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DJ Fox
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DJ Fox by Push Gaming

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DJ Fox Review

DJ Fox

DJ Fox slot gives you the opportunity to enjoy a live DJ performance and also stack up some big wins. Spin the unique 3-reel, single-row setup to activate the Multiplier Meter and Row Activation features for bigger wins through Respins and Multipliers. The Meter Lock bonus is also there to allow you to save your progress and continue a winning streak.

In this DJ Fox slot review, we will see if it is worth buying a ticket to this exclusive event or not.

Release: 14.12.2023
Max Win: X10000

Written by: Julius De Vries | The review was last updated: 03 April 2024 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

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Slot Machine Features

Bonus Buy

Bonus Buy



Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots





Ways to Win



Multiplier Meter with Multipliers worth up to 20x

Max Win of 10,000x of your bet

Row Activation feature

Vibrant music theme

Innovative idea


High variance

Only a single row is active in the beginning

Facts About The Slot

Provider Push Gaming


RTP% 96.28

Game type Slots

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.10

Maximum bet 100.00

Reels 3

Rows 1

Game Themes


Game Features

Bonus Bet Additive symbol Reel set Changing Collect Energy Respins RTP range Multiplier

DJ Fox Review by BETO Slots

DJ Fox Review by BETO Slots

Introducing DJ Fox Online Slot

DJ Fox slot stands out for many reasons which include its theme and the single active row that awards wins at the beginning of the game. Push Gaming has made a bold choice by going for a layout with 3 reels and only one active row. The good news is that you can activate up to 5 rows and also get a Win Multiplier worth up to 20x by using the bonuses.

Since the game starts with only one row active, the bonuses will help you activate more rows and also award you Respins to get wins on the new rows. Multipliers can be unlocked by collecting the VIP symbols during a round. Meter Lock and the Push-Up feature are also available, and we will explore them in detail in the bonus section.

Don't miss out on the exceptional bonuses and the impressive DJ Fox gameplay movie. Curious how you can maximize your winnings? Keep reading to find out more or explore other free online slots to play for fun.

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Gameplay of DJ Fox from Push Gaming


Theme & Design: Neon Rave Experience

Theme & Design: Neon Rave Experience

Theme & Design: Neon Rave Experience

Theme and Design

DJ Fox drops you right into a neon-soaked underground club, with DJ Fox himself spinning the decks in the top right corner. The pulsating colours and vibrant visuals scream party vibes, making you feel like you're on a wild night out rather than just spinning reels.

Push Gaming has gone all out with the attention to detail, from the shiny symbols to the electric background with several massive speakers. It's an immersive experience that's all about getting lost in the music and atmosphere.

Music and Soundtrack

The soundtrack is an absolute tune. From the moment you hit spin, you're hit with thumping basslines and catchy electronic beats that wouldn't be out of place at a festival mainstage. The dynamic sound effects enhance the gameplay, making every win feel like a drop. Trust me, you'll be bobbing your head along to the music in no time - it's that good.


Symbols & Payouts

This musical slot is incomplete without the amazing symbols, so let's see how much they pay.

  • Dud Symbol: A blank symbol with no value
  • VIP Symbol (a boombox with 'VIP' written on it): Collects into the Multiplier meter, activates the next row, and grants a Respin.
  • Number Symbols (0 to 9 and 00): They pay their combined value divided by 10; for example:
    • "5" and "0" = 5x your bet (50 divided by 10)
    • "5", "00" = 50x your bet (500 divided by 10)
    • Numbers combine unless blocked by dud symbols, so "5" and "3" with a dud in between = 0.8x your bet (8 divided by 10)
    • When you land the numbers next to each other from left to right, they can be combined (5 and 9 will become 59), but a dud symbol in between will lead to an addition of the numbers (5+9=14). Whatever the result, it will be divided by 10 to decide your win.


How to Play DJ Fox Slot Online

How to Play Push Gaming

How to Play Push Gaming's DJ Fox

Get ready to rock the DJ Fox slot machine with these simple steps.

  • First up, adjust your bet size using the coins icon. You can go from a minimum of €0.10 to a max of €100 per spin.
  • Feeling lazy? Engage the autoplay feature for hands-free play. Set your desired number of spins from 10 to 1,000 and enjoy the action.
  • Open up the paytable to get familiar with the game's payouts and features. This gives you the lowdown on symbol values and special mechanics.
  • The user-friendly interface is packed with key info like your current balance, bet level, and last win amount.
  • The biggest button of them all is the spin button, and you can click on it when you want to start playing.


Bonus Features

Bonus Features Explained in DJ Fox by Push Gaming

Bonus Features Explained in DJ Fox by Push Gaming

DJ Fox slot cranks up the excitement with a collection of bonus features that increase chances to win and add layers to the gameplay. Let's explore these dynamic bonuses.

