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Frost Queen Jackpots by Yggdrasil

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Frost Queen Jackpots Demo

Frost Queen Jackpots is a modern video slot from Yggdrasil Gaming, this is a feature-loaded slot, there are many bonus features in the slot like Free Spin Bonuses, Multipliers, Picking Rounds, Prize Rounds, and the best thing about the slot is that it has five progressive jackpot rounds. The highest jackpot in the game is worth 1,265x with an RTP of 96%

Release: 04.01.2021
Volatility Volatility ON Volatility OFF Volatility OFF Volatility OFF Volatility OFF
Max Win: X1265

Written by: Jasmin Williams | The review was last updated: 11 May 2024 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

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Slot Machine Features


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Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots

Pros Pros


OpenElectric Gameplay

Open5 Progressive Jackpots

OpenAction packed slot

OpenFree Spins with 3x multiplier

OpenPick and Click special feature

Cons Cons


Close No Wild Symbols

Close Bonus features take time to understand

Facts About the Slot

Slots Provider Yggdrasil

Slots Volatility Volatility ON Volatility OFF Volatility OFF Volatility OFF Volatility OFF

Slots RTP% 96.00

Slots Game type Slots

Slots Jackpot Yes

Bet Range & Game Layout

Slots Minimum bet 0.20

Slots Maximum bet 40.00

Slots Reels 5

Slots Rows 3

Slots Paylines 20

Game Themes


Game Features

Collect Energy BonusGame: Pick Objects FreeSpins Multiplier Progressive Jackpot Scatter symbols FreeSpins Wild

There are 5 reels in Frost Queen Jackpots

There are 5 reels in Frost Queen Jackpots

Intro to Frost Queen Jackpots

Frost Queen Jackpots is a typical modern video slot full of features. These features combined will give you the ultimate gambling experience. In addition, there are so many special bonuses that one or another will be activated on every other spin; this provides very electric gameplay feel to the slot. 

The slot's visuals are mind-blowing; the slot's theme is set around an ice world, there are theme-inspired elements in the slot. For example, the symbols in the video slot conclude letters and special picture symbols; they are made with icy designs. The game's reels are also theme-based; they have borders of thick ice slabs, giving a beautiful look to the slot machine. The background is an arctic valley, with a mountain on the left and a castle on the right, with beautiful night lights. And so are the sound effects of Frost Queen Jackpots, totally theme-based; both of them go together perfectly and set a perfect mood.


Graphics and Visuals

Frost Queen Jackpots has an ice-based theme; the theme totally inspires all the elements and the sound effects. The background, the symbols, the reels, and even the special feature bonuses are made according to the theme.

Along with the graphics of the slot, the music and sound effects of Frost Queen Jackpots also theme-based, the music that runs in the backgrounds and the special sounds are all curated according to the theme.

The developers at Frost Queen Jackpots have done a commendable job in the making of Frost Queen Jackpots; playing this game feels as if you have entered a different fantasy world. The elements of Frost Queen Jackpots are very detailed and striking; you'll love the gambling experience of this slot. 

Breaking the treasure chest to get rewards in Frost Queen Jackpots

Breaking the treasure chest to get rewards in Frost Queen Jackpots


RTP And Volatility in Frost Queen Jackpots

The Return to Player Percentage of Frost Queen Jackpots from Yggdrasil Gaming is 96% it is a decent return and should satisfy most players.

The volatility of Frost Queen Jackpots is Low; low volatility means that there would be a consistent number of wins in the slot, you will keep winning something. Generally, in low volatility slots, the size of the prize is not very high because of their repeated occurrence, but this is not the case with Frost Queen Jackpots; this online slot has a high top prize worth 1,265x. This is a very high jackpot, keeping in mind that the slot is rated low on the volatility scale.

Low variance slots are very rare, and you should definitely try it; the gaming experience would be really different than the medium and high variance slots.

Getting a jackpot worth 600 Euros in Frost Queen Jackpots

Getting a jackpot worth 600 Euros in Frost Queen Jackpots


How to Play Frost Queen Jackpots

Frost Queen Jackpots is a very cool game, it was just launched recently, and it assures that there would be all the latest bonus features in the slot. There are many unique bonus features in the slot which require a little introduction.

The slot is focused around the mysterious Frost Queen, which is still nowhere to be found; she is really secretive and intriguing. This is the reason her picture denotes the wild symbol in the game. There are other various picture symbols like the young man, the necklace, and the crown. These are the high-paying symbols in the game. Cards inspire the other symbols in the game, and these alphabetical symbols are relatively low paying than the picture symbols.

The first thing you will have to do is set the amount of the bet to start the game. The bet setting is straightforward, thanks to the developers at Yggdrasil Gaming. The options to alter the bet amount are placed on the bottom of the reels for quick access. The number of coins required for each spin is fixed at 20, but you can change the value of the coins.

There are many different elements in the game that you will encounter while gambling on this slot. One such element is the keys in the game. This is an important part of the slot, try to collect all the keys in the slot, they will give you a handsome reward.

This slot is structured in a 5x3 reel format and has 20 different paylines, which pay from left to right. They start from the leftmost reel. When you land three matching symbols on the reels, a winning combo is made, and you will be given the payout according to the value and length of the symbols. 


Special Features

There are lots and lots of special features in Frost Queen Jackpots; the Pick and Click feature, the scatters, and the magical keys. One thing which is very important for all these features is the scatter symbols; the scatter symbols trigger all the features. Hence you must collect enough scatters. 

