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Slingo - The New Way to Play Bingo

Slingo is the latest trend in iGaming

The Ultimate Guide for Slingo

Slingo is the latest trend in iGaming

Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 25 July 2023 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

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Slingo would be the perfect choice for you if you love the classic Bingo, and you love the slot machines as well.

You must have played Bingo sometime in your life, and if you are into gambling, then slots too should be a very familiar concept for you. These days, a new gaming type is gaining popularity in the iGaming market. It is a new pumped-up variation of the classic bingo game, which is powered by a slot-like concept. Thus, you can say that Slingo is a mix of these two popular iGaming genres.

Whoever came up with the idea of combining two of the most popular types of gambling games is a genius. Slingo is entertaining, and players who have played slots for years will find it refreshing and familiar. Even Bingo players who don’t want to play slots will have a fun and rewarding experience.

Slingo is probably one of the fastest-growing iGaming launches in recent times, but still, many people don't know what it is. These games are super simple, they are entertaining, and they are very fun to play. You will love Slingo games. Make sure you give them a go.


What is Slingo?

As the name suggests, Slingo is a mix of the classic games Bingo and Slots. In Slingo, you will get a combo of the most popular bingo variation, the 75 ball bingo, and the structure of a classic slot machine.

You will easily find Slingo in many different slots focused casinos, and the game is super simple and easy to play. You will usually play this game on a 5x5 grid, and there will be a reel as well. As soon as the game starts, you will understand why is it called Slingo. The reels in the game will give you the look of a slot machine, and the 5x5 grid will make the game look like a bingo screen.

When it was first introduced, Slingo was played majorly for fun as a good pastime, but with time, it became trendy among betters, and now, it is one of the most popular modern games for gamblers. To please the online betters, many iGaming providers have been developing many different variations of Slingo, and you will get a wide range of choices online when you search for the game.


How to Play Slingo

Slingo is the perfect choice for Slot and Bingo lovers

Slingo is the perfect choice for Slot and Bingo lovers

It would not be wrong to say that the first choice of most gamblers is slot machines. Regardless of the format, slots are always loved by gamblers, online and offline. Slots are perfect when you want to have a little fun, along with getting a chance to win some money. However, sometimes one needs to spice things up and try something new to refresh the mind. Slingo should be the perfect choice for you in such a situation.

You will find many different variations of Slingo online, and you can choose one according to your taste and preferences

The classic format of Slingo includes a primary grid of 5 rows and 5 columns, which contain 25 different random numbers from the classic 75-ball bingo game table. However, in a game of Slingo, there wouldn't be a number caller who would announce the number of the balls.

In its place, you will get a reel of numbers, just like a reel in a slot machine, and you will spin this reel to get some random numbers.

After spinning, once the reel comes to rest, you will see the numbers, and you will match them with your grid numbers. This way, you will spin the reel 10 times, and you will try to cross as many numbers as you can out of your number grid.

Just like it happens in Bingo, you will get additional points for completing a line, and you will get the top prize if you cross all of your numbers and complete the grid.

As your round gets over after finishing your spins, your points will be added, and these points will decide how much cash you will get.

Slingo is full of surprises, and you will get exciting bonuses and rewards in the games. There are many interesting symbols in the game that trigger special features and bonuses to give you a great gaming experience. There are joker symbols in the game that let you choose which number you want to land.

There is also a Super Joker bonus in the game, which lets you cross any number off the grid, and three or more jokers give you an instant cash prize.

Just like slot machines, Slingo also has some amazing free spin bonuses. When you land these interesting symbols on the reel, the free spin round will launch, and you will get great bonuses for free.


Slingo - History

You might not believe it, but Slingo is not a new concept. It has been in existence since the mid-1990s, when it first started as a scratch card game. It has been in existence since the mid-1990s, when it first started as a scratch card game. Many Slingo games are being developed by the Slingo Originals studio, which has given many variants of the classic Slingo, with their own special features and bonuses.

Trendy Slingo Titles

Some of the most popular Slingo variants in online casinos are these:

  • Slingo Extreme
  • Slingo Rainbow Riches
  • Slingo XXXtreme
  • Slingo Centurion
  • Slingo Starburst
  • Slingo Reel King


The Basic Slingo Gameplay Loop

Slingo would be one of the easiest gambling games you will ever play. If you have played slot games and bingo games ever before, you already understand half of the game. The game is super simple, and there are no unnecessary controls or options to complicate the gameplay.

