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Cursed Seas by Hacksaw Gaming

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Cursed Seas slot is inspired by films like 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest' as the game is all about pirates, treasures, and the Kraken. You can play this game on a 5x4 layout with 26 paylines.

Cursed Chests with Multipliers of up to 200x create a Cursed Area above them (on the same reel) if the Cursed Area will lead to a win. The Multiplier of the Cursed Area applies to all wins involving that area, and multiple Multipliers affecting a win are added together.

The game offers you 10 Free Spins with persistent Cursed Areas. Multipliers from Cursed Chests add to the total Multiplier that applies to all Cursed Areas. If you want something more powerful, this online slot has a Respins round with Reel Multipliers of up to 500x.

The Cursed Seas slot gives you not one but two powerful bonus rounds and a solid base game. In my opinion, this game is worth your time and attention.

Release: 27.04.2023
Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON
Max Win: X12500

Written by: Kim Birch | The review was last updated: 03 June 2024 | Fact-check by: Jasmin Williams

Kim Birch has won and lost against the best poker pros worldwide. In addition to being an expert in poker and blackjack, Kim has also published 3 books. About Kim Birch

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Slot Machine Features


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Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots

Pros Pros


OpenFree Spins with Sticky Cursed Areas

OpenHigh Max Win of 12,500x your bet

OpenRespins round with Multipliers of up to 500x

OpenRTP of 96.22%

OpenBonus Buy feature

Cons Cons


Close High volatility

Facts About the Slot

Slots Provider Hacksaw Gaming

Slots Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON

Slots RTP% 96.22

Slots Game type Slots

Slots Jackpot No

Bet Range & Game Layout

Slots Minimum bet 0.10

Slots Maximum bet 100.00

Slots Reels 5

Slots Rows 4

Slots Paylines 26

Game Themes


Game Features

Random multiplier FreeSpins Multiplier RTP range Multiplier Scatter symbols FreeSpins Wild

Cursed Seas Review by BETO Slots

Cursed Seas Review by BETO Slots

Introducing Cursed Seas Online Slot

The Cursed Seas slot adds to the list of pirate slots but with a darker and more serious theme. This game uses skulls and serious pirate characters that may look familiar to deliver a compelling experience. It offers a 5x4 layout with 26 paylines. The gameplay is all about the Cursed Multipliers and their incredible power of awarding huge wins. In the base game, you get Cursed Areas with Multipliers that will be part of wins and deliver the big wins.

Hacksaw Gaming is an ambitious slot developer, so they have given you two bonus rounds in this one instead of just one. The first one is like normal Free Spins but with Sticky Cursed Areas and a Progressive Multiplier. The second round is like a Respins round with Reel Multipliers that can be boosted and then collected to award a massive win. Buying the bonuses is possible but not in all countries.

If you want to experience similar games, visit our free slots section. Keep reading to find out if this pirate adventure is worth it.


Theme & Design: Pirate Nightmare Adventure

Theme & Design: Pirate Nightmare Adventure

Theme & Design: Pirate Nightmare Adventure

Theme and Design

Cursed Seas plunges you into the murky depths of a pirate's nightmare, complete with ghostly sailors and ominous oceans. Hacksaw Gaming's artistic flair shines through, crafting an immersive world where every spin could unearth sunken treasures or awaken the fearsome Kraken.

The stormy seas are as threatening as they are enthralling. This isn't your average pirate-themed slot; it's a dive into a beautifully cursed adventure where danger and opportunity swim side by side.

Music and Soundtrack

The soundtrack is lively and jolly, so it will uplift your mood. It balances the dark theme and the brutal gameplay. No matter what is happening on the reels, the music will keep your spirits up.


