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Slingo Reel King by Slingo Originals

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Slingo Reel King Review

Slingo Reel King

Slingo Reel King is the perfect mix of slots and bingo. It involves 11 spins per betting round, and you will be rewarded for creating Slingos. This is a unique slot, so you will need to read this Slingo Reel King review till the end to understand how it works. Remember that the first Reel King had more than 3 billion lifetime plays, so it would be exciting to see what this slot offers.

Release: 13.01.2021
Max Win: X500

Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 01 July 2022 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

Jasmin Williams, our Chief Content Officer, has worked in the English casino industry for over a decade and is regarded as a casino and slots game expert. About Jasmin Williams

Bingo Features

Live Dealer

Live Dealer



Real Money

Real Money





Ways to Win



Reel King bonus feature

Enjoyable for bingo lovers

Wilds and Super WIlds

Free spins

Win of 500x your bet for a full house


Lower than average RTP

Bingo Game Facts

Provider Slingo Originals


RTP% 95.00

Game type Bingo

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.20

Maximum bet 25.00

Game Features

Bonus Bet Bonus Game FreeSpins Wild





Slingo Reel King online slot

Slingo Reel King online slot

Welcome to Slingo Reel King

Gaming Realms signed a licensing agreement with Inspired Entertainment that resulted in this beautiful slot. They picked two of their best games and combined them into one. So it is not surprising that the outcome is outstanding. They earlier launched Slingo Centurion, which was a big hit.

They have a proven track record, so we only expect better slots from them in the future. The best part is that they have retained the Reel King bonus feature, which is what made the Reel King slot special in the first place. However, this slot offers more than just the Reel King bonus because it includes Slingo, Wilds, and bonus free spins rounds.

The objective of this slot is to create Slingos to climb up the table. You can create Slingos by matching numbers on the reel with the grid. Once you match all of the numbers in a line, you will get a Slingo and be rewarded. The great news is that you are rewarded much more for creating a higher number of Slingos. The top win of 500x your bet can be earned by matching all numbers or getting a full house.

You are getting the best of both worlds here. You will get several spins in just one round and create combinations to get big wins. The great news is that the Reel King bonus is very rewarding. It is triggered at random and rewards you with generous multipliers to increase your earnings even more. We will explore this brilliant feature and explain how this slot works in detail. If you are a bingo aficionado, you will like this slot because it has been designed for bingo and slot lovers.

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Gameplay of Slingo Reel King Slot


Classic Theme and Graphics

They have gone for the classic theme that looks royal and nostalgic. You will see a lottery ball machine to the right of the card full of numbers. You can start the machine and see the numbers that you land below the Slingo card.

The wins will be formed automatically, and you will climb up the table on the left side. Upbeat music and fast-paced gameplay make this slot engaging. Overall, they have done a great job with the theme and the graphics.

Triple Slingo in Slingo Reel King slot

Triple Slingo in Slingo Reel King slot


How to Conquer Slingo Reel King

It is easy to play this brilliant mixture of slots and bingo. You only need to press the start button, and the 11 spins will start. The numbers that match will be marked, and you will get wins or Slingos by landing all of the numbers in a line. This is like bingo, where you cross the numbers you get and win by creating combinations.

You will move up the ladder or the table on the left side of the grid and get higher wins. They have included the option to continue spinning by paying some extra money. The amount you will pay will depend on the grid position and the potential prizes.

Explanation of Singo Reel King slot

Explanation of Singo Reel King slot's features


Powerful and Unpredictable Bonus Features

Let us start with the most exciting feature of this slot, which is the Reel King bonus. You will notice the trail with the Reel King bonuses on the top of the reels. Symbols on the reels will light up and produce a ding sound to move you along the trail.

One symbol lighting up means that you will move forward by one stage. Once you reach stage 5 or higher, the Reel King bonus will trigger. Reaching a higher stage is more beneficial because a more rewarding Reel King bonus will trigger.

