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Legacy Of Egypt is a fun-filled Egypt based slot by Play'n GO. The slot follows the classic structure with 5 reels and 3 rows. There are 30 fixed paylines in Legacy Of Egypt, and they will give you different chances to hit a win in the slot. The slot is super electric due to its various features like Free Spins and Wheel of the Gods.

Release: 25.04.2018
Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON
Max Win: X5000

Written by: Julius De Vries | The review was last updated: 13 May 2024 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

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Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots

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OpenGreat Visuals

OpenCool Free Spin feature

OpenSpecial Pyramid Spins

OpenThe top jackpot is worth 5,000x

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Facts About the Slot

Slots Provider Play'n GO

Slots Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON

Slots RTP% 94.50

Slots Game type Slots

Slots Jackpot No

Bet Range & Game Layout

Slots Minimum bet 0.30

Slots Maximum bet 300.00

Slots Reels 5

Slots Rows 3

Slots Paylines 30

Game Themes

Adventure Legends Ancient civilizations

Game Features

Bonus wheel FreeSpins Multiplier RTP range Multiplier Scatter symbols FreeSpins Wild


Anubis Cleopatra Pharaoh Gods

The paytable of Legacy Of Egypt

The paytable of Legacy Of Egypt

Intro to Legacy Of Egypt

Legacy Of Egypt is based on the mysteries and secrets of the Egyptian culture; the Great Pyramids situated in Giza hold different tombs and crypts. Those tombs are the hidden treasures that you are determined to discover. The theme of the slot strongly influences the visual elements of the slot; the symbols and the background of the slot add to the Egyptian beauty of the slot. 

As the game starts, you will see the beautiful background of the slot; in the background, you can see the different pyramids and huge dunes of sand; in the sides of the reels, there are pillared walls that complete the look of a ruined tomb or temple somewhere unknown in the vast Egyptian desert. 

There are two sets of symbols in Legacy Of Egypt, the low-value symbols and the high paying symbols. The low values symbols in the slot are the classic card-based symbols; there are the K, Q, J, and A, there are easy to spot as most of the best online slots follow this format to mark the Low-Paying symbols. The slot's high-paying symbols are the picture symbols; their pictures are of different Egyptian rulers and deities. There are a total of 6 different high paying symbols in the slot, and they will give you payouts when you land these high-paying and low paying symbols in combos of three or more. 

Apart from these regular symbols, there are two special symbols in the slot, the Scatter symbol and the Wild symbol. The wild symbol in the slot is the Winged Scarab Beetle; it will substitute your regular symbols for making it easy for you to land wins. The Scatter symbol is the Spinning Pyramid symbol; it will give you Bonus Free Spins round if you land sufficient of these symbols on the reels. 


Graphics and Theme of Legacy Of Egypt

Legacy Of Egypt is one of the most beautiful slots by Play'n GO; the slot features a very magical and adventurous theme based on Ancient Egyptian culture. Egyptian themed slots are super fun to play; they are dynamic and adventurous; you will never know what will happen in the next spin. The vast culture of Ancient Egypt inspires the different Special Bonuses and Bonus Rounds. You will be totally tempted by the beautiful dunes and the eye-pleasing Pyramids. Just after a few minutes of playing, you will realise that this is not just another Egyptian themed slot; it is because Legacy Of Egypt has far better graphics and Special Features
The theme inspires the various visual elements of the slots. The symbols in the slot are totally designed according to the culture-rich theme of the slot. The High-Paying symbols in the slot are picture based; you will see that they are the different pictures of different lords and gods in the Egyptian culture. These pictures are wonderfully designed; the pictures look as if they are small strips in a comic book, such as the level of detail and colour theme. The low-value symbols in the slot may be regular card symbols, but don't fool yourself by thinking that they are ordinary; these card symbols have a cool looking ancient touch to the theme, the font of these symbols looks very striking and appealing, you will love the overall vibe of the slot.

The developers in the world of online slots love this theme s much as you do; this theme perfectly matches the different bonus features and benefits that come in this slot to ease your gameplay. This theme has inspired various elements in the physical casino world as well. The great Egyptian pyramids totally inspire the very famous Luxor Casino; it is situated in the city of casinos Las Vegas.

High Paying symbols in Legacy Of Egypt

High Paying symbols in Legacy Of Egypt


How To Play - Legacy Of Egypt

How To Play

Legacy Of Egypt is a 30 payline slot, and you will win a payout in this slot when you land a winning combo on one of these paylines. You will have to set the bet in the slot before spinning the reels. You have a wide range of betting options available in Legacy Of Egypt to choose from, and you can set a bet according to your budget. The lowest you can bet is the slot is worth 0.30 coins per spin, and it can be increased to a maximum level of 90 coins per spin. New players are suggested to play with smaller bets, and this is because they usually play with smaller budgets, and likewise, the vet gamblers can choose high bets. 

