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Jumanji is a great movie-inspired slot launched recently by NetEnt. The slot is based on the super-popular cult action movie "Jumanji," launched in 1995. The Jumanji Board game, which was the main element in the movie, is the center of the slot. In addition, there are many other Special Features in the video slot like Free Spins and great Random Bonuses. 

Release: 21.06.2018
Max Win: X

Written by: Julius De Vries | The review was last updated: 31 July 2023 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

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Slot Machine Features

Bonus Buy

Bonus Buy









Ways to Win



High Quality graphics by NetEnt

Slot is filled with Bonus Features

Four Different Free Spin Bonuses

Great Resemblance to the Original Movie

Low Volatility results in Regular Wins


Max Win is Capped at 504x

Volatility might be low for Aggressive players

Facts About The Slot

Provider NetEnt


RTP% 96.33

Game type Slots

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.20

Maximum bet 200.00



Game Themes

Action Adventure Movie Jungle Big Brands

Game Features

Random Wilds Respins Substite of symbols Bonus Game Scatter symbols FreeSpins Wild



The unique Reel and Row arrangement in Jumanji

The unique Reel and Row arrangement in Jumanji

Introduction to Jumanji Slot

Being a movie-inspired slot makes Jumanji different from other slots; Jumanji is the official slot for the 1995 super-famous cult film Jumanji. The film was based on wildlife, animals, and a board game was the center of the movie; the late Robin Williams played the lead role in the movie. Jumanji was launched more than two decades ago, but it made its mark by becoming a true revolutionary movie. The movie was so legendary that it continues to inspire moviemakers all over the world. 

The developers at NetEnt have done a fabulous job of making a gambling slot based on the film. Usually, it is seen that movie-based slots are just average in their gameplay; this is because movie-based slots leave little room for developments in the slots. Thankfully this is not the case with Jumanji; the developers have created a fantastic job with unique features; once you play this slot, you will understand yourself.

The slot has a unique structure; the reels in Jumanji are placed in a diamond-like shape; it is made by changing the number of reels in the structure; this diamond-like structure will increase your chances of forming a successful combination of the symbols. The slot is based on a five-reel and multiple-row structure, and there are 36 fixed paylines in the slot. All the paylines in Jumanji remain active at all times, and you don't need to activate each payline before spinning the reels manually. Manually starting the paylines is both time-wasting and heavy on the pocket.

The movie-based theme has been inspired by many of the game's elements, like the symbols and background. These look directly taken from the movie. In addition, the soundtrack of the game also fits the theme perfectly. All these elements combined give an authentic jungle feel to this slot.

Jumanji is also loaded with many bonus features, like the signature Jumanji Board Game, Wilds, Random Bonuses, and Mystery Feature. These unique features are essential as they will keep your excitement levels high; having many unique features makes the slot very electric; there is always something going on on the game screen. 

It is almost impossible to keep track of all the bonuses offered here. We have to appreciate how all bonuses are related to the story of the movie, which shows why NetEnt is considered one of the best slot developers by many. There are various types of Free Spins too, and we will explain everything soon enough.

Once you start gambling on this game, there will be no turning back; you will remain fixed in front of your screens for hours.

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Spinning the reels in Jumanji


Graphics and Theme

The slot Jumanji is based on the 1995 cult film "Jumanji," the film's theme was animals and wildlife, and the slot also continues the same theme. The slot developers at NetEnt have done fabulous work of developing the slot based on the film.

The legendary Jumanji Board Game was the central plot of the movie, and in this slot as well, this board game is the most crucial element. The Board Game is visible in the background of the reels at all times, the whole slot is based around this game, and you continue advancing in this board game throughout the slot. 

Cinematic Development

All the different slot elements are based on the famous 1995 movie; the developers have tried their best to make sure that you relive the movie while playing on this slot. The movie-based theme inspires all the graphic elements of the slot; the symbols, for example, are designed according to a jungle theme. The basic card alphabets of the slot have a wild, jungle-inspired finish, and the picture symbols have different animals on them, like lions, pelicans, rhinos, and crocodiles; these are the high-paying symbols of the slot. 

