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Ancient Fortunes: Zeus
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Ancient Fortunes: Zeus by Triple Edge Studios

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Ancient Fortunes: Zeus Review

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is the latest online slot machine by the star iGaming developer Microgaming. The slot is designed in the classic grid structure of 3 rows and five reels. You can win a max payout of 70,000 coins in a single spin, which makes Ancient Fortunes: Zeus a very explosive slot. You also get a very satisfying RTP of 96.18%.

Release: 10.04.2019
Max Win: X1399

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 12 July 2023 | Fact-check by: Jasmin Williams

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Slot Machine Features

Bonus Buy

Bonus Buy









Ways to Win



All symbols are theme based

Special Cascading Reel Feature

Free Spins with Multipliers up to 21x

Balanced variance rating

Top win of almost 1,400x


Special Features take time to trigger

Maximum Multiplier is very rare

Facts About The Slot

Provider Triple Edge Studios


RTP% 96.02

Game type Slots

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.10

Maximum bet 70.00

Reels 5

Rows 3

Game Themes


Game Features

Cascading/Avalanche wins Multiplier Scatter symbols FreeSpins Wild


Zeus Gods

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus Sample Gameplay

Video: Ancient Fortunes: Zeus Slot - Free Play and Reviews

Sample Gameplay of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus slot


Intro of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus Slot

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus slot takes you on an adventure to the holiest mountain of the ancient world, the holy mount of Olympus. Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is set in an ancient Hellenic city-state, and you will love this entertaining slot filled with magic and mystic secrets. As you start your adventurous journey towards the top of the mountain, you will be accompanied by the Greek gods Poseidon, Ares, Hermes, Dionysus, and Zeus. 

The developer of this online slot is Microgaming. Microgaming is a premium online slot developer that has made some of the best online casino games worldwide, and Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is surely one of them.

The base slot of the Ancient Fortunes Zeus slot will surprise you as the Multiplier is boosted with each win you get in a row. You can enjoy a Multiplier of up to 7x, which is incredible. This is rare because most slots don’t have Multipliers in the base game. The best part is that this feature works well with Rolling Reels and guarantees easy big wins.

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is a very loaded game; you will find many special features and bonuses in the exciting online slot machine. You get a very explosive Free Spins bonus round on Ancient Fortunes: Zeus, you can win up to 70 Free Spins, which is just great, and you get special Multiplier spins on the Free Spin round. The Multipliers you get on the Free Spins round can increase up to 21x, which will give you some very generous payouts.

Overall, you will love this amazing online slot; the slot's theme is rare; thus, Ancient Fortunes: Zeus gives you a very exotic and exclusive gaming experience. All the elements of the slot are expertly developed, keeping in mind the exciting theme. The graphics of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus are probably the most exciting feature of the slot, the colour scheme of the visuals is very striking, and the symbols, reels, and background of the slot are developed according to the overall theme.

You will just love Ancient Fortunes: Zeus; read more about it in our detailed review of the online slot machine.

Unique Ancient Themed Symbols of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus

Unique Ancient Themed Symbols of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus


Design of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus Slot

The design of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is probably its most attractive feature; as soon as you start your gambling journey, you witness the royal marble columns, the tall temples standing against the test of time, and the busts of some legendary ancient Hellenic leaders. All these elements of ancient history are carved out of precious limestone that looks stunning.

The majestic scene on Ancient Fortunes: Zeus reflects the grand world of the Hellenic gods. The world you will explore in Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is the world of the great Roman gods Poseidon, Ares, Hermes, Dionysus, and Zeus.

All the game elements are perfectly detailed to give you a great historical experience while gambling on Ancient Fortunes: Zeus. Every single element of the game has been designed according to the game's theme, and you will just love the way they perfectly fit into the overall portrayal of ancient Hellenic culture.

Microgaming's Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is one of its most detailed slots, and it is undoubtedly among the top slots of ancient themes. Another great game developer NetEnt has developed a slot machine with kind of a similar design; the name of the slot is Divine Fortune.

The theme of the two slots might be the same, but they are completely different in the way the theme is explored and portrayed in the slots through the game elements. However, Divine Fortune has become kind of old now, as it has been a long time since NetEnt released the video slot, and Ancient Fortunes: Zeus slot is a new launch, so you will find many hi-tech and modern features in Ancient Fortunes: Zeus, which you can't find in Divine Fortune

The symbols, reels, background, and immersive soundtrack of the slot are designed according to the game's theme. You will love the gaming experience Ancient Fortunes: Zeus gives you.

Overall, Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is a great slot machine, and we strongly recommend it to you, don't forget to try it the next time you visit your favourite online casino.

Landing a high-paying win in Ancient Fortunes: Zeus slot

Landing a high-paying win in Ancient Fortunes: Zeus slot


How to Play Ancient Fortunes: Zeus Slot

The gameplay of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is super simple; the developers at Microgaming have done an amazing job designing the gameplay and the game mechanics of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus. The slot's gameplay can be controlled using the compact control panel placed on the bottom of the game reels. The controlling mechanics of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus have been very carefully and expertly designed by the game developer, and you get a very minimal and simple control system on the slot.

The betting range in Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is super wide, and you can easily choose a bet amount that will go perfectly with your bet. The betting range of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus starts at just 10 Cents, and you can increase it to a top bet level of €70.00, which is just amazing. 

After setting the bets, you are ready to start your gaming journey. You have to spin the reels of the slot to land combos; these combos will give you payouts based on your bet amount. To spin the slots, you have two options to choose from, either you can spin the reels using the spin button on the middle of the control panel, or you can use the special auto spin feature. The auto spin feature is a great mechanic that lets you set the number of spins, and the slot will spin the reels automatically; you can sit back and relax.