Pick and Click Feature

The pick and Click feature will be triggered when you land two scatter symbols on the reels; when this is activated, five magic chests will appear on the screen, and you will have to choose any one of them. These chests will have different bonuses; there can be direct cash bonuses, which will give you money; cash rewards are available up to 4x the bet amount. In addition, you can get magic keys in the chests, and if you are lucky, you can get Free Spins. When you select one, the rewards in the other four chests will also be shown to you.

Magic Keys

Magic keys are available for all the reels in the slot; each reel has 5 keys differentiated by colors. As you play, you will collect these magical keys. These keys will grant you a free spins jackpot.

The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror feature is activated when you get three or more scatter symbols in the slot; this feature will give you one of the two bonuses. You will get to choose a magic chest, or you will get the Jackpot Free Spins bonus. 

Jackpot Free Spins

Jackpot Free Spins is a special bonus that will give you 10 Free Spins. in this free spin round; you will get a chance to win one of the five Progressive Jackpots. You can also collect gems in these free spin rounds. And if you collect all the gems, you will get one of the five jackpots—the biggest of the five will give you a minimum payout of $15,000.


How to Win in Frost Queen Jackpots

The rules to land a big win in Frost Queen Jackpots is similar to the other slots. However, there are different paylines, and you will have to land in any one of them if you want a win. In Frost Queen Jackpots, there are 20 different paylines, and all of them will get you payouts. 

The value of the payouts in Frost Queen Jackpots depends on the symbol landed on the slots; different symbols have different values. The most lucrative symbol in the slot is the Frost Queen herself, which will get you a great payout of 200x, the highest in the game. This payout can further be enhanced using the unique features of the slot.

After the Frost queen, the Prince is the most valuable symbol in the slot; getting a combo with the prince symbols will give you a payout worth 100x your bet.

Magical Keys in Frost Queen Jackpots

Magical Keys in Frost Queen Jackpots


Free Spin bonus in Frost Queen Jackpots

The Free Spin bonus is one of the best features in Frost Queen Jackpots. It gives you many Free Spins, and there are bonus multipliers as well. There are a lot of ways to trigger the Free Spin bonus in Frost Queen Jackpots.

These are the ways to trigger the Free Spin bonus

  • When you land two scatter symbols in the reels, it will trigger the Pick a Prize bonus, in that feature, you can get the Free Spin bonus if you are lucky.
  • You can win a direct entry in the Free Spin bonus round by landing scatters. The scatters will spin, and they will determine if you will get the bonus feature.
  • There is a Bonus Round in Frost Queen Jackpotsand in that bonus round, you can trigger the Free Spin round.
Getting the Bonus symbol in Frost Queen Jackpots

Getting the Bonus symbol in Frost Queen Jackpots


Jackpot Free Spins Bonus

When the Jackpot Free Spins bonus is activated, all the wins in the reels increased by a multiplier of 3x. Additionally, you will also collect different gems in the slot. There are various colored gems in the slot, and collecting five gems of similar color will give you direct cash payouts.

The Color of the Gems and their respective payouts are mentioned below:

Blue      - 40 coins

Green   - 200 coins

Purple  - 600 coins

Red      - 1500 coins

Yellow  -15,000 coins (The Biggest Payout)

In addition to the gems, the magical keys in the slot also give you jackpots. There are five different types of keys; each has a different color. These keys will also give you their jackpots when you collect five keys of a color. The number of keys of each color is shown under the reels.

Jackpot Free Spins special feature in Frost Queen Jackpots

Jackpot Free Spins special feature in Frost Queen Jackpots


Overall Verdict of Frost Queen Jackpots

Frost Queen Jackpots is a super-loaded online slot by Yggdrasil Gaming. Frost Queen Jackpots is a modern video slot, there are many different features. The bonus features include wild symbols, free spins, Jackpot Free Spins feature, magic mirrors, and magic keys.

The audio and visual features of the slot are also great. All the elements of the game are made according to the theme of the slot. The soundtrack of the unique slot machine is also impressive, and it perfectly syncs with the game theme. All these elements will give you an immersive gambling experience. 

The game's stats are impressive; the Return to Player percentage of 96% is an excellent return for this slot category. In addition, the low volatility of this slot is also a great feature of the slot. This will give you constant wins, and your excitement levels will remain high. But even after being a low volatility slot, Frost Queen Jackpots allows the maximum jackpot of 1265x, which is just unbelievable. 

Combining all these amazing bonuses and features makes Frost Queen Jackpots an excellent game for any slot player.


Frequently Asked Questions - Frost Queen Jackpots

What is the Return To Player Percentage of the Frost Queen Jackpots? Arrow Arrow

Frost Queen Jackpots has an RTP of 96%; this is a decent percentage of returns compared to the industry standard.

What is the volatility of Frost Queen Jackpots? Arrow Arrow

The expected hitrate of Frost Queen Jackpots is low, it will provide you constant wins. The hit rate of Frost Queen Jackpots28.09%, which means that you can hit a win every 3rd or 4th spin.

What is the maximum prize you can win in this slot? Arrow Arrow

You can win a maximum jackpot of 1,265x your actual wager.

How to win Frost Queen Jackpots? Arrow Arrow

Winning is simple in Frost Queen Jackpots, there are the paylines, and you need to land on one of them to hit a win, as the volatility of the slot is low, you can expect regular wins.

Are there free spins in Frost Queen Jackpots? Arrow Arrow

You get 10 free spins when you trigger the bonus round in the slot, in the Free Spins round, the multiplier of regular wins also increases by 3x.

What is the Treasure Chest bonus in Frost Queen Jackpots? Arrow Arrow

There are three chests in Frost Queen Jackpots that contain awesome bonuses like 100x multipliers. you will get new rewards until you choose the wrong chest.