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Star Clusters Megaclusters by Big Time Gaming

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Star Clusters Megaclusters Demo

Big Time Gaming has once again outdone itself with the release of Star Clusters Megaclusters. Star Clusters Megaclusters offers players a feast of Reaction Wins as the symbols are divided into smaller ones. Simultaneously, the cascading feature is triggered to help you win huge prizes. This latest release by Big Time Gaming has taken players by the storm, so wait no more and join in on the prize-winning journey.

Release: 19.06.2020
Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility OFF
Max Win: X23960

Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 14 May 2024 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

Jasmin Williams, Chief Content Officer at BETO Slots™, has worked in the English casino industry for over a decade and is regarded as a casino and slots game expert. About Jasmin Williams

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Slot Machine Features


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Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots

Pros Pros


OpenVery innovative game & fun to play.

OpenFree Spins Round with up to 256 symbols.

OpenStar Clusters has a top prize of 23960x

OpenRevolutionary Megaclusters Engine

OpenExpand grid causing many ways to win

Cons Cons


Close There is some similarity to other slots by BTG

Facts About the Slot

Slots Provider Big Time Gaming

Slots Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility OFF

Slots RTP% 96.54

Slots Game type Slots

Slots Jackpot No

Bet Range & Game Layout

Slots Minimum bet 0.20

Slots Maximum bet 20.00

Slots Reels 4

Slots Rows 4

Game Themes


Game Features

Cluster Pays Cascading/Avalanche wins Multiplier Scatter symbols FreeSpins Wild

 Fun, addictive, game with increased winning potential

Fun, addictive, game with increased winning potential

Introducing Star Clusters Megaclusters Online Slot

Star Clusters Megaclusters is another success story forthe Big Time Gaming developers. After releasing their extremely popular, well-designed engine - Megaways, which shook the online slot market to its core, they have done the same justice to their latest, improved Megaclusters Engine. 

Moreover, the Megaclusters engine includes a new feature - players get cluster wins as the symbols split once new winning combinations are formed.  The potential to win in Star Clusters is very high as the top prize itself is worth 23960 times your stake, and there are limitless multipliers that keep increasing. Star Clusters is a reel set that can increase up to 16 x 16 with 256 symbols.

Everything we know so far about the game is in this review. Similar to how Bonanza uplifted Megaways systems to its current glory, Star Clusters MegaClusters is expected to take its players by the storm by introducing the latest mechanism. Moreover, the shape of jewels and animations are exceptional. The gameplay itself is different and new from mainstream slots and will take more time to be thoroughly analysed. However, the game looks great and will definitely grab the attention of all the players out there.


Graphics and Effects

Although the symbols are similar to Bonanza and Opa Fruits clusters, they have their own unique identity. Other than that, there is no surprise that the game runs smoothly with its good graphics and resolution. 

Winning combinations form once the symbols disappear, which players are familiar with; however, the metaphysics that apply to these symbols is very realistic and further brings value to your gaming experience. Moreover, every time you win, something different happens, which keeps you engaged in the game at all times. 

Another great thing is the sound effects in Star Clusters, as the warped sounds are developed to the point and go well with the rhythm of the original sci-fi theme.

The animations in the game are smooth, and although the graphics are not extraordinary in this game, they sure are good enough to keep you engaged. Unfortunately, like most slots running on Megaways engine, this one also does not excel at graphics. 

Beautiful Graphics, Alluring Effects and an engaging Theme

Beautiful Graphics, Alluring Effects and an engaging Theme


Learn how to play Star Clusters Megaclusters

With reels filled with valuable jewels and bright colours, this 2020 release was similar to other memorable online slots developed by BTG. The game has numerous jewels such as Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies and other, high-rewarding symbols. 

Although there is no continuation of Scatters, Star Clusters introduces the multi-coloured Star Wild, which is an alternative to all the mainstream symbols. It also increases the multiplier value during the spin round. So collecting more Star Wilds will help you get a higher value of the multiplier.

With the addition of the Reactions feature, the winning combinations disappear and split to form four smaller ones. Due to this, the number of clusters that can land increases drastically. Other than that, the user interface of the slot is the same, and your stake can vary from €0.20 to €20 per single spin.

The rules of the game are pretty easy to understand. This Big Time Gaming masterpiece consists of four reels, four rows, with cluster wins paying the most reward. But, more importantly, forming clusters of five or more identical symbols will trigger the winning payouts.


Winning tips

As mentioned before, getting five identical symbols will earn you payouts. If you get 25 of the same symbols, then you get the highest reward. The most prized mechanism is a purple gem, as it rewards you 50x for a whole house.

As a result of winning combinations, the symbols explode and vanish while new symbols appear on the grid. Moreover, these symbols will split into four smaller icons that increase the reel-set and form further winning combinations. Thus, the grid can expand as much as 16x16 on the reels. 

Great graphics, animations, and sound effects to help you enjoy this amazing slot

Great graphics, animations, and sound effects to help you enjoy this amazing slot


What is the difference between Megaclusters and Megaways?

Players who try this game for the first time will have to adjust and learn how the game works as the latest Megacluster Engine is exceptionally innovative and developed to perfection by Big Time Gaming. 

The main difference between the two engines is that in Megways, there are more ways to win, and the overall winning potential is higher when players get limitless cascade wins. This is BTG’s unique selling point and the reason why they are popular among players. The Megaways mechanism is designed such that players can win in 243 ways.

Whereas, Megaclusters is a different version of Megaways in which winning combinations are split into different symbols on the grid. Megacluster also offers an infinite number of ways you can win. In a way, this is similar to cascade wins. However, Megaclusters offers a new outlook with more explosive gameplay. Despite everything, both engines are great to play and highly engaging. 

