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Mental Review


Mental is not your regular online slot machine with cheeky graphics and a soothing melodious soundtrack. It is a scary and chilly game where your bravery will be strongly tested.

Although the visuals of this Nolimit City game are a little creepy, they are very well designed and immersive. While playing, you'll feel as if you are locked up in an asylum.

Read further and know more about this chilly iGaming title.

Release: 31.08.2021
Max Win: X66666

Written by: Julius De Vries | The review was last updated: 12 August 2022 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

Julius de Vries reviews casino bonuses and terms here on BETO™, so our readers will not be fooled by the shady operators in the business. He is also a verified gaming expert. About Julius De Vries

Slot Machine Features

Bonus Buy

Bonus Buy









Ways to Win



Top Win worth 66,666x your bet

Haunting and special theme

Unique bonus features

Very immersive gameplay

Bonus Buy Feature


RTP can be customized

Facts About The Slot

Provider Nolimit City


RTP% 96.09

Game type Slots

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.20

Maximum bet 70.00

Reels 3

Rows 2

Game Themes

Horror Movie

Game features

Random multiplier Buy Feature Symbol Swap Additional Free Spins FreeSpins Multiplier RTP range Multiplier Scatter symbols FreeSpins Wild

Dark themed visuals of Mental slot

Dark themed visuals of Mental slot

Mental Intro - Do you have enough courage to visit the asylum?

It can't be denied that Nolimit City is a master at developing unique gaming titles that just shake up the whole iGaming scene.

Although it seems a little scary and dangerous to enter a creepy old mental asylum in the Mental slot, you might dare to do it anyway as the winning potential is very high, and you can win up to 66,666x worth of your bet in a single spin.

The intriguing and ominous theme of Mental inspires the visuals and the soundtrack, and you'll get very involved and immersed in the gameplay. Even with the intense graphics and the strong animations, the team at Nolimit City has successfully optimized the title to run smoothly on smaller devices like mobiles.

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Goosebumps-giving gameplay of Mental slot


The chilling visuals and theme set to make you jump

With games like Mental, it is sure that Nolimit City knows how to think out of the box, and we must say, they went really crazy with this one. In the past, we have seen games based on prisons and graveyards from this studio, but this time they did a truly impressive job, even to their standards.

You might feel that Mental is a torture chamber rather than an online slot, and we won't blame you. The various graphic elements like the background, the animations, the symbols, and the reels are all set strictly according to the theme.

The scary soundtrack also syncs in smoothly with the ominous visuals, and you get well-designed gameplay. The whole game is set in a mental asylum, which is quite apparent from the sepia-tinged walls and the flickering lights, along with the bleak colour scheme.

When the San Quentin video slot was released sometime earlier, another scary-themed title by the same developer, it caused quite a controversy. Mental is designed in an even crazier manner, and you should get ready for a pretty electric and sinister gambling experience.

The symbols in Mental are also designed to give you goosebumps and chills. You get picture symbols including hearts, lungs, brains, skeleton hands, and eyes. Some mentally-disturbed patients will also appear on the reels, which are marked from 1 to 5.

The skull denotes the wild symbol, and the spider is the scatter symbol.

Dark graphics and animations of the free spins round

Dark graphics and animations of the free spins round


This disturbing hospital is stuffed with special bonuses

There aren't many iGaming studios that manage to add hi-tech gaming features in complex slots like Mental. However, Nolimit City has quite an experience in the field, and they have expertly developed special bonuses in the game.

You get 3 different special bonuses in the Mental video slot:

Dead Patients Feature

You get a direct random multiplier on your wager amount if you land 2 dead patient symbols on the gaming grid. The value of the multiplier can range anywhere from 5x to 9,999x.

Transforming Symbols Feature

The symbols on the grid will transform to help you by increasing the winning potential when you land some spiders on the reels.

Enhancer Cells Feature

xWays, xNudges, and xSplits are the special enhancer you will come across while betting. These act like boosters to the reels, and they will help you in landing wins pretty easily.

Winning Lobotomy free spins in Mental

Winning Lobotomy free spins in Mental


The scary free spins feature

The free spins bonus round in Mental is pretty loaded, and you get 3 different kinds of free spins:

Autopsy Free Spins

These free spins will be triggered when you land 3 scorpion symbols on the reels. During this bonus, the Fire Frames will be sticky, improving the winning potential.

Landing a spider with the three scorpions will activate a different free spins added round called the Lobotomy free spins.

Lobotomy Free Spins

Landing a spider with the three scorpions will activate a different free spins round called the Lobotomy free spins. During this round, the spider symbol will become sticky, and the Fire Frames will be active. A Dead Multiplier will spice up your gameplay in this round.

Mental Free Spins

Being the trickiest one to trigger, the Mental Free Spins round is also the most rewarding free spins round. In this round, you get the benefits of both the previous rounds, along with a continuously running Dead Multiplier.

Nolimit Bonus Feature

You can purchase the free spins feature of Mental by paying a bit of extra money. Known as the Nolimit Bonus Feature. It can be pretty useful if you don't like to wait for such bonuses to trigger on their own. Unfortunately, this bonus is not available for UK players.

Terrifying animations of Mental video slot

Terrifying animations of Mental video slot


RTP and Variance - Mental

Mental's RTP is not always the same, and wagering casinos can change it according to their standard and liking. From what we experienced and researched, the RTP of the game ranges between 94.08% and 96.06%.

With a really high winning potential that can give you a payout worth 66,666x your wager on s single spin, Mental is a very explosive video slot. The variance rating is very high and you'll enjoy the fiery features and their rewards.

Creepy intro screen of Mental gives you goosebumps and chills straight at the start

Creepy intro screen of Mental gives you goosebumps and chills straight at the start


Is this creepy and scary slot worth your spin?

Mental is a pretty unusual and unique game. The theme of the game is set around a mental asylum where the most critically disturbed mental patients are treated, and you are going to turn it into your money-making machine.

With unique special features like Autopsy free spins and Lobotomy free spins, the mental vibe is stuffed in every single element of the game, and you are going to get a pretty haunting and immersive betting experience.

Even though Mental is a pretty good and interesting slot to bet on, it may confuse some players with its unique graphics and animations. So, we recommend you try it first on a demo version, which you can find here at

Nolimit City has provided a lot of special slots and unique features. This slot is no exception and also has excellent enhancers like xWays, xNudge, and xSplit mechanics. The game's winning potential is rewarding. With a max win of 66,666 x your stake, you should definitely give this a try and see if you will enjoy its haunting and chilling vibe.


Frequently Asked Questions - Mental

What is Mental's Jackpot amount?

The max win you can land on the Mental slot is a single spin is worth 66,666x your stake.

What is the RTP of Mental?

Mental's RTP is changeable, and online casinos can set it according to their preference. It usually ranges between 94.08% and 96.06%.

Will I get any free spins in Mental?

Sure, there is a scary-themed free spins round in Mental where you get 3 different free spins rounds. You will get special extras and modifiers on the game, and you will like the overall vibe.

What is Mental's Dead Patient feature?

It's a unique bonus in the Mental video slot, where when you get 2 dead patient symbols, one of them will turn into a premium symbol, along with a symbol multiplier that ranges from 5x to 1,000x (Can also increase to 9,999x).

What is the Fire Frames feature in Mental?

Mental has a bonus feature called the Fire Frames feature. When it triggers, anywhere between 1 to 13 positions will convert into Fire Frames, and their symbols will split into two.

How to play Mental for free?

We have the demo version of the slot here at, and you can try it for free.