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Gates of Hades slot takes you to the depths of the underworld and gives you a gameplay similar to the hit slot Gates of Olympus. This slot has a 6x5 layout with the pay-anywhere mechanic. The winning symbols disappear, and new symbols drop because of the Tumble mechanic. Multipliers worth up to 500x can appear and boost the total win from a Tumbling sequence.

This game has 15 Free Spins, which can also be extended. In the Free Spins, the total Multiplier increases when a Multiplier is there during a win, and the total Multiplier always applies to wins with Multipliers. Ante Bet and Buy Free Spins features are there to trigger the Free Spins quickly.

Gates of Hades is a clone of Gates of Olympus, which is a solid slot. However, this one's RTP is only 95.50%, so you are better off playing Gates of Olympus rather than this one.

Release: 28.03.2023
Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON
Max Win: X5000

Written by: Julius De Vries | The review was last updated: 03 June 2024 | Fact-check by: Kim Birch

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Slot Machine Features


Bonus Buy



Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots

Pros Pros


OpenMax Win of 5,000x your bet

OpenMultipliers worth up to 500x

OpenTumble feature adds extra wins

OpenProgressive Multiplier in the Free Spins

OpenBuy Free Spins option

Cons Cons


Close RTP is low

Close High variance

Facts About the Slot

Slots Provider Pragmatic Play

Slots Volatility Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON Volatility ON

Slots RTP% 95.50

Slots Game type Slots

Slots Jackpot No

Bet Range & Game Layout

Slots Minimum bet 0.20

Slots Maximum bet 100.00

Slots Reels 6

Slots Rows 5

Game Themes

Gems Ancient civilizations

Game Features

Bonus Bet Random multiplier Buy Feature Cascading/Avalanche wins FreeSpins Multiplier RTP range Multiplier Scatter symbols FreeSpins

Gates of Hades Review by BETO Slots

Gates of Hades Review by BETO Slots

Introducing Gates of Hades Online Slot by Pragmatic Play

The Gates of Hades demo slot is another clone of Gates of Olympus by the same developer, Pragmatic Play. Perhaps Pragmatic Play is the developer that has released the highest number of similar slots. However, they can’t be blamed too much because the popularity of some of these slots justifies another slot with a new theme for bringing freshness to the gameplay. There is no doubt players enjoy playing Gates of Olympus clones.

It has the pay-anywhere mechanic with a 6x5 layout. The pay-anywhere mechanic allows you to get a win as long as you land 8 or more matching symbols on the reels. It is one of the easiest mechanics to understand and works well with the Tumble feature. You can read about the rest of the bonuses in the bonus section.

For those eager to start spinning, jump in and play free slot machines on your quest for Hades’ hidden treasures. Will the Gates of Hades open up a world of mythological wins for you? Keep reading to find out why this slot could be your next favourite.


Theme & Design: Mythological Underworld Adventure

Theme & Design: Mythological Underworld Adventure

Theme & Design: Mythological Underworld Adventure

Theme and Design

Step into the Gates of Hades, and you will be instantly transported to a vividly dark yet intriguing underworld. With ominous gates looming and Hades himself keeping a watchful eye, this slot promises an epic adventure filled with mythological wonders. The reels are decked out with symbols straight out of ancient civilizations, like mystic gems and iconic helmets fit for Achilles himself.

The top-notch graphics and fiery animations will make you feel like you are navigating Hades' domain on the hunt for untold treasures. This game's theme has the upper hand over the original slot's theme.

Music and Soundtrack

The menacing soundtrack in this slot certainly enhances the gameplay. With each spin and win, haunting melodies and the occasional ominous chuckle from Hades himself ramp up the thrill factor. The satisfying clink of falling gems during tumbles makes every win feel more impactful.


Symbols & Payouts

Get ready to dive into the world of mythology with these key symbols.​​​

Symbol Payouts:

  • High-Paying Symbols: The high-paying symbols are various ancient objects like a helmet and an hourglass. They pay 12x to 50x your bet for landing 12 or more matching symbols.
  • Low-Paying Symbols: The low-paying symbols are gems that pay 2x to 10x your bet for 12 or more matching symbols.

Special Symbols:

  • Scatter (Hades): It is the highest-paying symbol that pays up to 100x of your bet. It also triggers the Free Spins.

  • Multiplier Orbs: These multicoloured orbs can seriously boost your wins.


How to Play Gates of Hades Slot Machine

How to Play Pragmatic Play

How to Play Pragmatic Play's Gates of Hades

Ready to tackle the Gates of Hades video slot at online casinos? Here's how to up your game with some expert tips.

  • Kick things off by setting your bet size using the + or - buttons to set your bet from €0.20 to €100.
  • Feeling lazy? Hit up the autoplay feature via the autoplay button to set a number of spins at your chosen bet level.
  • Curious about payouts? Open the paytable by clicking the ℹ️ icon. You'll find all the juicy details on symbol values, bonus features, and how the game works.
  • Your credit balance is displayed at the Credit/Bet labels, and you can switch between coin and cash views.
  • Check out the additional settings (⚙️) to customize your gameplay with options like Quick Spin and Sound FX.
  • Click the spin button when you are finally ready to spin the reels.