The slot's background is the top-view of the legendary Jumanji Board Game; as you play the slot, you will advance in this board game; it looks fantastic and adds to the slot's theme. 

Audio Elements

The slot's theme also inspires the soundtrack of the slot. For Example, the music that plays in the slot's background is based on a jungle theme. The sounds played when Special Features are used in the slot are also theme-based; even the rolling sound of the reels is also curated according to the slot's theme. The developers have perfectly synced the audio and graphic elements of the slot. When you play this slot, you will experience truly immersive gameplay.

Different picture symbols and their payouts in Jumanji

Different picture symbols and their payouts in Jumanji


Bonus Features

Jumanji is filled with special bonuses and features; there are special bonuses, cash payouts, Bonus Rounds, and special symbols in the slot. In addition, there are four Special Features in the base game itself that help you trigger higher wins; these features are triggered randomly.

Monkey Mayhem

All of us have a fantasy of becoming the king of the jungle and get all the animals to work for us; Jumanji is here to fulfill that wish of yours. The special Monkey Mayhem features will cause a group of monkeys to go mad on the reels; after they leave, you will see that they have rearranged the symbols to create a new winning combination; this is a feature that will give you a guaranteed win. This feature is randomly triggered when you fail to land any winning combinations.

Sticky Vines 

This Special feature is activated at the end of a winning round; in this feature, the winning symbols on the reels will be fixed to their spots through vines, and the rest of the non-winning symbols will spin; this will give you a chance to land another winning combination. The wild symbols are also fixed at their places in this round, as they are special symbols.

Monsoon Wilds

Monsoon Wild is an extraordinary Bonus Symbol; when this bonus is triggered, any one or two reels in the slot will be transformed into expanding wild symbols. These reels will be fully covered by the wild symbols and will increase your chances of landing a winning combination. Unfortunately, this feature can not be activated on the fifth reel. 

Wild Stampede

The popular dialogue inspires wild Stampede Special Feature in the film " It's a stampede!". This feature is randomly triggered in the slot; when this feature activates, you will see that a group of giant rhinos will run across the reels and causing havoc, but it is good for you as they leave behind some wild symbols. They can leave anywhere between four to nine wild symbols.

Jumanji's Signature Board Game.

This is the best Special Feature of the slot; NetEnt has retained the famous board game in the slot version of Jumanji. There is a board game in the slot itself, and you advance in the game and collect the bonuses on the different spaces of the board game. 

This Special Feature is activated when you land a minimum of three Scatter symbols on the reels. When it happens, you will be asked to select a piece you want to play the board game with; then, you will roll two six-faced dice to get the advance in the game. You will advance the number of spaces that come on your dice; if the space you land has a bonus, you will be awarded that. The number of times you will roll the dice and advance depends on the number of Scatter Symbols you land on the reels which triggered the board game.

If you get three scatters, you will get six dice rolls; when you get four scatter symbols, you will get seven rolls, and if you are super lucky and get five scatters, you will get eight dice rolls.

The bonuses on the different spaces in the game include direct coin payouts, free spins, extra dice rolls, or mystery rewards. Question marks denote the mystery rewards, and you will only know what they contain if you land on them.  

These Mystery Rewards can contain any of the following three Bonuses:

  • Direct Coin Payouts between 2x and 10x your stake.
  • Two extra dice rolls.
  • Any of the Free Spin bonuses.
Winning a hefty jackpot in Jumanji

Winning a hefty jackpot in Jumanji


Free Spins in the Jumanji Slot Machine

It was no joke when we said that Jumanji is filled with Special Features; the special features of this slot have their own special features. For example, free Spin is a special feature in the base game, and there are four different bonuses that you can activate in the Free Spin round. Note that if you have got the Free Spin feature during the board game, you will not get another Free Spin bonus if you land on the mystery wins in the board game. The Free Spin Special Bonuses are on the corner spaces of the Board Game. 

