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Slingo Extreme Review

Slingo Extreme

Slingo Original is one of the hottest items on the online slot market. Do you think you are capable of taking on the fiery reels in this slot? This slot is rapidly gaining popularity among online players because of its increased jackpots, improved gameplay, fiery soundtrack, and bingo mash-up. Moreover, this slot is entertaining and engaging for players and keeps you hooked to the game. 

Release: 13.06.2017
Max Win: X

Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 01 July 2022 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

Jasmin Williams, our Chief Content Officer, has worked in the English casino industry for over a decade and is regarded as a casino and slots game expert. About Jasmin Williams

Bingo Features

Live Dealer

Live Dealer



Real Money

Real Money





Ways to Win



This can be played on any platform

Appealing graphics that run well on all platforms

Huge win potential. Win up to x500 your stake

Includes popular old features as well as exciting new features

Simple and easy to play


Landing Wins can be difficult

Bingo Game Facts

Provider Slingo Originals


RTP% 95.00

Game type Bingo

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.00

Maximum bet 0.00

Game Features

Bonus symbols FreeSpins





Play the all thrilling Slingo Extreme slot and win substantial payouts

Play the all thrilling Slingo Extreme slot and win substantial payouts

Introducing Slingo Extreme

Many of you have heard of the iconic Slingo Riches hybrid online slot. Slingo Extreme is a better, bigger, and faster prequel. This slot includes many standard features of the classic version and offers players better, more generous versions of these features. Moreover, this slot includes a jackpot worth x500. Better gameplay, smooth graphics, and substantial cash prizes. 

Slingo Extreme is based on standard features of slot games and introduces a unique 75 ball bingo matches which is very thrilling to play. More importantly, players can win up to 60 free spins and also land shark wilds - this can lead to a payout of up to 2000x your betting amount. The game is moderately volatile and has an RTP of 95%

Another great thing is that this game includes all the hot features that players loved in the previous version. The latest version works familiarly, so it is easy to play and understand. Moreover, the new features make things more exciting. 

Players trying this slot for the first time should make themselves familiar with the rules and strategies of this slot. To find out about the features in detail, keep reading our review.

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The rock'n'roll soundtrack hypes up the gameplay and adds thrill to your wins


Graphics, Theme, and Gameplay

We have the perfect solution for you for players who are a bit tired of mainstream slots that have nothing more than a few reels spinning on the screen. Slingo offers players a great, exciting experience with its aesthetic graphics and appealing theme. 

On-screen, players, will observe the Slingo game board in the middle. The paytable information is available on the left side, whereas the spinning balls that help create winning combinations are located on the right side. 

The game's mechanism is very realistic and works well with the game's graphics, ensuring smooth game-play. Moreover, the game is easy to understand and play for those who try it for the first time.

A detailed user interface display to help you navigate the game

A detailed user interface display to help you navigate the game


Some Baseline Rules to play Slingo Extreme

Slingo Extreme is a fun and improved version of Slingo Riches. The new slot includes the same rules, and many features have been adopted from other popular slots. The main difference is the colourful theme, smoother and faster gameplay, and of course - a jackpot that is worth up to x500 the betting amount. 

For players who are trying the Slingo slot for the first time can learn from these tips:

  • This game collaborates with slots and Bingo and is a relatively fast-paced slot. Slingo offers players 11 spins and an additional eight spins, which players can buy after the first round is complete.
  • A set of numbers will pop up at each spin. If any of these numbers match the numbers in the top column, then that specific number is marked by a star.
  • Landing five or more matching stars will allow them to get a SLINGO!
  • Landing a SLINGO win will allow the bar located on the left side of reels to glow up and show the specific prize. The main goal in the game for players is to achieve a FULL HOUSE and take the whole jackpot home! 
Complete your Slingo in 11 spins and win the slot in style.

Complete your Slingo in 11 spins and win the slot in style.


Players guide and tips to wins this slot

Players familiar with how Slingo slots work or have tried out bingo or similar slots before will also know the maximum or minimum wager. You can wager between 0.50 and 100. As the name suggests, Slingo Extreme is extreme, so players need to be vigilant during this game. 

In this slot, the game takes place on a 5x5 grid filled with random 25 numbers that can be between 1-75. Players can view the paytable on the left-hand side of the reels to check their return on any wager before betting actual money. Moreover, players must click the spin button to reveal all the numbers that can be marked off the grid. All players have 11 opportunities to create Slingos and win huge payouts. 

Players should keep in mind that this slot does not include any auto spins option. You are presented with an opportunity to play for a fixed price and a vast potential. However, winning is rare, so beware before you bet!

Slingo Extreme Slot Winning Tips

Considering you are playing with the maximum wager and hit a whole house of all 12 Slingos, the prize will be 50,000€. Creating Slingos either horizontally, diagonally, or vertically where all five numbers have been marked off is the leading way of winning. The higher the number of winning Slingos you land, the bigger the payout will be. 

In this slot, luck matters when you are creating Slingos and even during special spinning symbols. Nevertheless, watching your wins increase is overwhelmingly satisfying. Like slots, Slingo Extreme also has various special symbols that allow you to land wins even when you cannot win through creating Slingos.

