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Katmandu X by ELK Studios

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Katmandu X slot machine gives you a chance to enter the Temple of Clouds and touch the Golden Tree to boost your luck and win huge. This game by ELK Studios has a 6x6 layout with the cluster pays mechanic. All winning clusters award Wilds, and Wilds do a lot more like splitting and merging. There is also an Exploding Wild that explodes symbols around it.

Through the Wild Strike feature, regular symbols are randomly replaced by Wild symbols, Exploding Wilds, or Multiplier Wilds. Winning symbols and symbols removed by explosions boost the total Multiplier. The Free Spins offer the added benefit of a persistent total Multiplier until the round ends. There are loads of extras like Super Bonus and X-iter features.

Katmandu X is an excellent follow-up to the Katmandu Gold demo slot that has no shortage of fun bonuses. I recommend that you play this game.

Release: 22.03.2023
Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON
Max Win: X25000

Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 03 June 2024 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

Jasmin Williams, Chief Content Officer at BETO Slots™, has worked in the English casino industry for over a decade and is regarded as a casino and slots game expert. About Jasmin Williams

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Slot Machine Features


Bonus Buy



Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots

Pros Pros


OpenIntriguing Super Bonus Game

OpenDynamic Wild features

Open25,000x your bet Max Win

OpenFree Spins with persistent Multiplier

OpenAll wins award Wilds and boost the Multiplier

Cons Cons


Close Lower than average RTP

Close High volatility

Facts About the Slot

Slots Provider ELK Studios

Slots Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON

Slots RTP% 95.00

Slots Game type Slots

Slots Jackpot No

Bet Range & Game Layout

Slots Minimum bet 0.20

Slots Maximum bet 100.00

Slots Reels 6

Slots Rows 6

Game Themes

Ancient civilizations Asian and Oriental

Game Features

Cluster Pays Buy Feature Symbol Swap Additional Free Spins Cascading/Avalanche wins Random Wilds FreeSpins Multiplier Multiplier FreeSpins Wild Mega Symbol (3x3)

Katmandu X Review by BETO Slots

Katmandu X Review by BETO Slots

Introducing Katmandu X Slot Online

Katmandu X slot borrows elements from other popular games by ELK Studios and tries to take everything to the next level. The theme is inspired by Katmandu Gold, and the bonuses are similar to the Propaganda slot. To make this slot better, they have boosted the Max Win and tried to combine bonuses to give it an edge. However, the question remains: Is combining 2 great slots enough to create an even better slot?

The bigger layout, with 6 reels and 6 rows, is complemented well by the cluster pays mechanic. The base game has a wide variety of Wild features, like Wild Generation, to ensure that you don't stay bored for very long. The big symbols are also a nice addition that wasn't there in the Propaganda slot. Furthermore, there are two different Free Spins rounds and the ability to buy the bonuses you like.

Discover more games or practice spins for free in our play free online slots section. Will Katmandu X be your next big win? Keep reading to find out.


Theme & Design: Mystical Asian Legends

Theme & Design: Mystical Asian Legends

Theme & Design: Mystical Asian Legends

Theme and Design

Prepare to enter the enchanting world of Katmandu X, where ancient traditions and cutting-edge innovation collide in this visually stunning creation. The game transports you to a vibrant realm that seamlessly blends Nepalese and broader Asian cultural elements.

The intricate design, from traditional dragon motifs to ornate symbols, adorns every inch of the screen, offering a proper feast for the eyes. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the snow-capped Himalayas, each spin is accompanied by culturally-inspired icons like mysterious golden animals and mythical elements that create an atmosphere steeped in legend and lore.

Music and Soundtrack

The soundscape of Katmandu X perfectly complements the enigmatic theme with its ethereal tones and traditional Oriental musical rhythms. The intriguing wind chimes and string instruments impressed me the most during my gameplay, crafting a soothing yet adventurous ambience that kept me fully immersed.


