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Reptizillions Power Reels by Red Tiger

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Reptizillions Power Reels Demo

Witness numerous dinosaurs traversing across this slot with eight reels.

The slot also provides generous support in securing payouts worth up to 4,473x the stakes.

A handful of exquisitely designed dinosaurs will appear in this realm, which happens to include a Triceratops and the feared T-Rex, alongside half stone/half jewel inspired symbols. There is also a Super Symbol format where these glorious fiends look more majestic.

Release: 10.06.2021
Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON
Max Win: X4473

Written by: Julius De Vries | The review was last updated: 16 May 2024 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

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Slot Machine Features


Bonus Buy



Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots

Pros Pros


OpenPayout of 4,473x the stakes

OpenSuper Symbols activate the Horde feature

OpenBonus rounds with Super Symbols

OpenScatter symbols grant free bonus spins

OpenFan-favorite dinosaur-themed setting and plot

Cons Cons


Close Below-average RTP rate of 95.69%

Close No jackpot prizes

Facts About the Slot

Slots Provider Red Tiger

Slots Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON

Slots RTP% 94.74

Slots Game type Slots

Slots Jackpot No

Bet Range & Game Layout

Slots Minimum bet 0.10

Slots Maximum bet 20.00

Slots Reels 8

Slots Rows 6

Slots Paylines 30

Game Themes

Dinosaurs Caveman

Game Features

Additional Free Spins RTP range Scatter symbols FreeSpins Mega Symbol (3x3)


Card suits

Play on this 8-reel grid with 9 unique symbols for winning up to 4,473x your bet

Play on this 8-reel grid with 9 unique symbols for winning up to 4,473x your bet

Introduction - Unstoppable Rampage

Approximately more than 250 million years before our ancestors showed up, the dinosaurs inhabited the Earth by prehistoric beasts. Amongst their kind were the Tyrannosaurus Rex (or simply T-Rex), Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, and the list goes on. Although their existence in the modern era is limited to no more than history textbooks, players can still get to experience the majestic grandeur of these beasts and win huge rewards with Red Tiger’s Reptizillions: Power Reels slot.

The grid set-up consists of 6 rows and 8 reels. Bonus symbols, known as Super Symbols, can help players summon literal hordes of dinosaurs that occupy more than 2 blocks. To activate the Horde Feature, players will need to obtain a Dino Super Symbol. The slot also features free spin bonuses that grant 10 more bonus spins. Free Spin symbols trigger this effect. If a player manages to control a horde of dinosaurs, they’ll be one step closer to winning prizes worth 4000x the stakes.

Well then, what are you waiting for? Brace yourself for the incoming hordes and try out Reptizillions Power Reels exclusively right here at


Reptizillions: Power Reels (Specs) - Theme and Setting

The Reptizillions: Power Reels slot is based upon a dinosaur-themed setting in a densely overgrown jungle with tall mountains and dazzling rainbows shining brightly in the elusive background. The soundtrack for this slot is catchy and does well not to overdo it, complimented by stunning graphics and sound effects.

Players will need to utilize 8 symbols across the reels at a time, including spades, diamonds, hearts, clubs, and 5 high-payout dinosaur symbols. Among the majestic beasts, T-Rex is the most generous one in terms of rewarding values. Players who land 8 matching symbols in a winning combination are rewarded with prizes worth 15x your bet. Now, we know that might not sound like an exciting value. But don’t forget, you can still forge significant clusters of matching dinosaur symbols with the Horde feature. The precise design of each symbol is often overshadowed by the fact that numerous symbols are shown on the game’s screen for every spin.

The Reptizillions: Power Reels is available to play across PCs, tablets, and smartphones. However, we advise players seeking the best experience to play on large screen devices since the sheer number of symbols and reels on the small handheld devices can often look pretty underwhelming for a fast-paced and exciting slot game.

Land scatter symbols, each is worth +3 free spins during the bonus round

Land scatter symbols, each is worth +3 free spins during the bonus round


Reptizillions: Power Reels (Specs) - The Basics

Prepare for an intriguing journey back in time when enormous dinosaurs traversed through the plains of Earth with Reptizillions: Power Reels video slot. As the game boots up, players are relocated to the last realm of existence for these prehistoric terrestrial creatures, an overgrown forest.

The nine symbols, including the 5 high-payout dinosaur symbols, await your arrival in a robust 8x6 grid setup. Players should make it their priority to obtain the horde-spawning Super Symbols as soon as possible since these high-value symbols occupy two or more tiles more chances to forge a winning combination.

Your expedition begins by placing your bets for each spin. In the Reptizillions Power Reels slot, each spin can be wagered between €0.20 up to €20.00. For ease of access, players can use + and - buttons to adjust their bets before each spin. These buttons are located on the bottom-right corner of the screen. Players can also utilize the “Auto” and “Turbo” buttons to collect a minimum of 3 matching symbols from the left side of the grid.

Winning Strategies

To win at this slot, players must match a minimum of 3 symbols consecutively from the left side of the reels. Both the high-paying dino cards and low-paying standard cards will be mixed, portraying an exciting contrast. The high-rate payout dino symbols in ascending order of value are raptors, triceratops, and T-Rex, respectively.

