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IGT is one of the top software developers in the field of online gaming. It is a very famous and recognizable name whenever online gambling is mentioned; it is so because this brand is more than 45 years old. International Game Technology was started in 1975 by William. S. Redd in Las Vegas, USA. IGT produces a wide variety of slot games and some table games. 

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 30 June 2022 | Fact-check by: Jasmin Williams

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Introduction to IGT

The world of online gaming is vast; it has many game developers and software developers who develop content for the iGaming world. IGT is one of the most established names in the iGaming world. It is a software development studio that produces different types of games and software for online casinos. It is a software development studio that produces different types of games and software for trusted casinos. S. Redd in 1975. IGT was founded in the city of gambling, Las Vegas, USA. 

The gaming studio specializes in developing, designing, and producing physical slot machines, online slot machines, and high-tech gaming software. The company also runs several online casinos on the web; it has received its gaming license from the concerned authorities. 

When it started, IGT developed physical slot machines only; it hasn't been very long since IGT entered the territory of online game development. However, it has become a popular choice for online games over the past years; you can find its online games on most good online casinos. 

IGT has always been the big player in gaming, in online gaming as well as offline gaming. They develop their products with the best technologies and features. Their online games have the reputation of being the most innovative and the best feature loaded games, they have excellent graphics, and they boast immersive soundtracks. Their physical slot machines are equally reputed and reliable; they are the most sturdy and the most entertaining slot machines you will play with. 

Enter the world of sorcery wizards and magics - Crazy Wizard a slot from IGT

Enter the world of sorcery wizards and magics - Crazy Wizard a slot from IGT


History of IGT

William. S. Redd was a gaming enthusiast who set up International Game Technology (IGT) in 1975 in Las Vegas, USA. When it first started its operations; it started as a small private company trying to earn a name in the very competitive gaming industry of that time. IGT struggled in the early phases of its incorporation but managed to grow; however, its main growth started in 1981 when it went public. The IPO of IGT was launched on NASDAQ, and it was a great success. 

After becoming a public company, IGT began its unstoppable growth; it developed many casino games and earned the reputation of being a perfectionist in the gaming world. The gaming house then acquired Electronic Data Technologies in 1984 and started its journey of online gambling. IGT was the pioneer in the field; it developed several special technologies and systems. IGT was amongst the first companies to work on the Frequent Player rewards program; it invented new ways to computerize the player data for effective and easy tracking. With time, IGT introduced many innovations in the world of online gambling; it developed the S-Slot concept that marked the company's entry into the market of spinning reel slots. It also developed the Player's Edge video poker machines and the Megabucks Slot machines. It also developed the Player's Edge video poker machines and the Megabucks Slot machines.

IGT took a giant leap in its career in 1989 when it developed and launched its first theme-based slot machine. IGT's first theme-based slot machines were "Double Diamonds" and "Red, White & Blue". IGT then expanded its operations to Europe with the launch of IGT Europe. Around the same time, it also created its first product for the Japanese market. 

IGT's production got a big boost when riverboat gaming was legalized in the US; in that phase, from 1993-94, IGT produced around 165,000 slot machines, which were record numbers. During that time, the studio set up a series of offices worldwide, mainly in South Africa and Argentina. IGT also acquired several other iGaming developers, including Barcrest Gaming and Sodak Gaming. 

In 2000, IGT sold its one-millionth gaming machine, and luckily, it was a Red, White & Blue gaming machine. At this time, IGT also introduced the EZ Pay ticket-in and ticket-out technology to make transactions smoother for their customers.

In 2001, IGT entered the S&P index, marking another milestone in its history. IGT entered the Canadian gambling markets in 2001 and the Macau, Russian and Mexican gambling markets in 2005. The studio launched its trendy MP series of games in 2006 and also developed the Fort Knox bonus mechanism in the same year. Then in 2010, IGT produced its two-millionth gaming machine and was awarded the title of Best Slot manufacturer. IGT made a high-profile acquisition in 2012 when it acquired Double Down casino, one of Facebook's subsidiary companies. 

A sample of the gameplay - Temple of Fire from IGT

A sample of the gameplay - Temple of Fire from IGT


IGT - Casino Games and Slots

It doesn't just develop online slots, but physical, offline slots as well. IGT has many popular online casinos as its clients; it even runs its own online casinos. Following are the products that IGT developed for its various clients: 

Slot Machines
IGT makes more slots than anybody else in this world
. The expert developers at the studio have developed some of the most viral slots in the world of online gaming. The most popular slots developed by ITS are Monopoly and Star Trek. IGT has also partnered with Hollywood on many occasions to make some movie-themed online slots, like Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Hangover, Grease, The Dark Knight, Ghostbusters, Sex and the City, Indiana Jones, and Godzilla. It has also developed some TV-based slots like X-Factor, American Idol, Jeopardy!, CSI, Family Guy, and Judge Judy. You can keep mentioning them; the list goes on and on. 

They have developed titles that have progressive jackpots whose value keeps increasing as people play them. The studio has developed several games with big jackpots. They have developed titles that have progressive jackpots whose value keeps increasing as people play them. They have developed progressive jackpot games under the MegaJackpots branding, and these games give you the chance to win $1 Million in just a single spin

Table Games

Along with some loaded slot machines, IGT also offers you a wide selection of exciting table games in the online format. They have developed several table games and their pumped-up variants, including 3 Roulette wheel, craps, multi-hand blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, Roulette Euro, French Roulette, Texas Holdem and baccarat dealer games.