You will start your Slingo game as you spin the game's reel, which is usually on the lower part of the screen. Generally, you will get 10 or 20 spins for each Slingo round, but you should confirm this in the game details before starting.

After spinning, the game's reel will come to rest, and some numbers will appear on it. You will then match those numbers to your bingo-style grid on the screen, and the matching numbers will be checked off the card.

The game will continue like this, you will keep spinning the reel, it will give you numbers, and you will check these numbers off the bingo grid on the screen. People love this game so much because it combines two amazing games in one, and the fun is literally doubled.

If you are lucky, all the numbers on your grid will be cleared, and you will get a big cash prize. However, if some of the numbers still remain on the card, you will get your payout accordingly.

There are many special symbols in Slingo games. You should know about them. Some of the most popular Slingo symbols are as follows:


The joker is a beneficial symbol in Slingo. The joker will match any number in the grid with the reel numbers. Along with matching the numbers, the joker also gives you a special cash bonus if you land three or more joker symbols at a time on the game reel. The joker has many special variants in different Slingo games, and you will get green-coloured Super Jokers, Special Jokers, and many others.


The devil is not a symbol which you would want to land in a Slingo game. The devil will steal your points, and you will lose half of your points if the devil appears. However, a cherub might appear in the game and chase him down, doubling your points.

Gold Coin

The Gold Coin is a very rewarding special symbol in Slingo games. This Gold Coin symbol will give you 1,000 points if you land it in the reel. 

Free Spins

You will also get some free spins in Slingo games. These spins can be usually stored and can be used in place of points to spin the reel.


Look and Feel of Slingo Games

Slingo games and their basic layout

Slingo games and their basic layout

Most Slingo games follow a very simple and clean game design. You will get an idea about the game design by looking at the image on the left. It is a screenshot from an actual Slingo game.

On the left of the game screen, you will get the option to change the bet and the stake in the game. You will also get the paytable on the left.

The button to spin the reel is placed on the right side of the screen. It also shows the number of the spins and the free spins as well.

The grid in the shown game is a classic 5x5 grid, which is very common in Slingo games. The game begins as the first number is drawn. If it matches your grid numbers, those grid numbers will be checked, and you will see a star in their place, just like the ones shown in the image.

The reel of the game is at the bottom, which is the usual place for reels in Slingo games. This reel will spin when you click the spin button, and it will give you your next set of numbers to check off the grid.


Facts and Details About Slingo Games

RTP and Variance

The average Return to Player percentage of Slingo games is around 95%, which is fairly decent. Note that not all Slingo games have this RTP, some have a higher RTP, and some might offer a lower percentage as well.

The variance of Slingo games vary highly, and the level of volatility totally depends on the game, its speed, bet sizes, etc.

Bet Ranges in Slingo games

Just like all the other casino games, you can choose your bet size in Slingo games according to your choice and comfort. The starting values of bets are as low as €0.10, and they increase up to the top value of as high as €100.

Slingo Win Lines

Your main aim in a Slingo game would be to check as many numbers as you can in a game grid and complete the lines. When you cross 5 numbers in a row, it is termed as a line. Lines can be crossed in any direction. They can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. There are a total of 12 winning lines in a standard Slingo Grid of 5x5. The higher the number of lines you check in a game, the bigger the game's payout.


Strategy in Slingo Games

Slingo games are totally based on luck, and you can't influence or predict anything in these games as the game is entirely based on the numbers that will come in the spinning reel. Generally, the whole game of Slingo is based on luck, and there is no involvement or use of skill in the game.

However, you can use your brains in one way. You will get many joker symbols in the game, which you can use to cross numbers in the grid. You will get the choice of choosing the numbers which you want to cross from the grid. You can choose to cross a number and complete a line, or you may use the joker to cross the number between two lines to start crossing a diagonal line.

Some Slingo games also have other bonuses, and you should pay attention to applying those bonuses as well. Some Slingo games let you buy extra spins and specific bonuses using money. In these games, you need to think about the best way to play the game.

These days, many new Slingo versions are emerging, which let you play against other players, just like you do in a traditional bingo hall game. To ensure a fair game, the maximum number of players that can play these games at a time is limited.


