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Join the order of the templars and get ready for some action-packed gambling session in the Templar Tumble online slot. Designed by the famous game development house Relax Gaming, Templar Tumble slot is a 6 reel gaming title where you get 117,649 different ways to land a win.

Win a payout worth up to 1,000x on this medieval themed game that will help you with special bonuses like Free Spins rounds, instant cash payouts, and many other bonuses.

Release: 24.03.2021
Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility OFF
Max Win: X17280

Written by: Julius De Vries | The review was last updated: 17 May 2024 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

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Slot Machine Features


Bonus Buy



Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots

Pros Pros


OpenTop Win worth 17,280x the bet amount

OpenSpecial Mystery Symbols

OpenCool Tile Blocker mechanism

OpenExplosive gameplay

OpenBonus Buy Feature

Cons Cons


Close RTP is not fixed

Facts About the Slot

Slots Provider Relax Gaming

Slots Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility OFF

Slots RTP% 96.26

Slots Game type Slots

Slots Jackpot No

Bet Range & Game Layout

Slots Minimum bet 0.10

Slots Maximum bet 20.00

Slots Reels 6

Slots Rows 7

Slots Paylines 117649

Game Features

Buy Feature Reel set Changing Symbol Swap Mystery symbol Cascading/Avalanche wins FreeSpins Wild



Shiny glossy symbols in Templar Tumble slot

Shiny glossy symbols in Templar Tumble slot

Templar Tumble Slot - Train to be a Sharp Knight

Templar Tumble by Relax Gaming is a cascading reels based video slot that lets you land a win in 117,649 different ways.

The theme of Templar Tumble is based around the order of the Knights Templar that was formed in 1119 in Jerusalem to protect the innocent pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land. When the order was initially established, it consisted of just 9 impoverished knights. However, with time, the order grew, and they increased their wealth and power tremendously and were respected all over the region.

With time, the standards and principles of the knights deteriorated, and the order slowly declined. Most knights were arrested or disbanded, and some were even burned as heretics. This mighty history of the Templars is portrayed in an interactive fashion through the Templar Tumble online slot.

While playing on Templar Tumble, you'll feel as if you are visiting a Templar castle at the time when they were in their top glory. The background shows the interior of a gleaming medieval structure somewhere in the middle east. The symbols look as if they are taken from a history book, perfectly matching the templar theme.

Templar Tumble slot machine awards you with Free Spins and Mystery Reveal feature. The Free Spins will exceed your expectations as they don’t have any blocker symbols, and Mystery symbols appear often. The coin symbols revealed by the Mystery symbols can pay you up to 1,000x of your stake, so you can get a grand win if luck favours you.

Overall, the game is nicely balanced, and you should enjoy it. We have thoroughly reviewed this game, and have created this review after testing it numerous times, read further and get to know more about it.


Theme and Visuals of the Templar order

The developers have taken into consideration several historical details and references while creating this slot machine, and everything is very accurately designed. As the original order of the Knights Templars was established in the medieval era, the game is also given the look and feel of popular medieval fashion. You will be welcomed in the entry hall of a medieval cathedral, just like the popular real-life cathedrals in Cologne, Lincoln, and Chartres. To complete the interior, some statues of dragons and Templar Knights will be there in the background.

As the Knights were often involved in battlefield action and different wars and crusades, the theme of this video slot is very action inspired. An energising soundtrack will play in the background, which perfectly fits the medieval-styled theme. The developers at Relax Gaming have given special attention to the sound effects this time. For example, as the symbols drop on the gaming reel from above, you'll hear a mild thud, which shows the level of detail.

The symbols in Templar Tumble give a look of old stone tiles, just like the way they used to be in medieval times. The designs on the tiles are influenced by religious symbols and graphics and match the overall look and feel. You'll get different theme-based symbols like heraldic emblems, the popular Red Cross motif, gems, and a tree of life. The most valuable symbol in the game is the knight's helmet, giving a 2x payout for a 6 symbol combo.

Mega wins in Templar Tumble slot machine

Mega wins in Templar Tumble slot machine


How To Play - Templar Tumble Online Slot

You will become a betting expert on Templar Tumble quickly after playing it for some time. The gameplay is simple enough to understand. Follow these steps to bet on Templar Tumble:

  1. Check the paytable and the bonus details before selecting the bet amount. After reviewing the paytable, think about a suitable bet amount.
  2. Set a wager amount. You can set a bet anywhere between €0.1 per spin and €50 per spin.
  3. Press the spin button and you are good to go.

If you are a quick better, then check out the fast-forward feature and the autoplay option. You can also set win limits and loss limits.

