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Gladiatoro Review


The Gladiatoro slot by ELK Studios takes you into an ancient Roman arena, with Toro coming back in his new avatar as a Gladiator. It has a 5x4 layout with 178 ways to win that can be expanded through the bonuses. This game is packed with exciting features like the Wild Toro that doubles coin values, the crafty collector DiazMatador Respins, and the intense Toro Goes Wild bonus.

In this Gladiatoro slot review, we will try to understand if Toro is stronger than before and how big the wins can be.

Release: 23.11.2023
Max Win: X10000

Written by: Julius De Vries | The review was last updated: 20 March 2024 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

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Slot Machine Features

Bonus Buy

Bonus Buy



Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots





Ways to Win



Innovative Wild Toro feature

Max Win of 10,000x of your bet

Superb Respins round

Persistent symbols in the Respins

X-iter feature


RTP below industry avg.

High volatility, risky

Facts About The Slot

Provider ELK Studios


RTP% 94.00

Game type Slots

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.20

Maximum bet 100.00

Reels 5

Rows 4

Game Themes


Game Features

Additive symbol Hold and Spin Buy Feature Reel set Changing Sticky Wilds Respins Bonus symbols Bonus Game Wild

Gladiatoro Review by BETO Slots

Gladiatoro Review by BETO Slots

Introducing Gladiatoro Slot Online

The Gladiatoro slot is inspired by the hit film 'Gladiator', one of the most iconic films ever released. ELK Studios has done well to remind people of the classic film, which was released more than two decades ago. In this new addition to the Toro series of slots, they have also included new bonuses to make the experience even better.

This slot has 5 reels and 4 rows with 178 ways to win, but the rows can go as high as 6 to extend the ways to win to 340. There is a wide range of bonuses, including familiar bonuses like the Toro Goes Wild feature and the new addition of the Gladiator Bonus with persistent symbols. The X-iter feature is also there, like several other slots by ELK Studios, to help you get the bonuses you want fast.

Check out our online slots free play and learn more about this slot through the Gladiatoro gameplay movie. Stay tuned to find out how the various bonuses work.

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Gameplay of Gladiatoro from ELK Studios


Theme & Design: Ancient Gladiatorial Combat

Theme & Design: Ancient Gladiatorial Combat

Theme & Design: Ancient Gladiatorial Combat

Theme and Design

Step into the ancient arena of Gladiatoro, where the thrill of Roman gladiatorial combat comes alive with every spin. The vibrant colours and detailed characters drew me in like a moth to a flame.

With symbols like roses, helmets, and shields set against a coliseum backdrop, it's clear the developers went all out to make you feel like you're right there in the thick of it. The unique characters like Diaz and Matador add depth to the gameplay. If you have seen the movie Gladiator, you may notice that the characters in this slot are dressed like the characters from the film.

It's this clever mix of historical grandeur and whimsical design that sets Gladiatoro apart from the rest.

Music and Soundtrack

The music and soundtrack of this slot will transport you to the heart of a buzzing Roman arena. The soundtrack includes drums and other instruments that were probably used back then to make the experience as authentic as possible. It intensifies and becomes epic when you finally trigger the Respins round.


Symbols & Payouts

Step into the arena and win big through the generous symbol payouts combined with the high number of ways to win. Here are the payouts based on symbol combinations:

Symbol Payouts:

  • Rose- 5: 5x, 4: 2.5x, 3: 1.5x
  • Helmet- 5: 2.50x, 4: 1.50x, 3: 0.80x
  • Shield- 5: 1.20x, 4: 0.80x, 3: 0.60x
  • Grapes- 5: 0.90x, 4: 0.60x, 3: 0.40x
  • M- 5: 0.80x, 4: 0.50x, 3: 0.25x
  • C- 5: 0.60x, 4: 0.40x, 3: 0.20x
  • X- 5: 0.50x, 4: 0.30x, 3: 0.15x
  • V- 5: 0.40x, 4: 0.20x, 3: 0.10x

Note that all payouts are multiplied by your stake. For instance, the rose symbol pays 5x your bet for landing a five-of-a-kind winning combination.