How to Win - Ancient Fortunes: Zeus Slot

Only spinning the reels will not give you payouts; to win actual money, you will have to land winning combos on the reels. You will get a payout when you land 3 or more similar symbols on one of the paylines of the slot. Different combos have different values, and they give you different payouts.

The value of a combo directly depends on its length; the higher the number of symbols in a combo, the higher its payout. The value of the symbols also decides the payout you get from the slot; high-value symbols will give you better payouts than low-value symbols.

If you want the details of individual combos, you can check the paytable of the slot; it has details of all the slot combos possible.

Landing a Mega Win in Ancient Fortunes: Zeus slot

Landing a Mega Win in Ancient Fortunes: Zeus slot


Bonus Features

The amazing symbol collection of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is a great special feature in itself; you get a lot of symbols, both high-paying and low-paying. The high-paying symbols in the slot are denoted by the different Greek gods, and the low-paying symbols are denoted by different animals.

The Details of the Symbols of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus are as Follows:

Wild - Wilds do not pay anything but act as a substitute for all other symbols to give you better chances of landing winning combos.

  • Ares - The God of war, it is the highest value symbol and pays up to 62.5x
  • Poseidon - The God of the seas, gives a payout of 30x
  • Dionysus - The God of wine, ecstasy and fertility, pays up to 12.5x
  • Hermes - The God of wisdom, pays up to 7.5x
  • Vulture - A low-value symbol that pays up to 5x
  • Kraken - A low-value symbol, pays 4x
  • Panther - A low-value symbol, gives a payout of 3.5x
  • Snakes - A low-value symbol, pays 2.5x

Cascading Reels Feature

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus has a special cascading reels mechanism, also known as Rolling Reels; this special game mechanism is the best special feature you can get in an online slot; this feature lets you win in multiple ways in a spin.

When you land winning combos on the slot, this feature removes the winning symbols of the slot, and the empty spaces get filled by the symbols which were above those winning symbolism, this mixes up the symbols, and you get a chance to land a chain of winning combos on the reels.


Free Spins and Jackpot of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus Slot Machine

Free Spins Feature

There is a very interesting Free Spins bonus round in Ancient Fortunes: Zeus, which you can land using the Scatter symbols. The Scatter symbols on the slot are denoted by lightning bolts, and they land very frequently.

You need to land at least 3 Scatter symbols to trigger the Free Spin bonus round. If you get 3 Scatters, you get 10 Free Spins, if you get 4 spins, you get 15 Free Spins, and if you get 5 Scatter symbols in a row, then you get 20 Free Spins, which is super awesome. The best feature about the Free Spin round of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is that the slot lets you re-trigger the Free Spins, so if you get scatters during your Free Spin round, you can re-trigger your Free Spin round.

You get a decent Jackpot on Ancient Fortunes: Zeus; you can get a max Multiplier of around 1,400x on your initial bet, which is great; you will stay excited during your gameplay and will have a great time betting on Ancient Fortunes: Zeus online slot machine.

Amazing Graphics of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus

Amazing Graphics of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus


RTP and Variance


The RTP Percentage of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus online slot is 96.18%, which is quite generous; it means that you will get around 96.18% of your money back in terms of payout on Ancient Fortunes: Zeus on average. Usually, online slot machines will give you an RTP of around 95% to 96% on average, so the RTP of 96.18% is great.


Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is a medium variance slot, and you will get a perfectly balanced iGaming experience on the slot; you will love it; it is neither very unstable nor very boring.

Demo Version of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus

You can play Ancient Fortunes: Zeus for free using its demo version; it allows you to explore the slot without risking your actual money in it. The free version of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is available here at BETO.

Mobile Support of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus has been perfectly optimized for mobile support, and the slot works smoothly on mobile devices. You will face no issues like lags or slow animations on the mobile version; the slot works very smoothly.


The Final Verdict of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus Online Slot

Microgaming has done a commendable job with the development of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus; the slot is perfect in every sense. Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is superb in terms of its design and graphics, the game is based around ancient Greek mythology, and the theme of the slot influences most of the game features. The graphic elements of the slot are expertly designed to sync with the immersive soundtrack of the slot perfectly, and you get a very refreshing and engaging iGaming experience on the slot.

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is a very loaded slot machine; the slot has many special features that will keep your excitement levels high when you gamble on Ancient Fortunes: Zeus. You get the great cascading reels mechanism on Ancient Fortunes: Zeus, and it lets you land chain combos that can give some very generous payouts. You also get the Free Spin bonus round where you can re-trigger Free Spins to extend your bonus round, and you also get some other bonuses like multiplier trail and standalone multipliers.

The stats of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus slot are also very assuring, and you will feel safe and satisfied while betting on the slot; the RTP of the slot is above the industry average, and the variance rating is also a stable medium.


Frequently Asked Questions - Ancient Fortunes: Zeus Slot

Can I try the free version of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus slot?

Yes, the free version of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is available here at BETO; you can play it with the game money to explore the different features without risking your actual hard-earned cash.

Are there Free Spins in Ancient Fortunes: Zeus online slot?

Yes, there is a superb free spins bonus round in Ancient Fortunes: Zeus; you can trigger it by landing 3 or more scatter symbols.

Who developed Ancient Fortunes: Zeus slot?

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is developed by Microgaming; the studio has developed the slot with expert details and accuracy; you'll love it.

Can I play Ancient Fortunes: Zeus slot using real money?

Of course, you can play Ancient Fortunes: Zeus using real money, and you will win real money too. To play the slot for actual money,