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Yggdrasil is one of the most popular game developers in the world of online gaming. It was founded in 2013 by a group of like-minded computer experts, and it has been creating innovative slot machines since then.
t Yggdrasil Gaming, they have a certain passion for creating amazing video slots, and it is the main reason why Yggdrasil Gaming is considered the most respected and trustworthy online game developer.

Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 01 July 2022 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

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Intro to Yggdrasil

Gator Gold Gigablox - Meet the snapping Golden Gator Alligator with winnings as high as x20.000!

Gator Gold Gigablox - Meet the snapping Golden Gator Alligator with winnings as high as x20.000!

Yggdrasil Gaming is a very young gaming developer in the online gaming universe, and it has grown a lot through its years in the industry. Yggdrasil Gaming is now known for its solid online casino games, and people just love its games; it is one of the most popular gaming developers of the current time.

Yggdrasil Gaming got its first gaming license in 2013, and it has been working very hard since then. With time, Yggdrasil Gaming has proved to be a very strong team of hard-working developers who made some of the best online games that rules the casino world online.

Yggdrasil Gaming is also a very innovative game developer, it released its iSense technology in 2014, and it just revolutionised game development on the HTML5 platform. With iSense, Yggdrasil Gaming launched a series of perfectly compatible games that worked smoothly on different devices like computers and mobile phones. 

Golden Fish Tank from Yggdrasil Gaming - excellent execution, beautiful graphics and gameplay

Golden Fish Tank from Yggdrasil Gaming - excellent execution, beautiful graphics and gameplay


Yggdrasil Gaming Games

Yggdrasil Gaming focuses on developing eye-catching and immersive online games, they take care of every detail in their games, and you will clearly feel it after playing on any of their games. When you start a Yggdrasil Gaming game, you will be welcomed by an informative game intro screen, which tells you about the special features of that particular game. At Yggdrasil Gaming, they develop every new game from scratch, and they don't have a habit of reusing the same ideas on many games. Thus, every game developed by Yggdrasil Gaming has its own taste and gaming preference; and you will enjoy the different exotic experiences that Yggdrasil Gaming games provide. 

Yggdrasil Gaming games are very loaded, they produce excellent slot games, and these bonus slots offer a ton of special features like cascading reels, free spins, re-spins, mystery wins, and symbol transformations.

Along with the cool slot games, Yggdrasil Gaming also develops some interesting and exciting table games. Their table games are just as beautiful and content-rich as their slot games are. These table games look super sharp, and they are loaded with immersive graphics and snappy animations to further enhance your gaming experience. 

Yggdrasil Gaming understands that you will get bored if you are presented the same things again and again, and that's why Yggdrasil Gaming is a big fan of constant innovation. Yggdrasil Gaming introduces innovative ideas not just in their slots but in their table games like poker and online blackjack as well. Yggdrasil Gaming develops its games on its unique and powerful iSense platform, which gives an extra edge to its games over others.

You can try Yggdrasil Gaming games here at BETO, all the games are available as demo versions, and you can play them without making any deposit. 

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Easter Island 2 from Yggdrasil Gaming - a fun follow-up with superb animations and creative gameplay


Software used by Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil Gaming uses the best in class gaming platforms and software for its gaming development. Their platforms and software solutions are so advanced and effective that they have won different awards and recognitions. Their most innovative creation in terms of software is the iSENSE 2.0, which is their in-house game developing platform that can create some very powerful and graphic-intense slots in short periods of time. This iSENSE technology is the reason why Yggdrasil Gaming games look so sharp and striking, their frame rates are super high, and they look very realistic. 

Yggdrasil Gaming also uses mathematical algorithms to develop their games, and it improves their products through their scaling and performance enhancement. 

Yggdrasil Gaming makes sure that its games are enjoyed all over the world, and that's the reason why they translate their games into different languages. You can play Yggdrasil Gaming games in over 30 different languages, which is another reason you are very likely to choose a Yggdrasil Gaming game over its competitors. 

