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Congo Cash
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Congo Cash by Wild Streak Gaming

Congo Cash Review

Congo Cash

Congo Cash is a jungle-themed modern, video slot. The slot is developed by Wild Streak Gaming. Congo Cash is available on the Pragmatic Play Platform. There is a wide betting range in the slot ranging from 0.1 to 100 coins per spin. The slot features an excellent RTP of 96.58%, which is pumped up with a lot of special features like Jackpots and Free Spins.

Release: 10.01.2021
Max Win: X5500

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 01 Jul 2022

Slot Machine Features

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Buy Bonus









Ways to Win



Slot features fun theme

You Can win a Jackpot worth 5000x

Three Different jackpot

Win up to 100 Free Spins

Wilds come with Freebies


High level of volatility

No Multipliers

Facts About The Slot

Provider Wild Streak Gaming


RTP% 96.51

Game type Slots

Jackpot Yes

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.20

Maximum bet 100.00

Reels 5

Rows 3

Game Themes

Jungle Nature

Game features

Stack Progressive Jackpot Scatter symbols FreeSpins Wild

The color rich user interface of Congo Cash

The color rich user interface of Congo Cash

Introduction - Congo Cash

Congo Cash is an excellent title by Pragmatic Play, the famous game provider with a demonstrated record of releasing exciting and popular slots. Congo Cash proudly follows the trend. Congo Cash is created by a gaming company called Wild Streak Gaming, but it has been powered by Pragmatic Play.

Congo Cash has a powerful jungle-based theme; you will forget about everything else once you start betting on the reels of this beautiful slot. The slot machine is fully loaded; there are 432 different ways to strike a win on the reels of the slot. The game also has plenty of different Special Features and bonuses; these make the gambling experience on this slot pretty exciting and electric.

You will be mesmerised by the colour-rich graphics and theme of Congo Cash.

Sample Gameplay of Congo Cash


Visual Elements of Congo Cash

Congo Cash has a very string graphics game; the slot boasts colour-rich and striking graphics. The different elements on the game screen have vivid colour schemes and notable appearances; this makes the slot very attractive and exciting to play. Moreover, the game has a beautiful intro. When you open the slot, it will tell you about the different Special Features in the slot.

The beautiful theme of the slot is perfectly synced with the immersive soundtrack of the video slot; these cool African beats will make you jump on your seat; just play the slot, and you will understand. The game symbols are designed according to the slot's colour-rich jungle theme; the card symbols in the slot are designed with a striking colourful look; this font is the main reason why the reels look so beautiful. The remaining Regular Symbols in the slot are the high-paying symbols; these high-paying symbols are the picture symbols; these picture symbols will help you land high-paying wins. 

The Diamond symbol represents the wild symbol in the slot; this will substitute for the remaining regular symbols in the slot. The scatter symbol in the slot is the beautiful, colourful butterfly.

Winning a very high paying return in Congo Cash

Winning a very high paying return in Congo Cash


How To Play - Congo Cash

You don't need to read or learn anything special to play this slot; like all the other titles by Pragmatic Play, Congo Cash is also straightforward to understand and play. The basic things which you need to do are similar in almost all of the slots, you will first need to set a bet in Congo Cash, then you will spin the reels, and you will get a cash payout when you land a winning combo on the reels of the slot.

The one thing which you might find different in this slot is the kind of symbols they have used; these are not your classic fruit-inspired symbols; rather, the symbols in Congo Cash have been designed specially to go with the aesthetics of the slot. The Kong Gorilla is the most lucrative symbols of the slot; it can give you a payout worth 10x if you land a five of a kind combo of this symbol. The leopard is the second most valuable symbol in the slot, which the Baboon follows, then the Lemur, and with the Toxic Frog. 

The Diamond acts as the Wild symbol in the slot; you can use it to trigger winning combos. The scatter symbol is the Butterfly feature; note that the scatter feature only appears on the 1st and the 5th reel. The logo symbol is another scatter symbol; it appears on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reel.

You are presented with a quite wide betting range in the slot, the minimum amount you need to gamble on the reels is  0.10, and you can increase it to a max bet worth 100 coins per spin.

Winning Free Spins in Congo Cash

Winning Free Spins in Congo Cash


RTP and Volatility

Return To Player Percentage 
The Return To Player Percentage of Congo Cash is 96.58%, an RTP is the average of the wins which the players of a specific slot get from it. An RTP of 96.58% means that you are most likely to get back around 96.58% of your investment through the slot. The RTP is one of the most important parameters to judge a slot; a good RTP will ensure your invested money's safe return. The RTP of Congo Cash is pretty awesome; you get almost half a per cent higher RTP than the Industry Standard of similar slots.

