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Online Bingo Game Variations and Strategies

You'll find many variations in Bingo but don't worry they are all easy to understand

Introduction to different Bingo variations

You'll find many variations in Bingo but don't worry they are all easy to understand

Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 12 August 2022 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

Jasmin Williams, Chief Content Officer at BETO Slots™, has worked in the English casino industry for over a decade and is regarded as a casino and slots game expert. About Jasmin Williams

Up for playing bingo online but confused about taking the first step to begin? We will categorize various kinds of bingo games in this article that you may discover on the internet.

Bingo is not a new game and has existed worldwide for ages. It particularly became popular as it was played within bingo halls in the 1950s. However, if you do have an idea about this game, whether the conventional bingo calls or the recent ones, which are essentially funny in nature, it becomes quite easy to be confused about the plethora of different types of the game. To make it easier for you, we have provided a summary of those in the following bingo guide.

So, are you curious to discover whether there is a secret to always win at online bingo? The answer is no. No trick may help you win at bingo played in person in bingo halls or even the one played online, for it is a game purely based upon your luck. You should never be focused upon being victorious in bingo as it then snatches the essence of the game. If you are new to this game, then follow our guide provided for bingo to how you can play it. How you may brush your talent in it and what are the sites that you may want to look up for playing bingo online where you may also be given a chance to receive rewards.


How To Play Online Bingo - Quick Beginner Guide

You don't have to worry even if you are starting completely anew with bingo – the following guide will certainly give you an immensely easy start. It is going to be a piece of cake, and we can guarantee that!

Begin this way:

  • Get yourself registered. Try using the Bingo sites recommended by BETO to choose one that suits your style of playing.
  • Pick your online bingo betting game.
  • Choose your cards and make your bets accordingly.
  • The screen will show you numbers that have been oddly prompted while also displaying the winning patterns. You must click on the number you see on your bingo card.
  • You become the winner once you can join all the numbers in the required pattern and click bingo.

At this point, you must be wondering about the winning patterns mentioned above as they are considered significant. The winning patterns are essentially a series of numbers in a particular shape on your card.

Do you know how you observe the payline in slot machines? Exactly like that. Every winning pattern carries a different value which is mentioned behind the pattern itself on your picked card. For every game, the payouts vary, and some even carry continuous jackpots.


What Bingo Variant Suits You Best?

Find a Bingo variant that suits your playstyle

Find a Bingo variant that suits your playstyle

Bingo is a game of chance that stares at a rather simplistic playing style and lucrative jackpots. When Bingo gained immense popularity, a lot of different types of bingo games were introduced on the different online platforms, as evident.

The different types of games vary in styles or card layouts and fairly in winning patterns and several bingo balls engaged in the game.

However, the fundamental rules of playing the game stay the same.

  • You put a line through or shade the winning number on your cards until you form a winning pattern or shape.
  • You will be given various winning bingo combos that may help you win prizes and jackpots.

Since there are many choices available online for bingo, picking the best option can be a challenging task. To assist you with picking your best choice, we are providing you with a list of famous bingo games that will truly challenge you and keep your mind engaged for a long time.


Bingo Expert Elizabeth Davies Explains Game Variations!

Some important rules of popular Bingo variations

Some important rules of popular Bingo variations

Essentially, you will majorly come across 4 different types of bingo games when you begin your bingo game journey.

  1. 30 Ball (also known as Speed Bingo)
  2. 75 Ball (also known as America’s Favorite)
  3. 80 Ball (Made for Online)
  4. 90 Ball (Famous within Europe)

If you have, ever in life, been curious to find out exactly how many variants of bingo games are present around the world, then you are exactly at the right place. Or maybe now that you are finally here, you are wondering how many types could truly be possible to exist? After all, Bingo is an easy game with simple details and rules that are easy for anyone to comprehend and hence, a piece of cake for anyone to even play.

Since the information provided above is one hundred percent true, it explains why this game is so popular all around the globe. However, its lucidity and global admiration earned it malleability, pliability, and variety all over the famous bingo halls and across borders. To dig deeper into the differences between the four major types of the game, you should continue reading, and it will give you all the answers you are looking for without making you wait for long.


What is 30-Ball Bingo aka Online Speed Bingo?

30-Ball Bingo is also known as Speed Bingo. It is essentially a 3x3 grid game card with nine numbers, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd columns carry a set of numbers between 1-10, 11-20, and 21-30, respectively. To be victorious in the game, you have to shade all the numbers available on your card, also called hitting a Full house.

Speed bingo is an engrossing pick for prompt bingo action as it only employs 30 balls in the game. Even though a small number of digits are involved, the chances of you hitting the pot are considerably high. Moreover, the numbers are shaded frequently and at a higher pace, leading to the completion of the first round in a matter of some minutes. In a nutshell, 30-ball bingo provides you with an exceptional opportunity to win the game in a shorter period of time.


What is 75 Ball Bingo ( American Bingo Games)

Popular winning combinations in American 75 ball bingo games

Popular winning combinations in American 75 ball bingo games

This famous version of Bingo is exclusively popular in the United States and provides great opportunities to win the jackpots. The clue lies in the name.

This variant opts for 75 bingo balls instead of the conventional number of 90. You are focused on making distinct patterns per game which may be a diamond, across, or even blackout. You may look up illustrations for bingo online to get a clearer idea.

The card in action for this distinction characterizes five rows and five columns that add up to a total of 25 squares. Each square carries a digit, and however, the one block at the centre is left blank. Each alphabet from the word Bingo leads every single column, and every letter characterizes a particular range of numbers.