Be careful while setting the bet amount; your bet should be selected, keeping in mind your gambling budget. Try to set a bet that allows you at least 50 spins, and this will spread the slot's features and rewards evenly throughout the game. 

After selecting the bet level, you have to spin the reels. The spin button is placed on the bottom right corner of the game screen. There is also an auto spin button alongside that spin button, and this auto spin button will automatically spin the reels on the slot a fixed number of times. With the help of this autoplay feature, you can sit back and relax, and the slot will do all the work. Be careful while using this autoplay feature; if your day is not good, it can empty your wallet in a snap, and you won't even know about it. 

How To Win

Winning is straightforward in Legacy Of Egypt; you will win a payout when you land a combo of three similar symbols on one of the paylines of the slot. The value of your payout will depend on the number of symbols in the combo and their values. If you get a long combo with 4 or 5 symbols, your reward will be greatly increased. The value of the combos is directly related to the value of the symbols in the combo. If you land a combo of the high-level picture symbols, you will get a generous payout. You can check the different combos possible in the slot and their respective payouts on the paytable of the slot. It can be accessed in the control panel of the game.

Special Feature in Legacy Of Egypt

Special Feature in Legacy Of Egypt


Special Features in Legacy Of Egypt

Symbol Payouts

The most lucrative symbol in the slot is the wild symbol, which the Golden Scarab denotes. After the Wild symbol, the symbol of Cleopatra is the most paying symbol in the slot. The Pharoah is the highest paying symbol after Cleopatra. After these symbols, the remaining symbols with high values are Ra, Anubis, Sobek, and Sekhmet. The Scarab Wild will pay you a return worth 16.6x for getting 5 symbols on a payline. After it, the Cleopatra  Pays 10x for 5 on a payline, then comes the Pharaoh with a payout of 8.3x for landing 5 on a payline. Then comes the Ra with a return of 6.6x for 5 on a payline, and Anubis, which pays 4.1x for 5 on a payline. Then come the Sobek and the Sekhmet.

The card symbols are the low-paying symbols in the slot; they will pay you worth 1.6x for five of a kind combos. 

The Wild

The Wild is the most valuable symbol in the slot; it will pay you the highest multiplier of 16.6x for landing a combo of 5 symbols on the paylines. Its alluring Gold Scarab symbol can identify the wild symbol. This Wild symbol will substitute all the regular symbols in the slot to help you in landing payouts.

The Scatter

The Scatter symbol in Legacy Of Egypt will help you to trigger the Free Spin Bonus Round in Legacy Of Egypt. When you land a minimum of 3 Scatters, you will trigger the Free Spin bonus. The Free Spins are very rewarding for two reasons: first is that these Free Spins are free, as the name already suggests, and the second reason is that these Free Spins have special benefits, like multipliers and increased hit rates. 

Winning Free Spin multipliers in Legacy Of Egypt

Winning Free Spin multipliers in Legacy Of Egypt


Free Spins and Jackpot Max Win in Legacy Of Egypt

Free Spin Bonus 
The main Special feature in the slot is the Free Spin bonus feature. It is where you will get the highest payouts in the whole slot. It can give you increased multipliers along with the traditional Free Spins. It can give you increased multipliers along with the traditional free spins. The Free Spins are triggered when you land 3 or more Scatter Symbols. By landing this combo, you will instantly win a 5x combo on your bet and some Free Spins. You rarely get Direct Payouts along with Free Spins. The unique Enchanted Wheel will decide the number of Free Spins you will get. 

In this Enchanted Wheel, you can get a minimum of 3 free spins, and this number can increase to a max of 20 free Spins, and it is not like you are never going to get 20 Free Spins; this Enchanted Wheel feature is very generous. 

Free Spins Boosters

When you trigger the Free Spin Bonus, you will get some extra bonuses in the gameplay; these will help you in your Bonus Round. In addition, you will get two additional Boosters:

  • All Pyramids will be converted into Wild Symbols.
  • In each individual Free SPin, a multiplier will be activated; the value of this multiplier will range anywhere between 2x and 10x.

Pyramid Spins

The Pyramid Spins are very generous payout bonuses in the Base Game; when you land 2 Scattered Pyramid symbols on the reels of Legacy Of Egypt, you will trigger this Special Bonus. In this bonus, you will win anywhere between 3 to 8 Free Spins; during this Bonus ROund, the value of the multiplier will be the same that you would have in the Spin during which you triggered this bonus.

The best feature of this bonus is that you can have a very high number of Free Spins in this; when you land two more Scatters in a Free Spin round, you will Re-Trigger the bonus, it will double the number of Free Spins on the wheel, in this way, you can win a maximum of 16 extra Free Spins.

Top Jackpot in Legacy Of Egypt

In Legacy Of Egypt, you will not find any traditional fixed paying Jackpot, but there is a grand multiplier that will pay you worth 5000x your bet in just a single spin. This is a very generous multiplier for a Medium Variance slot. In addition, when you play the slot on the top bet level, you will get a payout worth £450,000 in your best luck, which is just great.

