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Card Games - Complete Guide to Playing Cards & Winning (2024)

Classic games vs the board games. Official rules in casino card games played online.

Fun and Popular Card Games Every Card Player Should Learn

Classic games vs the board games. Official rules in casino card games played online.

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 12 August 2022 | Fact-check by: Jasmin Williams

Kim Birch has won and lost against the best poker pros worldwide. In addition to being an expert in poker and blackjack, Kim has also published 3 books. About Kim Birch

Traditional games with cards whether it be a two player game or other classic games then playing cards are one of the most fun and popular ways to be entertained and gamble. A simple deck of 52 playing cards lets you play numerous games with hours of endless fun. Specific card game variants like crazy eights and the gambling game blackjack are widely popular and accepted. They're played everywhere, at house parties, family gatherings, casinos, etc.

With this super high popularity and easy accessibility, every person in this world must know a card game or two. But even so, a lot of people don't know much about many of the favourite games among card players worldwide. Some people don't even know the names of the 4 different card suits.


Collectible card game types are also on the rise among players so this article is especially for these players who want a quick intro to the world of playing cards. We have curated concise and informative game intros for some of the most popular card gambling titles.

Card combinations, matching cards, face up cards and hiddien cards in two or more players game variants make gametheory and skill just as interesting than in any board game you can play.

Although the French solidified the classic 4-suit card deck containing 52 cards in the 1400s, card games were invented many centuries earlier in the Far East. Numerous classic card-based gambling titles emerged with passing time, and cards became an indispensable part of every gambling session.

Today, numerous card sets exist, and many card-based games are based on unique sets rather than the classic 52-card deck containing spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds suits. However, the popularity of the classic deck remains unparalleled and unchallenged, and some of the most popular games, including Poker, online Baccarat, and Blackjack, are based on it.


Standard rules and principles in many games involving cards

Classic trick taking game and new game types can be played online.

Classic trick taking game and new game types can be played online.

The standard deck of cards is used in most of the card games we play today. It doesn't matter whether you're playing it online or offline. The classic 52-card deck is almost every venue's standard.

Now, let's understand the different cards available in these decks. In the standard playing deck, there are 4 suits of 13 cards each. There's a joker for each of these 4 suits as well.

This makes it a total of 52 playing cards, along with 4 jokers. The jokers are not considered a part of the standard deck as they are used in only some games, and you need to remove them before playing certain titles.

Joker cards are used as wild cards in many card games, like some casino poker variations. Interestingly, the joker has no real value of its own, and it acts like a chameleon, taking the place of any card you need to improve your game. The joker neither has its suit nor any rank.

The clubs and spades suits are black coloured while the diamonds and hearts are coloured in red. These suits also have their own different symbols.

Almost every card game works on certain rules based on the ranks, suits, and other combinations and matches these 52 different cards.


Different Types of Card Games with two decks or more

You can play Card Games online and in live modes as well

You can play Card Games online and in live modes as well

Game experts have classified card games into different types based on the gameplay and the goals you need to achieve in different games. Here are the 4 major types of card games you'll commonly come across:

Exchanging Games

THis type of game involves players to trade cards with each other or from the card deck, usually placed at the table's centre. The best examples of exchanging games are Rummy games.

Trick Taking Games

Most tricks forcused card gameplay require you to play with your cards face-up on the table, and you'll see who wins the trick. Younger children usually love these games, and these are usually the first card games people learn. Some examples are Hearts, Spades, and Bridge.

Comparing Games

Players compare their hands with each other in these games and determine who the winner is. Blackjack variations are perfect examples.

Solitaire Games

These card games are usually played by a single player. The objective in such games is usually to put the deck in a certain order using specific mechanisms and methods. Some solitaire games can also be played competitively.

What is the ultimate goal of games focused on cards?

