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3 Buzzing Wilds
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3 Buzzing Wilds by Pragmatic Play

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3 Buzzing Wilds Review

3 Buzzing Wilds

3 Buzzing Wilds slot from Pragmatic Play is based on our little insect friends, like butterflies and bees. This game comes with 5 reels, 4 rows, and 20 paylines. It features various types of Wild bonuses alongside a unique Free Spins bonus that lets you choose your type of Wild enhancement. Bonus Buy is also featured in this slot machine.

In this 3 Buzzing Wilds slot review, we will see how rewarding a slot with little insects and random Wild bonuses can be.

Release: 13.07.2023
Max Win: X5000

Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 26 March 2024 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

Jasmin Williams, Chief Content Officer at BETO Slots™, has worked in the English casino industry for over a decade and is regarded as a casino and slots game expert. About Jasmin Williams

Slot Machine Features

Bonus Buy

Bonus Buy



Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots





Ways to Win



Max Win of 5,000x your stake

3 different types of Free Spins

Innovative Wild features

Colourful and fun theme

Buy Free Spins option


High volatility

Free Spins can't be retriggered

Facts About The Slot

Provider Pragmatic Play


RTP% 96.03

Game type Slots

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.20

Maximum bet 100.00

Reels 5

Rows 4

Game Themes


Game Features

Spreading Wilds Buy Feature Choose Freespin mode Random Wilds Sticky Wilds Expanding Symbols RTP range Scatter symbols FreeSpins Wild

3 Buzzing Wilds Review by BETO Slots

3 Buzzing Wilds Review by BETO Slots

Introducing 3 Buzzing Wilds Video Slot

The 3 Buzzing Wilds slot lives up to its name by offering 3 exciting bonuses featuring Wilds. Pragmatic Play slots rarely offer several bonuses, but this one does. The question remains: Are more bonuses actually better? The answer is that it depends on the quality of the bonuses, and my initial impression is that these bonuses are pretty good.

This slot has five reels and four rows and offers 20 paylines. In the base game, you will enjoy various random bonuses that will add random Wilds, expand Wilds, or transform symbols into Wilds. The same bonuses offered in the base game are enhanced and offered in three different types of Free Spins. In addition, those who don't like waiting can buy the Free Spins straight away.

Are you keen on unravelling the secrets to winning massive? Check out 3 Buzzing Wilds video gameplay, and don't miss out on trying free slot machines. Will 3 Buzzing Wilds be your next favourite? Let's find out.

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Gameplay of 3 Buzzing Wilds from Pragmatic Play


Theme & Design: Enchanted Forest Adventure

Theme & Design: Enchanted Forest Adventure

Theme & Design: Enchanted Forest Adventure

Theme and Design

Step into a vibrant forest in 3 Buzzing Wilds, where busy bees chatter and sunshine warms the reels. This is a visual treat that's both cosy and inviting. During my spins, I couldn't help but smile at the cartoonish symbols, from the adorable grinning bees to the pink and cute butterflies.

The cheerful colours and lively animations transport you to a garden paradise that promises sweet rewards. The theme cleverly uses colours, animations, and other elements to uplift your mood.

Music and Soundtrack

The upbeat background music is lively and joyful. The buzzing of bees flits through the gameplay, adding to the experience and making it more riveting. These little touches really make your spinning adventures come alive.


Symbols & Payouts

Let us now explore how much the various insects and sweet symbols can award you in this slot.

  • Wild Symbol: This symbol is made of honey and substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter.

    • 5 Wilds: 50x your bet
    • 4 Wilds: 15x your stake
    • 3 Wilds: 5x your bet
  • Scatter Symbol: This symbol is a honeycomb that is used to trigger the bonus round (Free Spins).

    • 5 Scatters: 50x your bet
    • 4 Scatters: 15x your stake
    • 3 Scatters: 5x your stake
  • High-Paying Symbols:

    • Bee, Butterfly, Caterpillar, Ladybug:
      • 5 symbols: Ranges from 10x to 50x your bet
      • 4 symbols: Varies between 3x and 15x your bet
      • 3 symbols: Between 1.5x and 5x your stake
  • Low-Paying Symbols (J-A card ranks):

    • Honey-coated J-A:
      • 5 symbols: From 2.5x to 5x your bet
      • 4 symbols: Between 0.50x and 2x your stake
      • 3 symbols: From 0.25x to 1x your bet


How to Play 3 Buzzing Wilds Slot

How to Play Pragmatic Play

How to Play Pragmatic Play's 3 Buzzing Wilds

Follow this handy how-to guide for a buzzing adventure packed with various bonuses.

  • Set Your Bet: Start by choosing your bet size. Hit the (+) or (−) buttons to adjust your stake to fit your budget. You can bet from €0.20 to €100.
  • Check Out the Paytable: Tap the (i) button to open the paytable. Here, you'll find all the juicy details on symbol values, bonus features, and payline patterns.
  • Autoplay Option: Hit (AUTOPLAY) to do up to 1,000 automatic spins just the way you like them.
  • Get Familiar with the Screen: The game clearly shows your current balance and total bet on the screen.
  • Learn the Buttons: The (↻) button starts a spin, and you can also use the space bar and enter key to start and stop spins right from your keyboard.