Slingo Strategies - Buying More Balls

After you have completed your game by exhausting all the spins in a game, you might be given some options.

You will get the option to finish the game immediately and collect the prizes, or you can continue to game by buying extra spins and continue to fill the grid. The price of these extra spins will be directly dependent on the numbers left in the grid to be crossed out.

When you reach a stage where only a few numbers are left in the grid, you will be tempted to buy the extra spins, but we would recommend you not to do that and to end the game immediately. As you get closer and closer towards completely filling the grid, the price of the spins will increase very quickly, and the risk also increases. You might end up with an empty pocket if you buy the expensive spins but still get nothing out of them.


Slingo Joker Strategy and Placements

Priorities map for Slingo spaces in a 5x5 grid

Priorities map for Slingo spaces in a 5x5 grid

You will get many jokers and special jokers in the game while playing Slingo, and they will give you a choice of numbers to select from the grid. The choice you make in the bonuses will affect your RTP.

You should understand a little about the game and form a strategy that will guide you through the game. Have a look at the picture on the left and understand the joker placements.

It would be best to always use the jokers and super jokers to move closer to completing a win line. The optimum place for the placement depends on your current game and its state, but you can still follow a basic strategy that will guide you all the time.

You should give preference to certain places, and you should give priorities to those numbers/spaces that have the highest number of lines passing through.

Centre Number

The number in the centre of the grid should be given the highest priority, as it covers 4 winning lines.

Diagonal Numbers

The diagonal numbers should be prioritised over the rest numbers after the centre number as they cover 3 win lines and can result in good payouts.

Other Numbers

The remaining numbers all cover 2 win lines, and you can choose any of them after giving preference to the centre space and the diagonal spaces.


Slingo - How To Win

You might think that Slingo would be a complex game as it is a hybrid of two casino games, but it is not at all like that, Slingo is a straightforward and simple game, and you will have no trouble understanding its rules and working.

In a Slingo game, your goal would be to collect as many points as possible, and very quickly. Players have their own ways of playing Slingo games, and some try to predict a relationship between the slot reel and the bingo card, whereas some rely entirely on the priority system explained earlier.

Thus, before playing a Slingo game with actual money, you should learn more about the different approaches and the possibilities of winning the games and increase the chances of getting a good payout. This would be the best strategy for any Slingo game.

If you have played Slingo before, you might think that the game is super simple, and you don't need to read anything before proceeding, but you should avoid this and read about the different gaming styles before starting the game.


Popular Variations of Slingo Games

There are many Bingo games in the market, but Slingo is undoubtedly the most popular variation of bingo games. It is being loved by players of all generations and age groups. Slingo has become really popular now, and its popularity is increasing and increasing over the years.

Slingo is constantly evolving, and the top iGaming providers are constantly developing more and more interesting variants of the game. These coming variants of the game are very simple and easy to understand. For your comfort, we will give you short intros to some of the most popular Slingo variants.

Slingo & TV Shows

The most innovative and popular Slingo variants are the ones that involve TV show features. For a long time, slots have included TV Show elements, and now this trend has taken over slot games as well. You get many different variants of Slingo games influenced by TV Shows, like Slingo - Britain’s Got Talent and Deal or No Deal Slingo.

Slingo & Arcade Games

Arcade Games have gained a lot of popularity at Online Casinos these days, and the gaming providers are constantly trying to use Arcade Game features and elements in other forms of casino games. Slingo games are also getting many innovative upgrades and innovations related to arcade games. For Example, Cash Buster is a very popular Slingo game, which is kind of a hybrid between the classic Slingo game and the Tetris game. In this game, your aim would be to destroy all the colourful blocks.

Slingo and Scratch Card Games

For some time, scratch card games are also making their way into the Slingo games, and they are getting very popular among the players. The hybrid games of Slingo and Scratch Card games are relatively simple than other forms of Slingo. If you want to play a Slingo variation that is not very different or loaded and still holds the taste of the classic Slingo, then Slingo Scratch Card games would be the perfect choice for you.


Try Different Slingo Variations for Free

Slingo Extreme (Slingo Originals)

Slingo Extreme a popular variation of the basic game.

Free game

Slingo Extreme a popular variation of the basic game.

Slingo Extreme is a very cool Slingo game variation, which is a very fast-paced game as compared to other variants.