Yggdrasil Gaming games are the true example of high tech gaming innovation, and it is clearly visible through the intense graphics and futuristic features of these games. Some of the most trendy games by Yggdrasil Gaming are:

  • Joker Millions
  • Jungle Books
  • Bicicleta
  • All kinds of table games


RTP of Yggdrasil Gaming games

RTP of Yggdrasil Gaming games

The average Return To Player Percentage of Yggdrasil Gaming games is around 96.00%, which means that while playing on a Yggdrasil Gaming game, you are most likely to get around 96.00% of your invested money back in the form of payouts. Yggdrasil Gaming has many games which have higher RTP than the average RTP of 96.00%; some of these games are Jokerizer, Tut’s Twister, Trolls Bridge, Baron Samedi, and Nitro Circus. To check the individual RTP of these games, you can read their reviews here at BETO

Safety and security of Yggdrasil Gaming games 

Moreover, all the games by Yggdrasil Gaming are totally secure and safe to play, and you will have no issue of any kind. You also don't need to fear the cheaters and tricksters who commit fraud, as Yggdrasil Gaming uses many RNGs to run their games

Frost Queen Jackpots slot with plenty of bonus features and 5 jackpots!

Frost Queen Jackpots slot with plenty of bonus features and 5 jackpots!


History of Yggdrasil Gaming

The name of Yggdrasil Gaming has a special story behind it. Yggdrasil Gaming was started back in 2013 by an experienced game developer Frederik Elmqvist. Frederik was a former NetEnt employee, and he had good knowledge about working on different online games.

The founders and the starting employees of Yggdrasil Gaming were sick of listening to the boring and cliche names of the game houses, and they decided to name their game development company based on Norse mythology. 

Yggdrasil Gaming has a long history of different eras and patches, and they have continuously stood the test of time. During its long journey, Yggdrasil Gaming has won several rewards and recognitions as well. 


Awards won by Yggdrasil Gaming

In its long and decorated history, Yggdrasil Gaming has won many rewards and recognitions on the way. Yggdrasil Gaming has won awards for many elements like its games, its software, its website and much more. 

Yggdrasil Gaming won the Software Rising Star by eGR in 2015, and it also won the Slot Provider of the Year in 2016 (by eGR). After that, they won the Innovator of the Year title in 2017, 2018 and 2019 at the International Gaming Awards. EGR has also given Yggdrasil Gaming the Innovation in RNG Casino Software/Supplier awards in 2018 and 2019, respectively. 

 Valley Of The Gods -  A trip to the ancient Egypt

Valley Of The Gods - A trip to the ancient Egypt


The overall verdict of Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil Gaming is undoubtedly one of the best gaming developers in the field of online gaming. They started as a small gaming development brand back in 2013, and they have been doing great and innovative work since then. This hard work of Yggdrasil Gaming has not gone unnoticed, and they have been awarded numerous recognitions and awards for their output to the online gaming industry. 

You will find that Yggdrasil Gaming games are present in the top leaderboards of almost all the good online casinos. The games developed by Yggdrasil Gaming are super awesome, they are excellent in terms of their graphics, and they pack a lot of punch and power through their special features and bonuses. 

There is no doubt that slots are the best products of Yggdrasil Gaming, but along with them, Yggdrasil Gaming also develops several different table games to give you a complete gambling experience

You will love the games developed by Yggdrasil Gaming, and once you start them, it would be tough to take your hands off them, so make sure you play responsibly. 


Frequently Asked Questions - Yggdrasil Gaming

Which Yggdrasil Gaming game has the highest RTP? Arrow Arrow

Yggdrasil Gaming has developed a game called the "Jokerizer", and it has an RTP of 98%, which is just unbelievable. This is way higher than the average RTP of similar games.

What is Yggdrasil Gaming? Arrow Arrow

Yggdrasil Gaming is a game development company that started its work back in 2013. Yggdrasil Gaming is mainly famous for bringing innovations and revolutionary changes in its online games. Yggdrasil Gaming is one of the best gaming providers available in the market, and once you start playing on their games, there is no stopping.

Can I win Progressive Jackpots in Yggdrasil Gaming games? Arrow Arrow

Yes, you can win a progressive network jackpot on Yggdrasil Gaming games. Progressive Jackpots are the jackpots that keep increasing their size and value on the basis of the number of players who are trying to win this jackpot. You can win Yggdrasil Gaming games' progressive jackpots simply by playing the progressive jackpot games, and you will win the jackpot if you get lucky.

Is Yggdrasil Gaming regulated and safe? Arrow Arrow

Yes, absolutely, Yggdrasil Gaming games are safe and secure to play. Yggdrasil Gaming is a very popular brand, and it has been duly authorised by a number of gaming authorities around the world. Also, Yggdrasil Gaming has received its necessary certifications, and you should feel assured while playing its games.

Where can I play the Free Versions of Yggdrasil Gaming games? Arrow Arrow

The free versions of Yggdrasil Gaming games are available here at BETO; you can enjoy these slots without having to spend any money. We generally recommend trying the demo versions before spending any real money.