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Free Bingo - Benefits of Playing Online Bingo

Online Bingo is the enhanced version of live bingo halls

Offline Bingo compared to Playing Online Bingo Games

Online Bingo is the enhanced version of live bingo halls

Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 12 August 2022 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

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Even though the idea of playing bingo online and playing in bingo clubs is essentially something very similar, the experience of online bingo can be unique to that of an actual bingo hall. In both of these games, there are chances to interact, but this is the point that can bring an end to this debate.

The new ascent of online bingo and the smoking boycotts happening worldwide are the main reasons for the decline of land-based bingo halls. Many sites have started offering bingo in recent years, with facilities such as games and chat rooms. Moreover, with the advent of smartphones and other exciting gaming applications, the ubiquity of online bingo has skyrocketed.

Despite the hype of online bingo, many land-based bingo clubs can be seen where you can still find die-heart fans enjoying the actual game. Yet, the main question is, what are the significant contrasts in playing bingo online compared to playing in clubs nowadays and what makes online bingo such engaging?


Bingo Halls - The Old way of playing Bingo

People in a land based Bingo Hall.

People in a land based Bingo Hall.

Bingo is a game of pure luck. Yet, surprisingly it has long been a backbone for the mainstream gamblers. The primary expertise you need to ace bingo is to tune in your attention and focus on numbers that are called out to see if they are similar to that on your scratch card or not. You would hear the number being called out until some player with similar numbers declares his victory. 

Although the bingo clubs unite a large group of spectators who enjoy watching players win based on pure luck, the notoriety of these clubs is steadily declining due to reasons like:

  • The tax enactment.
  • Decline in jackpots due to new legislation.
  • Countrywide smoking bans.
  • A gradual increase in players going online rather than enjoying it at Bingo Halls.  

One reason that motivates the players to play bingo online is that there will be no need to travel to bingo clubs, as you can enjoy a similar experience at home, in front of your screens.

All you need is a stable internet connection, and you would end up in a sea of bingo games present online. 

Many bingo clubs were shut down due to the tax changes, but the players keep on playing online bingo, which offers more variety of balls that is 75, 80 and 90.


The Difference Between Playing Online vs Offline

The drawback of a bingo club is that it is located properly, and players have to travel to reach it. Whereas now, with the advent of online bingo, you can play it anywhere at your convenience, stated you are connected to the internet. 

Quicker games in web-based Bingo

Now we know the significant difference between the online and the offline version of bingo. But this is a known fact that both versions give you a thrilling ride. However, the scope of each is entirely different. The online edition looks forward to providing efficient gameplay on your screens, whereas the physical version aims to provide you with a wholesome social experience. 

More options for bingo players

Regardless of the major difference in the scope of the two versions, the online game has much more to offer when it comes to variety. Unfortunately, you can only experience the 75-ball and 90 ball versions in a land-based bingo hall, whereas there is much more to play and enjoy in the online version.

As stated earlier, the most prominent drawback of Online Bingo can be the other activities that you could have enjoyed in-person being present in a bingo hall. 


The Socialising aspect of Playing Bingo

Socialising in Bingo has always been important

Socialising in Bingo has always been important

What fascinates most players to play in a bingo club is that they get a chance to interact with other people. However, online bingo has also overcome this problem by introducing chatrooms to interact with each other. If you are a Bingo newbie, you'll need to ensure you become familiar with a portion of the language utilised in the game before going into the bingo club, as individuals love utilising epithets for stuff occurring in the games.

Why Play Bingo?

Banter and camaraderie could be one of the prime reasons why you might want to play bingo, but generally, most people play for the sake of winning the game. Another significant difference between the online and the offline version can be the prize values. You would see that most bingo halls count the number of tickets purchased and then set a proportion of it is as the winning jackpot prize. So, thus the prize value can vary a lot but don't worry, clubs primarily ensure handsome jackpot prizes. 

On the other hand, the jackpot amount in online bingo can make your eyes pop out. The progressive win feature of the online version plays a crucial role in defining the jackpot amount. The ratio of each ticket sold keeps adding up to the jackpot prize until someone's luck strikes, and he takes all the amount. 


11 Reasons to Play Online Bingo

Reasons why you should play online Bingo

Reasons why you should play online Bingo

Over the years, bingo has become a known game to play. With its many advantages, this game has gained a lot of popularity and attention. Here are all the reasons why you should play online bingo!