Row Activation Feature

Row Activation is achieved by collecting VIP symbols on active rows. Each VIP symbol not only awards a Respin but also activates the next row and gets collected into the Multiplier Meter.

During the Respin, the positions with numbers will not move, and only the positions with dud symbols will spin again. After the Respins end, you will get your win, and a new spin will start with only the bottom row active.

Multiplier Meter Feature

The Multiplier Meter fills up every time a VIP symbol lands, inching you closer to higher Multipliers for your total win at the end of the spin. You can enjoy Multipliers worth 2x to 20x by filling the Multiplier Meter with VIP symbols.

Meter Lock Bonus

With Meter Lock, unpredictability spices up your spins by randomly locking your progress on the Multiplier Meter for the next game round. This feature freezes all advancements, preserving your hard-earned positions on the meter and keeping unlocked rows intact for another chance to capitalize on them.

Note that this bonus can only be triggered after a round where VIP symbols were added to the meter.

Push-Up Feature

This bonus boosts your bet value and unlocks more active rows so that you can get bigger wins. Here is how it works:

  • Activate 2 rows for 2.5x your bet (96.42% RTP)
  • Activate 3 rows for 5x your bet (96.21% RTP)
  • Activate 4 rows for 7.5x your stake (96.36% RTP)
  • Activate 5 rows for 10x your bet (96.31% RTP)


Max Win, RTP & Variance

Win 10000 Your bet in the DJ Fox Online Slot!

Win 10000 Your bet in the DJ Fox Online Slot!

DJ Fox offers a high-variance gaming experience, with a solid Return to Player (RTP) of 96.28% and a Max Win of 10,000x your base bet. This combo points to both the game's risk level and its rewarding possibilities.

When you start playing this game, it's crucial to understand how its high volatility shapes your playing sessions. High volatility means wins can be less frequent but are often more significant when they do hit.

The RTP of this slot is higher than the average, so it should benefit you in the long run. The Max Win is also pretty high and should be fun to chase.


DJ Fox: A Slot Worth Spinning?

DJ Fox: A Slot Worth Spinning?

DJ Fox: A Slot Worth Spinning?

DJ Fox slot gives you a new and refreshing way to play slots and win big. Even a slot with one active row can be very exciting to play because of the way the wins are awarded. You can simply land numbers on the row and win big by combining them. This slot doesn't have that many bonuses, but it uses whatever it has really well.

The game's most notable strengths lie in its bonus features, particularly the creative use of VIP symbols to activate additional rows and Respins. It isn't easy to activate all rows or the vast majority of rows by using the VIP symbols, but you don't need many rows to be active to get the benefit of the Multiplier and get a decent win.

The Meter Lock is a great feature simply because it improves your chances of unlocking all rows and reaching the high Multipliers. The high Multipliers allow you to get the most out of this slot. You can try the Push-Up feature to unlock any number of rows you want, but it will eat through your balance quickly. So you have to be careful and watch your balance if you use this bonus.

If you're looking for something fresh yet challenging with substantial Max Win possibilities amidst high volatility, DJ Fox is definitely worth a go. Just remember, with great risk comes great reward, so strap in and enjoy the ride!


DJ Fox Slot FAQ

What is the Maximum Win in DJ Fox slot game?

The Maximum Win in the DJ Fox slot by Push Gaming is 10,000x your base bet amount. This high reward potential makes each spin exciting, as you have the chance to land significant winnings.

How does the Multiplier Meter feature work?

In DJ Fox, each time a VIP symbol lands on the reels, it fills the lowest available position of the Multiplier Meter. At the end of a spin, your total win is multiplied by the value highlighted in the Multiplier Meter, enhancing your payout depending on how many VIP symbols you've collected during that round.

Can I try DJ Fox slot for free before betting real money?

Yes, you can experience DJ Fox in demo mode at BETO Slots before placing any real bets. This allows you to get familiar with its features and gameplay mechanics without risking any cash.

What does a dud symbol mean in this game?

A dud symbol represents a blocker or a "blank" in DJ Fox. It has no value and doesn't contribute to any wins, effectively acting as a placeholder on the reels.

What happens when I change my bet during gameplay?

If you decide to adjust your bet during gameplay, all positions on the Multiplier meter will become inactive due to the Meter Lock being tied to your selected bet level. Remember, changing bets resets certain features tailored to maintain fairness across all betting strategies.

How often can I expect to win given DJ Fox's high variance?

With its high variance nature, wins in DJ Fox might not be as frequent compared to games with lower volatility. However, when wins do occur, they tend to be more substantial. Keep this in mind as you manage your bankroll and aim for those higher payout opportunities through strategic play and patience.