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Slingo Originals

Slingo Originals is an award-winning iGaming developing studio and not just another trendy iGaming category. The studio is fully licensed, and it has developed some of the most exciting and innovative online games under the Slingo category. Slingo games combine the fun of Bingo and Slots, and they easily please everybody.

Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 01 July 2022 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

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Slingo Starburst Online Game

Slingo Starburst Online Game

Introduction and history - Slingo Originals

Slingo Originals is a well-known iGaming developing studio founded in the US between 1993 and 1997. Slingo Originals are experts in optimizing hybrid games for smooth mobile gameplay. The studio has expertise in developing unique games for players who want something different. The brand was taken over by a UK based iGaming studio, Gaming Realms, in 2015.

Soon after the acquisition, a new real money casino site was launched, called Along with it, two new Slingo titles were also launched, called Slingo Extreme and Slingo Riches, which were created especially for the UK players. As these games combined the fun of classic bingo games and the exciting slot machines, they became an instant hit, and the players just loved them. After the success of these two games, the studio has been developing and innovating continuously, and they have produced some of the best Slingo titles.

Slingo Originals has recently partnered with Endemol and SG Digital, and the partnership between these brands has been very productive and fruitful. Slingo Originals has developed many TV shows-inspired Slingo games during the partnership with these brands. Some of the best products of their partnership are the classic Irish-themed Slingo Rainbow Riches and Deal or No Deal Slingo. However, the most famous collaboration of Slingo Originals has been with the iGaming giant NetEnt, which led to the development of the amazing Slingo Starburst. The game is just amazing, it is great in terms of its looks, it is packed with many special bonuses and interesting rewards, and it gives you a lot of chances to land a big win.

In short, Slingo Originals is a superb iGaming developer, and they keep on delivering amazing iGaming titles for online players.

Slingo Centurion, the amazing Roman themed game by Slingo Originals

Slingo Centurion, the amazing Roman themed game by Slingo Originals


What is Slingo?

Slingo Originals is a great iGaming developer that has created some of the best Slingo game titles. Slingo Originals games are known for their friendly UI and player adaptability. Its games are super player-friendly, and they can be easily played by players of all levels and risk classes. You just need the basic knowledge of bingo and slot machines to start playing Slingo titles. 

In Slingo games, the games are based on a slot reel, which is usually placed on the bottom of the game screen. There will be a grid in the centre of the game screen, you might mistake it for a set of reels filled with numbers, but this is just a simple grid, with different numbers written in the spaces. You can also land special symbols on the reel, like wilds, jokers, and free spin symbols. In many games, you will also get symbols like Xs and Devils, these are not good for you, and you should avoid them.

You will start the game by spinning the reel on the bottom of the game screen. It will show you a set of numbers. If any number in that reel matches with the numbers in the grid, that number will get checked/marked in the grid, and you can start your next spin. The ultimate goal in Slingo games is to mark all the numbers in the grid as soon as possible.

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What is special about Slingo Originals Games?

Slingo Games are the hybrid combinations between slot games and bingo games, these games are an amazing combination of two of the most popular iGaming titles, and they are a storehouse of fun. You will just love them. Their unique feel and design are the reasons why they are becoming so popular these days, and everyone just loves them.

The main reason behind the popularity of these games is the simplicity of Slingo games, they are easy to understand, and their gameplay is also very simple. Popular iGaming developers like Slingo Originals have developed many amazing Slingo games with unique features and themes. One such game is Slingo Starburst, which has all the classic elements of the popular Starburst slot, but these elements are infused into the bingo structure to create a Starburst themed Slingo game. This Slingo has some unique features when compared to other Slingo games, and it has a special bonus round that gives you a new set of reels to land numbers for checking on the gaming grid.

Another cool title developed by Slingo Originals is the popular Wheely Wheely Big Win game. The game is very customizable and immersive. It offers a thrilling experience and gives a huge payout through amazing bonus features and rewards.

Each Slingo game has its own unique set of features and bonuses. There are many games that have customizable settings, and they let you choose different volatility settings and payout limits in the games. You will also get many cool special bonuses in Slingo games, including instant cash rewards, pick me bonuses, free spins, and extra spin bonuses.

The colorful game design of Slingo Rainbow Riches

The colorful game design of Slingo Rainbow Riches


Slingo Rainbow Riches

Slingo Originals has collaborated with many famous names and brands in its past, including some world-famous brands like Eycon, SG Digital, Inspired Gaming and NetEnt. Slingo Originals has created many Slingo masterpieces during these collaborations, including Slingo Fluffy Favourites, Slingo Maximus, Slingo Rainbow Riches, Slingo Centurion, and Slingo Starburst.

This iGaming developer has also collaborated with worldwide-known franchisees to sign licensing deals to create special trademarked titles. For Example, Slingo Originals has collaborated with entertainment industry giants Endemol and Fremantle to create special Slingo titles like  Britain's Got Talent Slingo. One of the most famous collaborations of Slingo Originals was with Sony Pictures Television when it created a game inspired by the TV show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire".

The cool Slingo XXXtreme game by Slingo Originals

The cool Slingo XXXtreme game by Slingo Originals


Awards - Slingo Originals

The hard work and relentless innovation of Slingo Originals have not gone unnoticed in the iGaming world, and the developer has been awarded and recognised at multiple award functions and shows. In 2016, Slingo Originals won the award for Mobile Casino Product of the year at the EGR Operator Awards. Then in 2018, it won an award for Innovation of the Year from Which Bingo for its Rainbow Riches game.

Getting an amazing payout in Slingo Centurion

Getting an amazing payout in Slingo Centurion


The Final Verdict of Slingo Originals

Slingo Originals is a new and trendy name in the iGaming world. Slingo Originals is the main reason behind the ongoing unstoppable craze of gamblers about Slingo games. Slingo Originals is a very famous name in the industry, all thanks to its amazing Slingo titles, which are very interesting and exciting, but still feel very light and casual. Slingo Originals is one of the only developers in the iGaming industry that develop Slingo games. 

Innovation and development are two very strong suits of Slingo Originals, and the developer keeps adding new features and more explosive bonus features in its Slingo games. The main concept of Slingo is relatively straightforward, and it becomes challenging for a developer to bring innovation into a concept like this. Still, Slingo Originals has done its work amazingly, and they offer you many amazing options with cool features and themes.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Slingo Originals

Frequently Asked Questions related to Slingo Originals

What is Slingo? Arrow Arrow

Slingo is a new and modern genre of gambling games which are a hybrid of the classic bingo games and trendy slot machines. Slingo is also an iGaming development company that creates amazing Slingo games.

What products are offered by Slingo? Arrow Arrow

Slingo Originals offers many Slingo games like Slingo Rainbow Riches, Slingo Deal or No Deal, Slingo Monopoly, and more.

Can I win real money at Slingo Games? Arrow Arrow

Yes, You can win real money while betting at Slingo Originals games, just start the game with a minimum deposit of €10, and you are ready to bet and win real money.

Is Slingo licensed? Arrow Arrow

Yes, Slingo Originals is completely licensed, and the developer is totally regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Are Slingo Originals Games fair? Arrow Arrow

Yes, Slingo Originals titles are totally fair and tamperproof. The developer has got the license from the Malta Gaming Authority, and the Slingo games are regularly audited to test their fairness.

Can I play Slingo Originals for free? Arrow Arrow

Yes of course! You can find all the games for free from Slingo Originals right at BETO. You can try the demo version and test which theme and kind of game that suits you best.