  • No going out! Another rainy or lazy day? Well, who doesn’t like games that one can enjoy in the comfort of one’s own home? With online bingo being a saviour at all times, you never have to worry about dealing with boredom!
  • Play whilst out and about! Thanks to the updates that software offers and the ease of having specific apps on the sites, you can now always play your games on the go. That too, effortlessly!
  • Round-the-clock games! No restrictions of time! With new games taking place 24/7, there’s always the choice of playing whenever and however you like to.
  • The variety of sites. Who doesn’t love a good variety to choose from? With the many sites available, it gets fancier when you have the choice of deciding your preference. Different sites, different experiences of gaming!
  • No payment! An indoor/online Bingo game that gives you a quality fun time and that too, free of cost! What else do we need?
  • No deposit bonus. Sites are offering a free no deposit bonus on joining, allowing you a trial run of checking the site and playing the games before committing to payment.
  • No fear of missing out on your favourite games! That’s right! You don’t have to worry about missing out since online bingo allows you to pre-buy your tickets. That too, with the chances of winning automatically! Since the site will recognise your ticket, so it doesn’t matter if you remember logging online or not. You’ll automatically be in for the win if you’ve purchased the winning ticket!  
  • Gaming made it easier! The system is there to mark if you’ve forgotten to mark off a number. So if you’ve purchased the winning ticket, you’re always on the winning side with the benefit of being able to buy more tickets without the fear of missing a number!
  • New player bonus. Varying from site to site, with all the other fun that this game offers, nearly all the sites will offer a new player bonus.
  • Hundreds of varieties! The more, the merrier! With online bingo, there’s always a variety of games that these sites will offer you. From different versions to their unique games, you’ll be thrilled to find so many options that can’t be found elsewhere.
  • The chance to socialise! With bingo being the game that leads the players to communicate and socialise, this tradition continues online as well as online bingo allows them to opt in to chat games and social media. Thus, gallowing being part of the social community.


Disadvantages of Playing Bingo Offline

Here we see some offline Bingo tools!

Here we see some offline Bingo tools!

So far, with all the advantages and fun that online bingo has to offer, the players have nothing to lose! Apart from the perk of being able to play a physical/live game.

The option to play in the halls is forever enticing and fun for bingo players. However, playing in bingo halls can come with a few drawbacks, too.

  • Limited option – with only 90ball games, the offer in bingo halls is quite restricted compared to online bingo, which offers a variety of options.
  • The live stress! What if you end up losing your concentration in a live game and miss a number? Unlike online bingo, there’s always this risk of losing on a potential win, which ensures your win regardless of missing a number.
  • Bingo callers – some bingo callers might be too quiet or maybe too quick. Maybe you can’t clearly figure them out, and this can lead to your loss. With the game being so unclear, it’s high-risk. Also, it doesn’t give you the benefit of opting for a game of your liking the way online bingo does. 
  • Live games and the chaos! We have all experienced that! With live bingo, there is always a chance of your call going unnoticed or confusion generating amongst others. Unlike online bingo, which is generated to know the winning tickets as they’re being played.


Don't be scared to try the live Bingo Games offered Online

It’s very typical for new players to feel overwhelmed by online bingo. Learning how to play it may seem tricky, but it’s just a matter of time that you’ll get a hold of the basics. Most bingo sites offer very similar set-ups, making it easier for the players to understand the game better once they’ve visited a few sites.

The more significant branded sites tend to offer other platforms to the visitors, making them look tricky and intimidating at first. However, just a few minutes roaming on a site can make things look a lot easier to you.

Keeping these aside and the processing time of payments, online bingo has few drawbacks of its own. There is a fantastic diversity on across the board offers, and you’ll still have the chance to socialise.

With the many sites options you have on your plate, we are presenting for your ease. Stocking all our experience from land-based clubs, we have poured it all into making the best online Bingo guides at your service. You can now be rest assured that you can enjoy a fun-filled Bingo experience without worrying about the day/ time or money.

With the variety of excellent sites, unique games and different styles to try, now there’s nothing left to wait for! Grab your phones and check out the Bingo reviews here on BETO to find the place just right for your playing style!


Online Bingo Bonus - Remember to Claim Your Freebies!

Online Bingo Bonus - Remember to Claim Your Freebies!

Online Bingo Bonus - Remember to Claim Your Freebies!

We all love an excellent bingo deal, and thus, the tempting welcome offers by bingo sites are always a yes from players looking for a bit of a freebie.

To attract new customers, the welcome always offers better value than regular customer offers. Even with their differences and varieties, they’re still too tempting to resist!

We have made sure to list only the best bingo halls with genuine reviews for you to check out. So what are you waiting for? Here at you can read more about online bingo, check out the reviews and the exclusive bingo offers that you can take advantage of.


Frequently Asked Questions about online and offline Bingo

Questions asked about the difference between online bingo and the landbased games in bingo Halls

What are the age restrictions in bingo policies? Arrow Arrow

The minimum age for internet gambling varies from country to country. With 18 being considered old enough in some countries, others still allow it at 21 years. It’s always safer to check your local laws and go through the terms and conditions/policies of the bingo site you have chosen to play from.

What’s the comparison of online bingo to bingo halls? Arrow Arrow

The basics are mostly the same, whether an online game or a physical/live one. However, with the differences and advantages kept in mind, we always have online bingo as the winner.

What are Bingo Bonuses? Arrow Arrow

The unrestricted funds that are put into your account to play with! Most sites offer new players to encourage them to play and sign up and to existing customers as a reward for their loyalty!

Are there any taxation laws? Arrow Arrow

This is another question that we cannot answer because of the taxation laws varying in different regions. But in European countries, if the site has correct gaming licenses, then it is tax-free.

Is there a chance that I’ll win? Arrow Arrow

Of course! With good luck and your right chances, there’s always good news for you. Bingo is a game that requires no strategy or skill by the players, and the winners are selected randomly by the numbers that are called.

Do I have to download any bingo software? Arrow Arrow

It's not necessary. Although many sites will demand software to access their full suite of games, fortunately, there are also many sites for you to play your games easily through your web browser or mobile phone.