Symbols & Payouts

Get ready to unlock the riches of Katmandu X with these symbol details:

  • Low Pay Symbols: Blue, Green, Purple, Red Stones

    • Clusters of 16+: 4x to 7.00x your stake
  • High Pay Animals: Hawks, Tigers, Dragons, Phoenixes

    • Hawks/Tigers/Dragons: Clusters of 16+ pay from 10x to 50x your bet
    • Phoenixes: Clusters of 16+ pay you a whopping 100x your wager
  • Special Symbols:

    • Wild Symbols: This symbol substitutes for all except Bonus and Super Bonus symbols. It is a golden symbol with a pink gem.
    • Bonus Symbol: The bonus symbol is a yin-yang symbol that fits this theme perfectly. Similarly, the Super Bonus symbol is a golden yin-yang symbol.


How to Play Katmandu X Slot Machine

How to Play ELK Studios

How to Play ELK Studios's Katmandu X

Ready to enter the mystical world of Katmandu X? Here's a quick guide to get you started:

  • Set Your Bet Size: Choose your bet size from a minimum of €0.20 to a maximum of €100 per spin.
  • Autoplay Function: Fancy letting the game do the work? Use the autoplay feature for non-stop action. Set your desired number of spins and let it rip!
  • Open the Paytable: Get to know the game's symbols, payouts, and features by checking out the paytable. Trust me, it'll come in handy.
  • Understanding the Interface: The game grid features 6x6 reels with cluster pays for winning combinations. Watch as symbols drop into place, creating potential wins when five or more matching symbols connect horizontally or vertically.
  • Spin the Reels: When you are ready to start the game, you can click on the spin button (a curved arrow).


Bonus Features

Bonus Features Explained in Katmandu X by ELK Studios

Bonus Features Explained in Katmandu X by ELK Studios

Katmandu X is packed with dynamic and engaging bonus features that enhance the gameplay and the potential for big wins. Let's see how they work.

Cluster Wins and Multipliers

Winning in this slot is all about forming clusters of 5 or more matching adjacent symbols. Each successful cluster contributes to increasing a total Multiplier that amplifies all wins during that spin sequence. Each winning symbol or a symbol removed due to an Exploding Wild will increase the total Multiplier by 1.

Wild Features

Katmandu X incorporates multiple Wild mechanics that can turn a standard spin into a proper payday: -

  • Wild Generation: Every winning cluster creates a Wild symbol.
  • Wild Merge: Multiple Wild symbols in a winning cluster merge into a massive Multiplier Wild.
  • Wild Split: Multiplier Wilds that participate in several winning combinations are split between them.
  • Exploding Wild Symbols: These Wilds remove nearby symbols, creating space for new potential wins with a redrop.
  • Wild Strike: At random intervals during gameplay, this feature converts symbols into Wild variants (regular, exploding, or multiplier), enhancing your current spin's win potential.

Big Symbols

Symbols in Katmandu X come in various sizes, from 1x1 to 4x4. Larger symbols crush smaller ones under them after a redrop unless they are matched type icons or special characters like Wilds. If there are any empty spaces below a big symbol, they will be filled by 1x1 symbols of the same type.

Bonus Game

The regular Bonus Game is triggered when you hit three standard bonus symbols during the base game. In this mode, you'll enjoy Free Drops, where the total Multiplier for winning clusters doesn't reset between drops but instead keeps growing. Extra bonus symbols during this bonus can award you 1 to 3 extra Free Drops.

Super Bonus Game

The Super Bonus Game is a real standout in this game, offering players an electrifying experience and the chance for massive payouts. Triggered by landing one Super Bonus symbol along with two standard bonus symbols, this mode kicks the Free Drops round up a notch by including a guaranteed Super Wild Strike on every drop. The Super Wild Strike feature dynamically replaces random symbols with Multiplier Wilds or Exploding Wilds, significantly boosting your chances of hitting it big.

