Sugar Supreme Powernudge Slot - Free Play and Reviews (2024)

Sugar Supreme Powernudge
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Sugar Supreme Powernudge by Pragmatic Play

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Sugar Supreme Powernudge Review

Sugar Supreme Powernudge

Enjoy sweet gameplay and rewards in this journey filled with sugar in the Sugar Supreme Powernudge slot. It has a 6x6 layout with the cluster pays mechanic. The bonuses are the Powernudge feature, Free Spins with persistent spot Multipliers, and the Buy Free Spins bonus.

In this Sugar Supreme Powernudge slot review, we will see if this colourful and delicious-looking slot can actually deliver some serious wins or not.

Release: 02.11.2023
Max Win: X5000

Written by: Julius De Vries | The review was last updated: 01 April 2024 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

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Slot Machine Features

Bonus Buy

Bonus Buy



Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots





Ways to Win



Engaging Powernudge feature

Buy Free Spins option

6x6 grid & cluster pays

Multipliers don't reset in the Free Spins

Max Win of 5,000x bet


High volatility

Facts About The Slot

Provider Pragmatic Play


RTP% 96.09

Game type Slots

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.20

Maximum bet 240.00

Reels 6

Rows 6

Game Themes


Game Features

Bonus Bet Cluster Pays Buy Feature RTP range Multiplier Scatter symbols FreeSpins

Sugar Supreme Powernudge Review by BETO Slots

Sugar Supreme Powernudge Review by BETO Slots

Introducing Sugar Supreme Powernudge Slot Machine

Sugar Supreme Powernudge slot by Pragmatic Play is a sweet experience where the Powernudge feature does most of the work. This isn't the first Powernudge slot by Pragmatic Play, as they have already released slots like Rise of Giza Powernudge and Sweet Powernudge. This is the latest addition to this series of games, and we will soon see how it compares to the others.

This slot supports a large layout with 6 reels and 6 rows, which works well with the cluster pays mechanic. Obviously, the Powernudge feature is part of this game, but it also has Free Spins which enhance the Powernudge feature for awarding bigger wins. The Bonus Buy is there for those who are only interested in playing the Free Spins.

Are you interested in finding out how these features can sweeten your gameplay? Check out online slots free play, and don't miss the engaging Sugar Supreme Powernudge gameplay video. Stay with me, and I will share how everything works.

Video: Sugar Supreme Powernudge Slot - Free Play and Reviews (2024)

Gameplay of Sugar Supreme Powernudge from Pragmatic Play


Theme & Design: Confectionery Wonderland

Theme & Design: Confectionery Wonderland

Theme & Design: Confectionery Wonderland

Theme and Design

When I spun the reels on this game, I was instantly gobsmacked by its vibrant and playful theme, which transported me straight to a proper confectionery wonderland. From generously iced cupcakes to multicoloured hard candies, each symbol can make your mouth water.

As I navigated through this sweet slot set against a backdrop that looks like the most elaborate sweet paradise you could imagine, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by it. If you like sweet treats, this theme is the perfect fit for you.

Music and Soundtrack

As catchy tunes accompanied my spins, this slot effortlessly enhanced its gameplay with music that's as bubbly as a freshly poured fizzy drink. The soundtrack, brimming with light and joyful melodies, perfectly complements the game's theme.

Subtle sound effects when hitting wins or triggering features added layers to my gaming session, making every moment on this slot machine not just visually but also acoustically brilliant.


Symbols & Payouts

Dive into a sugary adventure with vibrant and mouth-watering symbols in Sugar Supreme Powernudge. Here's the scoop on what each symbol brings to your gameplay:

Symbols & Payouts:

  • Multicoloured Cake: The star of the show, landing these beauties in a cluster, can fetch you anywhere from 1x to 100x your stake.
  • Red Cake: Not far behind, these tasty treats offer payouts between 0.75x and 75x your bet.
  • Pink Cake: Sweet in both flavour and reward, these cakes can bag you wins from 0.5x to 50x your stake.
  • Golden and Pink Cake: This one will award you 0.40x to 40x of your stake for 5 or more symbols in a cluster.
  • Hard Candies (Yellow, Blue, Purple, Red): These are your lower-value symbols, but still add a bit of sweetness to your spins by paying 0.10x to 30x your bet.

Special Symbols:

  • Scatter Symbol: This one's your golden ticket to the Free Spins round, and it is like a snowglobe with various treats inside.


How to Play Sugar Supreme Powernudge Slot Machine

How to Play Pragmatic Play

How to Play Pragmatic Play's Sugar Supreme Powernudge

Here's how you can start enjoying the sweet delicacies and make the most of your spins:

  • Adjusting Your Bet Size: Start by setting your wager to your liking using the (+) or (−) buttons, toggling between the minimum bet of €0.20 and the maximum stake of €240.
  • Spinning the Reels: Hit the spin button (↺) to set the confectionery symbols in motion across this picturesque 6x6 grid.
  • Using Autoplay: If you fancy continuous gameplay, select autoplay from the interface to set up 10 to 1,000 automatic spins.
  • Opening the Paytable: Are you curious about which sweets pay best? Tap on the i button to access in-depth game information, including symbol values and feature triggers.
  • Exploring Game Settings: Through the settings menu (the gear icon), enable quick spin for faster reels, toggle sound effects or ambient music, and more for a tailored gameplay experience.


