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Coming straight from the studios of Quickspin, the Golden Glyph slot is the latest casino game from the Swedish software developer that uses the Cluster Pays format on a 7×7 grid.

The game features Tumble Mechanics, which help obtain Power Wilds, Power-Ups, bonus spins, and an improved win multiplier that aids players in securing consecutive wins.

All this potential is coupled with an aesthetically pleasing classical Egyptian theme. This slot offers a colossal win of 13,185x the stakes and moderate variance, the perfect recipe for an unforgettable experience.

Release: 30.10.2019
Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility OFF Volatility OFF Volatility OFF
Max Win: X13185

Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 13 May 2024 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

Jasmin Williams, Chief Content Officer at BETO Slots™, has worked in the English casino industry for over a decade and is regarded as a casino and slots game expert. About Jasmin Williams

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Slot Machine Features


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Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots

Pros Pros


OpenChance to win 13,185x the stakes

OpenBeautiful and elegant theme, based on Ancient Egypt

OpenWin multipliers up to 99x

OpenAbove-average RTP at 96.19%

OpenMultiple wild symbols

Cons Cons


Close No jackpot wins

Facts About the Slot

Slots Provider Quickspin

Slots Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility OFF Volatility OFF Volatility OFF

Slots RTP% 96.19

Slots Game type Slots

Slots Jackpot No

Bet Range & Game Layout

Slots Minimum bet 0.20

Slots Maximum bet 100.00

Slots Reels 7

Slots Rows 7

Game Themes

Ancient civilizations

Game Features

Cluster Pays Mystery symbol Cascading/Avalanche wins Random Wilds FreeSpins Multiplier Bonus symbols FreeSpins


Pharaoh Gods

You can win a handsome amount of 13,185x your stake

You can win a handsome amount of 13,185x your stake

Introducing the slot

Quickspin has mastered the art of churning out new games based on retro themes. Prehistoric Egypt is a very popular theme used. The studio rarely shies away from using older themes in their games, even being bold enough to successfully experiment with their product designs.

This time around, we are presented with a game that challenges us to explore the mysteries hidden within it. Quickspin nailed it with the animations aspect as the graphics are so smooth, you may as well feel like experiencing the era of the Pharaohs.

The Golden Glyph online slot features a classical Egyptian theme laid across an astonishing 7x7 reel setup. As the reels roll across the screen in a play, players have the chance to secure wins across all of the symbols. The symbols are designed to resemble more like ancient text taken straight out of Hieroglyphics, setting itself apart from its competitors with their creative approach towards the reels.

This slot machine gave us an experience that we are yet to encounter elsewhere. The Golden Glyph slot not only offers 10 bonus free spins but also makes use of exploding symbols to wipe clean of your progress across the reels. These plot twists are bound to add a whole new kick whenever you'll be spinning for those wins.


Alluring graphics and Mesmerizing gameplay

Quickspin has a sizeable fanbase; hence they are sure to go and deliver beyond the expectations of players seeking out their slot machines. They, with utmost certainty, managed to pull that off with this game. One thing's for sure. You'll wholeheartedly appreciate the gaming experience on a video slot with graphics of this scale.

The title screen boots up with a golden hieroglyph bird (strong resemblance with an eagle), which turns out to have deep connections within the culture of ancient Egypt. It symbolizes glory in a land of wealth and progression. We're sure that many players will understand this sentiment once they've experienced the game themselves.

The reels in the Golden Glyph online slot are portrayed as hovering above the lands of ancient Egypt. The background features Egyptian architecture that also includes the world-famous Pyramids of Egypt. The setting takes place on the banks of River Nile, with white birds taking flight across the ancient settlement on a sunny day. Even the game's soundtracks gave us vibes that felt straight out of, well, Egypt from a distant past.

Once a play begins, the backgrounds for the reels will automatically change whenever players activate a bonus spin. A cluster is often followed by clouds covering up the screen, only to reveal a beautiful composition of multiple and vibrant colours. The symbols have been steered away from traditional royals and focus more on the hieroglyphic text, including Cleopatra, Tutankhamen, snakes, eyes, water, and a falcon.

An ancient styled theme with a 7x7 reel

An ancient styled theme with a 7x7 reel


Players Guide - Golden Glyph Slot

Based on the Cluster Pays format, the Golden Glyph slot makes use of a 7x7 grid setup. This leads to winning combinations being determined as more than five matching symbols.

The best symbol in the game is undoubtedly the Horus, which grants a payout of 250x the stakes to players who manage to match 15 symbols within a cluster.

The game also features a tumbling mechanic, which is enabled throughout the game. A winning combination removes the symbols and replaces them with new ones.

Earn the clusters to activate power wild feature

Earn the clusters to activate power wild feature


Super Generous Bonus Features

The Golden Glyph slot game consists of several features that blend in with the gameplay. Most players admire the Bonus Free Spins feature, which grants the opportunity to crave bigger winnings with 99x multipliers. Others realised that Power Wilds and Power-Ups are also critically important for raking in even more prizes.

