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Slingo Centurion Review

Slingo Centurion

Slingo Centurion was developed by the star Slingo developer Slingo Originals. For the development of Slingo Centurion, Slingo Originals teamed up with Inspired Gaming, which is one of the best iGaming providers globally. The game is based on the classic Slingo structure of 5x5, and you get many small mini-games in the Slingo as well. Slingo Centurion gives an RTP of around 95.2%, and the Volatility rating of the game is high.

Release: 11.02.2020
Max Win: X500

Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 01 July 2022 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

Jasmin Williams, our Chief Content Officer, has worked in the English casino industry for over a decade and is regarded as a casino and slots game expert. About Jasmin Williams

Bingo Features

Live Dealer

Live Dealer



Real Money

Real Money





Ways to Win



Amazing Features in a Slingo game

Gives a warning when the stakes increase

7 Different Bonus Games

You can set your Spin Price and Loss Limits

Pleasing Graphics and Design


Might not be the perfect game for traditional players

Bingo Game Facts

Provider Slingo Originals


RTP% 95.00

Game type Bingo

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.20

Maximum bet 25.00

Game Themes

Ancient civilizations

Game Features

Additional Free Spins Bonus Game Multiplier FreeSpins Wild Mega Symbol (3x3)



Cool graphics of Slingo Centurion

Cool graphics of Slingo Centurion

Intro - Slingo Centurion

Slingo Centurion is a classic Slingo game developed by the Slingo Games expert Slingo Originals. Slingo games are exciting, and they are a hybrid of Slot games and live bingo. They combine the fun of these two classic gambling games into a single game, which is the main reason behind their increasing popularity. 

Like other Slingo games, your objective in Slingo Centurion would be to complete the grid in the game, there is a 5x5 grid of numbers in the centre of the game, and you will try to cross as many numbers out of it as you can. You will find many unique features in the Slingo Centurion game, like the special symbols, which will give you various bonuses and rewards. Some of the bonuses you will get in Slingo Centurion are a Colossal Symbol, Wild Power Spins, Free Spins and a Multiplier.

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A sample gameplay of Slingo Centurion game


Theme and graphics

Slingo Centurion is a solid and attractive game in terms of its look and feel. The game is set in the theme of the bright Roman world, represented in a cartoon form. A muscular Centurion will be ready with you to help you whenever you need him during your journey. He is a lovely interactive element of the game, and he will do various actions whenever you get any bonus, complete a Slingo, and get jokers. The soundtrack of the game is also excellent. It perfectly matches the game theme and gives you a fantastic gaming experience.

Hitting a triple Slingo in Slingo Centurion

Hitting a triple Slingo in Slingo Centurion


How To Play - Slingo Centurion

Slingo Centurion is a very simple game to play, despite its various bonuses and mini-games. The basic idea and objective of almost every funny Slingo game are the same, there is a grid of numbers in the centre of the game screen, along with a single reel of spinning numbers. You will get a fixed amount of spins, and each spin will land some numbers. Just like bingo games, you will match these numbers with the grid, and if you find any number in the grid, it will get crossed out. Like this, you will keep crossing numbers, and your main objective will be to cross all the numbers in the minimum possible time. The quicker you do it, the better. However, don't worry if some numbers don't get crossed, as you will get your payout accordingly.

In Slingo Centurion, your gameplay gets a little more exciting. There are many mini-games in Slingo Centurion, which you can play to get additional rewards, and these games will reward you with bonuses like free spins and multipliers.

