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Sky Bounty
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Sky Bounty by Pragmatic Play

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Sky Bounty Review

Sky Bounty

Sky Bounty slot takes you on a pirate adventure in the sky with flying pirate ships and the Kraken as your captain. This slot has a 6x6 layout with 50 paylines, which is rare. The bonuses deliver wins through Expanding Wilds, Free Spins with the potential to land more and bigger Expanding Wilds, Ante Bet, and the Bonus Buy feature.

In this Sky Bounty slot review, we will determine whether you should board the ship and embark on this adventure or sit this one out.

Release: 27.07.2023
Max Win: X5000

Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 03 April 2024 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

Jasmin Williams, Chief Content Officer at BETO Slots™, has worked in the English casino industry for over a decade and is regarded as a casino and slots game expert. About Jasmin Williams

Slot Machine Features

Bonus Buy

Bonus Buy



Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots





Ways to Win



Max Win of 5,000x your bet

Creative theme

Expanding Wild feature

Engaging Free Spins with persistent marked area

Bonus Buy option


High volatility

Bonuses could be better

Facts About The Slot

Provider Pragmatic Play


RTP% 96.05

Game type Slots

Jackpot No

Geeky details

Minimum bet 0.25

Maximum bet 250.00

Reels 6

Rows 6

Game Themes

Pirate Ocean Gems

Game Features

Bonus Bet Guaranteed Wild in Free Spins Random multiplier Buy Feature FreeSpins Multiplier Expanding Symbols RTP range Multiplier Scatter symbols FreeSpins Wild Mega Symbol (3x3)

Sky Bounty Review by BETO Slots

Sky Bounty Review by BETO Slots

Introducing Sky Bounty Slot Machine

Sky Bounty slot by Pragmatic Play has a bizarre theme in which flying pirate ships battle each other in the sky. The theme may look new to you, but the bonuses might be familiar. The surprising part is that they have gone for a 6x6 layout with 50 paylines, while we usually see cluster pays or pay anywhere mechanics with a more extensive layout.

When it comes to the bonuses, they aren't new but still very powerful. The Expanding Wild can show up in the base game, and it can also have a Multiplier. In the Free Spins, they have done everything to ensure that Expanding Wilds appear often and also become bigger as the feature continues. To trigger the main bonus quickly, you have options like Ante Bet and the Buy Free Spins feature.

Are you willing to stake your claim among pirates in search of treasure? Explore more about Sky Bounty video gameplay and compare it against classic slot games.

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Gameplay of Sky Bounty from Pragmatic Play


Theme & Design: Sky Pirate Adventure

Theme & Design: Sky Pirate Adventure

Theme & Design: Sky Pirate Adventure

Theme and Design

Blimey! Sky Bounty by Pragmatic Play is a real gem that'll have you soaring through the skies with pirates and mythical beasts. From the moment I gave this bad boy a spin, I was impressed by the vivid graphics that transport you straight into a sky-high adventure. We're talking floating ships, legendary Kraken - the whole nine yards!

The cartoonish symbols, from the crossed swords to the rum, really bring this pirate-themed slot to life. The constant battle between the flying ships in the background makes the gameplay more engaging and fun.

Music and Soundtrack

The soundtrack is a perfect blend of epic orchestral scores and swashbuckling adventure tunes that'll have you ready to set sail. Sound effects like a pirate's laugh after a win take the experience to the next level.


Symbols & Payouts

Ready to embark on an aerial adventure with Sky Bounty? The pirate-themed symbols are your key to some serious loot. Here's the lowdown on the symbols and their payout potential:

  • Crossed Swords: These bad boys can net you up to 20x your bet for landing 6 on a payline.
  • Cannon: Win a sweet 12x your stake for hitting 6 of these beauties.
  • Golden and Red Helm: Take control of this helm, and you could be looking at a max of 8x your bet for 6 adjacent matching symbols on a payline.
  • Rum: Brew up a storm with up to 6x your stake for scoring 6 of these.
  • Red, Purple, and Yellow Gems: Both of these sparkly gems can grant you up to 3x your stake for 6.
  • Orange, Green, Blue, & Pink Gems: Each of these colourful gems pays out 2x your stake for landing 6.

Special Symbols:

  • Wild Symbol: The Wild symbol is the pink Kraken that substitutes for other symbols and pays as much as the highest-paying symbol.
  • Scatter Symbol: The Scatter symbol is a flying pirate ship that will pay you up to 100x your bet for landing 3 to 6 symbols on the reels.


How to Play Sky Bounty Slot Machine

How to Play Pragmatic Play

How to Play Pragmatic Play's Sky Bounty

Once you get the hang of the controls and features, it's smooth sailing from there. Here's your quick guide to navigating this sky-high quest for treasure:

  • First things first, adjust your bet size using the (+) or (-) buttons. This opens up the bet menu, where you can set your bet from €0.25 to €250.
  • Do you want to watch the reels spin on autopilot? The Autoplay feature has your back. Sit back and relax while the spins play out automatically.
  • Don't forget to look at the paytable information by clicking that (i) button. Get to know the symbol values, game rules, and bonus features like the back of your hand.
  • Let's talk about the game interface. Keep an eye on the Credit and Bet labels to see your current balance and the total bet. These can switch between coins and cash view, whichever floats your boat.
  • Button breakdown:
    • The settings menu is where you can tinker with gameplay settings like quick spin, sound effects, and more.
    • Ready to play? Smash that spin button, and let the adventure begin!
    • Click on the loudspeaker icon to toggle the sound on or off.