Power Wild feature

This feature is activated during the playthrough of the base version of the game, alongside the Free Spins feature. Upon securing a winning combination, a Power Wild is moved into one of the empty slots after a cluster has been erased. This creates the optimal buildup for landing the next match-winning cluster.

Power-Up feature

The Power-Up feature is brought into play whenever a Power Wild is removed from the grid after landing a winning combination. There are 4 of these in total to utilize. Before a spin begins, five randomly selected Power-Ups are shown upon the golden wheel, just at the side of a grid.

When a player wins using a Power Wild buff, the Power-Ups are charged to the point where players either use the Free Spins Bonus Power-Up or get a useless combination from a tumble.

The game features the following Power-Ups, and they are used for:

Golden Scarab Power-Up: Throws in about 4 to 10 random wild symbols on the reels used in a play.

Eye of Horus Power-Up: Gets rid of all one low-value symbols in return for a bonus 20th of your stakes.

Blaze of Fire Power-Up: Randomly placed on the grid and removes all non-wild symbols. Rewards you with a bonus 20th of your stakes for every removed symbol, and this feature does not affect wild symbols.

There are many power up features that can make you win tremendous amounts

There are many power up features that can make you win tremendous amounts


Special Free Spins feature in Golden Glyph

The Free Spins Bonus Power-Up activates this feature. When set in motion, the Free Spins feature grants players three bonus free spins (alongside a starting bonus of 9 free spins) whenever a Power-Up triggers this function.

An exclusive Golden Glyph wild is randomly placed on the grid during the 1st free spin. This wild keeps changing position whenever the player decides to use another free spin. The win multiplier is boosted by a factor of 1 for each time the wild ends being in the winning combination. At its peak, the win multiplier can reach a massive 99x the stakes. The Pharaohs will surely be impressed by the payouts.

Use Free spin Bonus Power-up to win free spins

Use Free spin Bonus Power-up to win free spins


Encouraging RTP, high Volatility, and Maximum Wins

The RTP for the Golden Glyph slot stands at an above-average 96.19%. A moderate volatility range means that bigger wins are more likely to occur than in numerous other high variance slots.

The highest value attainable by the win multiplier stands at 13,185x the stakes per spin. A convenient method to increase the odds of getting the big win is after the Free Spins feature is activated, bringing the 99x win multipliers into the equation.

Horus is the most high paying it pays 250x your bet

Horus is the most high paying it pays 250x your bet


Executive Summary of the slot

It seems like Quickspin has managed to create a sequence of polished slot games that never failed to spark the curiosity and excitement within us. And by all means, the same goes for the Golden Glyph slot too. It turns out that stunning graphics and mind-blowing gameplay mechanics are more than enough to keep any player invested in this game. The classy themed settings, alongside generously rewarding bonuses, are sure to keep this game afloat for a long time to come.

The game might sound challenging in theory, but the final product is always a different experience. Obtaining Power Wilds and Power-Ups through tumble activations is the primary strategy to focus on. For winning big, the Free Spins Bonus feature is essential as it drastically increases the value of the Golden Glyph wild win multiplier.

The game is relatively generous at a maximum payout value for 13,185x the stakes for every bonus spin (all of that on a moderate variance slot machine). Quickspin did a relatively phenomenal job for their debut grid slot game, which is sure to turn the heads of many players, especially fans of prehistoric Egyptian culture, towards this elegantly crafted masterpiece.

The developers behind the game went all out in every department to create such a polished grid slot. The absence of a jackpot win is rarely felt at all since the highest payouts are massive. Most casual players would find the slot's moderate volatility ideal for an enjoyable experience while aiming for big rewards without taking way too many risks.


Frequent Questions that pop up regarding Golden Glyph

What is the highest win possible in Golden Glyph? Arrow Arrow

This value stands at 13,185 x the stake per spin. The bonus features the key to winning bigger prizes by making use of the bonus 99x win multipliers.

What RTP to expect from Golden Glyph slot? Arrow Arrow

This value is fixed at 96.19%. This value is considered an above-average RTP value (96%+) when compared to similar slot games.

Does Golden Glyph Features free spins? Arrow Arrow

Yes, these free spins are your best bet at winning it big in the Golden Glyph slot. The Free Spins feature rewards you with nine bonus spins at the beginning and keeps the streak going for as long as possible.

Who are the providers of Golden Glyph slot? Arrow Arrow

They were created by one of the best-rated software providers in the market – Quickspin. The Swedish company has also developed several other casino games before this grid slot game.

Can I find Jackpot in Golden Glyph? Arrow Arrow

Despite having massive win payouts, this slot game doesn't feature a jackpot, something the game makes up for with its promising rewards.

Is Golden Glyph available to be played for free? Arrow Arrow

Yes, players can try out the Golden Glyph slot's demo version at