Remember that all of this is entirely random. There is no reliable way to predict how many symbols will light up. The trail can also hold up the progress on the next spin to give you another chance to trigger the Reel King bonus.

Once this bonus is triggered, you get a random number of Reel King characters that spin and award prizes. Each character will continue rewarding you until a losing spin appears. Following are the numbers of characters you can get depending on the Reel King bonus type.

  1. Reel King (stage 5): 1-3 characters
  2. Great King (stage 6): 2-4 characters
  3. Super King (stage 7): 3-5 characters
  4. Mega King (stage 8): 4-6 characters
  5. Ultra King (stage 9): 7-9 characters

In addition to the Reel King, the following features will help you create wins.

  1. Wild: It will allow you to mark any number in the row above it
  2. Super Wild: Super Wild will allow you to mark any number on the grid
  3. Free Spin Symbols: Landing a free spin symbol will grant you one extra free spin
  4. Blocker - this will block potential matches on the grid

You will notice diamonds on the reels, and the diamonds are blocking symbols that will waste one slot in the reel. As we mentioned before, you can buy extra spins. However, it is not advisable to buy extra spins that are priced high because it is very risky.

Only one Slingo win in Slingo Reel King slot

Only one Slingo win in Slingo Reel King slot


Variance and RTP of Slingo Reel King

The variance of the Slingo Reel King slot is low to medium. This is a good variance that should give you consistent wins and save you from boredom. The RTP is 95%, which is lower than the average RTP of 96%. However, you will hardly notice a difference in the gameplay. Remember that the big win of 500x your bet is there for getting a full house.

Slingo in Slingo Reel King slot

Slingo in Slingo Reel King slot


Slingo Reel King Slot Compatibility

Slingo Reel King is compatible with all mobile devices regardless of their operating system. If you like to play slots on the go, this slot won’t disappoint you at all. Don’t worry; all of the features will work on your mobile device, and the only disadvantage will be the smaller screen.

Enjoy a double Slingo by completing 2 lines in one spin

Enjoy a double Slingo by completing 2 lines in one spin


Is Slingo Reel King Worth it?

Yes, when you combine two great games and include features that make the game enjoyable, you are guaranteed a good result. We expected huge things from this slot, and it has managed to exceed our expectations. It will satisfy the bingo and slot players, which is not an easy task at all.

The ability to buy extra spins is beneficial because you can try your luck with extra spins if you are close to getting a full house. We could use the extra spins during our testing to get a full house and make a decent profit. Another big advantage is the variance, which gives plenty of wins to keep things interesting.

Reel King bonus is a big part of this slot that will trigger rarely but reward you enough to make it worth the wait. It is hard to judge the potential of this slot because the Reel King feature can last for a long time and end up rewarding you a lot more than you expected.

Overall, the Slingo Reel King slot is worth trying for slot and bingo lovers. We don’t have any major complaints. We hope you enjoyed reading this Slingo Reel King slot review.


Slingo Reel King – FAQ

Can you introduce Slingo Reel King?

Slingo Reel King is a mix of slots and bingo that plays out on a 5x5 grid. In this slot, you will create Slingos by spinning the reels to get rewards and trigger the Reel King bonus.

How high is the RTP of Slingo Reel King?

The RTP of this slot is 95%, which is decent but not great.

What are the bonus features offered by Slingo Reel King?

There are plenty of bonus features such as Wilds, Super Wilds, and the Reel King bonus.

Is Slingo Reel King compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, this slot will work without any problems on all devices.

Can you name some popular Slingo Originals?

Some of the most popular Slingo Originals are Slingo Starburst, Slingo Lightning, and Slingo Extreme. We have provided the complete list of all Slingo casino games and slots right here at BETO.

Is it possible to play Slingo Reel King for free?

Yes, you can enjoy this slot for free by trying the free demo available here at BETO. We recommend playing for free before you try playing with real casino cash.