Players who craft a straight line of 8 dinosaurs can potentially win at 7-15x worth the bet. Full-screen winning combos are also on the menus. Kudos to the Way Features function. It should be noted that this slot does not make use of any wild symbols at all.

The Horde never leaves the grid during bonus rounds, so better keep your eyes on the prize

The Horde never leaves the grid during bonus rounds, so better keep your eyes on the prize


Reptizillions: Power Reels (Specs) - Features & Bonuses

In Reptizillions: Power Reels slot, unlocking the potential of hordes is very pertinent to winning big prizes. This feature is also available in the base game during the appearance of Super Symbols. The bonus effects are significantly magnified whenever free spins are activated. Upon landing, these massive symbols are locked upon the gameboard and move leftwards by one tile with each spin. On the left-most last tile, they are knocked off the board to create room for more symbols.

However, a lot more action is still going on the grid alongside the Super Symbols. All matching dinosaur symbol types in vertical or horizontal orders are locked and forced to move left and off the grid. The limit for super symbols is set at a maximum of 3 at a time and once they do appear, their types are always matched with each other.

Once players manage to obtain 3 scatter symbols, 10 free bonus spins are also given away. Before a new round commences, a randomly selected dino symbol and 3 super symbols of the same type are added across the reels. These super symbols work in the same way, just alongside a new twist.

Whenever the initial super symbols are knocked off the grid from the left side, they will re-appear on the reels from the right side of the grid. All locked tiles will remain locked unless the bonus round concludes and landing any more scatter symbols during this phase awards players with 3 more free spins.

Managed to land a winning combo next to the Super Symbols? Splendid, here comes the Horde

Managed to land a winning combo next to the Super Symbols? Splendid, here comes the Horde


Reptizillions: Power Reels - RTP

The RTP for this slot game is set at a somewhat below-average RTP of 95.69%. The variance is rated high, and the highest valued win on an individual spin is 4,473x the stakes.

Try out the demo version of this slot game for free at

Try out the demo version of this slot game for free at


Reptizillions: Power Reels - Conclusion

The Reptizillions: Power Reels slot has a distinct setting and gameplay mechanics that set it apart in the vast sea of online slot machines. The critical feature to unlocking big wins is the exclusive Horde feature.

Prehistoric dinosaurs aid your journey, bringing along sizeable bonuses and free spins that eventually help in the formation of an enormous horde. These herds of dinosaurs are critical for achieving massive cluster wins. Recently, the dinosaur theme has been gaining attention amongst both game developers and their audiences. Red Tiger took this prehistoric and churned out a fresh new experience for players to savour and enjoy.

Collectively, this slot game is a definite must-try for a fun and exciting experience, especially for dinosaur lovers. We admit that a maximum payout of 450x the bet per spin is a pretty underwhelming reward. Still, when complemented by additional bonuses, players can surge their payout sizes up to 4,473x the stakes. A much-more exciting figure to play for. Super symbols during the bonus round are the key for nailing the game and securing victories for players. They will need to keep in mind to hold on to these locked symbols until the bonuses are triggered.

The absence of wild symbols and low return rates hold back this slot at times, but if you’re into dinosaurs, this is the slot for you. The breathtaking beauty of the prehistoric era bursting into life during the activation of Super Symbols and the Horde feature is sure to keep many players hooked for a genuinely satisfying game experience.

Feel free to check out the demo version of the Reptizillions: Power Reels slot here at Once you’re convinced about diving into your world of Jurrasic adventures, look no further than our approved list of Red Tiger Gaming entertaining online casinos for quite the load of cash prizes.


Frequently asked questions

What is the highest payout value in the Reptizillion: Power Reels slot? Arrow Arrow

This value is fixed at a maximum of 4,473x the stakes per spin. The best bet for players to win this big is to utilize the Horde feature and free spin bonuses.

What is the RTP for Reptizillions: Power Reels? Arrow Arrow

The RTP rate for this is set at a below-average 95.69%. The variance is rated high, while the bigger wins largely depend upon players using the 2 main bonus features.

Does the Reptilizillion: Power Reels slot offers a progressive jackpot? Arrow Arrow

This slot game does not offer players any chances to win a progressive jackpot.

What exactly is the Horde feature from the Reptilizillion: Free Reels slot? Arrow Arrow

This bonus feature utilizes humongous dinosaur symbols to appear and is locked in specific tiles. These symbols shift leftwards by 1 reel with each spin until they drop off the grid from reel 1. Landing identical symbols next to these super symbols trigger the horde feature, which grants players bonus free spins and more chances to win big.

Is there a free spins feature in the Reptizillions: Power Reels slot? Arrow Arrow

Yes, this bonus grants 10 free bonus spins and also keeps the Horde feature active too. When a dinosaur symbol exits the grid from reel 1, it teleports back to reel 8. Players can also win unlimited bonus free spins, as long as the bonus round is active.

Can I try out the Reptizillions: Power Reels online slot for free? Arrow Arrow

Yes! Good news, you can try out this online slot for free. The demo version is available here at Take your time to get used to the gameplay mechanics & bonus features, and you’ll be all set to play for exciting cash prizes at the best online casinos.