Symbols & Payouts

Ahoy there, matey! 'Cursed Seas' brings you a swashbuckling pirate adventure with symbols dripping in eerie charm. Here's a quick rundown of what each symbol could win you:

  • Anchor: 5 = 1x, 4 = 0.30x, 3 = 0.10x
  • Compass: Same payouts as the anchor, savvy?
  • Pirate Flag and Guns: 5 = 1.20x, 4 = 0.40x, 3 = 0.10x
  • Skull: 5 = 1.50x, 4 = 0.50x, 3 = 0.20x
  • Male and Female Pirates: Both share the booty - 5 = 3x, 4 = 1.50x, 3 = 0.50x
  • Skull Pirate: 5 = 5x, 4 = 2.50x, 3 = 1x
  • Bearded Pirate: 5 = 10x, 4 = 5x, 3 = 2x

And here are some special symbols to keep yer one good eye on: -

  • Chest Wild Symbol: Substitutes all other symbols and pays 50x your bet for landing five in a win.
  • Lantern Scatters: They trigger Free Spins when you land enough of them on the reels.


How to Play Cursed Seas Slot Machine

How to Play Hacksaw Gaming

How to Play Hacksaw Gaming's Cursed Seas

Ready to set sail on the Cursed Seas slot? Here's a handy guide to navigating through the treacherous waters of this engaging game at online casinos.

  • Setting Your Bet Size: Use the Bet display at the bottom of the screen. Click the arrows to adjust your stake from a minimum of €0.10 to a maximum of €100 per spin.
  • Starting a Spin: Smash that spin button located centrally beneath the reels to start playing.
  • Using Autoplay: If you prefer letting the reels spin while you kick back with a bottle of rum, use the autoplay feature next to the spin button. Set a predetermined number of spins for hands-free gaming.
  • Opening the Paytable: For the lowdown on payouts and features, open the paytable via the icon typically found at one corner of your screen. This will explain symbol values, bonus triggers, and game mechanics.
  • Adjust Settings: Use the menu button to adjust settings like turbo and music.


Bonus Features

Bonus Features Explained in Cursed Seas by Hacksaw Gaming

Bonus Features Explained in Cursed Seas by Hacksaw Gaming

Cursed Seas offers a boatload of exciting bonus features that significantly enhance your gameplay with Multipliers, Free Spins, and unique interactive elements. Let's dive into the details of each key bonus component, shall we?

Cursed Chests

The core feature in Cursed Seas is the Cursed Chests. Here's how they work:

  • When these chests land on the reels, they may crack open to reveal a Cursed Multiplier. They can create a Cursed Area from the chest's position to the top of the reel if the Cursed positions will be part of a win.
  • Any winning paylines that pass through the Cursed Area have their win multiplied by the revealed value. Multipliers can range from a modest 2x up to a jaw-dropping 200x!
  • If multiple Cursed Chests affect a payline, their Multipliers are added together before being applied.

Sunken Treasure Bonus Round

Trigger this game by landing three Lantern Scatter symbols at once:

  • You'll be awarded 10 Free Spins. During this feature, any Cursed Chests landed will always open and create persistent Cursed Areas that stick around until the end of the Free Spins.
  • Multipliers from these chests accumulate in a Total Multiplier that applies to all wins passing through any Cursed Area.
  • More Lantern Scatters during this round grant additional Free Spins: 2 for two symbols, 4 for three, and 6 for four.

Dead Men Tell No Tales Bonus Game

This intense feature starts when you hit four Lantern Scatters in one go:

  • You'll start with 3 refilling lives (Free Spins).
  • Unique symbols like the spooky Tormented Skull and the mighty Kraken make an appearance, sporting Multipliers as high as 500x. This bonus also contains non-winning symbols.
  • This bonus is all about increasing the Reel Multiplier value.
  • The Cursed Skulls add to the total Multiplier of a reel they land on and create a Cursed Area. They can be worth 1x to 500x.
  • The Tormented Skulls can multiply existing Reel Multipliers by 2x to 25x.
  • The Kraken symbol adds to the Reel Multiplier of all reels a value of up to 500x.
  • Each time one of these special symbols lands, it refills your life count back to three.
  • The game concludes after three consecutive non-winning spins. The value of Reel Multipliers will be added to Cursed Areas, which will be added and multiplied by your bet to decide your win.