Bonus Features

Bonus Features Explained in Sugar Supreme Powernudge by Pragmatic Play

Bonus Features Explained in Sugar Supreme Powernudge by Pragmatic Play

Get ready for an assortment of powerful bonuses that are made to work together. Let's explore the bonuses now.

Powernudge Feature

Whenever you land at least one winning combo, this feature can be triggered randomly. The reels with winning symbols nudge down a spot, revealing new symbols and potentially generating more wins. Here's what makes it special:

  • Initial winning symbols add a Multiplier of 1x to their spots.
  • With each nudge and subsequent win on those spots, Multipliers increase by 1x.
  • Wins on multiple spots with Multipliers stack up Multipliers for potentially massive payouts. In short, the total Win Multiplier from all the spots (involved in the win) will apply to your win.
  • The feature concludes when no further wins are possible, resetting all Multipliers.

Free Spins Feature

Depending on whether you hit 3, 4, 5, or 6 Scatter symbols anywhere on the grid, you're ushered into a realm of 10 to 20 Free Spins. While giving it a whirl, I found that:

  • Every win during this round activates Powernudge; hence, the potential for larger cumulative wins skyrockets.
  • Multipliers don't reset between spins within this round; they build up, increasing win potential throughout.
  • An additional set of 3 or more Scatters awards 10 more Free Spins.

Buy Free Spins Bonus

For those eager to cut to the chase without waiting for Scatters to line up, this game offers Buy Free Spins. For 100x your current bet, it allows immediate access to Free Spins rounds. Note that this bonus won't be available in all countries.


Max Win, RTP, & Variance

Win 5,000x Your bet in the Sugar Supreme Powernudge Online Slot!

Win 5,000x Your bet in the Sugar Supreme Powernudge Online Slot!

Sugar Supreme Powernudge introduces a captivating gameplay experience with a tantalizing Maximum Win potential of 5,000x your bet, high volatility, and an RTP of 96.09%.

Buying the Free Spins will drop the RTP to 96.8%, but its impact won't be noticeable during the gameplay. High volatility impacts gameplay by promising potentially large payouts at reduced frequencies, aligning with risk-seeking player strategies aiming for that sweet maximum payout ceiling.

The hit frequency of this game is 1 in 3.69, which is good for a high variance slot. The Free Spins should trigger once in every 260 spins. Finally, the Max Win is supposed to hit once in more than 2 million spins.


Is Sugar Supreme Powernudge Video Slot Worth it?

Is Sugar Supreme Powernudge Video Slot Worth it?

Is Sugar Supreme Powernudge Video Slot Worth it?

The Sugar Supreme Powernudge slot does justice to its name and uses its bonuses to the fullest. The Powernudge feature is an intriguing bonus that can lead to a few guaranteed wins in a row and big wins in the base game. In the Free Spins, nothing resets, so you can keep the Multipliers and the marked spots and watch those massive wins come by.

You may be wondering how this slot compares to other slots with the Powernudge bonus. The truth is that it isn't the best, but it is closer to the top than the bottom. The advantage of this slot's approach is that the bigger reels allow you to get easy guaranteed wins by landing a winning cluster at the top and triggering the Powernudge feature.

The RTP of this slot lets it down, and there are slots in the Powernudge series that offer a much higher RTP. The Max Win is perfect, even though it has a really low chance of triggering. I was able to see high Multipliers in the Free Spins that can quickly add up and award some amazing wins. So this slot does have a few tricks up its sleeve for sure.

In short, I will recommend trying the Sugar Supreme Powernudge slot simply because of the Multipliers and the brilliant use of the Powernudge bonus with a bigger layout.


Sugar Supreme Powernudge Slot FAQ

What is the Powernudge feature in Sugar Supreme Powernudge slot machine and how does it work?

The Powernudge feature triggers randomly when you hit at least one winning combination. It nudges down reels with winning symbols one spot to reveal new symbols, potentially leading to new wins. Winning symbols mark their spots on the grid, adding a Multiplier of 1x that increases with each nudge and win on those spots. This feature continues until no more winning combinations are formed, and then all Multipliers reset.

Can I directly access the Free Spins round in Sugar Supreme Powernudge slot?

Yes, you can instantly trigger the Free Spins round by purchasing it for 100x your current total bet. When activated this way, 3 to 6 Scatter symbols will land randomly on the triggering spin.

How do Multipliers work during the Free Spins feature in Sugar Supreme Powernudge online slot?

During the Free Spins feature, every win activates a Powernudge, and any Multipliers from previous nudges remain and can increase throughout the round. This means with each consecutive nudge and win within this round, your potential winnings can skyrocket as Multipliers build up without resetting between spins.

What is the Maximum Win I can achieve in Sugar Supreme Powernudge video slot?

The Maximum Win in this casino game is capped at 5,000x your bet. Once a round hits this max payout limit, it immediately ends with that win awarded to you.

How do I adjust my bet in Sugar Supreme Powernudge slot?

To adjust your bet size in Sugar Supreme Powernudge, simply use the (±) buttons located near the spin button. Here, you can select from a minimum bet of €0.20 up to a maximum bet of €240, depending on your preference and budget.

What should I know about playing Sugar Supreme Powernudge slot at BETO before starting?

Before diving into playing Sugar Supreme Powernudge at BETO, be aware that this slot comes with high volatility, meaning wins might not come as often but have a higher chance of being sizable when they do happen. With a decent RTP of 96.09%, it offers balanced gameplay opportunities whether you're triggering features naturally or purchasing them. Always play responsibly by setting limits suited to your bankroll.