Other Games by IGT

IGT develops lots of exciting Poker variants for its ardent Poker fans. One of its most famous Poker titles is Game King, launched back in 1996 but is still a trendy Poker game on many online casinos. You can also play one of its Draw Poker games; Triple Play, Five Play, and Ten Play. 

If you are a Bingo lover, then IGT has some great games for you; the studio has developed a series of bingo variants ranging from 90 Ball to the First 30 Ball games, which are quick and fun. The most popular Bingo title at IGT is The 90 Ball. Still, you can choose your favourite amongst their wide Bingo selection, including some modern variations of Bingo like Roulette Bingo, Picture Bingo, or Wheel of Fortune. 

IGT also develops many iLottery products to let you buy lottery tickets for popular games like Mega Millions, Euro Jackpot, and EuroMillions. There is also a separate lottery app by IGL for the results and purchasing of these lottery tickets. 

Most of these games have demo versions, which let you play these games with dummy money. These free versions of IGT games are available here at BETO; remember to try the free version of a game before betting actual money on it. 

MegaJackpots Cleopatra - Unlock the Cleopatra Bonus

MegaJackpots Cleopatra - Unlock the Cleopatra Bonus


Mobile and Facebook Games

IGT understands that comfort is the key in the iGaming world; thus, it has optimized most of its games to run smoothly on mobile platforms. Social Gaming is also becoming very popular these days, and IGT has ventured into that segment as well. 

Social Gaming - IGT Facebook games

IGT was among the first iGaming developers to enter the Social Gaming sector. Social Gaming or Social Gambling lets you play your favourite online gaming machines while interacting with your friends. Social Gaming boosts the excitement and fun of gambling online, which is why it is gaining so much popularity. IGT entered the Social Gaming space when it acquired Double Down Casino, which Facebook previously owned.  

The popularity of Double Down Casino is still very high; an average of 5.4 million players visit the venue every month. It offers over 30 very fun casino games, including slots and table games. It attracts gamers from different regions, including the UK, Europe, Australia, and some countries in Asia and Africa. 


Gaming License and RTP

Gaming License of IGT

International Game Technology is a very reputed online game developer. International Game Technology is a very reputed online game developer. In its long history of working in the industry, IGT has been licensed and certified by many Gaming Authorities and Gaming Commissions. IGT has received around 450 global gaming licenses from various reputed authorities, including UKGC and MGA. 

RTP of IGT Games

As IGT offers an extensive game selection, the average RTP of IGT games varies from segment to segment and from series to series. Overall, IGT games will give you an RTP of 96%, which is very assuring. Some titles have very high RTPs, some even giving you 97% and 98% returns. 

A storm of Wilds triggers Free Spins with the beautiful Aztec goddess - Temple of Fire

A storm of Wilds triggers Free Spins with the beautiful Aztec goddess - Temple of Fire


Awards won by IGT

IGT gaming has constantly risen and grown since it was established in 1975; it is one of the only iGaming development companies that have survived in this highly competitive market for this long. The growth and development of IGT Gaming have not gone unnoticed, and it has won many recognitions and awards by different award functions and iGaming events in the past years. 

IGT won around 20 different reputed awards between 2015 and 2017, including awards for its games, designs, special features, game visuals, and game mechanics. It has also received awards for its business practices, legal department and customer satisfaction.

Women in IGT have been behind the recent development and growth of the gaming studio, and the women in the organisations have been recognized and awarded on many occasions. For Example, Jennifer Bowman, the Senior Director of Global Field Marketing at IGT, was recently crowned ‘Leader of the Year’.


The final verdict of International Game Technology (IGT)

IGT is one of the oldest players in the world of online gaming. It was started in 1975 as a company that developed physical slot machines; they worked hard and made a good reputation in the field. The company acquired many other iGaming companies during its long journey, including some big names in the industry like Barcrest Gaming and Sodak Gaming. The company acquired many other iGaming companies during its long journey, including some big names in the industry like Barcrest Gaming and Sodak Gaming.

IGT has also entered the Social Gaming arena; it owns the Double Down casino, which Facebook previously owned. More than 5 million people visit this casino every month and play its wide selection of online games, including slots and table games.

A wide range of online games is developed by IGT, including online slot machines, offline slot machines, table games, bingo games, and lottery ticket games. Most of these iGaming titles have been perfectly optimized by IGT to run smoothly on mobile devices. 

IGT games are superb, and you will love them, try the games here at 


Frequently Asked Questions - International Game Technology (IGT)

What is the most popular slot by IGT? Arrow Arrow

Cleopatra is arguably the most popular title developed by IGT. The Wheel of Fortune slot is also a super popular title by the developer.

Are IGT games fair and reliable? Arrow Arrow

Yes, IGT is a very reputed and reliable game developer. IGT has been certified and licensed by different gaming authorities, and the gaming studio holds more than 450 global gaming licenses.

What is the average RTP of IGT Games? Arrow Arrow

On average, IGT Games have an RTP ranging between 95% to 96%. Although, some games have very high RTPs, even ranging over 97% and 98%.

Can I play IGT games for Free? Arrow Arrow

Yes, most of the games developed by IGT have demo versions. These demo versions can be played using the game's dummy currency, all these demo versions of the games are available here at BETO.

Does IGT make any live dealer games? Arrow Arrow

Currently, IGT is focusing on its other game categories, and they haven't developed any live games yet. In case they do in the future, you will be notified here at BETO.

Can I trust IGT? Arrow Arrow

Yes, you can completely trust IGT Gaming; it is a very established and reputed brand. IGT has also been certified by several international gaming authorities.