Buy Bonus Feature

Here are the bonuses you can buy through the slot feature buy menu:

  • BonusHunt FeatureSpins (very high volatility and 96.21% RTP): By betting 3 times more, you can boost your chances of triggering the Free Spins mode by 5 times.
  • Sunken Treasure (high volatility and 96.26% RTP): For 100x your bet, you can trigger the Sunken Treasure bonus.
  • Dead Men Tell No Tales (high volatility and 96.33% RTP): This bonus costs 200x your bet.


Max Win, RTP, & Variance

Win 12,500 Your bet in the Cursed Seas Video Slot!

Win 12,500 Your bet in the Cursed Seas Video Slot!

Cursed Seas offers a Maximum Win of 12,500x your stake with a solid RTP of 96.22% and high volatility to boot. Considering the game's high variance, wins may be less frequent but potentially heftier when they do come around. The combination of a decent RTP and high variance strikes a balance between risk and reward, appealing to players who don't mind weathering some dry spells for a shot at those juicy payouts. The hit frequency of this game is 37%, so you won't have to wait too long for the wins.


Cursed Seas: A Slot Worth Spinning?

Cursed Seas: A Slot Worth Spinning?

Cursed Seas: A Slot Worth Spinning?

The Cursed Seas slot isn't named very accurately because the wins that you can get from this slot aren't cursed at all. Hacksaw Gaming is quickly becoming a slot developer to watch out for. The standout features in Cursed Seas include the innovative Cursed Chests and two immersive bonus rounds: Sunken Treasure and Dead Men Tell No Tales. Sunken Treasure is an enhanced Free Spins round with a Multiplier that continues to increase and Sticky Cursed Areas that make the crazy wins possible.

The main bonus to watch out for is the Dead Men Tell No Tales bonus because the Multipliers on the top of a reel are applied to all active Cursed positions. For instance, if a 100x Reel Multiplier is on top of a reel, and a Cursed Area covers the entire reel, you will win 400x of your bet from that one reel only. 

While the game excels in creating an absorbing atmosphere with its top-notch graphics and soundtracks, its high volatility might put off players who prefer frequent smaller wins over the occasional big score. The RTP and the Max Win are pretty good, so I have no complaints there.

Cursed Seas offers several reasons to play it at the top real money casinos, so I recommend that you do so.


Cursed Seas Slot FAQ

What are the key features of the Cursed Seas slot game? Arrow Arrow

This game includes exciting features such as Cursed Chests, which provide Multipliers up to 200x, and two distinctive bonus games, Sunken Treasure and Dead Men Tell No Tales, each offering unique gameplay mechanics and potential for huge wins.

How can I trigger the bonus games in Cursed Seas slot machine? Arrow Arrow

To activate the Sunken Treasure bonus game, you need to land three Lantern Scatter symbols simultaneously during the base game. For the Dead Men Tell No Tales bonus game, four Lantern Scatter symbols are required. Each game offers different dynamics and rewards, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

What is the Maximum Win possible on Cursed Seas slot? Arrow Arrow

In Cursed Seas, you can win up to 12,500 times your stake. This Max Win is achievable through combinations of wins and Multipliers in both the base game and the bonus rounds.

Can I play a demo version of Cursed Seas before betting real money? Arrow Arrow

Yes, you can experience Cursed Seas by playing the free demo game available at This allows you to familiarize yourself with its features and gameplay without any financial risk before you decide to play with real money.

What does 'buying a feature' mean in this slot game? Arrow Arrow

Cursed Seas offers a 'Feature Buy' option that allows players to directly purchase access to one of its special features like Sunken Treasure or Dead Men Tell No Tales. Each feature comes with an additional cost but provides instant access to potentially lucrative gameplay without waiting for standard triggers.

How do Multipliers work in Cursed Seas during different game modes? Arrow Arrow

  • In the base game and Sunken Treasure mode, opened Cursed Chests reveal a Multiplier that enhances winnings from any paylines that pass through created Cursed Areas.
  • During Dead Men Tell No Tales, special symbols appear with Multipliers that can stack or increase existing Reel Multipliers dramatically.