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Snake Arena
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Snake Arena Review

Snake Arena

The Snake Arena slot gives you a chance to win 1000x your winning bet or even more while chasing or getting chased by a snake. Relax Gaming brings you this innovative and adventurous online slot based on 30 paylines with a top prize of 2758x the bet. Snake Arena has bonus features like expanding wilds and a free spin round. This round features a snake chasing a knight while making a trail of wilds on the reels.

Release: 20.12.2019
Max Win: X2758

Written by: Julius De Vries | The review was last updated: 12 August 2022 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

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Slot Machine Features

Bonus Buy

Bonus Buy









Ways to Win



Great theme and visual quality

Innovative gameplay and bonuses included

Random Wild Chase feature included

Expanding Wilds feature

Great RTP of 96.25%


High volatility levels

Top prize not very high, i.e. 2758x the bet

Facts About The Slot

Provider Relax Gaming


RTP% 96.25

Game type Slots

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.10

Maximum bet 100.00

Reels 5

Rows 5

Game Themes

Fantasy Medieval

Game Features

Buy Feature Collect Energy Random Wilds Bonus symbols FreeSpins Wild



Play on the slot with 30 paylines

Play on the slot with 30 paylines

Introducing Snake Arena

Like the classical snake game on old Nokia phones that was so famous on the black and white screens, Snake Arena is based on a classical theme. This online bonus slot is based on that version, with a lot of extra features added.

Relax Gaming brings you this slot based on five horizontal and five vertical rows with huge potential prizes possible in the gameplay. The game is placed in a dungeon that holds a vicious snake after the big chunks of meat. Relax Gaming included 30 paylines in the game instead of the usual cluster wins style used in most online slots.

The game awards a win when matching symbols are stacked or fill two or more consecutive rows. In addition to the exciting base game, bonus features are included, like the additional free spins round . But it would be best if you had a lot of luck to get this prize. You can also win big payouts easily with expanding wilds, and the set of symbols also pay a handsome amount.

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Snake Arena features mesmerizing music and alluring theme


Alluring Theme and Fascinating Graphics

This exciting new online slot from Relax Gaming has an old medieval theme. Snake Arena is based on the classical snake game in which a snake slithers across the screen eating food, but it has a modern touch to it. The snake here is after a troublesome knight instead of food items. The gameplay is great, and the slot is overall very well made. It has excellent visuals and looks impressive graphically. Players will get immersed in the game because of the alluring soundtracks blended in with the graphics.

Win up to 1000x your initial bet

Win up to 1000x your initial bet


Players Guide for Snake Arena

The settings are all placed on the right side of the screen. You can select your bet amount using the coin stack button in the top right corner. This amount can range from €0.10 per spin up to €100.00 per spin. After you have selected the bet, the menu is opened. This is where the autoplay option can be configured, and other settings are available. The game options like sounds, music, quick spin, etc. can be configured using the cog button. You can even set it to enable spin with the space button.

The autoplay configuration in Snake Arena lets you choose an amount from the number presets to play out spins automatically. Or you can select the infinity sign to let the game spin randomly until some end of ends. The game can end when the balance runs out, or a win limit crosses, predefined from the Advanced menu.

The button with a question mark opens the Game Rules. In this, bullet points are listing the game’s features like the RTP of 96.25% and the game’s rules about its bonus features etc.

You can win a huge amount of 2758x your bet in snake arena

You can win a huge amount of 2758x your bet in snake arena


Standing Victorious in Snake Arena Slot

Landing 3 or more matching symbols gets you a win in Snake Arena. The game consists of 30 paylines, and all of them are always active. You can make winning combinations using more than a single line. You will notice a tendency of the game to cluster low-paying symbols together, and this favours the players as opposed to clustering picture symbols together.

The royal crown symbol pays the most. Landing 5 of these on a single payline gives you a 20x payout of the winning bet. Three of these is worth 1x the winning bet. Landing five of the green eye symbols will get you 10x the bet, and three of these is worth just 0.7x the bet. Then there is the big chunk of meat that the snake wants to eat. This symbol is worth 5x when 5 of them land and 0.5x the bet when three of them match.

As you decrease the general value of symbols, the trend is that their three-symbol payouts also decrease in size. On the other hand, the game forms clusters on the reels, and this makes enormous wins possible in Snake Arena.