Every card game has its own goal. The end goal of almost every card game is one of the following:

  • Comparing cards
  • Getting cards
  • Getting rid of cards
  • Capturing cards
  • Combining cards


Manners and Etiquettes in Card Games

Number of players often means Etiquette Is more in focus.

Number of players often means Etiquette Is more in focus.

Card games should be played with manners and etiquette. These games are for civilised players, and cheating is strictly prohibited and despised in every game.

Watch any old wild-west themed films, and you'll realise the importance of basic etiquette in games. Getting shot or beaten up is common in such movies if you're caught cheating at Poker and other games.

So, the first and the most important etiquette of a card game is NO CHEATING. Never ever.

There are other etiquettes as well which you should understand easily enough.

- Don't slow down the game

Everybody just hates it when you stop paying attention to the game and the pace slows down. A bit of casual conversation is okay, but never at the game's expense. When you're playing a game, you should concentrate on the game only. If you want to chill and talk, meet for coffee or drinks.

- Be a good host

When hosting a game, keep in mind that your equipment, like cards, chips, etc., is in good shape and condition. Nobody likes worn-out things, and if you can't arrange things, you should probably pass. This is an important point many players overlook.

- Try not to eat or drink

Unless all players are responsible and careful, food and drinks should be avoided by players at a game. The cards and other equipment can get messed up, and you wouldn't want that.

- Other basic etiquettes

The general card dealing rituals should also be followed in every session.

One shouldn't look at the cards until all other cards have been dealt.

The dealer should wait for the correct timing for asking the player to cut the deck. Deck cutting should be carefully done with a single hand only and towards the dealer, which finishes the cut and places the remaining deck on its top.

Dealing should be done in the clockwise direction, starting from the left. A single card should be given to a player at one time, and this should continue until every player has a card. Then, if needed, the same exercise is repeated again.

Never criticize any other player's play, and no comments should be passed on a hand you're not involved in.

These are some pretty basic but very important etiquettes you should keep in mind while playing card games.


5 Popular Card Games you can learn

This list we will present contains only casino card games, and you'll easily find all of these games in the card games categories of both online and offline casinos.

Luckily, you can also play these games in live formats, where you'll play with real dealers and players.

Remember that the real casino games in live formats ask you to gamble actual money. So, make sure you start a game with confidence and that in mind. If you feel you still need a bit of practice, you can always learn and test them through the demo versions.


1. BlackJack is your the Top Card Game!

European Blackjack MH (Play'n GO)

BlackJack holds the No.1 rank in player counts online in 2022.
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BlackJack holds the No.1 rank in player counts online in 2022.

Whenever talking about popular card games, BlackJack is always mentioned. According to numerous polls and rankings, BlackJack is now the most popular and widely played card game worldwide.

Poker was earlier the most popular card title, but BlackJack recently overtook this position. A lot of Poker players show the same admiration for BlackJack as well.

In BlackJack, you compare your cards with the dealer's cards. This means that you play against the dealer rather than any other player.

The main idea in BlackJack is to beat the dealer's hand. Either you can get 21 points on the first two cards, which is known as BlackJack, or you can get an end score that is higher than the dealer's score. You can also let the dealer draw out more cards until they exceed the score of 21.

Just like most gambling titles, BlackJack is available in the classic version as well as in some modified variants. Double Exposure BlackJack, Vegas Style BlackJack, and Pontoon are some of the game's most popular versions.


  • RTP - 99,43% 
  • Available in online casinos - Yes
  • Available in Live Casinos - Yes
  • Available versus Live Dealers - Yes
  • Available versus other players - No


2. Learning Poker is a must for every card player

Video: Card Games - Complete Guide to Playing Cards & Winning (2024)

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Pokerstars is one of the best venues to enjoy online Poker

The classic game of Poker remains to be the only game where players play against players instead of the house. Instead of winning from the player, the house makes money by taking a rake (a scaled commission fee) from each pot. However, skilled players win huge payouts even after paying the rake.