These Special Bonuses are explained in detail below:

Vines Free Spin

Vines Bonus will give you ten free spins; each of the Free Spins of this bonus will end with a special Vine Re-Spin. In this spin, the winning symbols of the round will be fixed on their positions, and the rest of the symbols will spin. The Wild symbols will also be fixed on their spot as they are not regular symbols.

Monsoon Free Spins

The Monsoon Bonus will grant you seven Free Spins, and during the Free Spin round, one or two reels in the slot will transform into expanding wild symbols; they will help you trigger winning combos.

Monkey Free Spins

The Monkey Bonus will give you six Free Spins; during this round, after the reels stop spinning, the monkeys will climb up the symbols and rearrange them in winning combos; this will give you another sure win. This will be triggered after every spin.

Stampede Free Spin

This bonus will give you five Free Spins; in this round, the rhinos will run across the reels and leave some wild symbols after leaving.

The number of dice rolls you will get in the Board Game round will be decided by the number of bonus symbols you land on the reels. The higher the number of bonus symbols, the higher the number of dice rolls. You can win up to eight dice rolls and can get some Free Spin rounds as well.

All these Special Features add up to a total of eight special features; this high number is sure to keep your excitement levels high in the slot. As you play, something or other will keep happening on the screen, and you will have an electric gaming experience.

The maximum Jackpot you can trigger in Jumanji is a bulky 504x your bet amount; this is a great max payout considering the slot's medium volatility.

The maximum Jackpot you can trigger in Jumanji is a bulky 504x your bet amount; this is a great max payout considering the slot's medium volatility. Unfortunately, there is no Progressive Jackpot or Local Jackpot in the slot, but still, this slot provides a good Jackpot.

Landing the Mega Win Jackpot in Jumanji

Landing the Mega Win Jackpot in Jumanji


How to Play Jumanji?

Playing Jumanji is straightforward, thanks to the excellent gameplay construction by the developers at NetEnt. 

To start playing, first, you will have to decide your bet with which you want to play. Then, to set the bet, you have to set the Bet Level and the Coin Size. The bet level can be increased from level one to level ten; the bet level will decide the number of coins in the total bet; the higher the bet, the higher the number of coins. On the other hand, the coin size will decide the value of coins in a bet level. 

The controls for setting the bet are placed on the bottom of the Play Button; you use them to change the stakes before spinning around.

The minimum bet you need can set 0.10 coins, and it can be increased to a maximum of 200 coins per spin. You will win a payout if you land the winning symbols on one of the paylines in the slot; there are 36 paylines in the slot.

How To Win

Fixing the bets won't make you money; if you want to get the payouts, you will have to land the winning combinations on one of the paylines on the slot. Winning combinations are when you land three or more similar symbols adjacent to each other. Longer combos (Which include four or five identical symbols) give larger payouts than the three-of-a-kind combos. Payouts in this slot are made in multipliers, so the higher the stake, the higher the payout.

The values of the symbols are different; hence their combos also give different payouts. For example, the Lion is the most lucrative symbol of the slot; it provides a payout of 140x for a five symbol combo. After the Lion, the Rhino has the highest payout; it gives a 50x payout for a five symbol combo. Finally, the Crocodile gives a 30x payout for a five-of-a-kind combo. Then there are other symbols, the Pelican, the Ace, the King, the Queen, and the Jack; their payouts range from 25x to 7x.

Wild symbols are also present in Jumanji; these special symbols substitute for the other regular symbols in the game. However, the special symbols (The Wild and The Scatter Symbol) are not substitutes by the slot because they are non-regular symbols.


RTP and Volatility

Return To Player Percentage

The Return To Player Percentage of Jumanji is 96.45%, which means that you will get an average return of 96.33 coins if you play the slot with 100 coins. Please note that this is not a guarantee of any sort, and your actual win depends on your luck, the RTP is just the average that people usually get. An RTP of 96.45% is a decent return because it is higher than the Industry Standard, which is around 96%.


The volatility of Jumanji is rated Low to Medium by NetEnt. Low To Medium Volatility means that you will get payouts quite frequently, but their value won't be very high. Such slots are preferred by many players as they can be played with any level of betting budget. High volatility slots are less benefitting when you have a small budget.