Don't let the snake bite itself or the free spins mode will end


Special Features and Bonus Rounds

The biggest win possible in the Snake Arena slot is 2758x the initial bet.

The Snake Arena slot has many features, including Wild Symbol, Free Spins, Wild Chase and Bonus Buy.

Wild Symbol

The knight and the snake represent the Wilds in Snake Arena. These wilds can substitute all other symbols, making it easier to create winning combinations.

Free Spins

If both the snake and the knight land simultaneously, the Free Spins mode of Snake Arena gets triggered. The snake advances on the knight after every spin. If the snake can eat the knight, its length increases, making the wild symbol bigger. This helps create even more winning combinations than before.

However, the Free Spins mode will end if the snake ends up biting its own body. This happens when its body is in the way of its food.

If the snake grows big enough to cover multiple reels, including 2, 3, 4, and 5, you get a bonus prize worth 1000x the bet. This is an added advantage to the players.

Wild Chase

If the snake meets the knight on the same reel, the Wild Chase feature is triggered. The player can get 1 to 5 Wild reels when this happens.

Bonus Buy

The game has a Bonus Buy feature that lets you skip directly to the Free Spins mode. To do this, you must pay 70x the bet amount. This causes both the snake and the knight to land, which triggers the Free Spins mode.

Land both the snake and the knight together to trigger the free spins mode

Land both the snake and the knight together to trigger the free spins mode


Return to Player Ratio of Snake Arena

The slot has high volatility levels, meaning the wins are not very frequent. But the wins that do come around are pretty generous and worth the wait.

Snake Arena Demo Play

Here at BETO, you can try the free demo slots version of Snake Arena by Relax Gaming for free. The demo requires no deposit, and you start with a 5000-credit score that is free-play and can be spent however you like. We recommend that you try the demo until you reach the Free Spins mode to get the complete experience.

Now you can play snake arena on mobile phones too

Now you can play snake arena on mobile phones too


Play Snake Arena on the Go

Snake Arena is a very portable game, just like the original snake game that inspired this version, if not more. The game is supported on all web browsers, whether on smartphones or tablets, and there is no need for any downloads to start the action. The gaming experience is also enhanced while playing on a touch screen, as the controls can be interacted with directly, and you can hit the spin button yourself instead of using a mouse. This is a plus point for the gamer.

Use the Bonus buy feature to jump right on to the free spins mode

Use the Bonus buy feature to jump right on to the free spins mode


Overall Summary

Relax Gaming has made a delightful online slot. The story revolves around the knights, who are constantly being chased by a snake and can never rest. Snake Arena is unique in terms of gameplay style and elements used in the game.

The game also resembles the original snake game that inspired it and invoked nostalgic feels in the fans. Snakes and knights show the Wild symbols in the base game. There is a Wild Chase feature that, when triggered, gives you 1 to 5 Wild reels. Several winning combinations can be made using these. Even though the Wilds are beneficial for the player, the giant Wild can only be made during the Free Spins mode.

The snake gets bigger and bigger as it eats more knights on the reels. The snake's body is made up of Wilds, and as the snake grows, the Wilds increase. A grand prize of 1000x the bet is awarded if you manage to fill reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 with these Wilds. A bonus buy option is also added by Relax Gaming, in which you can directly pay 70x the bet and get into the Free Spins mode immediately. This prize is not as high as expected.

The Snake Arena slot provides a fun and adventure-filled experience, with a hungry snake that eats knights to grow in size and create more Wild symbols.


FAQ section for Snake Arena

What is the maximum prize in Snake Arena?

The maximum prize in the Snake Arena slots is 2758x your total bet.

What RTP does Snake Arena slots offer?

Snake Arena has a generous RTP of 96.25%

What is the volatility of Snake Arena slots?

The Snake Arena slot is very volatile. The gameplay is very risky, and you must bet massive amounts to get substantial wins.

Is there a free spins mode in Snake Arena slot?

Yes, if you manage to land the snake and the knight on the reels simultaneously, the free spins mode is activated.

Is Snake Arena slots free to play?

Here at BETO, you can try the accessible version of Snake Arena slots. The game can be played in the browser if you click the window shown at the top of the screen.