Poker is a quite complex card game, unlike other card-based titles. Interestingly, the rules and complexity of Poker make it the perfect game for pro gamblers. Players can curate different winning strategies and gambling systems. You can exploit and confuse your opponents, and you can choose whom to play against. Like every card game, there is no "perfect" or "optimal" strategy for playing Poker, as your game depends entirely on who you are playing against.

A Poker player must always keep practicing and updating his or her strategy. There is no limit to your skills, and room for improvement is always there. Even if you are the most skilled player in the world, some other player can develop a better and more effective strategy to counter yours.

So, players who like to play and gamble with big amounts regularly must maintain and improve their games and playing strategy.


3. Baccarat, the gambling classic loved by Kings and Queens

Mini Baccarat (Play'n GO)

Try Mini Baccarat and understand the rules
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Try Mini Baccarat and understand the rules

Baccarat is the favourite game of high-stake gamblers who like to play big, including Phil Ivey, the Poker legend, and BETO's own Ricki Kristensen as well. In Baccarat, hands are played between the Player and the Banker in each round. Both sides try to get as near as having 9 points by following the rules.

As a player, you either bet on the Player's side or on the Banker's side. Fresh bets are placed at the end of each round. Also, you need to make a choice every time before both sides are dealt 2 cards each.

According to Baccarat rules, the 10s and face cards denote zero points, aces mean a single point, and the 2 to 9 numerical cards carry their face value. The total of the dealt cards is added for both sides. If the total value is more than 10, then the "1" is removed from the point total.

For Example, a pair of ♠5 and ♥4 will be counted as nine total points, while a pair of ♦8 and ♠8 will be counted as a total of 6 points (16 with the 1 removed).

After the card dealing process is complete, the real action starts. A point total of 8 or 9 points is called a "natural" in Baccarat terms. If either side is dealt a natural, the round comes to an end.

If neither side is dealt a natural, the Player will take a card on totals of 5 or less than 5. Total points of 6 or 7 require the Player to stand.

After this process is done, the action starts on the Banker's side. If the Player's current total is a 6 or 7, the Banker will take out a card on 5 or less or will stand if it's not the case.

In case the Player draws a third card from the deck, the Banker will also either draw a card or stand still, based on the rules. The action won't matter, and the side with a total closer to 9 will win.

Winning Player bets give out even payouts, while the Banker bets pay even money after deducting a 5% commission. This commission is charged as the Banker bet enjoys a winning advantage statistically.

Ties between the Banker and Player side give an 8 to 1 payout. Some casinos also allow the placement of some side bets, like the Banker Pair, the Player Pair, etc.


4. The Rise & Popularity of Pontoon - A Superb Casino Card Game

Enjoy the action-loaded Pontoon

Enjoy the action-loaded Pontoon

Pontoon is a name shared by two different card game variations, both of them are also popularly considered blackjack variants. In most regions, this game is almost similar to the classic BlackJack game. On the other hand, certain regions have their own card game titles that resemble Pontoon.

You can clearly differentiate between Pontoon and Blackjack variants by noticing verbal usage of the terms "Stick" and "Twist". Pontoon's online versions use a single standard 52-card deck, and the terms "Stick" and "Twist" mean "Buy" and "Hit", respectively.

For most BlackJack experts this may feel and sound quite familiar, and we're sure you won't face any issues in getting familiar with this exciting game. However, we recommend you try this game through the free demo modes to get familiar with the rules and mechanics. Once you feel you've got the hang of it, you can shift to an actual money-based game.


  • RTP - Very high, up to 99.60%
  • Available in Online Casinos - Yes
  • Available in Live Casinos - No
  • Available versus Live Dealers - Yes
  • Available versus other players - No


5. Casino War is a fun-packed Card Game

The easy-to-learn Casino War is a simple yet fantastic Card Game

The easy-to-learn Casino War is a simple yet fantastic Card Game

The most simple game, in the card games section, in a casino would be "Casino War". You'll understand this interesting game instantly if you've ever played the card game "War" as a kid.