Bonus Features

Bonus Features Explained in Sky Bounty by Pragmatic Play

Bonus Features Explained in Sky Bounty by Pragmatic Play

Let's take a gander at what makes this game a treasure trove of excitement and potential wins, shall we?

Random Expanding Wild Feature

This bonus adds an unpredictable twist to your base game experience that'll keep you on your toes. At random moments, a square mark ranging from 2x2 to 6x6 can pop up on various positions on the reels. If a Wild symbol lands within this mark, it expands to match the mark's size.

If you land more than one Wild within the mark, each extra Wild bumps up the expanded Wild's Multiplier by 1x

Free Spins Bonus

The Free Spins feature is the crown jewel of Sky Bounty's allure. To trigger this bad boy, you'll need to land three or more bonus symbols. Pull that off, and you'll be rewarded with six Free Spins.

But here's the kicker: during these spins, there's always a square mark present. It bounces around the reels after each spin, starting at 2x2 and growing with each bonus symbol you collect. For every third bonus symbol you bag, not only does the mark grow, but you also score 2 extra Free Spins. The mark upgrades its size to 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6 in a step-by-step manner.

Any extra Scatter that you land above three will count as a collected Scatter for upgrading the mark.

Ante Bet and Buy Free Spins Bonus

For the high rollers, this slot has a couple of ace cards up its sleeve: Ante Bet and Buy Free Spins. Feeling lucky? Opt for the Ante Bet to kick your game into high gear. It'll populate the reels with extra Bonus symbols for a 20% higher stake and improve your chances of triggering Free Spins.

If you're the impatient type, you can cut to the chase with the Buy Free Spins feature. It'll cost you 100x your current bet, but hey, sometimes you gotta spend money to make money. However, you won't be able to use this feature in certain countries where it is banned.


Max Win, RTP, & Variance

Win 5,000x Your bet in the Sky Bounty Slot!

Win 5,000x Your bet in the Sky Bounty Slot!

Sky Bounty boasts a Max Win of 5,000x your bet, an RTP of 96.05%, and falls into the category of high variance games. With its high volatility, wins may not come knocking as often, but when they do, they can be real game-changers.

If you opt for the Bonus Buy feature, the RTP slightly bumps to 96.07%. The Ante Bet also increases it to 96.06%. However, these slight increases won't make a noticeable difference in your gameplay.

The hit frequency is 1 in 2.5, which is pretty good for a slot with a high variance. The Free Spins hit frequency is 1 in 405, and this is where you will struggle. The Max Win should occur once in 5,931,198 spins.


Sky Bounty: A Slot Worth a Spin?

Sky Bounty: A Slot Worth a Spin?

Sky Bounty: A Slot Worth a Spin?

Sky Bounty slot tries to be some sort of an exceptional game, but it misses the mark by a little bit. The Expanding Wilds are the star of the show, but the way they are used doesn't seem to be ideal. Instead of having them expand when they can form wins, you have to depend on the marked area to expand them. The Multiplier rarely comes into play, and even if it does, it is usually a 2x Multiplier.

I don't mean that this is a really bad game, and you should avoid it. It has its moments, for sure, especially during the Free Spins. A Wild within a massive marked area like 4x4 or higher on the first two reels guarantees a big win. However, most of the time, you will watch the bonus end as soon as the size of the marked area reaches 4x4 or higher.

The base game usually has a 2x2 marked area that can appear at random for a few spins. So there isn't that much potential there, even if you manage to land a Wild in the marked area. Still, the game awards decent wins, and you won't get bored while playing the base game.

Sky Bounty is surely worth a spin, but it will test your patience, and sometimes, the big wins may slip through your fingers.


Sky Bounty Slot FAQ

Can I play Sky Bounty slot for free before betting real money?

Absolutely, you can access the demo slot directly at It's a fantastic way to get familiar with the game mechanics and features without risking your bankroll.

What makes the Free Spins feature in Sky Bounty slot stand out?

The Free Spins feature is remarkable due to its dynamic square mark that changes position and size, potentially increasing your wins significantly. Starting with six Free Spins, each collection of three bonus symbols not only awards 2 additional spins but also increases the mark size for bigger Wild transformations.

Is there an option to buy into the Free Spins round in Sky Bounty slot machine?

Yes, players have the opportunity to buy Free Spins at 100x their current total bet. This instantly triggers the feature with 3, 4, 5, or 6 bonus symbols appearing randomly on the reels.

How does the Ante Bet feature work in Sky Bounty online slot?

The Ante Bet option enhances your gameplay by increasing the probability of triggering the Free Spins naturally through additional bonus symbols on the reels for a 20% higher bet value.

What is the Maximum Win potential of Sky Bounty slot?

In both base game and Free Spins mode, you can aim for a Max Win of up to 5,000x your bet.

How does Pragmatic Play ensure fairness and high-quality gaming experience in Sky Bounty video slot?

Pragmatic Play designs its games like Sky Bounty with a focus on fairness and excitement. The game boasts a solid RTP of 96.05%, high volatility for exciting big wins potential, and engaging features like Random Expanding Wilds and dynamic Free Spins rounds to ensure both enjoyment and fair play.