Trigger the Free Spins Feature to earn higher rewards

Trigger the Free Spins Feature to earn higher rewards


Bonus Features

Star Clusters Megaclusters offers players various jewels similar to Big Time Gaming's initial release on the Megaways engine. The purple coloured jewel pays out the highest and is more valuable than others. Other than that, the wild star symbol and a gold wild symbol also have higher payouts. You need at least five same symbols to strike a winning combination that can be as many as 25 same symbols. Following is a description of each symbol's payout in the Star Clusters Megaclusters slot:

  • Purple gemstone - Rewards 50x for 25+ in a cluster 
  • Red gemstone - Rewards 30x for 25+ in a cluster 
  • Blue gemstone - Rewards 25x for 25+ in a cluster 
  • Green gemstone - Rewards 20x for 25+ in a cluster 
  • Orange gemstone - Rewards 20x for 25+ in a cluster 
  • Yellow gemstone - Rewards 10x for 25+ in a cluster 
  • Light blue gemstone - Rewards 10x for 25+ in a cluster

What Bonus Features does Star Clusters Megaways offer?

Star Clusters runs on a highly innovative engine - Megacluster. Moreover, there is also the Reactions Feature in Star Clusters, in which the initial grid - 4x4 with 16 tiles can increase in size to become a larger 8x8 grid with 64 tiles.  

Every time you land winning clusters, the symbols split into 4 smaller ones. Winning with these smaller symbols allows new symbols to appear, resulting in infinite wins if you keep winning combinations.

Other than that, the golden star acts as a Wild Multiplier Symbol - starting multiplier value of 1x, which keeps increasing every time you win using this symbol. Once the winning combinations have stopped, the multiplier resets. 

To trigger this feature, you need to win a combination in which at least one gold star wild symbol is active. Landing two gold star wild symbols in one spin can yield very high payouts. These bonus features help players earn great prizes and are incredibly engaging as you can potentially win in an infinite number of ways.


Star Clusters Megaways Free Spin Feature

Landing 5 Reaction Feature continuously will activate the Free Spins Bonus Round. During this feature, you get two free spins. In addition to that, you get a different spin for every Reaction Feature triggered after 5x.

In other words, landing seven cascade winning combinations will reward you with four free spins, which more wins can further increase. Again, this can be used to yield huge payouts

What’s even great is that the constant multiplier does not reset in the free spins bonus round. During regular gameplay, any gold star wild symbol is shifted to the bonus round. Moreover, every time the multiplier exceeds 10x, you also get two extra spins. For every 10x, 20x, 30x, etc., multiplier, the extra spins are rewarded.

Earn high rewards from the free spins bonus round

Earn high rewards from the free spins bonus round


RTP and Variance

The clustering mechanism of the game ensures players can get high rewards for a more engaging, thrilling, fun gaming experience. More importantly, the top prize of 23000x does not necessarily mean that the game has high volatility. More importantly, the top prize of 23000x does not necessarily mean that the game volatility is high.

Star Cluster Megaclusters is addictive, fun, and has countless, never-ending rewards.

Star Cluster Megaclusters is addictive, fun, and has countless, never-ending rewards.


Overall Review of Star Cluster Megaclusters

Star Clusters Megaclusters offer players a fun, engaging gaming experience, and in our opinion, it is one of the Best Slots we have seen in recent times. Everything runs smoothly, and the game has so many various features that make the gameplay even more exciting. It’s addictive and can keep you hooked for hours. Moreover, the increased number of ways to win takes players by the storm, and the winning potential is very high. What’s even better is the free spins bonus feature which can be extremely rewarding. 

Huge credit goes to the Megaclusters engine as it makes this vintage cluster wins system extraordinarily efficient and fun. In conclusion, the game is incredibly innovative, well-designed and can offer you great rewards. Another great thing is that the game volatility is not high, meaning that there is a higher chance to win more frequently. In addition, Star Cluster Megaclusters has a maximum payout of 23,000 times your stake, which is seriously a lot!


Frequently asked questions

What is Star Clusters Megaclusters’ RTP? Arrow Arrow

Star Clusters Megaclusters has an RTP of 96.54%, which is slightly above the usual RTP of other slots. As a result, the house edge is 3.46%.

How Volatile is Star Cluster Megaclusters? Arrow Arrow

Star Cluster Megaclusters is medium to highly volatile. Compared to other Megaways games, Star Cluster Megaclusters has a higher winning potential and has frequent wins. Despite that, you should always be careful when deciding the amount of stake.

How does the Megacluster Engine in Star Cluster Megaclusters work? Arrow Arrow

To get a winning combination, you need to land at least five of the same symbols. After that, these symbols split into four smaller ones. Once these disappear, new ones appear to replace them.

Does Star Cluster Megaclusters include a Free Spins Feature? Arrow Arrow

Yes, the Star Cluster Megacluster includes a Free Spins Feature. To trigger this feature, land at least 5 wins in a row. During the free spins feature, the grid is expanded from 4x4 to 8x8 with the option to land 256 symbols in a winning combination.

What is the highest possible win in Star Cluster Megaways? Arrow Arrow

Star cluster allows you to win 23,000x your bet, and you can even win up to 460,000 Euros if you bet the highest bet, i.e. 20 Euros.

Is Star Cluster Megaclusters free to play? Arrow Arrow

Yes, it is free to play. You can try the beta version of Star Cluster Megaclusters for free here at To play this game and win casino bucks, you can check our list of trusted casinos and learn where you can play the game.