In Casino War, every round begins when the card player makes a bet. One card is then dealt to the player and the dealer from the six-deck shoe. In most games, the six-deck shoe is used.

Your objective in Casino War is super simple, and you just need to draw a card higher than the dealer. The Duece is the lowest card in the deck, and the Ace is the highest one. In Casino War, the Ace isn't considered the lowest card, unlike many card games.

The mechanics of this straightforward card game couldn't have been easier. If your card is higher than that of the dealer's, you'll win even money on your wager. In case your card is lower than the dealer's, you'll lose your bet money.

In case both you and the dealer get cards of the same ranks, you'll get the option to take the game into the exciting "War" mode. Choosing this would ask you to double the initial bet. However, you can surrender half of your bet to end the round immediately.

In the War mode, the dealer will burn three cards and will deal the player and the dealer himself another card each. If the player gets a higher card, they are given even money on the War mode raise, and the original bet is a push.

If the dealer gets a higher card than the player, the player loses both the original bet and the raise. Thus, the real house edge in Casino War comes from this War round, where you can win only one bet but lose 2. If another tie happens in this War mode, the game can continue further at the player's wish.

The players get bonus bets in some casinos when a second War round begins and for further war rounds, if any.

Kim Birch, our card game expert here at, puts the house edge in Casino War at 2.88% if the player always chooses to enter the "War" mode. If the player always chooses to surrender when a tie strikes, the house edge gets increased to 3.7%.


Easy & Simple Card Games to enjoy with Family & Friends

Enjoy simple and easy to play Card Games with Family & Friends

Enjoy simple and easy to play Card Games with Family & Friends

If you're looking for a simple game to play with a friend, a good pastime to spend time with family, or an excellent icebreaker for your first date, you should go ahead with a fun 2-player card game.

Many easy-to-play games just take a couple of minutes to learn but give hours and hours of fun. Here are some of the best simple card games for 2 players:

Go Fish

This is a classic card game where players try to form card pairs. Interestingly, this game is not limited to just two players, and multiple players can enjoy this.

You will be asking the other player directly for their cards. It works like this, if a player asks, "Do you have any queens?" then the other player must give them all of those cards. However, if they don't have the card/s, they'll ask their opponent to "go fish", and then the opponent will then take out a random card from the deck. When a player forms a pair, they must put it in front of them. When all the cards have been laid out, the game ends, and the player with the most number of pairs wins the game.

Crazy 8

The Crazy 8 is a fun card game where your goal is to get rid of all the cards in hand. So, it's a shedding game. You can get rid of cards in a couple of different ways.

Each player gets 7 cards in the 2 player version. The remaining deck is put in the centre, and the top card from the deck starts the discard pile.

Assume that the top card in a pile is a 2 of hearts. Now, the first player will have these different choices:

  • Play any other heart  card onto the discard pile
  • Play any 2-numbered card onto the discard pile
  • Play any 8-numbered card onto the discard pile (8s work like wilds). Now, this player gets to choose a card suit, and the game will continue as if that discarded 8 was the chosen suit.
  • If none of the above is possible, they draw cards from the remaining deck until a card fit to play is drawn.

The game continues like this, and when a player loses all the cards, the round comes to an end.


Duel is a card matching game where your memory decides how you will perform.

Two players lay out their whole 52-card standard decks in front of them, and the game starts. Player 1 reveals any one of the cards, and then Player 2 does the same thing. If the cards are a pair, then that pair goes to Player 2. Then, the roles are reversed, and Player 2 shows one of his cards first, followed by Player 1. The game goes on like this until one of the players wins the majority of pairs (27 pairs).