Getting special wilds in Slingo Centurion

Getting special wilds in Slingo Centurion


Bonus Games and Free Spins

Slingo Centurion is loaded with special features and bonuses, and these bonuses will give you additional rewards, so keep an eye out for them. The special features you get in Slingo Centurion are explained below:

  • The first special feature in Slingo Centurion is the Reelus Maximum Feature, it is a bonus round that you will play on a 5 reel slot, and colossal symbols will occupy the first 3 reels.
  • You will get a fabulous Prizes on Parade feature in Slingo Centurion, which will give you special multipliers displayed on the Centurion's shields.
  • Another fantastic feature in Slingo Centurion is Caesar's Free Spin feature. It is a bonus round that lets you win free spins, as the name suggests. You can collect up to 20 free spins in a round, along with a significant multiplier of up to 10x. After collecting your rewards, you will play a special round in a 5x3 grid slot machine to win additional rewards.
  • Road To Roam is also a good mini-game in Slingo Centurion, which you play in the form of a board game to collect prizes. You will roll a dice and move around the board collecting rewards like cash prizes.
  • The Wild Power Spins Features is also a fantastic bonus game. It is a game that shows you the full force of the Roman Army. It is a very interactive game and will give you some amazing payouts.
  • There will also be some special Joker symbols in Slingo Centurion. These Joker symbols are very rewarding, and they will quickly help you out of tricky situations. The regular Joker symbol will help you by marking off any number you want off the line above it, and the Super Joker lets you cross any number on the screen, regardless of its position.
  • The most important bonus feature in Slingo Centurion is the Free Spins. When you start the game, you will get 10 spins to complete the grid, but most of the time, you will see that the grid remains unfinished. In such a situation, a free spin would be the best bonus for you. You will get a free spin in the game if you land the Free Spin symbol in the moving reel of the game. You also get an option to buy these free spins during the game if you want to.
Wild Power Spin special feature in Slingo Centurion

Wild Power Spin special feature in Slingo Centurion


RTP and Mobile Support of Slingo Centurion


You get an RTP of around 95.2% on Slingo Centurion, which is fairly decent, and you should have no issue regarding the payouts. The variance of the slot is rated Medium to High, and you can win up to 500x your stake.

Mobile Support of Slingo Centurion

You can easily play Slingo Centurion on any of your mobile devices, the game works smoothly, and you should not face any issues like lags and frame drops.

The great Slingo Centurion game by Slingo Originals

The great Slingo Centurion game by Slingo Originals


The Overall Verdict - Slingo Centurion

Slingo Centurion is a solid game. It is great in every sense; the graphics of the game are very attractive and eye-catching, the soundtrack is also cool and matches with the game theme perfectly. The main reason behind the increasing popularity of Slingo Centurion is the high number of special features and bonuses you get in the game. In Slingo games, you don't usually get many rewards, as developers find it very challenging to include bonus features in this form factor, but the developers at Slingo Originals have skilfully added 7 different special features in the Slingo Centurion game.

The stats of Slingo Centurion are also very assuring. You get an RTP of around 95.2% in Slingo Centurion, which is pretty satisfying considering that it is above the industry standard of 95.0%. The volatility rating of the game is medium to high, which makes this game the perfect choice for the players who like to win big.

The betting range at Slingo Centurion is extensive, you can start betting at Slingo Centurion with minimal stakes of €0.20, and you can increase the bets to a max amount of €100. 

Overall, you will just love Slingo Centurion. Feel free to give it a go. The free demo version of the game is available here at Make sure you try it.


Frequently Asked Questions - Slingo Centurion

FAQs related to the Slingo Centurion game.

What is Slingo Centurion?

Slingo Centurion is a cool Slingo game with a classic 5x55 grid and many cool bonus games. There are also some special features in the game. For Example, there is a special ladder in the game which you climb as the game proceeds, and you get extra rewards.

What is the RTP of Slingo Centurion?

Slingo Centurion gives an average RTP of 95.20%, which is very decent.

When does a standard Slingo game end?

Your main aim in every Slingo game is to complete a grid in the centre of the game, you complete that grid by landing numbers in a moving reel, and the numbers from that reel are used to cross the grid numbers. Your game will end if you complete the reel or if you run out of your spins.

Are there any Bonus Games in Slingo Centurion?

Yes, there are many small bonus games in Slingo Centurion, these games are very rewarding, and they will give you many prizes and multipliers. Play Slingo Centurion right now and check them out.

Can I play Slingo Centurion for free?

Yes, you can play the demo version of Slingo Centurion for free here at The demo version of the game is exactly similar to the real version, and the only difference is that in the demo version, you play with the game money instead of casino cash or credit.