Templar Tumble offers a high winning potential

Templar Tumble offers a high winning potential


How to Win - Templar Tumble Slot

The way in which payouts are given in Templar Tumble slot is unique and innovative. As soon as you open the slot, you'll be greeted by a wide gaming grid of 6 reels and 7 rows. On this gaming grid, you need to land a combo of 3 or more similar symbols from left to the right. This makes the gameplay experience of Templar Tumble unique, as it is different from the basic payline and cluster mechanics online slots usually offer. There will also be some blockers on the grid, which will keep getting unlocked as you start landing wins through the cluster mechanism.

Different symbols will give out different payouts. All the details are in the paytable of the slot. Read it, and you'll know which symbols pay the best. The most lucrative symbol is the Knight helmet. Keep an eye out for that.

Stone themed aesthetics of Templar Tumble

Stone themed aesthetics of Templar Tumble


Chivalrous bonus features of Templar Tumble Slot

Relax Gaming knows how important bonus features are and special mini-games in online slot machines, and you'll get many of them in Templar Tumble.

Tumbling Reels

The Tumbling Reels is a powerful slot mechanic that removes the winning symbols from the grid after a win is landed, which allows you to land long winning combos. This feature is also known as the Cascading Reels and Rolling Reels feature.

The Tumbling Reels feature in Templar Tumble comes with a benevolent twist. As you land a cascading win, you'll unlock some symbols on the grid, as in the starting many symbols are blocked and look like stones. Unlocking spaces on the grid gives you more ways to land wins, and it continues.

Mystery Reveal Feature

You will trigger the Mystery Reveal feature when you land a wild symbol on the game reels. The special symbol can only be landed on the last 5 reels and not the 1st reel. When this feature activates, anywhere between 3 to 8 blockers on the grid will get unlocked, and they will transform into mystery symbols. These symbols will stick to the grid unless a winless tumble comes. When it happens, then either the special symbols will turn into a specific symbol to give you yet another winning chance, or you'll get an instant cash payout anywhere between 1x to 1,000x.

Intro screen of Templar Tumble

Intro screen of Templar Tumble


Mighty Free Spins

There is an advantageous free spins bonus round in Templar Tumble that triggers when you unlock all the blocked symbols on the huge gaming grid. When it happens, you'll get 6 free spins on the 6x7 gaming grid, and there wouldn't be any blockers to stop you from winning big. Having no blockers means that you'll spin the reels on their top potential, and you get 117,649 different ways of landing wins.

You will trigger a special bonus during the multiple free spin chances if you land a wild symbol. Anywhere between 3 to 5 regular symbols will turn into mystery symbols, helping you win. Just like the Mystery Reveal feature, these can turn into a regular symbol to give you another winning chance, or you can get a direct cash payout.

If you think removing all the blockers from the grid is a lengthy task, you can buy the free spins round for paying 80x your bet amount.

Buying Free Spins in Templar Tumble

Buying Free Spins in Templar Tumble


RTP and Volatility

Templar Tumble gives a good RTP of 96.25%, and the volatility is rated from medium to high.

Blockers that block spaces on the gaming reel

Blockers that block spaces on the gaming reel


Holy Verdict of Templar Tumble Slot

Just like the way the Templar Knights used to protect the people travelling for pilgrimage, special features in Templar Tumble will protect you from losing money.

The main attraction of Templar Tumble is its unique special feature and interesting historical theme. Based on the order of the Templar Knights, Templar Tumble is a video slot that looks and feel will give you a chivalrous gambling experience. Just like the mysteries related to Templar legends, you'll get many mystery symbols on the grid of Templar Tumble.

These mystery symbols are quite benefitting as they can give you a winning chance by converting into the same regular symbol, or they can give you a direct cash payout, both of them would be great for you as a player. You'll also get a generous free spins round, which will remove all the blockers off the grid.

The slot is available on most good casinos, and you can try it for free here at if you want to test it first.


Frequently Asked Questions - Templar Tumble Slot

What is the Jackpot of Templar Tumble online slot? Arrow Arrow

You can win a max payout of 17,280x on Templar Tumble on a single spin, which is good.

What is the average RTP of Templar Tumble slot machine? Arrow Arrow

96.25% is the average RTP of Templar Tumble, it slightly increases if you buy the free spins round.

What is Templar Tumble's volatility? Arrow Arrow

Templar Tumble's volatility is rated high to medium, and you should get a balanced gameplay.

Are there Free Spins in Templar Tumble slot? Arrow Arrow

Yes, there is a rewarding free spins round in Templar Tumble, you can activate it if you remove all the blocker symbols on the gaming grid.

What is the Mystery Reveal feature in Templar Tumble slot? Arrow Arrow

Mystery Reveal is a bonus feature that turns some blockers into mystery symbols. It continues till you land a winless tumble. When the bonus ends, you can win an instant cash payout or another winning chance.

What is Templar Tumble's Block Removal feature? Arrow Arrow

As you land winning tumbles in Templar Tumble, some blocked symbols will keep getting unblocked, making winning easier for you.

Can I try Templar Tumble slot for free? Arrow Arrow

Yes, the free version of the slot is available here at