Another way to trigger this bonus is by landing a Super Bonus symbol during the regular Bonus Game.

X-iter Feature

You can buy the following bonuses directly:

  • Bonus Hunt: Boost your chances of triggering Free Drops by more than 2 times by betting 2 times more.
  • Exploding Wild: Get a guaranteed Exploding Wild symbol for 10x your bet.
  • Super Wild Strike: Enjoy a Super Wild Strike for 25x your stake.
  • Bonus: Trigger the Bonus Game for 100x your bet.
  • Super Bonus: Trigger the Super Bonus for 500x your stake.


Max Win, RTP & Variance

Win 25,000x Your bet in the Katmandu X Slot!

Win 25,000x Your bet in the Katmandu X Slot!

Katmandu X boasts a high variance, offering up to a staggering 25,000x your bet Max Win with a 95% RTP. The high volatility means wins may be less frequent but can be proper game-changers when they hit, which is perfect if you're gunning for the game's maximum payout potential. The hit frequency of this game is 25%, so a win should be awarded every four spins.


Verdict for Katmandu X Video Slot

Verdict for Katmandu X Video Slot

Verdict for Katmandu X Video Slot

Katmandu X slot proves that two great slots can be combined to create something brilliant. Obviously, this slot isn't superior to the two slots it is inspired by in every way, but the overall package is better. The reason why I think the overall package is better is that it has a higher Max Win and more variety of bonuses. However, you should note that the RTP of this one (95%) is lower than the RTP of Katmandu Gold. So, this slot isn't a clear winner by a huge margin.

The bonuses offer so many possibilities, and the best part is that none of them seem out of place. The way the Multiplier jumps in the Free Spins is very satisfying and lucrative. It isn't rare to see a total Multiplier of 50x or 100x in the Free Spins, and I don't even need to explain what the Super Bonus Game can do.

While it ticks plenty of boxes for excitement and visual appeal, the relatively lower RTP might put off some people who want higher returns. All in all, given its high-stakes nature and dynamic features, I reckon giving Katmandu X a spin is a smart move, especially if you're geared towards adventures filled with massive potential wins and engaging bonus content.


Katmandu X Slot FAQ

What is the Maximum Win potential in Katmandu X slot machine? Arrow Arrow

In Katmandu X, you can win up to €2,500,000. This maximum payout is based on placing the highest possible bet and triggering the most lucrative combinations and features within the game.

Can I buy into the bonus features directly in Katmandu X slot? Arrow Arrow

Yes, if permitted by your jurisdiction, you can utilize the Bonus Buy option in Katmandu X. This feature allows you to purchase immediate access to either the standard Bonus Game or the Super Bonus Game, offering a shortcut to potentially higher payouts and enhanced features like guaranteed Super Wild Strikes.

Are there demo versions available for Katmandu X slot at BETO Slots? Arrow Arrow

Absolutely! You can try out Katmandu X right here at BETO Slots before deciding to play with real money. The demo version offers a full experience of the game's features without any financial commitment.

How do clusters work in this game? Arrow Arrow

In this game, wins are awarded through cluster formations. This requires landing 5 or more identical symbols that are connected vertically or horizontally. Winning clusters contribute to increasing a total Multiplier that boosts subsequent wins within the same spin sequence.

Who developed Katmandu X online slot and what makes it unique? Arrow Arrow

ELK Studios designed this video game, making it stand out with its innovative blend of mythical/Asian theme and unique elements like Wild Strikes and varying big symbol sizes (1x1 up to 4x4). These features not only enrich gameplay but also create potential for significant wins.

What type of player would find Katmandu X video slot appealing? Arrow Arrow

Players who enjoy high-volatility slots with big win potential will find this casino game particularly engaging. The game's extensive array of Wild features, including Exploding Wilds and Multiplier Wilds, combined with its rich thematic backdrop make it an excellent choice for those looking for exciting gameplay experiences with substantial rewards.