Winning Pyramid Spins in Legacy Of Egypt

Winning Pyramid Spins in Legacy Of Egypt


RTP and volatility of Legacy Of Egypt

Legacy Of Egypt RTP

The RTP of Legacy Of Egypt is 96.50%. It means that on average, you should get around 96.50% of your money back in the form of payouts. Please note that the RTP is not a guarantee of the wins in any sense, it is just the average of the payout which you get, and it is measured on a long term average basis. The RTP of 96.50% is very generous, as the average Industry Standard of the slot world is around 95.50%.

The Volatility of Legacy Of Egypt

The Volatility rating of Legacy Of Egypt is Medium, medium volatility slot are the most balanced slots. these slots will give you stable wins, you will get wins in almost every 5th or 6th spin, which is great for a Modern Video Slot. Medium Volatility slots are preferred by most slot players because of their stable payouts and balanced nature, these slots are neither aggressive nor dull.

Different Special Features in Legacy Of Egypt

Different Special Features in Legacy Of Egypt


Mobile Version of Legacy Of Egypt

Cross-Device Support

Legacy Of Egypt is a superb slot; it has amazing graphics, a lovely soundtrack, and exciting features. An essential feature in any slot is its cross-device functionality; you should be able to have the fun of gambling while on the go. This is something that the developers well understand at Play'n GO. The developers have properly optimized the legacy Of Egypt at Play'n GO. You will experience no lag or frame drop while playing the mobile version of the slot; it will work smoothly. 

Free Version of Legacy Of Egypt

The Free version of Legacy Of Egypt is available on BETO; this is where you can try the different Features and Bonuses of the slot with the help of dummy money. The Free Version of a slot is similar to the original version; the only difference between the two is that you do not play and win real money in the Demo version. 

If you are new to Legacy Of Egypt, you are advised to play the slot's free version before wagering with your real, hard-earned money; this will increase your knowledge of the slot.

Free Spins in Legacy Of Egypt

Free Spins in Legacy Of Egypt


Cheats in Legacy Of Egypt

Cheats or Strategies in Legacy Of Egypt

Legacy Of Egypt is a modern video slot, and these days, all the slots are based on Random Number Generators (RNGs), which means that there will be no points of connections between two spins, and each spin will be fresh as new. Due to this, it is impossible to follow or curate any strategy to win in Legacy Of Egypt. You cannot formulate any plan to predict the outcome of the coming spin on the basis of the previous outputs, as there is no connection between any two spins of the slot. 

This is very important in Slot Games; this maintains a level of thrill in the minds of the slot players; you never know what is going to happen with you in the slot session, you can win big, and you can go empty at the same time. 

Special Features in Legacy Of Egypt

Special Features in Legacy Of Egypt


The Overall Verdict of Legacy Of Egypt

Legacy Of Egypt is a solid slot; it is one of the best online slots by Play'n GO. You will understand the beauty and the uniqueness of the slot from the moment you open it. The slot has a beautiful Ancient Egypt inspired theme, and all the different visual elements of the slots are designed keeping in mind this great theme. These days, many online slots are there with this theme, but the fun and excitement of Legacy Of Egypt are unparalleled

The slot's Ancient theme influences the background and the symbols of the slot. You will see different touches of this theme, and these will add to the level of detailing and beauty of this slot. 

The stats of Play'n GO are very assuring, and good stats are vital for any slot; these make you feel safe about the money you have put inside the slot. The slot has a generous RTP of 96.50%, which means that you will get higher than average returns on this slot. The slot's variance has been rated medium, which will deliver you a balanced gambling experience.

Legacy Of Egypt is loaded with Special Features, and you will see different bonuses like Free Spins, Wilds, and Bonus Wheels that will decide the number of Free Spins.


Frequently Asked Questions - Legacy Of Egypt

What is the Return To Player Percentage of Legacy Of Egypt? Arrow Arrow

The RTP of Legacy Of Egypt is 96%, and the variance has been rated Medium.

Is Legacy Of Egypt suitable for new players? Arrow Arrow

Yes, Legacy Of Egypt will be loved by new players, this is because the variance rating of the slot is Medium, it will give the new players a very balanced gameplay on Legacy Of Egypt.

What is the maximum prize you can win in Legacy Of Egypt? Arrow Arrow

The Top win you can land in Legacy Of Egypt is worth €150,000.

Is there a Free Spin feature in Legacy Of Egypt? Arrow Arrow

Yes, there is a Free Spin bonus feature in Legacy Of Egypt, you can trigger it using the scatter symbols in the slot. You will get Free Spins when you land 3 or more scatter symbols on the reels of Legacy Of Egypt.

Can I Win real money in Legacy Of Egypt? Arrow Arrow

Yes, of course, you can win real money on Legacy Of Egypt you just need to visit any good electronic casino to play the full-fledged version of the slot, as you will get the Free Version of the slot on BETO.