So, the only thing which will help you in Duel is your memory. If you can effectively remember the positions of your cards and your opponent's cards, you are all set. Strategy is also an important factor in Duel. For Example, if you know where both queens of hearts are, then there's a strong chance your opponent knows their position too. So, you wouldn't want to select the queen of hearts as a first card, as your opponent might grab that pair.

Although Duel's rules are straightforward, the actual game is fierce, challenging, and intense. You have to try your best to outsmart your opponent.


Find the Perfect Card Game for you and let the Fun begin!

Card Games are simple yet very fun-loaded

Card Games are simple yet very fun-loaded

These were some of the simplest yet the most fun-loaded card games you can play with just 2 players.

There is a Card game available for every situation. There are friendly games, memory-boosting games, puzzle games, classic casino games, and simple games that are fantastic icebreakers.

Note that many card games can be played for free here at We have linked the demo games of various popular card game titles. Use these demos and become expert cardplayers in no time!



Frequently Asked Questions about Card Games

Card games are one of the simplest ways of having fun. Just get a standard deck, and you'll have hours of fun. Although Card Games are some of the most straightforward gaming titles, many people have certain doubts and misconceptions about card games, which doesn't let them enjoy these fantastic games.

We have tried to clear such doubts in this extensive FAQ section.

How many Cards are there in a Standard Card Deck? Arrow Arrow

The standard card deck has a total of 52 playing cards. There are 4 different suits of 13 cards each, and there's a joker in every suit. The joker is not considered a part of the standard deck as it's not used in every game.

What exactly is a Card Game? Arrow Arrow

Playing cards are an amazing entertainment source. Numerous games have been developed based on these cards, and these games are known as card games. Some of the most popular card games are Poker, Baccarat, and BlackJack.

What are different Types of Card Games? Arrow Arrow

Each card game has a different winning way. In some games, you win by emptying your hand, whereas, in some games, you win by getting valuable cards. Based on these rules and winning strategies, card games can be broadly divided between Exchanging, Trick Taking, Solitaire, and Comparing games.

What are The Different Cards in a Suit? Arrow Arrow

There are 4 card suits in a standard 52 card deck, and each suit carries 13 cards. The first 1 to 10 cards are numbered cards, and then there is the Jack (11th card), the Queen (12th card), and the King (13th card). Cards have their ranks as well. Generally, cards are ranked in increasing order in the exact order we mentioned here.

Are all Card Games gambling games? Arrow Arrow

No, you can play card games just for fun too. Simply don't put any stake or bet in the game, and play for the sake of winning or losing, and you can enjoy harmless fun. For example, you can play Poker with your friends by giving everybody chips for free.

How can I play Card Games online for free? Arrow Arrow

Card games are very popular in online casinos. You can play almost every physically played card game in online venues too, like Baccarat, BlackJack, Pontoon, Bridge, etc. Just visit an online casino offering card games, and select your favourite one.

What are Basic Etiquettes every player should know? Arrow Arrow

Manners in card games are very important. You need to abide by the rules and etiquette if you want to play at a serious table. The most important etiquette is not to cheat. You can get banned forever at casinos and even imprisoned if you're found cheating. There should be no distractions during a game, and the equipment like cards and chips should be in good condition.

What are Live Card Games? Arrow Arrow

Online casinos now offer you Live Card Games titles where you can enjoy your favorite card games with actual live dealers from the comfort of your home. These live games actually take place physically at a distant studio, and the footage gets streamed to your screens through the internet.

Simple Card Games that can be played between just 2 players? Arrow Arrow

Duel, Crazy 8, and Go Fish are some simple yet addictive card games that you can learn in just a few minutes and can be played between 2 players. These games are straightforward, and you'll understand them instantaneously.

How can I get better at Card Games? Arrow Arrow

Like everything else in this world, you can improve your skills in any game by practising. Luckily, most online card games have special demo versions, which you can try for free. These demo versions are the perfect ways to improve your gameplay. You'll find the demos of all your favourite card games here at