Slingo Extreme features a 5 by 5 reel with 25 different numbers

Slingo Extreme features a 5 by 5 reel with 25 different numbers


Slingo Extreme - Exciting Bonus and free spins features

Slingo Extreme includes numerous special symbols that let players create more winning combinations and earn single coin rewards. These include:

  • Joker - This blue and red coloured joker lets players mark off any number above it once it lands on the reels. Depending on how each player uses, the joker can make things very interesting.
  • Super Joker - This green and the yellow joker is enormous and has similar rewards as the Joker, except that players can mark off numbers anywhere on the grid.
  • Free Spin - Players who land this will get an additional spin that they can use for free once the 11-spin game is over. 
  • The Devil - As the name suggests, this symbol can harm you and restrict potential wins. Therefore, it’s best to avoid this.
  • Coins - Players that lad a pot of gold coins will be rewarded with a spot cash prize, and this is added to your total winnings. 

Slingo Extreme Bonus Features

  • Free Spins - Players can get up to 8 spins.
  • Joker/Super Joker combinations - Get an instant cash prize by landing three or more jokers, super jokers and even a combination of these two. This also allows you to mark other numbers off the grid. 

Here's the best part - You can place the jokers as you like it


The RTP, Volatility, Payouts of Slingo Extreme

Slingo Extreme has an RTP of 95 % and is medium to moderately volatile. With its low-value based game wins that can get you potential wins and jackpots, this medium volatile game indeed does not disappoint players. It is crucial to remember that RTP is just a theoretical number calculated on the return on 100 coins average that is wagered over countless spins. 

Therefore, unless you are stacked with money, these statistics do not apply to you. This RTP should just be considered a guideline and should not stop you from Slingo your way to getting very wealthy! 

Avoid the Devil symbols it brings wrath to your winnings

Avoid the Devil symbols it brings wrath to your winnings


Play Slingo on Mobile devices

Similar to trying out other casino slots, players should get to know the game by trying out the demo first. The Demo version of the slot allows players to be familiar with how the game works and avoid most risks. This is an important reminder for players who are moving from slots to slingos as it helps them avoid rookie mistakes or lose money.

Free play allows players to be aware of the probability of winning and how often they can land other bonus features. 

It is well known that players play for great money prizes. However, the satisfaction alone is enough for most to try this slot.  

Slingo Extreme Slot - Available on Mobile

Thanks to its smooth and straightforward graphics and 5x5 grid that works in both portrait and landscape mode, Slingo Extreme is optimal for playing on mobile. Moreover, with the help of HTML 5 technology, you can also play this game on desktops, laptops, etc.  

In addition, to play Slingo Extreme, you do not need to download it and can enjoy it on iOS or Android. The game works just as nicely on the go and we loved the experience and gameplay of Slingo Extreme.

The price of extra spins vary depending on the progress of your game

The price of extra spins vary depending on the progress of your game


Expert tips and ticks

Slingo Extreme is a fascinating slot that will keep surprising you throughout the gameplay. One of the best features pops up when Slingo gives you the control to place your jokers as per your liking. It allows you to make the game more exciting and paves the way for some enormous payouts at the end of the game. 

All you need to do is plan your game so that you solve all your slingos in the provided 11 spins. Otherwise, you would have to pay extra amounts on spins that have slim chances of landing a win for you. The rates of the extra spins you buy will depend on the progress of your game. We recommend you get some hands-on experience by playing the demo slot, build up your strategy and be prepared to win this slot tactically. 


Our Summary of Slingo Extreme

Players who are looking for a change of scene and from spinning the reels should definitely try Slingo Extreme with a good win potential. Originally the game was based on fun money, however, today you can find many versions which include real money options to play.

As the name suggests, this slot is quite extreme and can award players with huge payouts. Moreover, special symbols and free spins present in the game, along with jokers/super jokers, make the game far more interesting than any average slot. 

There is no denying that this slot is an improved and better version of Slingo Riches, which was itself a prevalent slot. 

This Slingo slot is one of the most thrilling and fast-paced slots on the market. With an increased total jackpot of up to x500 and smoother, faster gameplay, Slingo Extreme might be the hottest Slingo slot you can find! 


FAQ Section

Frequently asked questions about Slingo Extreme - All the essential details you need to know.

How much RTP does Slingo Extreme slot offer?

Slingo Extreme has an RTP of 95%

What do we mean by the term Slingo Extreme?

This is an improved and better version of Slingo Riches that has an increased jackpot worth x500 your stake.

How is Slingo Extreme slot different from other slots?

The slot is similar to Slingo Riches in many ways. However, the newer version has a hot theme, more fast-paced gameplay, and an increased jackpot up to x500.

Does Slingo Extreme include free spins?

Yes, players can get up to eight free spins, and these work when the initial 11 spins are over and can have huge payouts up to 2000x your stake.

Can Slingo Extreme be played for free?

Yes, players can try this game for free and enjoy the appealing graphics, great gameplay, and huge win potential. In fact! You can enjoy it for free right here at BETO. Here at BETO, we offer an exciting collection of casual games. What are you waiting for, play it now!