Tips and Strategies in Jumanji Slot

Like all the other slots by NetEnt, the spins in Jumanji are based on the outcomes of the RNGs (Random Number Generators). As the outcomes are based on RNGs, you cannot influence or predict the outcomes of the spins. 

As you cannot predict the spin results, you cannot develop any reliable strategy to win money on Jumanji. But there are some tips which you can keep in mind while playing.

Choosing Bets Carefully

Choosing the bet amount is very important in Jumanji. If you choose the wrong bet amount, you might lose all your stash, so make sure you decide your bet according to your budget. Try to set a bet level that gives you a minimum amount of 50 spins. A good number of spins will help you to even out the effect of the slot.

Set the Stop-loss and Win Limits

Autospin is a great feature of Jumanji, it can save you a good deal of time, but it can also prove dangerous sometimes. For example, if you are having a bad day and set an auto spin for 100 spins, it can make your pockets go empty if you ignore your balance. For such situations, it is important that you set the stop-loss limit. It will stop the auto spin mode if your balance falls below a certain amount. In addition, win limits will stop the auto-play feature when you have won a certain amount. This also comes in handy when you have a specific target in gambling.

Special Wild symbol in Jumanji

Special Wild symbol in Jumanji


Mobile Support & Free Version

Jumanji is a great game, there is no doubt about that, but the best thing about this slot is that you can enjoy this on the go. Jumanji offers full cross-device support; you can have the amazing experience of this slot on all of your devices. Jumanji can be played on computers, mobiles, and tablets. Full support is available for iOS and Android and computers, both Mac and Windows. You won't feel any lack of gameplay quality in terms of graphics or features. The developers have perfectly optimized the games for cross-device smoothness.

Demo Play

The Demo version of the game is available here at BETO; you can play the free version of the slot with free coins. Thus, the demo version allows you to explore and understand the slot without risking your actual money in the game. However, players new to the slot should try the Free version first, as the game has many puzzling features.


Final Verdict for the Jumanji Online Slot

Jumanji is an excellent slot; the best thing about the slot is that it is based on a movie. Movie-based slots are interesting because they retain many elements from the film and let you relive the movie through a gambling mode. Jumanji is based on the 1995 cult movie "Jumanji", and the developers at NetEnt have done a great job turning the film into a slot. 

The visual elements of Jumanji are stunning; the jungle-based theme of the slot has influenced most of the slot's graphics. The different symbols of the slot have a jungle-like finish, and the high-paying picture symbols have photos of different animals. The slot's background is also the top view of the legendary Jumanji Board Game, an important part of the movie. 

The stats of Jumanji are very impressive; the RTP of 96.45% is a great assurance to the players for their money's safety. The volatility rating of Low to Medium will help in giving you regular payouts. The top jackpot in the slot is worth 504x, and it can give you an insane payout if played with the highest bet. 

You will surely love this slot; play it right now and earn a big stash!


Frequently Asked Questions - Jumanji Slot

What is the Return To Player Percentage of Jumanji slot?

Jumanji proved an RTP of 96.45% when calculated on a long-term average. It is a decent return based on the Industry Standard which is around 96%.

Is there Free Spin feature in Jumanji slot machine?

Yes, there are Free Spins in Jumanji. It can be triggered when you land Special Symbols on the reels. The Free Spin feature is very special in Jumanji, as it has its own special features like the Monkey Mayhem, The Stampede, and The Vines.

What is Jumanji slot's Volatility?

The volatility of Jumanji has been rated Low to Medium by NetEnt. Low to medium volatility of the slot makes this slot suitable for most players

What is the Top Jackpot available in Jumanji video slot?

The top win of Jumanji is worth 504x. It is a great Jackpot keeping in mind the Low to HIgh Volatility of the Slot.

Is Jumanji the Official Slot for the movie Jumanji slot?

Yes, Jumanji is the Official Slot for the Movie. The developers have included some actual clips from the Movie, and the slot retains many of the movie's famous elements.