Special Symbols:

  • Wild Symbol: The Wild symbol is a shield and a sword. It substitutes for the regular symbols.
  • Level Up Coin: The Level Up Coin is a golden shield with a bow and an arrow.
  • Character Symbols: The character symbols like Toro and Diaz are the other special symbols that are involved in several bonuses.


How to Play Gladiatoro Online Slot

How to Play ELK Studios

How to Play ELK Studios's Gladiatoro

Ready to unlock ancient riches in the Gladiatoro slot machine? Here are some top tips to help you conquer the arena:

  • Start by setting your bet size using the coin icon. You can go from a minimum of €0.20 to a max of €100 per spin.
  • Use the autoplay feature for nonstop action. It allows you to play 10 to 100 spins on autopilot.
  • Open the paytable by clicking on the three lines to get full information about symbol values and bonuses.
  • The game interface is pretty easy to navigate, as you can find your balance, win value, and bet below the reels.
  • You'll find all the important buttons here:
    • The Spin Button: Gets each game round started
    • The Autoplay Button: Kicks off auto spins
    • The Coins Button: Adjusts your bet level
    • The Menu Button: Gives you all the details on rules and payout


Bonus Features

Bonus Features Explained in Gladiatoro by ELK Studios

Bonus Features Explained in Gladiatoro by ELK Studios

Gladiatoro's bonus features are the heart and soul of the game, giving you plenty of ways to seriously boost your winnings. Let's understand how they work one by one.

Wild Toro

The Wild Toro feature brings the Toro into play as a unique Walking Wild. When he shows up, he sets off on a journey leftwards across the reels, triggering a Respin for each step he takes. But that's not all - as he moves, the Toro doubles the value of any coin symbols he passes over.


Enter Diaz, the collector symbol with an appetite for coins. When he appears, he takes stock of all the coin symbols on the grid and adds up their values. That total is then multiplied by your current bet level.

Matador Respins

Land two or more Matador symbols and you'll be awarded a Respin thanks to the Matador Respins feature. During this Respin, the Matadors become sticky and lock into place. If you land additional Matador symbols during a Matador Respin, another Respin will be awarded.

Toro Goes Wild

When the Toro and any Matador symbol face-off, the dramatic Toro Goes Wild bonus round triggers. In this epic clash, the Toro knocks every Matador off the grid and leaves a trail of Wilds in his wake.

Level Up Coin

After the Level Up Coin lands, it expands the number of rows by one and transforms into a regular coin. If no Respins are waiting to trigger, the Level Up Coin will also award you a Respin.

Gladiator Bonus

The crème de la crème of Gladiatoro's features is undoubtedly the Gladiator Bonus, activated by landing three bonus coin symbols anywhere on the reels. This bonus awards you three Respins that are reset whenever you land a symbol on the reels. If you fill all 30 positions in this bonus, you will be awarded the Max Win.

Here are the various symbols and what they do in this bonus:

  • Coin Symbols: The coins will stay on the reels and award you their total value after the bonus ends.
  • Level Up Coin: It will unlock a locked row and transform into a regular coin.
  • Matador: The Matador will boost the values of some coins and then disappear on the next spin.
  • Diaz: It collects the values of all coin symbols and transforms into a coin with their total value. It also triggers the Toro Goes Wild feature with the Toro symbol. After Diaz is knocked off by the Toro, it will leave behind a coin worth double its value.
  • Toro: It awards Respins as a Walking Wild, like in the base game, until it spins out from the first reel. It also doubles the values of any coin symbols it walks over. The Toro symbol doesn't affect any persistent symbols.
  • Persistent Matador: The Persistent Matador upgrades the values of bonus symbols on each spin because it is sticky and remains until the bonus ends.
  • Persistent Diaz: The Persistent Diaz will stay sticky and collect the values of all coin symbols on each Respin.