  • Column of letter “B” carries any 5 numbers ranging from 1 to 15
  • Column of the letter “I” carries any 5 numbers ranging from 16 to 30
  • Column of the letter “N” carries any 5 numbers ranging from 31 to 45
  • Column of letter “G” carries any 5 numbers ranging from 46 and 60
  • Column of letter “O” carries any 5 numbers ranging from 61 to 75

In order to be victorious in the game, you are required to mark the digits in a particular pattern. In most cases, 75-ball bingo games offer winning patterns that are horizontal, vertical, or even at times, diagonal. However, to keep the player engaged and thrilled, shifty and crafty shapes or winning patterns are also offered like Sputnik, Turtle or Triple Bingo.


Brief description of 80 - Ball Bingo


Here's BETO's Bingo guide for different variations of the game

This variant was designed and launched specifically for people who play bingo online, leading to an overwhelming increase in the popularity of bingo since then. To be victorious in the game, an entire row of a particular pattern is supposed to be marked off on the card. For example, in the 75-ball bingo game, every column carried a number within the range of the number specified. For instance, the first row carries numbers from 1-20, the second one from 21-40.

80 ball bingo features a 4×4 card, carrying 16 numbers in its totality. There are many different patterns available to win the 80-ball bingo, which involves 4 corners, single digits, horizontal lines, and vertical lines.

You have to keep an eye for detail when looking out for experimental patterns in the game. Despite being a relatively simpler game, it can be challenging if you don’t keep your eye focused on the ball.


90-Ball Bingo - The Queen of all Bingo Games

If you are looking out for a bingo game that offers unlimited winning options while offering an enthralling playing experience, then you must choose the 90-ball bingo. As opposed to the bingo games mentioned above, you can play this variant in 3 distinct rounds. The cards of the game carry 15 numbers that are divided into 3 rows and 9 columns.

You are given three opportunities in those three rounds to win the game. In the first, you become the winner if you manage to mark off one horizontal line before everyone else. You can win the second round by marking off two horizontal lines, and the third can be won by marking off all three horizontal lines leading you to win a jackpot. The rewards usually go greater as the rounds progress. You have to remember that the rules and regulations for playing bingo may differ in one casino from another casino.

Now that you have been familiarised with different types of bingo games, how about you test your luck by playing one or two rounds today? Play it right away and be comfortable. You can look up our bingo casino online reviews. There you'll find a suitable place for yourself to not just play bingo for free but also win prizes and jackpots! How amazing would that be?


Let's look at the modern generation of Online Bingo

Slingo - a mashup of bingo and casino mix

Slingo - a mashup of bingo and casino mix

An interesting combination of online slots and bingo. You are provided with a bingo card of numbers, and you spin the reels to mark them off.

Each person is given a Slingo card which carries 25 numbers rearranged randomly in 5 columns. (It may appear like a 75-ball bingo game). The player then taps the spin button to acquire any 5 numbers at a time, and those numbers are displayed at the bottom of the card. If your card has any number from those numbers, you may shade or mark off that digit. The goal is to generate slings to become the winner.

A Slingo is acquired when the player makes five numbers diagonally, horizontally, or even vertically. Every time a Slingo is created, it earns you points, and the person with the maximum points becomes the winner.

During the game, specific symbols may show up instead of numbers. As mentioned earlier, the rules may vary, but the fundamentals stay common in almost all types of Slingo games.

One of the most amazing qualities about the bingo game is that it does not stop at just bingo. There is more to it. Most sites that offer bingo games have other slot games available that you may want to play.


Professional tips and tricks - presented by Elizabeth Davies

Now that you have made your pick, that’s great. However, it’d be a shame for an online bingo game to not bestow the reader with some beneficial tips and strategies. Thus, I am here to help you because I genuinely want you to win and get rewarded!

My first tip for you is to try to play bingo with as few people as possible. Having a few players in competition increases the chances for you to win.

The second tip would be to play with using more cards. This is because it increases your chances of you winning. When there are 20 players and 20 cards, you have a 5 percent chance of winning. However, if the number of cards is increased to 4 each, the chances increase to 17%.

You have to choose your strategy. If you want to increase your chances of winning, play with similar cards, but if your goal is to stay longer in the game, you play with different cards.

My next tip would be to play progressive Bingo. This means that if you hit bingo in the first 30 balls, then you own the progress. You must lookout for the paytable to ensure that your bet is feasible.

You should also use the Bingo chat room, it will help you interact with different people who may share tips.

After going through this guide, I am confident that you are as ready as anything to play the game. Even if you do not do well, bingo is always fun and exciting. So, what are you waiting for? Go for it!


FAQ section for Bingo Games

Frequently asked questions about the Online Bingo variations

What is the age restriction to play bingo for actual money? Arrow Arrow

You at least need to be an adult i.e. above 18 years old to play Online Bingo for real casino funds..

What is the initial cost I need to pay to play Online Bingo? Arrow Arrow

The cost is subjective to the website you opt to play Online Bingo. But usually, you should be able to find Online Bingo games as cheap as 1€ or even less than that.

Can 2 people play Online Bingo at the the same time? Arrow Arrow

Of course! You can enjoy Bingo with a friend, but in that case, the winning would be divided between the players.

Is it necessary that we see a winner in each game of Online Bingo? Arrow Arrow

This is the coolest part of playing Online Bingo; a game never finishes unless we have a winner.