Bonus Features

Bonus Features Explained in Gates of Hades by Pragmatic Play

Bonus Features Explained in Gates of Hades by Pragmatic Play

Gates of Hades takes you on a wild ride through the underworld, jam-packed with bonus features that'll keep you on your toes. Let's see how each bonus works.

Tumble Feature

The Tumble feature takes each win to the next level. When you land a winning combo, those symbols vanish, letting the symbols above or new symbols cascade down for a chance at even more wins. This keeps going until no new wins pop up from a tumble. The best part? This feature can chain together multiple wins from a single spin.

Multiplier Symbols

The game is sprinkled with magical Multiplier symbols that can appear randomly on any spin or tumble during base play and Free Spins. These Multipliers can send your winnings through the roof, with values ranging from 2x to an insane 500x. Once the tumbling sequence wraps up, all the Multiplier values on the screen add up, giving your total win from that series of tumbles a massive boost by multiplying it. This can turn a regular win into a jaw-dropping Jackpot.

Free Spins Round

The coveted Free Spins bonus kicks off when you land four or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, gifting you a sweet 15 Free Spins. This round gets even more intense as each Multiplier symbol not only adds its value to a running total Multiplier but also applies this boosted Multiplier to any wins you score with a Multiplier symbol present. If you're lucky enough to land three or more Scatters during this round, you'll score an extra five spins to keep the winning streak alive.

Ante Bet and Buy Free Spins

One cool feature in this game is the Ante Bet. By upping your stake by 25%, you double your chances of triggering Free Spins naturally, thanks to more Scatter symbols popping up. If you're feeling impatient, you can also buy your way straight into the Free Spins Round for 100x your current bet and dive headfirst into the bonus action (just keep in mind that buying Free Spins is off the table when the Ante Bet is active at 25x).


Max Win, RTP & Variance

Win 5,000x Your bet in the Gates of Hades Slot Online!

Win 5,000x Your bet in the Gates of Hades Slot Online!

Gates of Hades boasts a Max Win of 5,000x your total bet, an RTP of 95.50%, and a high variance level. The Bonus Buy option bumps the RTP up a smidge to 95.51%, but its effect won't be noticeable. The high variance means wins might be a bit harder to come by, but when features like the Multiplier symbols and Free Spins hit, the potential for massive payouts is through the roof.


Verdict for Gates of Hades Slot

Verdict for Gates of Hades Slot

Verdict for Gates of Hades Slot

The shortcut to creating a great slot is to copy another great slot, and that is how Pragmatic Play ended up creating Gates of Hades. Usually, online slots that copy a popular slot only change the theme or try to create something slightly better. Sadly, Pragmatic Play has kept almost everything the same but reduced the RTP to 95.50%. So, the only thing that is better about this slot is probably the theme, but that is a matter of preference.

Don't get me wrong; the big win potential is certainly there because the Multipliers worth up to 500x, Scatter Pays, and the Tumble feature can deliver big wins even in the base game. Obviously, the Free Spins bonus round is the real highlight because you get plenty of spins, and the total Multiplier never stops increasing. The only caveat is that it takes a Multiplier symbol and a win for the total Multiplier to come into play.

Even though I think this is a fun slot that can entertain those who want to try a new theme, I wouldn't recommend that you play it because of the low RTP. In short, you are better off playing the original.


Gates of Hades Slot FAQ

What is the Ante Bet feature in Gates of Hades slot and how does it work? Arrow Arrow

The Ante Bet option in Gates of Hades allows you to influence the game's mechanics to your advantage. Choosing the Bet Multiplier of 25x effectively doubles your chances of triggering Free Spins as more Scatter symbols are added to the reels.

Can I directly buy into the Free Spins round in Gates of Hades? Arrow Arrow

Yes, you can instantly trigger the Free Spins by utilizing the Buy feature. This shortcut costs 100x your current total bet.

How do Multipliers work in this game? Arrow Arrow

Multiplier Symbols play a crucial role in boosting your winnings in Gates of Hades. These symbols can appear on any spin or tumble, both during the base game and Free Spins rounds. Each Multiplier symbol assigns a random value ranging from 2x up to 500x. At the end of a tumbling sequence, all visible Multipliers are summed up and applied to your total win from that series of tumbles.

What makes Gates of Hades slot machine stand out among other slots? Arrow Arrow

Gates of Hades distinguishes itself with its unique blend of features like the Tumble feature, enhanced with Multiplier symbols that provide unpredictable and potentially massive wins up to 5,000x your bet. The Free Spins round is the real star because the total Multiplier can be boosted and applied to all wins with Multiplier symbols.

Is there an option to test Gates of Hades slot before placing real bets? Arrow Arrow

Absolutely! You can experience Gates of Hades through demo play at before committing any real money. This allows you to get familiar with all its features without any risk involved. It's a fantastic way to learn how the game behaves and plan your betting strategy accordingly.

What should players remember about playing high volatility slots like Gates of Hades? Arrow Arrow

When engaging with high volatility slots such as Gates of Hades, it's key to remember that these games are designed for less frequent but potentially larger payouts than their lower volatility counterparts. Patience and proper bankroll management become crucial strategies as you may experience longer dry spells between significant wins. Ensuring you understand this dynamic helps set realistic expectations and enhances enjoyment when those bigger wins do come along.