Bonus Features

Bonus Features Explained in 3 Buzzing Wilds by Pragmatic Play

Bonus Features Explained in 3 Buzzing Wilds by Pragmatic Play

There is no shortage of variety and fun in the bonuses of this slot. Here's the lowdown on what to expect:

Random Wilds

This cheeky feature adds a dash of surprise to your base game spins. At any moment, Wild symbols can pop up at random positions on the reels.

Expanding Wilds

When these special Wilds land, they stretch out vertically to cover the whole reel. This boosts your chances of landing a big win and looks impressive.

Surrounding Wilds

This is where things get really interesting. Surrounding Wilds transform all the symbols next to them into Wilds, seriously increasing your chances of a tasty payout. It's amazing how a single symbol can change the game in an instant.

Free Spins Feature

Land 3 or more Scatter symbols, and you'll unlock the Free Spins round. But here's the kicker: you get to choose from three different modes based on the Wild features (Random Wilds, Expanding Wilds, and Surrounding Wilds). Each option offers a unique path to potential wins, keeping things fresh and engaging.

  • Random Wilds: You'll receive 10 Free Spins, during which random Wilds can pop up and stay until the end of the round.
  • Expanding Wilds: This one offers 8 Free Spins where any Wild that hits expands to cover its entire reel and remains until the end.
  • Surrounding Wilds: You'll receive 6 Free Spins, with each Surrounding Wild turning all the symbols next to it into Wilds. The Surrounding Wilds and Wilds created by Surrounding Wilds will stay sticky until the bonus ends.

Special reels are in play during these rounds, boosting your chances for some truly epic wins. However, you can't retrigger Free Spins.

Buy Free Spins Bonus

For the impatient among us or those who want to jump straight into the bonus action, you can buy Free Spins for 100x of your current bet.


Max Win, RTP, & Variance

Win 5,000x Your bet in the 3 Buzzing Wilds Slot Online!

Win 5,000x Your bet in the 3 Buzzing Wilds Slot Online!

3 Buzzing Wilds boasts a sweet Max Win of 5,000x your stake, with an RTP ranging from 96.02% to 96.03%. It's a high-volatility game, so buckle up for an exciting ride.

The Buy Free Spins option adds a twist that can impact the RTP. If you choose to buy into the Free Spins for 100x your current bet, the RTP shifts slightly to between 95.99% and 96.02%. With high volatility, wins might be less frequent, but when they do hit, they can be pretty darn impressive.

Let us discuss a few more numbers. The hit frequency is 1 in 4, and the Free Spins hit frequency is 1 in 253. Finally, the Max Win hit frequency is 1 in 5,431,831.


3 Buzzing Wilds: A Slot Worth a Spin?

3 Buzzing Wilds: A Slot Worth a Spin?

3 Buzzing Wilds: A Slot Worth a Spin?

The 3 Buzzing Wilds slot is innovative, fun, and does what it is supposed to do: award big wins. Having three random bonuses in the base game makes this slot fascinating because you are always hopeful for a random bonus to hit on a spin. The Max Win of 5,000x of your bet and the RTP are also pretty solid.

Whether it's the random Wilds popping up in the base game or the strategic choice between different Free Spins modes, there's always something exciting around the corner. During my gameplay, I won more than 450x of my stake through the second trigger of the Surrounding Wilds Free Spins. This happened because I was able to cover most of the reels with just 2 Surrounding Wilds and the Wild transformations.

If you ask me, I will recommend the Surrounding Wilds Free Spins, but you can pick the other two also because you will get more spins there. They have tried to balance the number of spins and the winning potential, so all options are good.

With an overall rating of 7.5/10, I say give 3 Buzzing Wilds slot a go if you're after a game that combines visual appeal with exciting challenges.


3 Buzzing Wilds Slot FAQ

What is the Buy Free Spins feature in 3 Buzzing Wilds slot machine?

The Buy Free Spins feature allows you to instantly activate the Free Spins round by spending 100x your current total bet.

Can I play 3 Buzzing Wilds slot in demo mode here at BETO?

Yes, you can explore and enjoy the 3 Buzzing Wilds slot in demo mode right here at BETO. It's a fantastic way to get familiar with the game mechanics and features without risking any real money.

How do the special Wild features work in this game?

3 Buzzing Wilds boasts three innovative Wild features. Random Wilds appear randomly on base spins, transforming positions into Wilds. Expanding Wilds make any Wild symbol that hits expand vertically, covering the reel. Lastly, Surrounding Wilds transform all surrounding symbols into Wilds for bigger win potentials.

What levels of RTP can players expect from this slot?

Players can anticipate an RTP of 96.02% to 96.03%, which dips slightly when using the Buy Free Spins option, ranging between 95.99% and 96.02%. These percentages reflect the game's solid return potential over time.

Is there a Maximum Win cap on 3 Buzzing Wilds video slot?

Yes, there's a Maximum Win limit set at 5,000x your stake, applicable during both base games and any feature rounds. If this amount is achieved, the round ends immediately, awarding you with the wins and closing off any remaining features.

How does Pragmatic Play ensure player engagement through design and sound in this slot?

Pragmatic Play has meticulously crafted a visually stunning and audibly engaging experience. Vibrant graphics depicting a lively forest theme are complemented by an upbeat soundtrack and cheerful sound effects that truly immerse players in a buzzing world of wins and whimsical adventure.