X-iter Feature

Here are the fun options you can buy directly through this feature:

  • Bonus Hunt (3x your bet): Enabling this triples your chances of triggering the Gladiator Bonus.
  • Matador (10x your bet): It guarantees 2 Matador symbols on every spin.
  • Diaz (25x your bet): It will make a Diaz symbol land on each spin.
  • Bonus Game (100x your bet): Trigger the bonus game directly through this option.
  • Super Bonus (500x your bet): It triggers the bonus game and guarantees one persistent symbol from the start.


Max Win, RTP & Variance

Win 10,000x Your bet in the Gladiatoro Slot!

Win 10,000x Your bet in the Gladiatoro Slot!

Gladiatoro offers a tantalizing Max Win of 10,000x your bet, with an RTP of 94.00% and high variance that promises both risk and reward. First of all, the RTP is much lower than expected, which means you will get lower returns on average. Secondly, the hit rate is 24.1%, which means you should get a win in 1 out of 4 spins on average. Finally, the Max Win is fantastic, and the Respins round is where you can win it.


Gladiatoro: A Video Slot Worth Spinning?

Gladiatoro: A Video Slot Worth Spinning?

Gladiatoro: A Video Slot Worth Spinning?

Gladiatoro slot is a visually stunning experience filled with so many bonuses that it will take a while to understand what is going on. The most exciting bonus is the Gladiator Bonus or the Respins round, and it is where all of the symbols that appear in this slot are enhanced. Obviously, the key to the massive wins is the persistent symbols, but the other symbols also help boost the wins. 

The base game will entertain you with several bonuses, and the high number of ways to win will come in handy while awarding wins. The Toro Goes Wild might be the strongest feature in the base game, and it has to be because it is a feature that is seen in several other slots in this series.

The features are good, but what about the values like RTP and Max Win? The RTP is disappointing, and it is the biggest drawback of playing this slot. The Max Win is great, but you will have to wait for the Respins round to start chasing it. Perhaps the X-iter feature can help you to start chasing the Max Win immediately by buying the bonus round.

During my gameplay, I did a Super Bonus buy, and it returned more than 700x of my stake, which just shows how powerful this slot can be. Remember that buying the bonus is risky, and you need to consider your budget before doing it.

In short, I recommend that you play this slot because it promises an exciting time filled with versatile bonuses.


Gladiatoro Slot FAQ

Can I play Gladiatoro slot for free to try it out before betting real money?

Absolutely! You can get a feel for Gladiatoro by playing the demo slot here at BETO Slots. It's a fantastic way to understand the game mechanics and features without risking any of your own cash.

What is the Maximum Win possible in Gladiatoro slot machine?

In Gladiatoro, you stand a chance to win up to 10,000x your bet. You can try to win it only during the Gladiator bonus.

How does the Bonus Buy option work in Gladiatoro video slot?

The X-iter feature allows you direct access to the bonus game and other features by paying a fixed amount.

What makes Wild Toro special in Gladiatoro online slot?

The unique aspect of Wild Toro is its role as a Walking Wild that not only triggers respins but also doubles the value of any coin symbols it passes over. This significantly boosts your winning potential whenever Toro makes an appearance on the reels.

What's the game's RTP and how volatile is it?

Gladiatoro has an RTP of 94.00%, which is slightly below the industry average, and it falls into the category of high-volatility games. This means while wins might not come as frequently, they have the potential to be much larger when they do hit, especially during bonus features.

Can you tell me more about ELK Studios, the developer behind Gladiatoro slot?

Sure! ELK Studios is renowned for creating visually appealing slots with innovative gameplay mechanics and features. They consistently deliver high-quality games that engage players by blending storytelling with dynamic gaming experiences.