The volatility of Congo Cash has been rated Medium by Pragmatic Play. Medium volatility slots are perfect for most players; you will get balanced gameplay in this slot; medium volatility slots are neither aggressive nor dull. A medium variance will also help you to get constant rewards, which is very important for many players.


Colorful reels in Congo Cash

Colorful reels in Congo Cash


Tips to win in Congo Cash

  • Keep an eye on the jewel board that is placed on the top of the middle reels.
  • This Jewel Board will help you to trigger various Special Elements of the slot like Free Spins, Instant Wins, and Jackpots. 
  • The Butterflies are the Scatter symbol in the slot, you need it for getting Free Spins
  • When you get enough rewards in the Jewel Board, you will get the jackpot that is placed directly above the Logo Scatter symbol.
  • The top jackpot in the slot is worth 2000x, it is very rewarding for a medium volatility slot.
  • You can win up to 100 Free Spins, keep an eye out for those scatter symbols.
  • Freebies in Congo Cash come with Wilds attached to them.
Winning a Huge payout in Congo Cash

Winning a Huge payout in Congo Cash


Bonus Features

Congo Cash is a very dynamic slot; you will find that there are a number of very rewarding bonuses in Congo Cash.

Below are some of the popular Special Features in Congo Cash.

Jewel Board Feature

You will notice that there are a bunch of prizes and Jackpots placed on the top of the 2nd, the 3rd, and the 4th reel, these are the jackpots that you can win in the Jewel Board feature, but you will have to collect some Scatter Symbols for it. When you land enough Scatters for this Special Bonus, you can get yourself one of these Jackpots.

The following are the rewards you can win:

  • Direct Cash Payouts worth 5x to 100x
  • You can get an insane number of Free Spins; you can win anywhere between 8 to 100 Free Spins.
  • The smallest jackpot in the slot is the Minor Jackpot; it has a payout of 25x.
  • The Major Jackpot is the medium-sized Jackpot; it will reward you a win worth 100x your stake.
  • The most lucrative Jackpot in the slot is the Grand Jackpot; this will give you an amazing 200x your bet.
The Beautiful Loading Screen in in Congo Cash

The Beautiful Loading Screen in in Congo Cash


Free Spins in Congo Cash

There is a pretty cool Free Spin bonus in Congo Cash; you can trigger it by landing Scatter symbols on the reels of Congo Cash. The Free Spin feature is not very easy to start; you will have to land the symbols underneath many Free Spins pictures. This is because, now, as you spin the reels, a wild symbol is added to the reel that actually triggered the bonus round.

The number of Free Spins you can land in the slot is just unbelievable; you can win anywhere between 8 to 100 Free Spins. The best thing about the Free Spin bonus round, you can use these to win the max jackpot in the slot, which is worth 5500x your stake.


The Overall Verdict of Congo Cash

Congo Cash is a great addition to the slot world by the expert developers at Pragmatic Play. The slot excels in all the parameters of a successful slot; the game has good graphics, a satisfying gambling experience, a great, satisfying soundtrack, and many other themed inbuilt slot features to make your experience full of excitement and thrill.

The stats of Congo Cash are super assuring; you will have no issue regarding the security of your deposits. Furthermore, the RTP and Volatility have the perfect combo that will suit most slot players; most players choose a stable slot rather than playing on the highly explosive slots; this is a reason behind the immense increase in medium variance slot machines these days.

Congo Cash is super-loaded with special features; the slot has very unique and exciting features like Wilds and Free Spins, you will love these Bonuses, and you will have a fun time gambling on this slot. To get a firsthand experience of the slot, you should try the Demo version of the slot; it lets you explore various features which might be very surprising for you in real-time.


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Congo Cash - FAQ

What is the Return To Player Percentage of Congo Cash?

The Return To Player Percentage of Congo Cash is 96.58%, which is very high than the standard of the similar slots.

What is the volatility of Congo Cash?

When rating volatility this slotmachine is somewhere between Medium to High.

What is the Bonus Features on Congo Cash?

There are many Free Spins and Jackpots in the slot, these are very beneficial from an investor's point of you

What is the highest amount of win you can trigger in Congo Cash?

The Top Jackpot in the slot is worth 2000x your stake

What is the Jewel Board feature in Congo Cash?

The Jewel Board is the Special Feature in Congo Cash, you can get various prizes through this, like Free Spins and Jackpots.

Is there a Free Spin Bonus in Congo Cash?

Yes, you can win up to 100 Free Spins in Congo Cash

Can I play Congo Cash for Free?

Yes, the Free Version of the slot is available on the site of BETO