high volatility games.

What is the maximum prize you can win in this slot?

The highest value of the multiplier is capped to 4,750x of your original stake.

What is the bonus round feature in Reactoonz?

After you strike a win in the slot, the winning symbols cleared from the grid will be added in the game's meter called Reactoonz Meter. When 25 symbols are collected in the game, they are transferred to the Quantum Meter, which triggers the game's bonus features.

What are other games which you suggest to play?

The sequel to Reactoonz is a perfect game for the players who love Reactoonz. But if they want to play something a little different, they can play other cluster games by Play'n GO like Moon Princess and Honey Rush. These are some excellent slots by the game developer.