This variation of Slingo has the classic 5x5 grid, and you start your game by choosing a stake on the game screen and spinning the reel.

You will get 11 spins in each Slingo Extreme game, and each spin will display 5 numbers on the bottom of the game screen. If any number in the grid matches with the reel numbers, that number will be crossed out, and you will proceed by spinning the reel again.

Completing a game line will give you extra points, and completing a game line will be called a Slingo. Your aim in the game would be to create as many Slingos as possible, and your points and payouts will be shown on the left side of the game screen.

You will get many different special symbols in the game. Keep an eye out for Joker Wilds and Super Joker Wilds. These are very rewarding symbols and will benefit you in various ways. Land 3 or more Jokers/Super Jokers, and you will get an instant cash prize. Beware of Devils, who will try to block your matches.


Slingo Rainbow Riches - Play For Free

Slingo Rainbow Riches (Slingo Originals)

Play Slingo Rainbow Riches for free at

Free game

Play Slingo Rainbow Riches for free at

Slingo Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular Slingo titles in the iGaming universe. It is a great game that has become a common name among Slingo lovers. You will find this game at almost every good online casino and bingo site.

Rainbow Riches Slingo is an Irish themed Slingo adaptation and has many themed elements like symbols, graphics, bonuses and others. Your main goal in the game would be to find a pot of gold at the end of the Riches Rainbow.


Slingo Starburst - The Trendy Slingo Everyone is Talking About

Slingo Starburst (Slingo Originals)

Slingo Starburst - Space themed Slingo

Free game

Slingo Starburst - Space themed Slingo

Slingo Starburst is one of the most popular names when it comes to Slingo games. Slingo Starburst is based on the classic 5x5 structure, and your aim in the game is to finish as many lines as possible, which are called Slingos. 

There is a special bonus ladder in Slingo Starburst, every time you complete a Slingo, you will move up the ladder, and you'll get closer to the amazing Win Spin Bonus.

You will get special Purple Gem symbols in the game, which will give you an instant cash Slingo prize if you land 3 or more of them. 

There are also some Wild Respins in Slingo Starburst. They will mark off any number from the column directly above where they land, giving you a good chance to hit a great payout. Along with giving you good matches, the Superstar Wilds also substitute for the Purple Gem symbols, and you get a great instant cash prize.


Slingo Games - How to Start?

We think the best Slingo game to start with would be the "Slingo Extreme" (Not to be confused with Slingo XXXtreme). We think this game would be the best to start with as this game has a minimal starting stake size, and the variance is also very stable and low.

Another good thing about Slingo Extreme is that the spins are automated in the game, which quickly finishes the games

You can consider other options as well, like Slingo Riches and Slingo Britain's Got Talent, but they are a bit slower in gameplay. You can also get amazing bonuses like regular casino bonuses and sign-up bonuses when you play Slingo games. Read our reviews of different Slingo games at to know more about Slingo games and what casinos that offer you the best Slingo Deals!


Frequently Asked Questions About Slingo Games

Frequently Asked Questions about Slingo Games from the BETO users, we have listed some of the most relevant questions regarding Slingo so you can get to know all about the interesting bingo game.

How to win in Slingo Extreme?

Winning in Slingo Extreme is very simple. Just like every other Slingo game, you will see a grid in front of you, and you will try to cross out as many numbers off the grid as you can. You will spin a reel on the bottom of the game screen, and the numbers which land on the reel will be crossed from the grid.

What is the best way to play Slingo?

There is no best way to play Slingo, as most of the game is based only on the reel outcomes, which is purely chance-based. However, you should remain careful when thinking about buying extra spins, as they are very expensive. Also, give special attention when using Joker and Special joker bonuses.

What is the best Slingo game for a beginner?

Here at BETO, we think that the Slingo Extreme would be the best game for a beginner.

Are Slingo games good?

Slingo games are a hybrid between Bingo and Slots, and they have got good ratings in the customer reviews, so we can conclude that there are good, and players love them.

How to Play Rainbow Riches Slingo?

Rainbow Riches Slingo is a pretty simple Slingo game, and you will play the game just like every other Slingo. The bets in the game start from 20 cents, and you will get 10 spins in the game to cross the numbers off the grid.

How to use Bonuses in Slingo games?

You will earn loyalty points in most of the online casinos while playing Slingo games. You can redeem these points through instant cash bonuses into real money.